Sister Takes Me

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If you are a guy, then everything you do or think about can easily be translated into something that has to do with sex. It is real simple. Someone could be talking to me about something really important and bam, sex fills my brain and I lose all concentration of what that person was telling me. For instance, I had just woke up from sleeping in till noon. I went downstairs to get something to drink, and my sister passed by me while I walked down the stairs. I was half asleep, and neither of us acknowledged the other’s existence. I continued down the stairs half asleep and proceeded to the kitchen. I grabbed a bottle of water and began to gulp down the refreshingly cool H20.

Ten minutes later I am browsing through the newspaper, just looking through random articles, when all of a sudden I get a mental picture in my head of my sister walking around the house topless. Her beautiful C-cups bouncing freely as she walked around the house doing whatever the hell she was doing. I snap out of that and back into reality, only to find a disappointing article about tuition rates in front of me accompanied by a raging hard on.

Immediately I felt disgusted with myself. This was my twin sister I was thinking about, and I didn’t usually have random fantasies about her. Then I realized, when I passed by her on the stairs, she was wearing a white tank top with no bra, her nipples almost visible through the thin white material. I assured myself that this was simply my body waking up and making the connection with what I failed to notice while walking down the stairs. I was comfortable with this thought and decided to go back to my room and bolster my excuse with some relief to some normal girl on girl thoughts.

I was laying in my bed with only my shirt on; my door was securely locked, protecting me from any random acts of embarrassments. I started off slowly, up and down my left hand went. My mind filled with thoughts of big breasted women going crazy with one another. Their fingers were pleasuring themselves and each other while I was beginning to join them. I began to take one of the girls from behind, while she fisted the other eager bombshell. I was stroking faster and faster, but I was keeping very quiet. But in my mind there were moans from the two girls and myself. I was getting closer, so were they. I was about to finish when…

“Corey!!!” My sister pounded on my door and shook the handle hoping to get the door open. I responded back in a way that I hope made me sound like I was trying to sleep.

“Ugggh… What do you want Jackie?!” I sounded pretty convincing as a quickly but quietly jumped out of my bed on threw some boxers on. I was sweating a bit from the activity that was ended prematurely, but I was still hard. I walked to the door and listened to my sister’s cry.

“There is a giant ass spider out her and it has cornered me let me in!” Shit, I couldn’t let her in my room, I was still rearing for a spectacular finish, and my body wasn’t settling down at all.

“Just walk around it damn it!” I ordered, but to no avail. She continued to attempt to open the czech gangbang porno door while screaming bloody murder over what was probably going to turn out to be a cricket. Quickly I devised a plan to let her in and avoid any embarrassing situation with her.

I readied myself, boner and all. I flung open the door and she came bolting inside while I attempted to get past her to make her think I was heading out to take care of the spider. For a split second our bodies brushed up against one another as we passed each other. I was stupid for not putting my back to her when we did this, my boner poker her abdomen as she passed. I pretended like it didn’t happen and closed the door behind me. I was frightened that she noticed the quick poke, but I quickly shifted my attention to the giant fucking spider at my feet.

“Fuck, there’s a giant fucking spider out here!” I yelled in terror.

“No shit you idiot!” my sister chirped from my bedroom. I jumped over the beast, ran to the bathroom grabbed a broom and brought it back to face off against the evil that was trying to claim my hallway. One smack and the little guy was squashed. At the same time my member was calm and collected. I opened the door to my room to find my sister cowering on the bed where a moment a go I was going to town on myself on. Dirty thoughts began to pour into my head.

“It’s dead, you can go now” I said, hoping she would listen and just leave.

“Thanks brother!” she said while jumping up and giving me a hug. She started out of the room but threw in one last comment. “You can go back to fucking your hand now, perv.”

Before I could defend myself, she slammed the door behind her, leaving me once again alone in my room. I didn’t know what the hell to think of what just happened. I thought I was pretty discrete about my activities, but apparently not. If she knew, my parents must have known. My mind was racing in fear that perhaps my whole family knew that I would occasionally masturbate. I tried to calm down, but I couldn’t. I decided to take a cool shower, in hopes that that would help cool me down.

My sister and I were the only ones home today; our parents were out of town for two more days. We were both eighteen and done with high school, so our parents were pretty trusting. We were not the kind of teens that threw parties, so they had nothing to worry about. Following the events from that afternoon, I was rather enjoying the coolness of the shower. I was thinking about what my sister said and concluded that she was just messing with me and had no idea what I was actually doing. I thought about finishing what I started earlier, but I decided against it, thinking it would probably be better saved for another time.

I was finishing up in the shower, just rinsing off, and I saw my sister’s bra hanging by the door. I instantly became hard. I cursed to myself and turned the water off and got out to dry myself off. I was still hard. I leaned against the counter, still hard, when the door to the bathroom opened and my sister came busting in. She did not notice me at czech harem porno first as she turned and shut then locked the bathroom door. I scrambled for my towel and quickly covered up myself. But it was too late. She had already seen me. I attempted to pass this off as her fault, “What the fuck, you just walk in without knocking?”

