Sisters Ch. 03

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If you are gonna read this story, I suggest that you read Chapters 1 and 2 first, to get the full extent of the story.

Jamie and I landed in Hawaii. Our first vacation together in a long, long time. We took a cab to the hotel, and settled in. I hungrily breathed in. Amongst the cool Hawaiian air, was the sweet smell of her that filled my nose. My every senses perfumed of her sex. The love my sister gave me, was a love that no other person could satisfy me with. Not even James. I loved him, but Jamie filled my every need, my every hunger, my every void. She stripped all of my love from my soul, and gave it back to me ten fold. Truth is, I have realized something this past year.. I love my sister, and she loves me.

The first thing we did was we got our things settled in the closet and dresser drawers. Then decided to put on our bathing suits, which were bikini’s. I watched Jamie put on hers. I watched her tuck her tits inside the cups, and all I could think about was having them in my hands. needing them, massaging them, and sucking them. But I decided to wait for all that. I needed to enjoy this moment. I guess they say if you hold off for a while, the sex is better. So I waited.

We both finally had on our bikini’s, and decided to sit on a couple of lounge chairs, on the balcony outside our hotel room. The sun beating down on our barely clad covered bodies. I reached over to the other lounge chair, and latched onto Jamie’s hand and held it for a long time. Giving it a squeeze every now and again. After a while, we both got up and went inside. We went and took a shower together. Then went out for dinner on the island. James and I had been to Hawaii a couple of times before, I knew where to make reservations, so it wasn’t a problem.

The place we picked, was packed with islanders, and other tourist. We each had bluefish, and all the shrimp we could eat. Some nice wine. All during dinner, I kept glancing at Jamie, and giving her a wink, every now and then. She just smiled at me, and rubbed her feet against my legs. Then we went dancing, at a nice spot on the island. We danced together till the owner said, “sorry ladies, but we’re closing in five minutes.”

We both nodded in his direction, then hugged each other tight. Our breasts touching as we hugged.

We ended our embrace, then gathered our things and went back to the hotel room. We couldn’t keep our hands off of each other.

We barely got the door unlocked. Then we finally stumbled inside, dropped our purses, and tore into each other. Jamie pushed me down on the bed, and laid on top of me. First kissing me, then whispering some words in my ear. I lost all my senses at that moment, because Jamie’s words were the words I wanted to hear, and at that moment, I wanted Jamie to fuck me like a rabbit.

She undid my dress, and I lifted my ass into the air as she slid the dress off of me, she then caressed my tits inside my bra, as she sighed. Then she unhooked it, and just stared at my tits, tossing my bra onto the floor behind her. Jamie laid there with this voracious look on her face. Then began massaging the aureoles stimulating them into nipples. Before taking one into her mouth. I love to have my nipples sucked, it feels so good to have Jamie’s tongue under my nipple, her mouth draped over the top and her sucking like a newborn. She sucked one, then played with the other, massaging it, feeling the weight of it in her hand, pulling up on the nipple so carefully. I almost came right then. My body just shook, but then it digressed a little. meet suck and fuck Jamie’s mouth was sucking away at my tits, her tongue bathing each nipple, massaging her tongue back and fourth. Causing a stir down below. I wanted Jamie inside me so much, I didn’t know how long I was able to hold off. But I did.

Jamie moved further down my torso. Kissing me all the way down, laving her velvet tongue over my belly button. Tracing all around it, before laving inside. Then she kissed further down my body, and reached the top part of my thighs. I was in complete ecstasy, on another plane, out of this world, whatever phrase you want to use. I was out of it. She then sent kisses to my inner thighs. Then took her fingers and found my cunt. Ran her beautiful long fingers down my moistened lips. Before kissing them. Parting them with her tongue. Riding it up and down the inside of my lips, entering me slowly, before taking her tongue in and out of me. Now wet with my juices, and holding the hood of my clit, she then took her tongue and bathed it, over and over again. Then took her lips and began to suck on it. Soon my body stiffened, and I started to flow.

