Sisters Seduce Daddy

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I never considered my life a real special one until about 6 months ago. My wife filed for divorce 6 years ago right after she moved out while I was at work. I guess I knew it was coming. Life between us had grown apart and we didn’t spend any time together in the last 2 years of our marriage. So she says, “Why bother being married?” I never really sat and worried about it, just went on with my life. We have one daughter, Staci who didn’t take the divorce to well. Staci and I were always together when I was home. Staci had a best friend, Tina since the age of 5. They were inseparable their whole lives. I met Tina’s mother when they were kids, but hadn’t seen her since. Basically, they were sisters. Every time Staci came to visit since the divorce, Tina was with her. I looked at it that I was a single father of 2 very close 13 year old girls. I never minded, even after Tina started calling me Daddy before my divorce.

The 1st year of getting divorced was a little rough, financially for me. But I moved into a new home with in the 1st year. I was actually very pleased to be able to have it modified to all my liking without having to talk to the wife about it. I saved the girl’s rooms for last so they could pick out their color / design. At the age of 13, they were pretty excited about being able to choose what they wanted in their rooms. I should say room, since they decided to remove the wall separating their rooms to make 1 big room. So, the contactors fixed it up nice. They had built in shelves / desks in the walls. The girls even had little bay windows with the padded bench. They were happy, so was I.

For the rest of their junior / high school days, life was pretty mellow. They would come over whenever they wanted. Stay as long as they wanted. If they stayed with me during school, I would take them to school. Some times I even would get a call to pick them up from school.

Their senior year in school, things changed. They started spending more time at my house. I noticed that Staci was calling her mother fewer and fewer times. I was happy they were there so much, but was getting bummed about not being alone from time to time. I was getting used to being nude in my house whenever I wanted. I had to start staying to my room and private back porch to being nude. I also noticed another change, the girls. Since I would spend a lot of time in my room, they would get used to rest of house in their way as well. They were also spending more and more time in less clothing. Most of the time, they would be dressed in either a t-shirt or tank top with pajama bottoms. The less the clothing they would wear, I would also notice just how much their figures have changed as well. I remember thinking, “Girls didn’t look like this when I was in school.” Both Staci and Tina were already very attractive 18 year old ladies. I used to watch the way they would move about the house without a care. Some times it was like I wasn’t even there. Then 1 day, while watching a movie in the movie room, it happened. Staci peeked in the room to see what I was watching and to tell me they were home.

“Daddy, we rented some movies and got snacks. We’ll change clothes and be right in here”, said Staci.

“Ok hun, I’ll turn this movie off and leave you girls alone.” I said.

“Don’t be silly Daddy, let us change clothes. We’ll bring in the movies /drinks, our popcorn and your crackers and we all can relax.” Staci says as she walked out of the room.

I didn’t think nothing of it, just turned the movie off and sat back down in my chair. I picked up a brochure on hot tubs and started thumbing the pages to wait for the girls. When the girls returned, that’s when it happened. They both reminded me that I was a man and haven’t been with another woman naughty america porno in a long time. Both of them were wearing tank tops and full bottom panties. At first I thought they may have been bikini bottoms, but as the girls came over to my chair I could see they were wearing actual panties. Tina was the first in the door and the first over in front of me to hand me a fresh drink with ice.

“Thanks hun, I needed a fresh drink.” I told her. As I turned my head to place the drink on the side table, Tina leaned in and kissed me on the cheek and whispers in my ear.

“You’re welcome Daddy, sis has your crackers.” As Tina pulled away, I turned my head to look up at her when my eyes looked down her tank top before she could stand up. I didn’t mean to look, it just happened. Tina wasn’t wearing a bra. I could see her tan lines surrounding her firm pale flesh of her nipples. I could feel my cock stir as I caught my breath. As Tina stood up, she looked down at my legs and could see goose bumps.

“Daddy, you have goose bumps on your thighs. How come?” Tina giggled. I thought for sure she might have seen my cock jump at her words. But she didn’t take her eyes away from mine.

“Your hair tickled my neck when you kissed me.” I lied as my cock twitched again. I could feel the blood starting to flow into my cock as my mind was racing to remain calm. This is Tina, my daughter who had got my cock to get hard. I was praying at that moment she wouldn’t look down. It would be difficult to play it off if she seen the bulge from a hard-on. I knew I made a bad choice when I didn’t put underwear on under my baggy house shorts.

