Sisters in the Night

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NOTE: This story takes place back in the 1970s.

* * *

I was dead tired. It was 2:15 in the morning. I had just stumbled home after long, frustrating Saturday night of cruising around to every one of my regular haunts. The only things I had to show for it were an empty wallet, lungs full of other people’s cigarette smoke, and an unpleasant buzz from the last two drinks I shouldn’t have ordered.

Oh, and a string of rejections from every woman I tried to strike up a conversation with. My last relationship had come crashing down several months ago, and it seemed they could all smell the desperation before I got the first words out. What little dignity I had left would be gone if I woke up the next morning on the sofa with my clothes still on. At least I had managed to pull my boots off.

As I struggled to keep my eyes open, there was a knock on the door.

My apartment was in a modest duplex on the second floor. This had to be someone I knew. No stranger was going to wander in off the street and walk up the stairs at this hour. If I had turned out the lights and gotten into bed five minutes ago, I could have ignored it. I tried to guess who would be crazy enough to drop by at this hour as I walked over to the door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s Wendy and Marta.”

Wendy and Marta—let me fill in some quick background. Wendy was the ex-wife of one of my closest friends, Trent. Marta was her younger sister. Trent and Wendy had been together for about five years, counting their live-together time before the marriage. The divorce had been final for several months, but they had separated awhile back. Trent already had a new girlfriend moved in. The last time I’d seen his ex was around the time of the divorce.

I liked Wendy, although I was glad I wasn’t married to her. She was sexy, fun to be around, and fit in with all the boys. But her lifestyle had devolved into sleeping late, not working, and getting high too much—and arguing with Trent about it constantly.

I had some advice for Trent when he first met her, which he never took: have sex with Wendy? Sure! Date her? Why not? Let her move in? Mmm … be careful with that one. Marry her? Oh, no … do you have to? Once the knot was tied, I never said anything more about it—the decision had been made.

They were really good together for several years, but Wendy was five years younger than Trent—and still in high school when they first met. When you’re in your twenties, that can be a big gap in maturity; and that’s what finally drove them apart. Trent was starting to get serious about his career and working hard; but Wendy still wanted to live the lay-about lifestyle. She had managed to get herself fired from every job she had worked at recently, usually for not showing up to work on time.

I didn’t know Marta that well. She had her own circle of friends, but I had been around her enough over the years to sense that she was a more responsible person than Wendy. But I had also heard that her big sister hadn’t been a positive influence, particularly of late. I’d never met any of the guys she went out with, although I knew she had been in at least one serious relationship. I got the impression that as far as sex went, she wasn’t as experienced or as uninhibited as Wendy.

They were both reasonably attractive women and looked alike: tall, thin, with dirty blonde hair, perpetual sun tans, and modest bustlines. I think Wendy was twenty-two or so and Marta was a year or two younger.

I should mention one other thing. This was back in the era when the prescription medication Quaalude was a popular recreational drug. The US government eventually managed to harass every pharmaceutical company into ceasing production of Quaaludes, but for years they were everywhere. Vast amounts of legally prescribed pills found their way into the underground market. The drug was nominally a sleeping pill or a “downer,” but it had the additional properties of causing euphoria and heightened sexual feelings—that’s why it was often called the “Love Drug.”

As with other substances, like alcohol or marijuana, some people used it more often than they should have. Wendy had edged into that territory. I figured that both Wendy and Marta were probably high on “Vitamin Q” that night.

“Isn’t it a little late to be dropping by for a visit?”

“C’mon, Jack, let us in. We knew you’d still be up.”

I had a decision to make. If I opened the door, there was a strong chance they would be high on “ludes” and want to have sex. I wasn’t comfortable with screwing Trent’s ex, even though he had written her off months ago and had already moved on. It felt wrong. Maybe if he and I had discussed it beforehand, but I never had plans to make a move on Wendy once he was done with her. If it were several years later, maybe I wouldn’t have been so noble; but it still seemed too soon.

And let’s not forget this wasn’t Wendy by herself wanting to come in and “party”. It was two sisters! I had never experienced a threesome before—not even mommys girl porno close. And sisters! This was the chance of a lifetime being handed to me on a platter. I was still hesitant, though.

On a practical level it wasn’t a good idea for them to be driving while “quazy”; the drug certainly impaired one’s motor skills. The safest place for them to be was staying put at my apartment. One scenario would be letting them have the king sized bed, and I’d crash on the couch. I’d have been kidding myself if I thought that was how it was going to play out if I opened the door.