“Why the fuck didn’t you lock the door you dummy?” Jackie laughed. “Did I interrupt you again brother?” She was mocking me now. I attempted to get by her and end this situation, but she blocked the door with her body. Her body that had nothing but a towel covering it up, just a towel covering those beautiful tits and her tight little pu….

“Get out of my way Jackie!” I demanded while trying to get around her. My thoughts betraying me, I slipped on the wet floor, bringing her towel down with me.

I looked up while laying flat on back. There was my sister completely naked. Her tits were just as I imagined them; her pussy was covered by a small landing strip of her pubes. It only was a quick glance, but for the first time ever I was able to notice how sexy my sister was. She was skinny with an hour glass figure that was comparable to that of swimsuit models. Everything about her was gorgeous, her long legs, her eyes, her shoulder length brunette hair. I was encompassed in this visual, but immediately brought out by a bar of soap smacking me in the forehead.

My sister was tugging for her towel. Unknowingly I was still clutching to it for support. All sound started to come back and I heard her screaming at me to give her the towel back. Once I realized that I was clutching it, I let go of it. She snatched it up and covered herself in an instantly. Her face was red, either from anger or embarrassment.

I slowly got up, my towel still covering my hard on. Once again I tried to get by her, but still she wouldn’t move.

“You got to see me, now it my turn to see you.” She said with a straight face.

“Fuck. That. Move bitch.” I exclaimed, once again trying to get by. She then dropped her towel so that it was covering her waist down now.

“There, I’ll meet you half way.” She was trying to get me to play the show me game, but I wasn’t biting.

“Jackie, I’m glad you know you’re hot and all, but I aint showing you my dick.” I argued, trying not to look down at her tits. She then dropped the towel off her completely. I continued fighting the urge to look down, but I refused to break eye contact. Just then, she punched me right in the balls, I crouched forward, but then was tackled by her. My head smacked against the ground. I didn’t know what to protect, my head or my groin.

She was right on top of me, naked, and she grabbed hold of my towel and pulled it off of me. In my defense I was dizzy and my balls were in pain from getting punched. This is why she bested me here. Her face was all lit up in victory. She began scoping out my manhood up close. I was about to shove her off me, but she anticipated this and flicked my right testicle.

“What the fuck Jackie?” I bellowed in pain.

“I czech sharking porno just want to look, settle the fuck down or I’ll punch the little guys again.” She was obviously taking pleasure in this. “I’ve never seen one before in person. Do they all look like this?” It never occurred to me that my sister was a virgin, considering how hot she was, I figured she fucked a few guys, if not given some head.

“How the fuck do I know, I don’t go tackling other dudes to see their cocks!” I barked back. She seemed disappointed with this answer, I could tell by the pouting face she made. She then grabbed hold of my cock. “Jackie, stop it now, this is wrong.” I pleaded with her, but deep down I wanted her to keep going.

“Just a minute brother…” she said impatiently, as if I were the one inconveniencing her. “I promise it will be worth your while.” I had a good idea what she meant, but I still tried to make her think I wanted her to stop.

“Jackie…” she didn’t listen. She began to stroke my cock. She was going slowly at first, the she started to speed up. I saw her tits bouncing while she was doing this. She must have seen me eyeing her because she stopped and looked down at her tits.

“Are these what you want?” She asked. She then started to crawl closer to me. She clasped my balls in one hand, then leaned over my cock and put it between her tits. At this point she knew I wasn’t going to fight it. She released my balls then grasped her tits so they hugged my cock. She started her movements up and down.

“Oh wow…” I let out a groan. She continued to look me in the eyes while I fucked her tits. Then she stopped. She moved down a little, releasing my cock from her tits. She then put my cock in her mouth, and started licking and sucking. My eyes started to roll, this was so wrong, but I could not deny how good it felt.

I was getting closer and closer to cumming. But then she stopped. She stood up and looked down at my naked body. I stared up at her naked body.

“Do you want this?” she asked while putting her middle finger over her slit. I didn’t respond. “I know you do.” I still did not respond. How could I respond?

She didn’t say anything else. She moved so that she was standing over me. She slowly crouched down and straddled my cock, slowly inserting me into her. I got deeper and deeper into her, I felt her break. She winced for a moment, but then started moving up and down. Her pussy was tight and warm. My cock loved every thrust.

After a few minutes I decided to take control I picked her up and put her on the bathroom counter. I started pounding into her, harder and harder. She was starting to cum. Her face started to tighten, she closed her eyes and with her legs wrapped around me, her pussy clenched up as she climaxed. I was just about to finish when she kicked loose from me. I fell back into the shower. I looked at her confused.

She climbed off the counter and stood up, still naked. She wiped some sweat from her face and some from her tits. I was still hard and eager to finish. She was panting. She then looked to the ground and quietly said, “You can finish fucking your hand now, perv.” She then looked up at me and winked. She then turned and walked out of the bathroom to who knows where.

I was laying in the shower still naked, still hard. I thought to myself, “What the fuck just happened?”

The End

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