Sister Sandy’s Laptop

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“Tim. Laptop playing up. Could you maybe come take a look?”

I looked at the text on my phone from my sister Sandy. “Christ what now?” I thought to myself. Since she had got herself a laptop I had received several texts, emails and calls asking for help. Usually just because she was doing something stupid or didn’t know what she was doing and kept screwing things up!

Sandy was fifty years old and five years my senior and had been dragged reluctantly into the online world and even then had resisted a broadband connection and stuck with dial up despite my many attempts to persuade her that if she had a decent broadband connection she would make more use of the thing! Then a week ago she had finally got herself signed up and I had helped set her router up and got her up and running with a proper internet connection. However, it seemed to be only the start of a whole new set of problems she needed help with as she explored the world of online shopping, media and everything else.

“What’s up now what’s it doing?” I replied to her text.

“Homepage stuck on some weird site. Can’t get rid” she sent a few minutes later. I sighed. Sounded like a browser hijack as a result of her clicking on something she shouldn’t.

“How about tomorrow after work I can nip round around 6:00?” I sent.

“OK good!” she replied.

Sandy lived in a flat about fifteen minutes from where I worked in the city so paying a quick visit to clean her laptop wasn’t too much of a hassle. And if it was a stubborn problem I could always take her laptop home with me.

So the next day I told my wife Liz that I’d be a wee bit late home from work as I had to go and help my big sis out again and drove to Sandy’s flat. She had a well paid job in the city and had bought herself a pretty cool two bedroom apartment that was part of a newly built development. I buzzed her number on the entry phone and when I heard her say “Hi come up!” I waited for the door top open itself and I entered the hallway. I took the lift up to the 5th floor and as I exited the lift and walked to the left Sandy had opened her door and was waiting for me.

Sandy was an attractive woman even at fifty. In her youth she had always sported short cropped, dark hair but over the last ten years had taken to dying it blonde to help hide the grey. She had grown it to a length just above her shoulders and kept it in a sort of side parted style that suited her much more than her short cut ever had. Her hair was thick and the bulk of it fell over her the left side of her face with a very beautiful gentle wave. She had brown eyes, a straight nose and a slight cleft in her chin. Her breasts had always been quite large and she had been the subject of many of my fantasies in my youth and even to this day I often thought about Sandy when I masturbated. The thought of my big sister on top of me or me fucking her from behind was the cause of many a wet dream when I was a teenager!

She’d had a string of guys but had divorced the one she had married five years ago and seemed happy enough living alone these days. She was an attractive woman though and I was sure that she must have had plenty offers over the last few years.

As I walked towards her standing at her open door she smiled and said “Hey there little brother! How’s the IT Helpdesk?”

“I’m going to have to start reviewing my fees!” I said and smiled back at her. She was wearing tight fitting jeans and a figure hugging green top that showed the clear outlines of her bra. Sandy wasn’t exactly thin but she wasn’t fat either. She had always had a good figure and age had simply made it a little more rounded and a bit plumper round her middle. Her thighs were beautifully shaped in those jeans and her green top was low cut revealing her ample cleavage which had a wrinkle in it these days. I had never seen Sandy’s tits apart from some fleeting glimpses when we were young and often wondered these days what they must be like. They seemed to get bigger as the years went by and her bras more heavy duty! But just how floppy they had become in her now more mature years was often something I pondered.

Sandy let me in and offered me a glass of red wine which I accepted. Her apartment was immaculate and highly tasteful but quite sparsely furnished. She had never liked clutter and ornaments etc and kept the place clean, tidy and minimalist.

I sat on her large sofa and she soon joined me with two large glasses of wine. We exchanged some small talk about family and work etc before she eventually got up and brought her laptop over and placed it on the coffee table in front of us.

“OK so this is what’s happening” she said as she opened the lid and pressed the power button. I sipped my wine as it booted up and once it had completed it’s somewhat slow boot to desktop she opened her browser. The homepage was showing what looked like some dodgy, ad ridden search service.

“Yeah looks like your brower’s has been hijacked” I said and reached into my pocket for my pen drive big ass porno which had some anti malware software. “This might take half an hour or so Sands” I said to her as she looked on at my side. “You can watch what I do if you want”

“Nah!” she said. Too geeky for me. Tell you what I’m gonna grab a shower it’s been a long day.”