“Who else is out there with you?”

The one thing I didn’t want to see was strange guys come traipsing in with them and starting some after-hours party. I put my ear up against the door and listened for whispers or other noises.

“Just me,” Marta said.

“Are you sure?” I didn’t hear any tell-tale sounds. “If there are other people out there, I’m sending all of you away.”

“No, it’s me and Marta,” Wendy pleaded, “Let us in.”

I recognized the lazy cadence of Q in her voice. There could be some serious regrets about this, I thought, as I turned the deadbolt and opened the door.

Wendy and Marta marched in. They were alone.

Wendy put one arm around my neck and gave me more than a “hello” kiss. “We thought you might need some company on a Saturday night.”

Marta said, “Hi,” and put both hands on my face and gave me a long, suggestive smooch. I had never kissed either of them before, and neither had ever been that forward to me.

Wendy was wearing tight jeans with a thin, gauzy blouse knotted in front that looked like it had about two handkerchiefs’ worth of material. It displayed her bare, tanned midriff to great effect. She had on high-heeled leather boots outside her jeans. Her layered shag haircut was just above her shoulders and had a slight wave.

Marta was dressed more conservatively: a long denim skirt, cap sleeved peasant blouse, and wedge sandals. Her hair was longer and straighter. Both had on lots of silver jewelry with turquoise, beads, and feathers.

Marta headed for the bathroom. As soon as she shut the door, I turned to Wendy.

“Wendy, I don’t feel comfortable having sex with you. It’s too soon after the divorce.”

“Oh, come on, Jack! The last time Trent and I did it was long before the divorce was final. I haven’t fucked anyone since. I wanted my first time to be with someone I know, not some stranger I picked up in a bar.” She put her arms around me and gave me a very sexy kiss, letting her roaming tongue hint of things to come.

I was firm. “No, Wendy, I can’t do it. No intercourse.”

“No? You don’t think I’m sexy enough? I’m really turned on right now. And Marta has been through a series of bad dates recently. She hasn’t wanted to screw any of them. So she’s really horny, too.”

I tried to negotiate. “With Marta, anything’s OK.”

“Well, I don’t just want to watch you fuck my sister. I need to get off, too. You could make me cum without putting your cock in me, right? Can’t you finger me? Or go down on me? Or both?”

I convinced myself that wouldn’t technically be “fucking” her. Perhaps setting a firm “no penetration” boundary up front would be the best guarantee that things wouldn’t get out of hand later.

“OK, Wendy. I promise you’ll get off—but no dick in pussy.”

“Alright. Whatever you say. I really don’t think Trent gives a shit at this point, but I understand. Either way, I think you’ll be glad you let us in,” Wendy said as she slipped her fingers behind my belt buckle and teased my hair with her other hand. She gave me another intimate kiss. “It will be noted on the record that I wanted to fuck you, but you declined.”

* * *

When Marta came out of the bathroom, Wendy said, “Remember, we promised to put on a ‘show’ for Jack?” I sat down on the sofa to watch.

Marta’s recollection seemed to be hazy about the plan, but she was game when Wendy stepped behind her and started caressing Marta’s hair and stroking the front of her blouse. She closed her eyes and leaned back against her sister. I watched Marta’s hands slide over her skirt as she moaned softly. Wendy lifted up her sister’s blouse a little so I could see her stomach. Very tan and very flat, just like hers.

“Like what you see, Jack? Want to see more?” Wendy teased, as she reached around Marta’s waist and unfastened the denim skirt, letting it drop to the floor. She had on little blue lacy panties that barely contained her thick, blonde bush. I watched as Wendy stroked Marta’s bare hips; it was very arousing, to say the least.

Marta opened her eyes and gave me a provocative look. “I want to you to take Wendy’s clothes off now.”

Looked like we’re getting right into it. I suppose there was no point in any of us being coy about it. Marta’s voice revealed the slurring effects of Q, just like her sister.

Wendy flopped down on the sofa next to me and started to remove her boots. I had to momsbangteens porno get up and help by facing away and straddling her leg so I could pull off each boot as she wriggled her foot loose. She stood up and let Marta take her place on the couch.

“Take her jeans off,” Marta demanded.