Sending wave upon wave through my body. My nectar flowing onto Jamie’s velvet tongue. She lapped up all my juices. Then came up and kissed me on the mouth. I could taste my juices mixed with her saliva, and it tasted like honey. She held me for a moment, kissed and played about my body. Jamie was a good lover, but I still wanted her strap-on inside me.

“Fuck me with your strap-on. I need you inside me. I want to feel you plunging inside me”, I said.

With that, I was on my knees, as Jamie strapped on her dildo. She entered me from behind, slowly, as to get me used to it. Before long, she was plunging her dildo inside of me with great fervor. I felt Jamie was fucking me like a man, but I guess if you were a voyeur you might think that. Except for her tits bouncing up and down. And I’m sure they were.

Mine were bouncing back and fourth, as Jamie fucked me with her dildo. As Jamie plunged into me from behind, she lowered herself enough to catch one of my tits in her hand, as she was fucking me. She massaged and kneaded my tit. And oh God, did that feel so good. I was moaning louder and louder as Jamie plunged into me harder and harder. You could hear her flesh hitting against my ass. Jamie and I had gotten to know each other a lot more in the last month, sexually, and otherwise. But sexually we’ve gotten so close, we basically climax together. And with Jamie fucking me harder and harder, I knew we were about to climax.

“Oh God! That feels so good dammit, fuck me” I shouted.

And with one last plunge, Jamie and I climaxed and fell on top of each other. We kissed and hugged one another, before Jamie removed her dildo from inside of me. I bent down and sucked on it like a woman sucking a mans cock. I wanted my juices in my mouth, and they tasted so good, like honey from a hive. “Jamie,” I quickly said. “I want to fuck you. I want to plunge this strap-on inside you. To feel our flesh hitting against one another. To climax our sexes together, again.” Then I kissed her.

And with that, Jamie spoke up and said, “only if you fuck me in the ass, sis.”

With that, I strapped on the dildo, while Jamie got on her knees, and wiggled her cute little ass in the air, waiting for me to plunge inside of her. I gave Jamie’s ass a slap with my bare hand.

Jamie shouted, “do it again sis.”

I slapped her again, and again, mobil porno and again, each time slapping her harder than before. You could hear each smack, against her ass, which was leaving red streaks.

Then I caressed her ass before entering it. Jamie was already wet there, from the come of our last session. I still entered slowly, as to not hurt her. Her ass taking more of the dildo, each time I leaned into her. Before you know it, I was all the way in, my hands on either sides of Jamie’s hips, and was fucking that strap-on dildo full throttle inside my sisters ass. Our flesh hitting each other. My tits bouncing up and down, as my sisters were swinging back and fourth. Our flesh pounding each others with each thrust. This time Jamie was the one who was moaning.

“Oh God! Fuck me dammit Harder. F-u-c-kkk me.” I heard her say. With each thrust, I realized that Jamie was a screamer. That’s what Jamie has said about me.. I must be into our love making so much, that I just don’t notice it.

“Dammit, fuck me harder”, she said again.

I plunged as hard as I could into Jamie’s ass three or four more times, before our bodies stiffened, and we climaxed together. I took the dildo out of Jamie’s ass, and pushed her down towards the bed, and told her to “roll over.” She did, and I said “Suck my cock, woman.”

Jamie sat up and said “Ohh, I like that command..” And went full throttle for my strap-on dildo. Licking it, sucking it.

I said, “suck it like your sucking a man’s cock.”

And she did. I placed my hand on the back of Jamie’s head, holding her in place. Watching her suck my cock, like she was sucking a real man. Oh God, was it turning me on. The other end of the strap-on dildo was still inside me, and with each movement of Jamie’s mouth, it was sending me closer and closer to another orgasm.

“Fuck me”, I shouted.

Still holding onto the back of Jamie’s head with one hand, and the other massaging my tits. With Jamie’s mouth sucking my cock, her tits were slightly bouncing. I love to watch my sisters tits, it’s my one fetish. Her tits were bouncing, her head was bobbing, and I was getting a good view of it all. This felt so good, “Oh God, I’m gonna come”, I shouted. “I’m gonna come.” And with that, my body stiffened, and I came harder than I’ve ever come before.

