Sisterfest Ch. 01

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This story has been cooking for a long time now, other writing projects got in the way, then a long spell in the ICU, so it got shoved on the back burner. Bonnie Hurd helped me knock it into shape, and OldKing Clancy is due a big hand for his work on making this readable and reasonably sane, so many big thanks to him!

As always, I remind readers that this is not the real world, it’s only one of my myriad versions, so please take everything with an extra-large pinch of salt, and try and enjoy the ride!

I welcome all comments, good, bad, indifferent and insane, so if you liked it, please let me know, if you didn’t, please tell me why, and if you want to make assertions about my parentage, my wife does that every day, I’m covered in protective rough surfaces, be my guest, because I only delete the truly nasty stuff if it’s irrelevant, illegible, incomprehensible, or completely demented. Have fun!


Part 1: The Set-up

Lara was getting nowhere with Finn, and beginning to wonder if she ever would; everything she tried, every sexy outfit, every short skirt, every thrust of her bra-less breasts under her tight T-shirt, every flash of her almost non-existent panties was getting no reaction out of him; he just resolutely looked away, or frowned and flicked over the page of the book or magazine he was reading.

“It must be me…” she thought, “I’m not good enough for him, that has to be it, he obviously thinks I’m some kind of skank, there’s no other explanation…”

This train of thought sent her to her room in tears, that her older brother, the most beautiful boy in the world, who lived in the room across the corridor from hers, who sat down to eat with her every day, and who unblinkingly watched her parade up and down in the most mind-boggling assortment of sexy, cutesy, or downright slutty outfits, didn’t know she existed, or didn’t think she was worth noticing, or didn’t care, because he thought she was a slut.

Lara was in a bad way, her heart pining for Finn, tall, perfect, black-haired, blue-eyed Finn, with his classic, sculpted features and strong white teeth; elegant, cultured, kind, thoughtful, considerate Finn, the boy who liked everyone else in the entire world, but who couldn’t spare a single glance for her.

Lara and Finn were both at university, Lara in her first year studying Materials Sciences at De Montfort, and Finn in his second year at Oxford Brookes, studying Mechanical Engineering, and they were both home now for the summer. Their family home was in Ledbury, Herefordshire, where they lived with their mother, their father having disappeared shortly before Lara’s birth, and never heard from since; Lara of course had never met him, and Finn couldn’t remember him, so his absence had never made a great deal of difference to their lives together as they grew up.

Because of the small difference in their ages, (Lara was almost 19, Finn had just had his 20th birthday), the siblings had grown up closer than other siblings with a wider age-gap, and most people thought they were twins anyway; they both had the same sleek, glossy black hair, striking, deep-blue eyes, and clear, pale skin, and at 5’8″, Lara was only 4″ shorter than Finn. She was a slender girl, but shapely and alluring, her110lbs perfectly distributed, with a slim 22″ waist and flat, toned stomach, her flared hips setting off her round, juicy little bottom and perky, delectable 34B breasts perfectly. Finn, on the other hand, was 6′ and 180 pounds; nearly 10 years of playing rugby, first for his school, now for his university team, had kept him in perfect condition, with the deep chest and solid stomach, wide shoulders and solid, tireless legs necessary to play his preferred position, Prop-Forward.


Finn glanced up as Lara made a hasty exit, breathing a sigh of relief as he adjusted his painfully constricted erection inside his jeans. Damn, he thought, didn’t she know what she was doing to him? It was bad enough the tall girl with the long, black hair and the skin like alabaster was the loveliest thing he’d ever seen, she had to go and have a figure that could stop traffic, and dazzling blue eyes a man could drown in, and yet she seemed to be unaware of all that, parading around him in skimpy outfits like he was a wax dummy, unable to respond to the sexual attraction that rolled off her and battered him with wave after wave of mind-twisting lust for her.

“Why the fuck does she have to be my sister?” he mourned in the silence of his head, “It’s not fair! If only she wasn’t my little sister, Christ, I’d wear her out!”