I moved behind Wendy and started to reach around for her zipper. But I thought we should put on a little show for Marta, too. I lifted up Wendy’s hair and kissed her neck. At the same time, I let my other hand drift across her thin blouse and caress her breasts. I could feel her nipples stiffen immediately as she let out a groan. It’s probably not necessary to mention that neither girl had on a bra. They didn’t need to, and I’m sure they wouldn’t have even if they did.

Marta mimicked my moves by gently stroking her own breasts through her blouse while she sat there in her little lacy panties. She had very sexy legs. I was looking forward to having them wrapped around me.

Wendy’s slender body was slowly writhing against me as I teased her boobs. I slipped my hands under her blouse and started playing with both breasts, concentrating on her nipples.

“Oh, fuck, Jack. That’s what I like. Pinch me.”

So I did. Wendy let her hands slide over mine as I manipulated her nipples. I looked over at Marta, who was moaning and squirming on the sofa as she watched us.

I spread out my fingers and massaged Wendy’s bare tummy. When she took a breath, my thumbs slipped under the waistband of her jeans and popped the button loose. That got a groan from both of them.

Instead of reaching for the zipper pull right away, my hands moved down to the front of her jeans. I pressed my fingers firmly on her mound, slowly moving past the bottom of the zipper. The warmth of her arousal was palpable. Wendy twitched and let out a moan.

“Go ahead, unzip her,” Marta said impatiently.

I grasped the tab and pulled it down slowly. My hands moved back to her stomach so I could begin my descent into her jeans. My fingers headed for the top of her panties—but she wasn’t wearing any. Wendy stroked my hands as I explored inside her pants. I slid them around to her hips and pushed her jeans down partway, exposing the top of her bush.

“There you go, Jack. Let your hands roam,” Marta said as she leaned back and continued to touch herself, moving both hands along her thighs and letting her legs fall open.

I followed her suggestion and let my hands slide all over Wendy’s pelvis and down to the top of her legs, pushing her jeans down farther. She was getting very excited by now. I crouched down behind her and moved them past her knees. I slipped both hands between her thighs and caressed her as I planted kisses on her taut ass. Wendy was moaning loudly and stroking the front of her blouse.

I shifted around so I could slip one hand in from the front and one from the back. I caressed her legs all over, right up to her pussy—but didn’t touch it. My lips left a trail of kisses on her hips and thighs. Wendy’s hands went up under her blouse and kneaded her boobs as she squirmed and groaned with arousal.

Marta kept things moving. “Time to lose those jeans, Wendy.”

I helped her hobble over to the sofa and set her down next to Marta. She leaned back and let me pull her pants all the way off. Wendy also had a nice, full blonde bush. I couldn’t resist leaning down and giving it a playful kiss.

Wendy cried out “Oh, yeah!” and tried to push my head back down to her pussy when I went to straighten up. My kind of gal.

She shot me a sexy look. “Look who has on too many clothes now. Marta, your turn. Undress him.”

Wendy pulled me down on the sofa, and Marta scampered over and straddled me. She quickly undid my shirt buttons while I reached around and stroked her smooth ass. I could smell the arousal from her sex mixed with the scent of patchouli. I watched the thin patch of lacy material hiding her pussy as it pressed against my jeans.

As soon as the last button was undone, I shrugged off my shirt as Marta ran her hands over my chest and leaned in for a kiss. Her tongue was soft and warm as it explored inside my mouth.

I could see Wendy standing next to us, untying the knot that held the front of her blouse together. It fell open, and I saw her breasts for the first time. They were small, but nicely shaped, and had puffy areolas and stiff nipples.

Marta moved back and reached down for my fly. I got this very randy look from her (and a nice down-blouse view) as she swiftly unzipped my jeans. Wendy moved over to help pull them off. It happened so quickly that I didn’t have time to adjust my package. My erection was jutting out lewdly from my boxers, which were soaked and streaked with precum.

Wendy leaned over and gave my cock a squeeze. “Nice, Jack. Already hard for us?”

Marta joked that my shorts looked wetter than her panties. Wendy chimed in, “I know how to fix that. Stand next to Jack so he can touch you.”

Marta moved monsters of cock porno over and put one leg up on the sofa. She had a very wanton expression on her face as she looked down at me.

“These are very nice panties, Marta,” I offered, lightly running my fingertips over the fabric where her lips came together. The merest wisp of material kept me from touching her directly. My other hand softly stroked her backside. This got a very strong reaction from Marta.

