Sister Mine Ch. 02

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I wasn’t sure what Erica meant by that. I felt the need for boundaries, proper ones, ones society would approve of. My mind was racing and then I said, “Oh shit, I forgot about your friends!”

“What are you talking about?”

“You were too drunk to remember but I got four of your friends to stay over last night. They were way too drunk to be driving.”

I got up and pulled on the pants I had been wearing the night before and crept out into the hallway. It was only a little after 9 in the morning so I thought it likely Erica’s friends were still here. As I went to open the first door I felt Erica push from behind me. I looked around and saw she was wrapped in just a towel. I shook my head and pushed open the door. The room was empty. “This is where I put the girls last night so they’re gone.”

With Erica still right behind me I went across the hall to the other bedroom and pushed open the door there. I expect to see a couple of guys sleeping and snoring. What I got was a view of some guy’s ass as he rammed his cock into a girl he had on all fours.

“Jason!” Erica yelped. She quickly put her hand to her mouth realizing what she had done.

Jason turned around and the girl her was fucking rolled over on her side. “Megan?” Erica said in disbelief. Megan had been Erica’s best friend for years.

Then Jason said, “Nice!” as he looked in our direction. As I turned back to Erica I saw that she had briefly dropped her towel and was quickly retrieving it. Megan had dived under the bed covers leaving Jason the only naked person.

I think you two should get dressed and get out of here,” I said sternly.

I felt Erica grab my hand and pull me back and then to the bedroom where we’d been. “That bitch!” Erica yelled as soon as we were back in the bedroom.

“What’s the matter?”

“She told me she was a virgin! She said she was saving herself for marriage.”

“Well, she’s obviously no virgin now.”

Erica’s anger transformed into sorrow and she put her head on my chest and started to cry. I wanted to comfort her so I moved us back on the bed and held her while she let it out. She only cried briefly but was sniffling a lot and I was caressing her hair and back to comfort her. Her towel had fallen away again, of course, and the sight of her firm breasts was too much for me. I moved my hand around to her chest and gently ran my hand over her nipples.

“Oh Jack, I love you so much,” Erica said with a sigh.

But just as those words were coming out of Erica’s mouth the bedroom door opened and there stood Megan. “What the fuck!” She yelled out.

I quickly retracted my hand from Erica’s breast but I knew Megan had seen what I was doing. There was no way she couldn’t have.

“You’re doing your own brother?” Megan challenged.

Now I desperately wanted to protect Erica but what could I say. I hated lying and our situation seemed rather obvious. But Erica spoke up.

“So what if we are! I love him and he loves me.”

“But that’s incest!”

“No shit!”

“You two are really fucked!” Megan said and stormed from the room.

“That bitch!” Erica said vehemently. “She got a big mouth and she’ll probably tell everyone.”

“Maybe but will anyone believe her? I mean she didn’t actually see us having sex so we could just tell people that she’s full of shit.”

“Yeah I suppose,” I replied but I wasn’t happy with that solution.

“Jack, do you really love me?”

“Yes, of course, I told you I do.”

“You’ve bangbross porno always been my hero.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you were always nice to me and took me to my soccer games and my cheerleading and I liked that because all my friends were always asking who the hot guy was I got to tell them that he’s my brother.”



“So what else did they say?”

“You mean did anyone ever say they wanted to fuck you?”

“Erica, I wish you wouldn’t use that language but yeah, did they?”

“Noooo, but funny thing, I always thought Megan wanted you.”


“I dunno, umm, she always asked a lot of question about you like where you were going to school and who were you dating. I told her you were way too old for her and beside you’re my brother and off limits. But that’s when I knew I wanted you for myself.”

“Erica, what are saying?”

“I always thought about you a lot but it was one day when Megan was grilling me I realized I not only didn’t want her getting her clawing into you but I didn’t want anyone else either. I was so jealous of your dates and when you brought them home I wanted to scratch their eyes out!”

