Sisterly Bonds Ch. 07

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“Wait, what?” Sam asked, looking at the sobbing form of her older sister, said sister’s face buried in the tear soaked pillow. “You… love me?”

“Yes!” Cal’s muffled voice came from the pillow. “I do! I always have, ever since I was fifteen!”

“That’s… unexpected.” Sam sat down on the bed, actually feeling sorry for her sister at seeing her in this state. “Wait, is that why you tied me up all the time?”

“Yeah…” Cal said after a bit, sitting up and wiping her eyes with her fists. “I saw a video of bondage and I thought it would be fun for us so that you would love me too… childish, I know, but I was only fifteen. Eventually, I guess I realized you hated it and I still felt the same way about you, if not even more strongly.”

“So, you stepped it up to make me love you more?” Sam asked.

“No, I stepped it up to make you hate me as much as I hate myself.” Cal said, sniffling. “I’m a freak who’s in love with her sister and is obsessed with tying her up and gagging her because it makes me feel like she’s mine even if she’ll never accept me.”

“Hey, stop that.” Sam said, the intensity in her voice unexpected, even to her. “You’re not a freak, sis. You just don’t know how to express your feelings. Why didn’t you tell me about this?”

“Because I thought you’d think of me as a freak.” Cal said, sobbing once more.

“And, what would tying me up do?” Sam asked, confused.

“Make you hate me.” Cal said. “The vibrators and stuff were things I got to make you either submit to me or hate me I didn’t care which. Either way, I gizli çekim porno knew I’d never have you the way I wanted you, fully consensual and loving me the same way, especially with my bondage fetish.”

“Cal…” Sam said, shocked. “Listen, I don’t hate you. I never did. Even when you’d tie me up tons of times, I never hated you. Feared you a little, yeah, but never hated you. Do you know why?”

“No.” Cal looked at her nineteen year old little sister. “Why?”

“Because you never did anything to really hurt me.” Sam said. “I could always tell you weren’t trying to hurt me. It wasn’t necessarily fun, but I had no fear of being hurt by you until yesterday. That and the party”

“I… I’m sorry.” Cal looked down. “I wasn’t gonna use you at the party… I want you for myself… the pictures I take of you all go in a scrapbook of mine… I kinda went overboard, didn’t I?”

“A little.” Sam said. “I mean, three gags, way too much rope and your panties wasn’t fun.”

“I didn’t actually soak them in my juices.” Cal said. “I just made something close to it with sweet and sticky things that I could fool you with.”

“What?” Sam asked. “Really?”

“I didn’t want to actually do it.” Cal sighed. “I didn’t want to force any of me onto you. I tried to hold myself back, but I couldn’t in some parts… I… I’m sorry, sis.”

“I… I accept it.” Sam said. “I’m… I didn’t expect this kind of thing from you… so, why did you walk out?”

“I realized I took it too far.” Cal let a tear fall. “I almost took your virginity glory hole secrets by force. I just couldn’t do that.”

“The vibrators didn’t count towards my virginity?” Sam asked.

“Those are distractions.” Cal said. “And, also, on low so you wouldn’t cum.”

“But, I did…” Sam said.

“No, you just got a little wet.” Cal said. “You didn’t actually cum… I’m sorry. I just… I’m a freak.”

“Stop that.” Sam said. “You’re not a freak. You just find me attractive is all. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“But” Cal said, the twenty year old looking directly into her sister’s eyes. “Do you feel the same way about me? Do you love me like I love you?”

“I…” Sam sighed. “I don’t.”

“Oh.” Cal looked like her heart had shattered.

“But, don’t take that as a bad thing.” Sam said, trying not to see her sister cry again. “Perhaps, one day, I’ll feel the same way. Until then, don’t give up hope.”

“O-okay.” Cal looked determined.

“And…” Sam sighed, knowing she might regret the next words out of her mouth. “You can tie me up to sort of get it out of your system.”

“R-really?” Cal looked at Sam in shock.

“Yeah.” Sam said. “But, we need some ground rules: nothing sexual, no vibrators, and no leaving me for too long to start as well as not too much bindings.”

“O-okay.” Cal hugged her sister, nodding as tears of happiness came from her eyes this time at the hope she might have her sister for real. Sam reluctantly hugged her. “I can work with that.”

“And, don’t expect grup sex me not to retaliate.” Sam said.

“I don’t mind.” Cal said. “But, no soapy cloths.”

“Fine.” Sam said. “I can agree to that.”

“Your knots also need work.” Cal said, a little chuckle on her lips. “I got out of that in five minutes.”

“Well, I guess I will have to start paying attention.” Sam said.

“You can practice on your kinky friend.” Cal said. “Something tells me she’ll come over a lot.”

“I’ll bet.” Sam chuckled. “And, here I thought you’d hurt her.”

“She’d probably enjoy it.” Cal said.

“True.” Sam said. “Well, I’m gonna go get breakfast. Just don’t tie me up today so I can recover from last night. Yeesh.”

“Sorry.” Cal said. “You know, I didn’t expect this to go over this smoothly.”

“Neither did I.” Sam said. “Also, I don’t feel comfortable with you having a scrapbook full of potentially inappropriate pictures of me.”

“They’re all cute.” Cal said. “It’s just you in your bondage… you also don’t help by dressing like a hot secretary.”

“Uhh, well, I can’t help that.” Sam said. “Well, I’m gonna go eat.”

“Can I…” Cal sighed as she tried to work up her nerves for the question she wanted to ask. “Can I have one last kiss before you go?”

“I… I guess.” Sam sighed. “But, let’s not do this often until I actually decide I will date you.”

“Okay.” Cal said. She leaned forward, kissing Sam on the lips, lovingly, gently. Sam let her, relaxing as she felt her sister hold her, breaking it off after a few seconds.”

“Thanks.” Cal said, hugging her. “Now, go get breakfast. I’ll be down for some soon.”

“Okay.” Sam nodded, leaving the room. Cal watched her go, looking at her.

“Yesss.” Cal flopped down on her bed, feeling elated.

But, their story isn’t over.

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