Finn made his way to his room, his hand clutching himself lightly; after a day of Lara’s presence tempting and taunting him, he was coming in for a case of Lover’s Balls that would probably make medical history, and even frantically wanking like a safari park baboon wasn’t going to completely relieve the ache in his balls; whatever relief he could give himself now was going to be short-lived; there was still the rest of the day outdoor sex porno to get through, then tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, a whole summer of trying not to explode as his alluring sister paraded around all but naked, blithely ignoring him, making his life a living hell.

Once in his room, he studied himself in the mirror, sadly accepting that Lara would never, could never find someone like him in the least bit attractive; he’d seen the kind of boys who constantly buzzed around her, they all had that pallid, intense, fashionably lean and tousled look she so obviously preferred, and he knew he didn’t stand a chance, not compared to them; who was he kidding, he was just her lumbering big brother, that was all she was ever going to see him as, and his fantasies about her were never going to come true, not in a million years.

Finn sighed, resolving yet again to stop thinking about her, she was his sister, everything he was thinking about her was wrong, and sick, and perverted, there were laws, and family reasons why it could never be. Even as he rationalised his reasons for avoiding and abhorring her, almost without conscious thought, his hand slipped into his shorts, and he began to squeeze and fist himself, fantasy images of Lara once again unreeling behind his eyes.


Lara thought Finn was the most perfect male specimen she’d ever seen; the sight of him lounging casually in a faded old sweatshirt and excitingly tight rugby shorts, his eyes flicking across the pages of a textbook or sports magazine, invariably set her pulse racing and her heart hammering; even scragged-up, with his hair tousled and a two-day shadow stubbling his perfect, chiselled jaw-line, he still looked to her like he’d just stepped out of the pages of GQ Magazine.

While her view of him may not have been entirely objective, plenty of her friends felt exactly the same way about him, and had already spent several fruitless years throwing themselves at him, subtly and blatantly. Finn had always refused to take the bait; he didn’t know what he wanted, but he knew he didn’t want any of the girls who made their interest in him obvious.

He was also honestly at a loss to understand why Lara’s friends kept making passes at him; it said much about him that he never once considered himself attractive or good-looking, or even vaguely handsome, although there was a small army of girls who’d be prepared to argue that at some length; he just thought Lara’s friends were teasing him, or setting him up for some stupid teenage prank.

All that aside, however, none of Lara’s friends, or any of the other local girls, or fellow uni students, had ever held more than a passing interest for him; his tastes ran more to the tall, black-haired, blue-eyed type, and it was a long time before he could finally admit to himself that all his (short-lived) girlfriends and occasional one-night-stands and party pick-up’s looked disturbingly like his little sister.

That was when his campaign to ignore her began to take shape; Finn was appalled that he could look at Lara and see not only his sister, but also a beautiful girl he’d fuck without a moment’s hesitation, and the inner policeman we all carry around inside roared with outrage at that admission; so, he reasoned, if he couldn’t have her, he needed to eliminate her from his thoughts, he needed to keep some distance between them, and the only way to do that was to deliberately not see her, to ignore her, to make sure she didn’t give him the opportunity to capture her image and start him off down another road of sick fantasising about her.

Of course, living in the same house as her meant it was almost impossible to avoid seeing her, hence the almost constant low-level ache in his crotch.

Lara meanwhile had been moved to try increasingly more desperate ways to get him to even acknowledge her presence; not being privy to the turmoil she was causing in him, she reasoned that he was only going to notice her if she actually gave him something to notice; the skimpy outfits, and the parading around damned near naked, the flashing of her juicy, thong-clad peach of a bottom, these were all alien to her nature, something she’d never think of doing to capture any other boy.

But Finn was different; Finn was perfect, and she wanted him so badly it was like a red-hot stone sunk into the middle of her, a burning, heavy pain that wouldn’t go away, that only he could make go away; but he only ever ignored her, and every day a little more despair crept in as every day he seemed less and less inclined to even notice her presence.

Her friends were well aware of her obsession with her brother; as previously noted, most of them felt the same way about him, but they were pragmatic enough to realise and recognise that Finn was entirely disinterested in them. One friend in particular, Haley Moore, Lara’s friend since they were five years old, watched in distress as her best friend slowly pined away, unable public agent porno to have the man she wanted, and unable find someone else.