We kept talking about that and Erica’s feelings. I thought maybe if we talked things out enough she’d talk herself out of what she thought she wanted and see that it was just wrong. But a funny thing happened. The more she talked the more it made sense to me

“You know if I don’t date women everyone will think I’m gay! I mean it’s not like we can date out in public.”

“We could too. No one would have to know we were dating?”

“Erica, seeing us around together once in a while would be fine but if they see us together all the time it will raise suspicions.” I couldn’t believe I was buying into this. It was nuts. Common sense said to reject her and keep her at arm’s length. But there was something inside of me that desperately wanted her as close to me as possible.

We talked it out some more and decided to go slowly. Erica, after all, lived with our parents and I lived alone so there was that. She also had to finish our the school year. It looked like she was going to get into Harvard and a part of me really hoped she would if only to get her focus changed away from me and onto something more important.

A month went by. Erica and I got together about once a week. We’d go out to dinner and then rush back to my apartment and have sex with wild abandon. Erica had also gotten herself on the pill so pregnancy wasn’t an issue.

About a month later my birthday occurred. Erica had planned, quite successfully, a surprise birthday party for me at my apartment. It being a Friday my plan was to have a glass of wine and unwind while I watch NC State take on Duke in basketball’s March madness.

She got me coming through the door with everyone yelling surprise. Most of the guests were her friends but there were a couple of my friends and our parents of course. So we did dinner, cake and opened the presents. After that our parents excused themselves from the party and told us to enjoy ourselves.

Just after they left I cornered Erica and asked her, “I thought you were still mad at Megan.”

“No, we kissed and made up. She told me her brother had copped a feel of her a couple of times and that even though she’d slapped his hands away she kind of liked it. She said they never went any further.”

Erica had planned the party so it wouldn’t bangbus porno go on too long. She wanted to be alone with me and I certainly had no problem with that of course. But around ten as the party was starting to wind down I found myself confronted my Megan. She was pretty drunk, much like she had been before, and was awfully touchy feely with me. It was obvious she was coming on to me and I was doing my best to be very chilly towards her. But nothing I could say seemed to bother her. Megan is the very thin version of my sister, same height, hair color and so forth. They even kind of look alike. I had a little more to drink than I had wanted and Megan’s advances did have an effect on me. She noticed and fell into me and pushed her hand down between us and grabbed my hard cock.

“Let’s go somewhere,” she whispered in my ear.

“He’s not going anywhere! He’s mine!” Erica yelled and startled both of us. But the reality of what she said quickly settled in even on the drunk Megan. I looked into Erica’s eyes and then we both looked at Megan.

The Megan said something that shocked us, “I think it’s kinda hot.”

“What?” We both said.

“Well, I told you Bobby is always feeling me up. Well, I like it. But it’s so,” she paused, “dirty.”

We stood there dumbfounded for a minute, Erica and I wondering, now what.

“I won’t tell anyone under one condition,” Megan said in what seemed to be a suddenly very sober state. “I want in. I want to have a threesome with you guys.”

I could tell by the look in Erica’s eyes that she was not in least pleased with the idea. But then she said, “You can’t fuck him.”

“What?” Megan asked.

“Only I get to fuck him,” Erica replied. “If you’re a good girl I might let you suck his cock.”

I couldn’t believe this dominant side to Erica but I liked it.

“So how do we do this?” I asked after a long silence.

I could see Erica soften a bit and she went to Megan and kissed her full on the lips. They kissed quickly a few times and then with more and more passion, long wet kisses. Megan was more into it and quickly was pawing at Erica’s breasts. As I watched the two girls kissing and caressing I could feel the hardness between my legs. I tried to keep my hands away but I just had to rub my cock.

Erica took Megan by the hand and led her into the bedroom. I followed them and then stood there watching Erica slowly undress Megan. Erica was getting into it and then Megan undressed Erica pausing to play with Erica’s tits as soon as they were exposed and to my surprise, when she got down on her knees to pull of Erica’s panties as soon as her panties were down she buried her face in Erica’s pussy. I had never seen two women doing this in real life and it was extra hot because it was my sister. I continued to rub my cock.

