Sister-in-law 3

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I finally got my senses back as I looked into the monitor and saw them getting their clothes on. I realized I had to act fast. I grabbed the monitor and shut it off. Then went into the kitchen and put it on the counter. I decided to go by the kids in the playroom, and beelined it to the bathroom. As I entered it, The ladies were coming downstairs. As they passed the bathroom, I quickly ran up the stairs into our room to change and clean up.

The rest of the day went by with me entertaining the kids and the ladies out back by the pool lounging out and talking quietly. Nichole mood drastically was changed. She was smiling and laughing. I never saw her do either one before.

Later that night, Kat and Nichole got the kids into bed as I sat down watching TV, but really prepping in my mind about tonight. The ladies came downstairs and Kat came over and sat by me wrapping her arm around me and laying her head on my shoulder. Nichole went into the kitchen.

Kat grabbed my ear lobe with her teeth and sucked it into her mouth. As she popped it out she said, “I want you to shower tonight so we can have some fun.”

I looked at her, “So last night was not enough? I thought I would be the one tonight pushing you into sex.”

She stared at me with those beautiful green eyes, “I want to relax you after such a stressful day with the kids.”

Nichole came into the living room and sat down on the other sofa. We watched a couple of shows, and then I got up to head upstairs. I jumped into our shower and cleaned up. Then went into bed with nothing on. “Why not.” I thought to myself, their just coming off anyways. I heard Kat come in and make her way to the bathroom. After she took a shower, she came in, shut off the lights, and said she would be back in a minute.

A few minutes later, I heard the door to our bedroom open. I could see a silhouette coming to the bed. I was on pins and needles because I still could not believe my wife was sending in her sister to be with me. Nichole slid into the covers with me, and put her arm on my chest. She started to make circles on my chest with it. I leaned over and kissed her. We spend a little while kissing, exploring each others mouths. Then her hand lowered to my ever swelling cock. I felt like I was going to explode because of the excitement, but tried real hard to wait. She slowly gave me a hand job as we were still locked at the mouth. I rolled on top of her and started to kiss her down her body. I grabbed her pajama pants and lowered them down to expose her well groomed pussy. I started kissing her inner thighs. About half way up, I slid my tongue up her thigh to the base of her pussy. That got a big reaction. She moved her hips quite high, then lowered them back down. I moved my tongue in a figure eight around her pussy. Up and down the outside and inside of her pussy lips. I gently flicked her clit a few times, then went farther down and slowly reamed her anus with my tongue. Her body squirmed with approval. I would exchange my tongue from her pussy to her anus and she start to move her body with the motion. I then moved into her clit. I started to flick it fast.

Her legs started to move back and forth and a slight moan came from her lips. I reached up with one hand and grabbed onto her boob. It was like holding onto a large melon. I found her nipple and started to squeeze it. She squirmed almost off the bed with an even louder moan. Next I took my other hand reach under her, and inserted my finger into her anus. She jumped a little, but soon relaxed as I moved it deeper in. I continued with my tongue on her clit, at the same time I had my finger in her ass massaging the back side of her vagina. Her hips were violently trying to either fuck my tongue or my finger. Or maybe both, but she let out a loud moan and shot her cum out into my mouth while her body was convulsing. I pulled my finger out of her ass and work my tongue up her body. I took my other hand and fingered her pussy, getting her juices all on them. As I made my way up to her mouth, I passionately kissed her then plunged my pussy soaked fingers into her mouth. To my surprise , she suck them until I took them out of her mouth. I stood up on the bed and guided her to her knees in front of me. I used my hands on her head to bring it to my cock. She quickly had her lips around it and was going up and down my shaft. I could tell she had never done this before, as it felt good, but needed work. The words of my wife rang in my head, “Just follow his lead.” I placed my hands on the back of her head and slow pushed her head farther and farther in. She was deep throating me before long. She started gagging a few times, but did not stop. Even though my wife never let me do this, Nichole did not know and thought his is what we did.
I let her suck on my cock a little longer then pulled it out.