Haley had a cousin who’d been in a similar situation, so called her up and had a long talk about what she’d done to remedy her own situation. What her cousin told her had shocked Haley deeply, but she also realised that her cousin’s solution was the only way for her friend to get what she wanted, or move her on forever. Haley took some detailed instructions from her cousin, and made some calls, eventually setting up a meeting in a hotel in Ludlow, over the county line in Shropshire, conveniently far from Ledbury, with the people she hoped would be able to help her friend.

A few days after this meeting, Lara received a call inviting her to attend a weekend country-house party, a very special party, at an undisclosed location. There was only one condition; she had to bring her older brother, single attendance was absolutely not permitted. Lara was at first understandably reluctant to go to a mysterious location on an invitation that came out of the blue, but her ears pricked-up when the caller told her that she’d been invited to attend on the recommendation of her friend, and that attending the party could well resolve her problems with her brother.

That immediately decided her, and she agreed to convince her brother to attend with her, the caller ringing-off after telling her the instructions for what to wear, what to bring, and what would be expected of her, would arrive shortly.

Lara waited on tenterhooks until, finally, a package arrived for her; inside was a list of preparations she was to make, what would be expected of her as a condition of attending the party, and a rather opulent invitation, with one peculiar omission; no actual address was given, the invitation was completely anonymous, and couched in terms that provided no information other than that a party was being held, and that she and her brother were invited. Detailed travel arrangements were listed for the pair of them. Her insides quivered at the thought, but also with apprehension. The easy part was over; she’d made her opening gambit, setting her pieces in place, now came the hard part; how to manoeuvre Finn into place on the board and lure him into Checkmate. She had to get that next part exactly right, or it would be Game Over, period. Looking at the invitation, she noted she had a week to confirm their attendance, so the clock was ticking.

Finn was lying on his bed day-dreaming, running his favourite reel from the internal movie that played more or less constantly in his head; the subject Lara. The scene he came back to again and again was the one where she climbed onto his lap, kissed him wildly, and told him “Fuck everyone, fuck what they think, fuck the law; I want you inside me now, rip my knickers off, Finn, I need a good fuck, I want to suck your cock, I want you to lick and fuck my pussy ’til I scream, I want you to stretch my arsehole wide open with that big cock of yours, and I want you to stick your tongue in my arse and make me come, so what are you waiting for, come and do me, now!”

Almost of its own volition, his hand slid the waistband of his rugby shorts down and squeezed the erection that beat and pulsed there, slowly pumping his hand as he thought of the sexual gymnastics he wanted to be indulging in with his gorgeous sister. In his mind’s eye, he watched her black-haired head bob as she sucked his throbbing cock, then shifting to her hair spread out across the pillow as he pounded his seven inches of thick meat into her holes, hearing the small mewing sounds and sighing groans she’d make into his mouth, her plum-red lips sealed to his as he jack-hammered her cunt and pile-drivered her arse making him even harder, driving him on and on. He was miles away, floating in a pleasure zone of his own imaginings, constantly revisiting his favourite fantasy fucks with Lara, editing and inter-cutting the well-remembered scenes into new and more exciting versions as she intruded more and deeper into his daydreams.

“Oh God, Lara, yes, like that, sissy, harder, oh yes, yes, do that!” he murmured, his hand pumping as the dream-Lara fisted his throbbing cock before slipping her plump, pouting lips over the end and taking him down her throat. The image brought him to the brink, and as he teetered there, the image of his cock slipping between her smooth round buttocks and ramming into her tight little anus suddenly filled his mind, the tight, pink little pucker stretching obscenely in a glistening ring around his girth as he slid himself into her.

“Ooooh God, Lara!” he groaned as he came, his cock giving a series of strong, muscular twitches as sperm boiled out of him to splash across his belly and chest in long splatters, pulse after pulse of spunk pooling and splashing as he ejaculated more than he’d ever done before at the thought of fucking Lara hard and spunking-up deep inside her tight arse.

As he subsided with reality kings porno a softly moaned “Lara…Oh God, Lara…” whispering in the room, Lara drew back from his door, her eyes wide at what she’d just seen. She was still a virgin, but she’d seen enough internet porn to know what happened when a man masturbated, and the amount of semen that normally seemed to be produced, and Finn had just blown out an enormous quantity, more than she had thought possible.