“Looks like someone’s having trouble,” Megan said devilishly.

Erica smiled and started to slowly undress me.. She unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off first taking time to run her hands through my chest hair. Then, after she had dropped my trousers she got down on her knees and pulled down my underwear. As my cock sprang into view she grabbing it with her hand and gave the tip of my cock a quick lick with her tongue. Surprisingly, this was the first time she had ever gone down on me. She licked me and sucked me a few times and then grinned towards Megan and said, “Wanna try?”

Megan didn’t need to be asked twice and she was quickly on me. Erica moved only slightly beurette tour porno aside and continued to rub her hand on my legs and ass. I had never had two women at the same time before and this was almost too hot. Megan sucked cock much better than Erica which was surprising since only a month ago she had claimed to be a virgin. I must have moaned in a particular way because suddenly Erica pushed Megan aside and said, “It’s mine.”

As Erica lay back on the bed and spread her legs I knew exactly what she wanted and so I got between her legs. Megan scooted around, grabbed my cock and said, “I wanna help put it in.”

Erica smiled and Megan helped guide my cock between Erica’s lips. As I slowly entered Erica Megan did not remove her hand so that when I was all the way in Erica Megan’s hand was at the base of my cock between us. But as I started to slowly fuck Erica Megan moved up along side Erica and started kissing her. The two girls got into each other very quickly.

“Oh fuck that’s hot!” I moaned. The girls continued their frantic and passionate kissing and I had been barely fucking Erica for a minute when I felt the cum swelling up from inside my and then quickly exploding into Erica’s pussy.

I yelled, “Oh yeah!” a bunch of times as I came. As I slowed down and stopped cumming I was starting to relax.

“Don’t let him go soft you slut! Suck his cock so it stays hard!” Erica commanded Megan.

I couldn’t believe my sister had this side to her but it was definitely hot and helped keep me hard. Megan’s lips wrapping around my cock were very helpful too of course. Then I saw Erica grab Megan’s hand and place it on her pussy. It was a lot of awkward motions but some how Megan managed to slowly suck my while she finger fucked Erica.

“Okay, he’s hard enough,” Erica said and Megan stopped sucking me. I moved to get back between Erica’s legs when she said, “No, put it in her! I wanna watch your cock slowly going into another girl’s pussy.”

I couldn’t believe Erica had changed her mind but I have to admit the thought of fucking Megan was hot. Megan lay back on the bed, spread her legs and as Megan had done Erica guided my cock into Megan’s pussy. “Go really slow,” Erica cautioned.

She lay down next to us with her eyes fixed on my cock as it entered Megan. I slowly pushed my cock into Megan and the back out and slowly back in again. “That’s enough,” Megan commanded.

I pulled out of Megan and moved back towards Erica. But Erica surprised me yet again as she took my cock into her mouth and sucked me a couple of times. Then she said, “I just wanted to know what another girl would taste like on you.”

I put my cock back in Erica and this time fucked her for a long time. Shortly after we started fucking again Erica said, “Fuck me harder Jack! Fuck me real hard!” I fucked her as hard as I could and the scene in front of my eyes now was one of Megan sucking of Erica’s full tits. Erica really got into it and it was long before she was moaning, “Oh I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m cumming!!”

I didn’t cum as hard this time as I did the first time but it felt just as good. When I fell back on the bed Erica commanded Megan to clean me up. I expected Megan to find a face cloth and clean me that way but instead she wrapped her lips around my cock and sucked on me for a while before licking my balls and finally doing something I couldn’t believe, she pushed her tongue briefly down to my asshole and licked me there. Just once but boy did it feel good.

Erica snuggled up into my arms. Megan was on the other side of Erica from me which I am sure was planned. As Erica and I exchange some gentle kisses Megan kissed Erica’s neck and ears. I closed my eyes and wondered where all this was going.

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