Jamie took the dildo out of her mouth, then unhooked it from around my waist, and removed it from my pussy. Placed it on the bed next to her. Took her tongue and lapped the rest of my come onto her tongue. Before pulling me off my knees onto her, and laying down. She kissed me, and kneaded my tits, before cradling me in her arms. Spent from the evenings events, we fell fast asleep.

The next morning, we woke up. Both still in each others arms. We kissed each other, played tongues like two lovers on a dance floor. We finally got up and took a shower together. Then sat down and had some breakfast, courtesy of room service. We had sex again, Jamie fucking me, then me fucking Jamie. We took a nap together, and slept for a few hours, before we got up and fucked each other again.

We stayed like that for at least a few days. We fucked, we ordered room service, we let each other take a nap when we were tired. But the rule was, whenever one took a nap, we had to take a nap in the others arms.

I’d lay there, content in Jamie’s arms. Her arms around me, and her hands kneading my tits. Just as I’d do for her.

Then when we woke up, we’d fuck each other again. It didn’t matter if it was with the mofos porno dildo, as it was a double dildo, or it was a classic 69 position, as long as we were fucking each other.

As we slept our last night in each others arms, I woke the next morning to the sound of the telephone. The hotel was reminding us that it was our last day, and hoped that we had a wonderful stay at the hotel.

I answered, “we sure did,” as I starred at Jamie, still sound asleep.

When I hung up the phone, I laid atop Jamie, and gently kissed her lips. Jamie then woke up and starred into my eyes with a smile, then returning my kiss. I then broke the kiss, and told her that it was our last day.

Jamie protested, but I told her that we could have a quickie in the shower.

Jamie’s face lit up like the fourth of July. But I could tell by the look on Jamie’s face, that it wouldn’t be a quickie, and that was alright with me.

We finished our ‘fuck session’ in the shower. With us ending our shower with rinsing ourselves off.

We got out and dried our bodies, and then our hair. We splashed on some make up, then went into the bedroom and found a clean pair of bra’s and panties, and laid them onto the bed. With that, we both went to the closet and grabbed our suitcases and put them onto the bed. We both opened them up, then went back and grabbed our cloths from the closet, and put them into the suitcases, both leaving out an outfit we bought from QVC, off the Susan Graver line. We both just loved QVC and Susan Graver. We bought her stuff all the time.

Well anyways, we both went to the dresser drawers and grabbed our personal things. I went into the bathroom and checked to see if we missed anything in there. We had everything. The hairdryer was courtesy of the hotel. So I unplugged it and wrapped the cord around it, and placed it in the holder for the next person.

Then I went back out to our room , and closed my suitcase. We both got dressed, but not without a few tweaks of our nipples, and a few kisses, and licks.

I wanted to stay a few extra days. The hotel asked us when they called, if we wanted to extend our stay. Thinking back on it, I wish I had said yes.

We finally got ourselves dressed and took our purses under our arms, and carried what little luggage we had to the elevator. We a little luggage so it didn’t seem appropriate that we call the bellhop. So we did it ourselves.

Jamie and I finally reached the lobby, and exit4ed the elevator when the doors opened. We both went up the counter, when the man asked, “Can I help you ladies.”

“Oh, we’re just here to leave our room key,” I said.

“Well then, I hope your stay in our hotel was to your liking?,” said the man.

“It was wonderful,” I replied.

“More than you know,” replied Jamie, then winked at the man behind the counter, as I handed him our room key.

“Thank you, and come again,:” said the man behind the counter.

Jamie and I left the hotel, and hailed a taxi, that brought us to the airport.

We both took the same flight back, with a stop over in California. That’s when we parted and took different flights. With me going back to Virginia and her back to Arizona. Granted, her flight wasn’t as long as mine, but we sat together holding hands all the way to California.

When we got off the plane in California, we said our goodbye’s with a promise to go on another vacation together, real soon.

We both decided that our husbands were great, but the love that we felt from each other, was like no other. I finally realized that I LOVED JAMIE, and I was IN LOVE with her.

We both vowed that, we would keep in touch, more often. “Maybe once a month”, I asked.?

With that, Jamie said “it’s a deal. I love you sis.”

“And I love you, Jamie.”

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