“Sorry Daddy, I didn’t mean too tickle you.” says Tina. But she had a wicked look in her eyes when she said. Tina just turned and then lay down on the floor in front of me. Just as she did that, Staci leaned in and kissed my cheek as well.

“Here are your crackers Daddy. I love you.” Staci turned her head and placed the crackers on the side table for me. When her left hand dropped into my lap, it hit the brochure I was reading. That reminded me that was the only thing between the girls view and my now hard cock.

“What’s this? Why do have a brochure on hot tubs? Are we getting a hot tub?” As I turned to look her in the face, my eyes failed to follow. They went to the opening of Staci’s tank top which was still inches in front of my face. I was stunned; these were my own daughter’s boobs in my face. I couldn’t move my eyes until she giggled and waved her hand in front of my face.

“Hello, Earth to Daddy. Are you in there? What’s the matter with you?” asked Staci.

Tina’s words snapped me out of it.

“Are you buying us a hot tub Daddy?” Asked Tina.

I turned to look at her as Staci kneeled on the floor leaning over my right arm resting on the arm of my chair, pinning my arm to the chair with her young boobs. Staci picked up the brochure to read it as I looked at Tina, who was crawling over to kneel between my open legs.

“I was thinking about buying a hot tub, yes girls. Why, would you like to have 1?” I asked, hoping to keep the conversation going without having to explain my earlier moment of loss of words. Not too mention being caught looking down Staci’s tank top.

As Tina reached up to hold my knees to kneel from crawling, Staci lifted the brochure out of my lap. Tina eyes went wide as see could clearly see the bulge from my hard cock. I tried to close my legs, but Tina was between them holding my legs open with both hands, never taking her eyes off my bulge. Tina’s hands slid up my thighs, just below the hem of my shorts, still on my bare skin. I looked at Staci, who was still reading the different models of tubs in the brochure. nubiles porno Tina squeezed her hands, dragging her nails across my bare skin sending electricity up my legs and into my spine. My cock was solid hard and I could feel the precum starting to flow down my shaft and onto my leg. Tina squeezed again still staring at the bulge when my cock twitched again. This time, Tina had seen it for sure. She got this wicked grin as she looked up at me staring back at her in shock.

“Where would we put the hot tub Daddy? Is the back porch big enough?” Staci asked as she looked up at me. I turned to look Staci in the eye as Tina giggled and squeezed my legs again. As my cock twitched again, I let out a low groan.

“You ok Daddy?” asked Staci

“Yeah, Daddy, you ok? Is something the matter?” Giggled Tina as she dragged her nails down my thighs to my knees as she stood up.

“Do you need to go to the bathroom?” Smiled Tina.

“Yes I do girls. Your old Dad needs to use the bathroom.” I wasn’t passing up the escape that Tina gave me. I knew that I would have to explain this and needed to catch my breath before even trying it now.

I hurried out the doorway to go to the bathroom as I heard Tina tell Staci, “Those tubs aren’t the only things hot in this house.” That comment made me blush as I reached the bathroom door. I left the door open, splashed cold water on my face. I knew that if I closed the door, I wouldn’t be able to stop reaching for my own cock. But I also knew, that if I didn’t get back out there fast, Tina would tell Staci for sure.

“What’s wrong with you? They’re your own daughters, and you can’t do anything about it. Snap out of it.” I said to myself in the mirror. I splashed more cold water on my face. As I dried off my face, I looked at the mirror trying to focus on relaxing before go out there.

As I left the bathroom, my cock was softening, especially after I heard the girls talking. Now I was just flat embarrassed, but I knew that I had to apologize and explain.

“No way Tina, Dad was not hard.”

“Oh yes he was sis, I tickled his legs and his dick jumped. I saw it jump, twice even, under his shorts.” Says Tina.

“If you really seen it jump, then how big is it?” asked Staci

“Big as my fist, hard as hell too from what I could tell.” replied Tina.

“No way, as big as your fist? You’re fibbing.” giggled Staci.

“Well, he’s close to it. I’m telling you, he’s pulling it off right now.” Tina laughed.

“No I’m not girls,” as I entered the room. Both girls jumped while they were sitting on the floor in front of my chair, both turning bright red.

“I need to explain, not too mention, I need to apologize to both of you.” I said I walked to my chair to sit down.