Now for what karşıyaka escort I was waiting for. I positioned her on all fours. I got behind her and grabbed the lube. I coated my cock with it, then stuck the opening in her ass and squeezed the lube in it. Nichole moved forward a little, but I grabbed her long hair and pulled her back. As I positioned my cock on her anus, she really squirmed but did not say a word. If she did, she knew I would find out who I was really fucking. I slowly inserted my head of my cock in. She winced a little and then seemed to give in as the rest of my cock slid in until my balls were touch her butt cheeks. I slowly started in and out, giving her time to get use to it. Boy was she tight. My cock felt like it was being squeezed. Soon I got a rhythm going. While my left hand still had a firm grip on her hair, I reached my right hand down to her clit and started rubbing it. I could feel her pussy swelling up and her clit standing at attention. I soon had her clit between my fingers rubbing it back and forth. This seemed to overload Nichole. Her breathing got shallow and she starting moaning. She then started to slam her hips back as I continued to fuck her virgin ass. She got so caught up with the moment, she forgot to stay quiet.

“Oh yes….. Oh my……I am cumming….I….I am cccummming!!!”

Her whole body started to buck uncontrollably and my hand got wet from the showering cum. This sent me over the edge and exploded in her tight ass. We seemed to be moaning in unison and then both collapsed on the bed, neither of us able to move.

I moved closer to her and wrapped my arm around her in a hug. I could not believe I just screwed my sister-in-law who I can not stand to be near for any length of time. I squeezed her boob and whispered into her ear, “That was unbelievable, Nichole.”

I felt her whole body tighten up, and I swear she stopped breathing.

“Y..Y..You knew?”, came the shaky response.

“I am not that dumb.”, I said. Then I was playing dumb

“I hope Kat knew you did this, or we both are in a lot of trouble.”

“I am so sorry Jack. We decided together without thinking of consequences. Please do not be mad.”

“Oh I am not mad.”, I said, as I squeezed her boob more and lightly kissed her neck, “I just think this is a dream.”

She turned over to be face to face with me. I continued, “Honestly I really enjoyed it. I just do not know what we were thinking.” I was not going to let her know about hearing their plans this morning.

“I was talking with Kat this morning and the subject came up about orgasms. I told her I never had one before. One thing lead to another and this plan came up.”

“Well I do not know about you, but I am glad it did. I hope you enjoyed it as much I did.” I said to her.

“You have no idea how great that was for me.”, she continued, “I should go. Good night.”

Before she moved, I kissed her hard with my tongue dancing with hers inside her mouth.
She got up and made her way out. I went into the bathroom to clean up. I heard our door open, and as I came out of the bath room, Kat was climbing into bed. I got in beside her and said, “You two really had this planned out. I can not believe you allowed this to happen.”

“I do not know what came over us, but at the time it seemed the right thing to do. She was so depressed and I wanted to do something. I really hope I did not screw things up with you.”

“Not at all. If you told me the have sex with Nichole I would have said no way. You know we do not mix. You should have seen it. She really got into it.”

Kat did not say anything at first. She said shyly, “Actually I did.” And she pointed to the bureau and there was the baby monitor facing the bed.

“I am sorry honey, but I had to make sure everything was all right. Now since you know, what was with the anal sex? You know I do not like it. I mean if you did not know it was not me……..Wait a minute. You knew from the beginning somehow. How did you know?”

I looked at her and smiled. “You are not the only one who was spying with the monitor.”

If we had the lights on, I swear her face was beat red.

“Y…You did not see everything, did you?”

“Yes I did. You looked like you were really enjoying yourself. I hope I do not lose you to your sister.”

“I am so embarrassed. I do not know why, but when she asked for help, I got excited inside and started to want to eat her pussy. Then she wanted to return the favor and it just felt so good.”

“Don’t be embarrassed. I was enjoying watching you enjoy yourself. I thought it was the hottest thing I have every seen. And I blew my load in my pants without touching my cock.”

She said surprisingly, “Really, you really liked it?”

“Yes,” I said, “And since you two opened this door, I have an idea for tomorrow night.”

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