“OK no probs I’ll get to work. Should be easy fixed.” I replied.

“Good.” She said. “How does something like that happen anyway?”

“Well …er….” I began but she interrupted me.

“Oh dear have I been looking at something I shouldn’t?” she giggled.

“Could be all sorts. Probably just an ad you’ve clicked on which has installed something. Soon be sorted” I said.

Sandy left for her shower and I got to work on her laptop. In the course of clearing it of malware I caught site of her temporary internet files and spotted some porn sites amongst them which surprised me.

“Yeah well that’s probably how you got the hijack sis!” I smiled to myself.

I was still in the process of fixing her laptop when Sandy came back into the room and sat beside me. She was wearing a white silk gown and smelled fresh from the shower. Her hair was still dry so she must have just wanted a quick freshen up. I couldn’t help but glance at the opening of her gown which was offering a tempting view of a large part of her right breast. It was slightly mottled with freckles and wrinkled as her right arm pressed against it. I don’t know if she spotted me looking or not but she pulled her gown together blocking the view.

“So how’s it going?” she asked.

“Nearly done.” I said. Just gotta update your security and reboot and you’re done.”

“Phew!” she said. “Thought I’d done something serious!”

“Nah it happens to everyone. Don’t click on ads, be careful what you download and what you open from your email. And watch out for porn sites they are really bad for that sort of thing!” I said adding the last sentence with a bit of a weird feeling seeing as I knew she had been looking at porn.

“Hmm. ” she said and clasped her hands around her knee of her right leg which she had crossed over her left revealing her bare right lower leg.

“So listen. Umm….is it really dangerous to look at porn?” Sandy asked me sounding a little embarrassed. “Just asking as I’d heard the internet was full of it”

I was a little taken aback. Sandy had a good sense of humour and wasn’t shy. Over the years we’d shared dirty jokes and the like but to openly ask me about surfing net porn made me scramble my mind for what to say. So I tried to just be cool and said..

“Well as long as you know what you’re doing it’s fine.” I said without looking at her and still focusing on the laptop.

“So you’re an expert huh?” she said with a very enquiring tone to her voice.

“Oh yeah!” I said flippantly. “First year or two I was online I was lucky I never went blind!” I said jokingly.

“Perv!” Sandy said and nudged me with her elbow.

“Yeah says you!” I replied. “I saw your temp files so Perv right back at ya sis!”

I looked up at Sandy who was looking at me in horror.

“Tim you didn’t?” she said quietly. “You saw what I’d been looking at?”

“Not really” I said laughing. “But I saw you had been on some porn sites so don’t deny it! Disgraceful for a woman of your age!” I added teasingly.

Sandy looked hard at me and pursed her lips. Her eyelids wrinkled as she squinted at me trying to give me an evil look. But then she shrugged her shoulders and looked back at the laptop.

“Well so what?” she said letting out a breath.

“Hey sis it’s no problem to me!” I said sensing she felt embarrassed. “Honest I look at porn too. It’s no big deal. If you want…umm…I can…show you how to do it safer. How to hide your tracks and stuff?”

Sandy looked at me with a slight look of surprise and then frowned a little before looking back at the laptop which had now rebooted for the last time.

“Umm….is it hard?” she said. I couldn’t resist the obvious double entendre.

“Not yet but if we look at some porn it might be!” I said and laughed at her. She laughed back and slapped my right leg.

“Shut up!” she said still laughing. “OK go on then. Show me. I want to see what sort of stuff you look at you perv.”

I felt a rush of blood to my face and a tingle up my legs and spine as I opened the browser on her laptop and then showed her how to use it in private mode then pointed it to one of my favourite sites for mature porn. I clicked on a link to a movie clip of a woman being fucked from behind but Sandy intervened.

“No click on that one there!” she said pointing to a clip of what looked like a facial cumshot. I did what she asked and sure enough it was a clip of a guy jerking off and then cumming all over a mature woman’s face. It lasted only a couple of minutes but it seemed an awkward eternity sitting there beside my fifty year old sister who sat there in silence leaning big tits porno forward to the computer as if to get a better view.