“Oh, fuck, Jack. My god.”

She leaned forward and braced herself with one arm on my shoulder. Her wispy hair fell forward, teasing my face. I continued to stroke her pussy through her panties as she tried to keep her writhing from knocking her off balance.

Wendy noticed her sister’s struggle. “Marta, let me help.” She stepped behind her. “Lean back on me while he fingers you. I’ll hold you. You can let yourself go and won’t have to worry about tipping over.”

Wendy put her arms around her sister’s waist. Marta’s pussy was soaking through her panties; her moans became lusty. She abruptly pulled aside the crotch of her underwear so I could touch her directly.

“Let me feel your fingers on me, Jack. Get them wet.”

While I ran my fingers all over Marta’s pussy lips, I watched Wendy’s hands slowly caress her sister’s slender waist and hips as she leaned back into her. I got really turned on watching the two of them. I knew it wasn’t likely to turn into a full lezzy thing, but seeing their almost nude bodies pressed against each other … my exhaustion from a few minutes before was replaced by a churning lust.

Wendy’s hands moved all over her sister’s bare skin while Marta fondled her own breasts under her blouse with one hand and held her panties aside with the other. Her flat, tanned midriff was inches from my face. I could see her abdominal muscles flex as my fingering quickened her breathing; her labia were swollen and wet. Marta’s eyes were closed, her head thrown back. I felt the warm slipperiness of her arousal as she moaned softly.

Wendy looked down at me with a sexy smile. “Let’s move this into the bedroom, OK?”

Marta protested, “No, not yet. I want him to keep going. I’m getting close. Don’t stop, Jack,” she gasped.

I plunged a finger up into her slick pussy, causing her to cry out. Marta grabbed Wendy’s hands and braced herself. She was so wet that I easily added another finger, letting my thumb rub the hood of her clit at the same time. I pressed my face against her pubic mound as I drank in the scent: patchouli oil and passion mixed together into an earthy aroma.

“Aaah, Jack, that’s it. Getting closer. Oh, yes … here it comes. Yes … now! Oh, my god!” Marta’s body started to heave as I kept my fingers and thumb going. I felt her vaginal contractions along with a flow of warm juices.

Wendy held her sister tightly and added her encouragement. “Oh, yeah, Marta! I’ve got you, don’t worry. Oh, what a nice orgasm. I can almost feel it myself.”

Wendy continued to hold her sister’s hips as the climax ebbed. Marta had a dreamy look on her face as she watched me slowly ease out of her wet, slippery pussy. I lifted my hand to my mouth, tasting her on my fingers as I sucked them clean. A little moan escaped her lips as she watched me.

“You have a very sexy pussy, Marta. I couldn’t resist tasting you. In fact …” I pushed my fingers back inside her, making sure they got really wet, slowly slipping them in and out a few times. I leaned into her blouse and grazed my lips across her breasts, feeling her nipples harden through the thin fabric as I nibbled gently on them. She moaned louder and twitched as Wendy held her steady.

“Oh, Jack, you’re making me weak in the knees.”

I licked the taste of her climax from my fingers a second time. “Very beautiful, Marta, you’re nice and sweet where it counts.”

At that point, I guess you could say I knew her a lot better than before.

Wendy surprised me by turning her sister’s head toward her and giving her a kiss on the mouth. Marta didn’t flinch; in fact she ran her fingers through Wendy’s hair as they demonstrated a French kiss for me. I was stunned. They broke free and turned toward me to check my reaction.

“That should keep you nice and hard while we use the bathroom,” Wendy teased as she guided her sister over in that direction. “Why don’t you get the bedroom ready for us?”

I heard the bathroom door shut. I wished I could have been a fly on the wall in there. I set the lighting in the bedroom with red votive candles and turned on a small lamp that had an amber bulb. I lit some incense and looked in the mirror. It was getting very late; but I was surging with that raw, animal energy a man has when he knows he’s about to fuck a new woman—or two—for the first time.

* * *

Wendy and Marta were giggling as they walked out of the bathroom. Marta had taken off her blouse but was still wearing her lacy panties. Wendy’s blouse was on but hanging open; she looked sexy like that. Marta was small up top like Wendy, but her breasts had a bit more size and curvature than her sister’s. Her areolas were broad with very prominent nipples.

Wendy spoke up first. “Jack, I want you to finger my pussy now, like you did Marta. Oh, but first I want to see your cock.”

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