Sister’s Vacation Ch. 02

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It had been almost three months since my sister Louise visited me on her vacation. When she arrived we ended up having sex the whole time she was here. Now I was missing her and I was getting so horny. I finally broke down and picked up someone at a bar one Friday night.

This woman wasn’t like my sister. Louise is big breasted and has wide hips. The woman I brought home, Carrie, was thin and had small tits. I didn’t care at the time. I got her into my bed and spread her legs. Carrie had a look on her face that she wanted cock. I slowly slid my fat mushroom past her folds and entered her.

She started telling me my cock was too big and that I should pull out and go much slower. I couldn’t bring myself to do that. I hate when women whine about how it hurts. I kept my dick buried in Carrie’s pussy. I just flexed my cock and let her feel how thick I was. It didn’t get any better after that.

“Pull out please!” Carrie kept crying out to me.

I finally couldn’t listen to that anymore. I withdrew my cock and got up from the bed.

“I think you should leave,” I told her.

Carrie’s facial expression had a sour look to it. She quickly got her clothes on and slammed the door behind her as she left. What the fuck was wrong with women these days? I ended up pulling on my erect cock until I blew my load. I czech streets porno had been fantasizing about my sister the whole time I was stroking. God, I missed her being in bed with me.

It must have been fate. I heard from Louise the next day. She wanted to visit me again and she wanted to know if I would have her for a few days. I knew she didn’t mean sexually, but that is how I took it. Louise arrived at my doorstep once more. She came inside and we didn’t waste time talking. I took her directly to my bed and we stripped down.

I couldn’t take my eyes from my sister’s big cans. I love big breasts and my sister didn’t fail in that department. I was on top of my sister sucking and kissing those giant nipples.

“Oh fuck Tom, I missed that,” my sister moaned to me.

I missed it as well. I took as my of her tit into my mouth as I could stuff. My stiff prick was rubbing against my sister’s stomach. Louise reached down and guided my dick towards her wet opening. I needed this as much as she did. My cock was right at her opening and I slowly pushed into my sister’s pussy. There was no complaining that my cock hurt this time. Louise gobbled every inch of me into her tight pussy.

I slowly built up speed as I filled my sister with cock from her brother. I love to circle my dick around czech taxi porno inside of my lover. Louise loved it as well. She used her muscles to clamp down onto my swollen cock. You might say it was a perfect fit. We fucked for a long time. I raised up my sister’s legs and penetrated her opening as deeply as I could. Louise’s pussy was so wet and steamy hot. I tried to control myself for as long as I could.

I finally couldn’t hold back any longer. I penetrated my sister one more time and held my cock in place. A hot stream of manseed came gushing out from the tip of my dick.

“Oh Fuck!” Louise had screamed out loud.

I had forgotten how hot having sex with my sister had been. She used her muscles to drain me of all my hot cum. I wanted her to have every drop of me. I just kept feeding her cock until she seemed spent from our lovemaking. Once we calmed down a little, Louise told me something.

“I want to come and live with you Tom, if you want me, that is.”

I hadn’t been expecting this. I just never thought it would happen. My sister had her own place and a good job.

“I can’t be without you Tom, I need you making love to me every day,” my sister explained.

I told her that I had been waiting to hear just that from her. My sister’s face lit up and we had sex one more digitalplayground porno time. This time Louise took me in her mouth and made me hard once more. I am always surprised that I can get hard after cumming so much. My sister’s mouth seems to get me erect without much trouble.

After Louise took me down to the root and got me stiff again she mounted me. Her pussy was directly over my shaft and then she sunk down onto my pole. I don’t care how many times I fuck my sister, every time I enter her it sends a shiver up and down my cock. I reached for those big tits and cupped each one. Louise started to bounce up and down on my rod and I met her with my own thrusts.

All I could think about was that I would be having my sister daily in bed. I lifted my ass up and gave her every inch of my cock. I was able to go much longer this time around. I didn’t have as much seed to give, but I managed to blow a load in my sister’s tummy. Louise said she can’t stand to make love to a cock with a rubber on it. I feel the same way.

My sister milked what little more cum I had in me and then she collapsed on my chest. After we rested Louise went into the bathroom to get cleaned up. She came back to bed and we talked. It was going to take a few weeks for my sister to make the move to live with me. Was that going to be alright?

I told her however long it takes, I just want her in my bed every evening. My sister stayed a few more days and we fucked like two teenagers. The time came for Louise to leave and now I am waiting these few weeks to pass by until my sister is back in my bed on a permanent basis.

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