“Ooo my!” Sandy said as the guy finished shooting his load all over the woman. She looked at me and smiled awkwardly. “So how do I download these so I can watch them anytime?” she asked brushing her hair behind her right ear and sitting up straight to look at me directly.

I showed her how to use a download helper and installed an FLV player. I also told her that I had a program she could install to lockup files and folders to keep them secret and went on to show her a few other sites that were the safest to use and what to look out for to avoid anything malicious and what to do if she was locked into a page and other tricks I had learnt over the years. Sandy watched and listened intently and often asked me to repeat what I’d just done so she was sure and even got a pen and a sheet of paper to make notes!

I showed her some more sites that I frequented mostly of mature porn and she picked up on this.

“You seem to like the more mature ladies don’t you? I’d have thought guys would like the young girls with big round boobs or are you just weird?” she said and looked at me with a smile.

“Oh I’ve always liked older women.” I said quite matter of factly. “Course now older women than me are getting very old!” I added and glanced at Sandy who giggled and pulled her hair back from her face.

“Am I too old then at fifty?” she said looking at me questioningly.

“Oh no fifty isn’t too old!” I replied and started navigating to another site on the laptop. “And you’re still a very good looking woman sis so you’ve no worries there believe me”

I opened up a video clip of a woman who looked about Sandy’s age licking a guy’s asshole.

“Oooof…..ewww!” exclaimed Sandy as she leaned forward again to get a closer look. In the clip the camera zoomed out to reveal the woman was wearing a strapon dildo which she was now about to start forcing into the lucky guys ass. We watched in a tense awkward silence as the camera zoomed in on the dildo invading the guy’s hole.

“Tim! Jeez do you like that sort of thing?” she asked me sitting up again.

“Oh yeah!” I said now feeling quite brave. “Hey I’m forty five sis. Normal sex just doesn’t…erm….cut it these days if you know what I mean” I looked at her and raised my eyebrows as if hinting at what I was meaning.

“Ha ha so you need kinks to get hard huh?” she said with a teasing giggle.

“Well….kind of. You know…..I just like experimentation. It brings back some of that teenage thrill almost.” I said trying to explain myself.

“So do you this sort of stuff with Liz?” Sandy asked with a tilt of her head to one side.

“Well…some. Erm…..not as much as I’d like if I’m honest it’s just that…”

“Do you wank off to this sort of porn Tim?” Sandy interrupted and then cleared her throat with a quiet “ahem”. I was a bit taken aback by this but decided that there was no point in being coy or defensive.

“Yeah!” I said with a shrug.

“Yeah I bet you do!” said Sandy shifting her position as if to get more comfortable and as she did her gown opened a little revealing her cleavage. I couldn’t help but stare at it. Even though there was hardcore porn playing on the screen in front of me I was much more aroused by the dark glimpse of my older sister’s upper breasts beside me. I suddenly froze as I realised I was staring and that Sandy had noticed. I eventually pulled my eyes away and back to the laptop but I felt the tension buzzing in my body at being caught ogling my sister.

I decided to turn the table on her and asked.. “So what get’s you going then? Does kinky stuff not do it for you?” I looked at her as she looked me in the eye and then turned her gaze back to the laptop.

“Well…to be honest….I can’t say I do have any…um…what you might call fetishes. Not like you it seems!” she said with a smile. “But I have to admit I do love to see an ejaculating penis. That’s what I’ve been looking for online really. Videos of men whacking themselves off I really love to watch that for some reason!”

“Yeah?” I said with a grin. “Well there’s plenty of that around if you search. Let’s have a look..” I started looking for male masturbation video clips. Sandy said nothing but just sat and watched as I browsed around and found some for her to look at. I picked one of a guy lying on his back with his legs spread pumping his huge dick. As it played I watched Sandy carefully and she watched transfixed as the guy started spurting cum all over his own body.

“Hmm..yeah see I like that. Lots of white gooey cum!” she said and then giggled. “Hey listen little brother I think we better pack this in before either of us gets to worked up!”

“Well….I think I’m already a bit worked up!” I said with a slight laugh and adjusted my crotch which was now beginning to swell although not noticeably because of the way I was sitting. And blacked porno not because of what we’d been watching. What was arousing me was sitting next to my sexy older sister while watching and talking about porn.