While she’d watched, wide-eyed in wonder at what he was doing, and pulsing inside with overjoyed shock as she realised he was thinking of her while he was doing it, and calling her by the pet name she’d had when they were young and still close, another part of her mind entirely was wondering what it would be like to suck that lovely meaty cock she’d just seen. She thrilled at the thought that she might soon get to hold that sculpted flesh, to savour the taste and texture of the spunk he’d pump into her mouth, and wondered whether she’d be able to swallow as much as he’d just pumped out.

The thought that she could finally be getting him to fuck her as well made her tingle with anticipation; Lara was a virgin, yes, but she’d already used various toys on herself in the privacy of her room at university, always with Finn in mind as she pleasured herself, but none of them compared to the wonderfully thick cock she’d just seen, and the thought of Finn shoving that fleshly delight in her for real, wherever he wanted, was definitely making her tingle and throb in all her special places!

She faded back from his door before he opened his eyes and spotted her, grinning happily to herself; he was already wanking over her, so perhaps convincing him to come with her was going to be easier than she’d feared; maybe, just maybe, Finn Elliot wasn’t going to be such a tough nut to crack after all…


Finn had just finished dressing after taking a shower when there was a hesitant knock on his door.

“Come in!” he called, and immediately regretted it when Lara opened the door and peeked in.

“Finn, can I talk to you, please? It will only be a minute, I p-promise, I n-need your help!” she stammered nervously, fidgeting and speaking so softly he could barely hear her.

He nodded, perhaps more curtly than he intended, regretting it immediately as he saw the look of apprehension flit across her face. His chest tightened as she stepped into his room wearing a tee-shirt with no bra underneath, to judge by the two points poking up the front of the tee, and tight shorts that made her slender, fabulous legs look like they went on forever. Finn could barely speak through his suddenly dry throat.

“W-what’s the problem, Lara? Sit down, I won’t bite, you know!” he said, trying a little humour, and cursing himself for such a clumsy, lumbering attempt at wit.

Lara smiled fleetingly, and to Finn it was like the sun had come up in his room, just that brief flicker was enough to ramp all his emotions up another notch. Lara sat down on the end of his bed, one leg folded under her, seemingly not noticing they way Finn’s eyes were almost glued to the creamy, supple thigh now so prominently displayed.

“Finny, I need your help; I have to go to this party next weekend, I promised, it’s a weekend house party, and I can’t get out of it. There’s a boy going to be there, he’s been…pestering me at uni, and I heard he’s told all his friends he’s going to fuck me if he has to tie me down to do it, apparently he’s decided I’m a prick-tease and he’s going to teach me a lesson!”

Lara inwardly congratulated herself on slipping-in his own pet name, the one she’d given him when she was small, knowing the associations it would trigger inside him, and make him feel protective toward her.

Finn swelled with anger at the thought of anyone forcing themselves on his Lara; even if he didn’t feel the way he did about her, he’d have been outraged; this was his little sister! With an effort, he forced himself to calm down and wait for whatever else she wanted to tell him. Her using his pet name from when she was small didn’t help, either; it just made her all the more adorable, and he was having enough trouble focussing on her as it was.

“Go on, Sissy, I’m listening. How can I help you? Do you want me to grab this prick and rip his scalp off? I will, if that’s what it takes to teach him no means no!”

Lara looked at him so piteously, so helplessly, all his feelings for her reared-up and bit him in the heart; if she’d asked him right there and then to shove a bunny-tail up his backside and hop naked down the High Street, he’d have done it.

“Finny, I want you to come with me; I need you to pretend to be my boyfriend! With you there, I know that creep will keep his distance! Please say you’ll do it, you’re so big and muscular and just…just so big, all his little wanker friends will get the message as well and just back off. Please say you’ll help me, please, Finny!”

The little break in her voice at the end of her speech was inspired, she had to admit; his slitted eyes and and firm-set jaw, the muscles jumping as he fought to contain his anger at her “plight”, made her heart overflow with love (and lust!) for him; oh my God, he looked ready to fight dragons for her!

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