“I can’t really explain what happened or why I got an erection.” I spoke.

“But you did get hard Daddy? Why? What made you get hard?” asked Staci. Tina had the same look on her face as Staci did. Neither girls shown signs of teasing but true bewilderment and curiosity.

“I don’t know, really I don’t. A lot reasons I guess. I haven’t been with another woman since your mother, for 1 reason. I haven’t had my time to myself as I used too, to relief that urge like I used too. You both are very attractive girls, come walking in here wearing just what you are now, hardly anything, at all. I guess it all just caught up to me so fast. I don’t normally wear underwear here at home and I guess I should have to help restrain myself.” I explained. I needed a drink. As I reached for my drink, the girls started with their questions.

“I didn’t know you didn’t have a girl friend or been with another Daddy.” Said Tina.

“Well, when was the last time you seen me go out, or olgun porno on a date?” I asked.

“Never, I guess. I hadn’t thought of that. Are we stopping you from dating Daddy?” asked Tina.

“No, of course not honey. I just don’t feel like finding another woman or going through the hassle of dating. I really don’t mind. Really girls, don’t worry about that, ok. Don’t ever think that you girls are stopping me from getting a different life. I like the life I have now with you girls.” I explained.

“Why would you say that we’re both attractive Daddy? We’re your girls, right?” asked Staci.

“Yes, you both are my girls and I love you both equally and very much. But, both are also very attractive girls. I see other men look at you 2 when we go shopping or whatever. But I also can’t help noticing your figures as you walk through the house with hardly anything on either. It just started happening just recently, and I’ll get used to it, that’s all.” I told them.

“Do you want us to start wearing more clothes?” asked Staci.

“That’s what I said, honey. This is your house too. You can wear whatever you want and do whatever you want to. I just have to get used to having 2 sexy, half naked girls in the house. That’s all.”

“Do you really think we’re sexy Daddy? Or are you just saying that because we’re your daughters?” asked Tina.

“Yes, Tina. You both are very sexy young ladies and will both be very stunning when you get into your twenties and thirties for sure. Just because I haven’t seen a naked or half naked woman in awhile, doesn’t mean I don’t know a sexy one or two of them when I see ’em. Like you told your sister, and I’m telling you now. My cock was hard, and it was because of the both of you.” I said

“What did you see that made you hard Daddy? What exactly?” asked Staci.

“I don’t know honey. All of it I guess. Seeing you 2 walk in here. Seeing your legs, your asses in them panties. When you both kissed me, I could see down your tank tops.”

“Wait, you seen our tits? Is that when you had goose bumps?” asked Tina, giggling.

“Yes hun, that’s when I saw them. Plus your hands rubbing my bare thighs. That was a big turn on for me. When you seen my cock jump inches from your fingertips.”

“I have to admit Dad that was so cool. I liked seeing that.”

“Where was I when that happened? What was I doing?” asked Staci.

“You were reading the brochure on hot tubs when Dad’s hot cock was jumping right in front of you.” teased Tina.

“Alright, alright. No teasing here. It happened, it’s over. And I’ll do my best to control it. When we wake up, we’ll go look around town at hot tubs. Ok?” I tried to change the subject. My cock was already stirring again, and I wanted to go relief myself.

“So with that said, your old dad is going to bed. We’ll watch these movies tomorrow when we get done shopping for a new hot tub. Ok?” I said.

“Are you going to take care of that Daddy? Can we watch?” asked Staci.

“Yes I am going to pull it, as your sister calls it. No you can’t watch. Goodnight girls, I love you.” I say as I walk out the door to their giggling.

“I can’t believe you asked that. Why would you say that?” asked Tina.

“Because you seen it jump. I want to see it for real, plus I want more.” answered Staci.

That comment made me stop in my tracks. My cock came to life right there and then. I couldn’t belief what I just heard.

“What did you just say?” asked Tina

“You heard me, I want Daddy’s cock. I’m tired of our dildos. I love them, don’t get me wrong. I love playing with you as well. But you have to admit, having Daddy’s cock for real would be better. Would you rather have one of those shit-heads at school?”

“Hell no, I don’t want one of them guys. I want Daddy as much as you do. I’ve been wet since I seen it jump in his shorts. I want his real cock, I want it all too.” replied Tina.

“Then let’s do it, let’s fuck our Daddy. And fuck him silly, anyway we can.” giggles Staci.

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