Sandy stood up and clasped her gown around her bosom. I shut the laptop down and said..”Well…um..anyway your laptop’s fine and now you know how to keep it that way hopefully”. I stood up to get ready to leave and then Sandy said something that made me freeze.

“Tim are you really worked up? Like…you know…feel like you need to…umm…relieve yourself?”

“Well….jeeez Sandy!….er…..maybe..” I said nervously and feeling suddenly quite embarrassed. Sandy sat down on the arm of the sofa and looked up at me.

“You can if you like. I don’t mind” she said calmly.

“What?” I said with some incredulity.

“Go on. See to yourself if you want to I don’t mind honest!”

“Umm…pffffffff…..erm……Well …are you serious?” I eventually managed to say.

Sandy laughed and tilted her head back causing her dark blonde hair to cascade off her shoulder. “You embarrassed Tim?”

“Well…yeah I mean….not everyday your big sister tells you to knock one off!”

“I wasn’t telling I was allowing” she said matter of factly. “Go on I bet you want to after looking at all that porn and us discussing it. AND I caught you looking at my chest you dirty bugger!”

I felt my face go red and had to look away. I felt like an innocent teenager all over again.

“Well …you know…men can’t help looking at a great cleavage!” I said with a slight tremor in my voice.

“Hey Tim look just for fun…seeing as you like kinky stuff why don’t you wank yourself off? Right now with me watching? That’d be pretty kinky!”

I stared at Sandy in disbelief trying to think of what to say in reply but I just stood there like an idiot. Sandy giggled and stood up.

“Go on it would be fun. You get to do something kinky and I get to see a cock spurt up close for real!” Sandy said standing there with her arms folded in front of her.

“Ummm…..bloody hell Sandy that would be a bit…well…incestuous!” I said coming out of my state of shock.

“Well they do say incest is best!” Sandy laughed. “Maybe I need to persuade you a little more huh?” she said unfolding her arms and pulling open her gown a little revealing the insides of both her breasts. She paused while I gawped at her before closing her gown again.

“If you do it I’ll let you see them properly!” she said softly. My cock was now straining and I could feel precum oozing from me.

“Ummm…fucking hell Sandy! OK if you really want I will!” I found myself saying almost with no control over what I was saying and started to undo my belt.

“Hey easy tiger not in here!” Sandy said and walked around the sofa to the door. “Probably best if you do it in the bedroom. I’ll get a towel!” she said with a grin.

I followed her into her bedroom and watched as she pulled back the cover from her bed and then sat on it while she placed a large white towel flat out on the bed beside her. She looked at me as I stood there feeling a little shell shocked at what was happening.

“Come on then!” she said as she leant back on the bed supporting herself with her left arm only. “Get them off and let’s see you do your thing!” she said and giggled.

I slowly undressed feeling very self conscious in front of my sister but more turned on than I had felt in many years. Maybe ever! Eventually I was stood there in my briefs which were bulging. Sandy remained silent and watched as I slipped them off and my engorged cock sprang into full view.

“Whoof!” Sandy cried as she sat up and clapped her hands. “Nice one Tim! Now come on. Lie on here and get to it!” she said as she shifted herself down the bed a little. I walked over and sat on the bed beside Sandy feeling so self conscious of her that I felt like I could almost feel heat from her very presence next to my naked body and aroused cock.

“Lie back!” Sandy said commandingly and I laid back onto the towel with the lower part of my legs over the edge of the bed. I looked at her as she sat around a little to face me bringing her left leg up onto the bed. She looked at me and smiled then pulled her gown apart and let it slip over her shoulders revealing her naked breasts in full view.

“Oh my god Sandy!” I gasped as I took in the sight of her fantastic tits. They hung down almost to her belly and were much larger than I ever thought they would be. They had a scattering of light freckles and large areolas surrounding long nipples.

Sandy smiled broadly then amazingly got off the bed and let her gown drop off her altogether leaving her completely naked in front of me. I gazed at her neatly trimmed, dark bush and I was gob smacked at the site of her body which while anything but trim was still incredibly shaped and sexy for her age. Her thighs were nicely rounded and although her abdomen showed the signs of her age she was still an incredible sight. I continued to gawp at her as she crawled onto the bed beside me and knelt there leaning forward on her hands. Her hair fell forward framing and casting her face into shade while the whites of her eyes gleamed at me.

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