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“If you’re getting up for a drink, I’ll take one.” murmured Anya with a lazy smile, knowing her sister lying in a similar naked and drenched condition on the verandah would be too ennervated to move. The afternoon sun still held the heat into the clearing of the jungle. Waiting for the evening breeze to stir the hanging vines and bring some cooling scented air was a regular steamy afternoon pause as the two girls drifted awake from their siesta. Beads of sweat gathered on upper lips and brows, more trickled down breasts as slowly moving fans in the ceiling just moved the air slightly, without relief. Anya rolled over onto her front, hoping the moisture would evaporate, her black hair clinging in wet tendrils down her tanned back, and dozed on. It wasn’t worth the effort to get up for the drink.

Her sister, Bryn, lighter in skin with honey coloured hair caught up in a knot away from her damp neck, sighed and rose to pad to the ancient groaning fridge. Pulling two bottles of mango mineral water out, smiling quietly, held them over her sister’s form on the bed. As the hot air touched the cool glass, condensation formed, and drips fell onto Anya’s back. Squealing with the shock, Anya sat up fast and grabbed for sister and drink. Trapping Bryn’s wrist and bottle she pulled both down onto the bed where they both uncapped and drank thirstily, grinning at each other. Filling her mouth with drink, Bryn leaned over and pressed her lips to her sister’s mouth and flowed the contents in, following with her tongue as Anya swallowed. Both put drinks aside as each girl’s hands started exploring the others body. Knowing hands stroking the curves, responding to the needs of two girls living in physical harmony. Bryn dragged her mouth down over Anya’s breasts, sucking a nipple to hardness then the other, while her hand flowed over belly, mound and probed within Anya’s dark pelt to find her sensitive areas, so much like her own, and so familiar. Anya lay back on the pillows, sighing, eyes half closed. Out of the corner of her eyes, a slight shadow at the shutter and she leaned down whispering, “There’s a man watching from behind the shutter.”

” He is moving closer to the window to get a better view, I think. I can’t see his face through the shutters. Tell me what he is doing” said Bryn as she slowly kissed her way down Anya’s body, pausing briefly to lick at her navel before she moved down over her stomach. “But be sure he doesn’t realise that you have seen him.”

As Anya spoke, Bryn put her hand between her sister’s thighs and spread her legs apart. Whoever the peeping Tom was, he now had a clear view of Anya’s inner thighs and the bush of black curly hair that nestled between them.

“He has stopped and he is now pulling at the top of his shorts. He seems to be trying to take them off. Mm! That feels good. Just a little latin sex tapes porno further down. Yesss! Heaven'”

“Tell me more or I will stop.”

“I don’t have a clear view but its pretty obvious that he is stroking his cock.”

“Ok, lie still with. your legs apart. I”ll be right back.”

With that, Bryn stood up and padded into the kitchen. Pausing only to grab the shotgun she went out the back door and around the corner of the house. Silently she crept up behind the stranger. He was tall and well built. His t-shirt stretched to accomodate his broad muscular shoulders and back. From the waist down he was naked. She smiled as she looked at his tight tanned butt. And then raised the gun. The hammer clicked back. He turned slowly to face her. Her smile broadened as she saw what he held in his hand. His member was at least 8″ long and was fat as any she had seen.

“I thought you might come out here” he said softly “you look even more beautiful than I remember “

A delicious shiver travelled through her body as she heard his voice. She lowered the gun and simultaneously raised her eyes from where they had been feasting on his magnificent cock.

“Daddy” she cried dropping the gun and running towards him “Its been so long…

“Leaving us here together, without a male.” pouting behind a grin, “We did manage, though, we were well taught – but there’s no substitute for being rammed hard by a full cock. You initiated us both as we reached womanhood, teaching us about our bodies, how to please each other and pleasure a man. Since you left we have only had each other, and an occasional passing stranger, none were reluctant.” she giggled. “But none could equal you so we pushed them on their way.”

Calling out to her sister, “Anya, close your eyes, I’ve captured another stranger!” Bryn put her finger to her lips and dragged her father into the room where Anya, spreadeagled on the bed, smile curving around her mouth, kept her eyes tightly closed. The ‘stranger’ kneeled within Anya’s legs, lowered his mouth onto Anya’s pussy kissing her hello in the best way he knew, then rolled his tongue over her clit, sucking and chewing gently. Her butt moved as she sighed, letting him build on the pleasure started by her sister. Soon she began moaning, and seeing her arousal, he moved to where he could slide his cock slowly into her, thrusting his hips as he reached her depths. Her hips rose in unison and they drove together, panting, his balls slapping her ass. Leaning over he kissed her over her breasts to her neck, while he rode her faster. Her nose drew in the scent of this man and her eyes flew open at it’s familiarity. Shocking pleasure and delight drove her to orgasm, clenching down on his shaft, crying out loud, “Yessssssss, ohhhh Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!

Bryn waited lezbiyen porno patiently while her father drove Anya to heights she had not experienced since his last visit. But the moment he rolled off her sister’s body, she pounced. Burying her head between his thighs she eagerly applied her tongue to cleaning the mixture of her father’s cum and her sister’s juices that dripped from his cock. By the time she had finished, he was rigid once more.

“Can I play horses, Daddy” she said, lifting her head from his groin.

“Of course, my dear” he replied “no-one rides me the way you do “

On her hands and knees she moved up her father’s body until her pussy was positioned directly above his erect member. With her right hand holding it in place she lowered herself onto his cock until is was deep inside her cunt. She immediately sensed the beginning of the tremors that shook her body whenever she fucked her father. Her pleasure was enhanced immeasurably when she felt her sister’s tongue lapping at her father’s cock as it moved in and out of her cunt.

She was well on her way to climax when she heard a voice at the kitchen doorway. Reluctantly removing her tongue from her father’s mouth she looked up……..

Standing there, lopsided smile on his face was the son of the local fruit vendor, young and not what the girls had considered an available male. “What are you doing?” he said. Mesmerised curiosity and wistfulness played over his adolescent face. Smiling gently, Bryn gestured him into the room, her hand out, “Hello Marc, enjoying each other, won’t you join us? Anya, lets show him how we can bring pleasure, let’s initiate him.”

Rising to her feet Anya came over to the boy and while he watched her fingers, she unbuttoned his shirt revealing a smooth hairless chest, but muscled from work in his mother’s gardens. Bending, Anya licked a stripe across from nipple to nipple, his belly and breath drawing in sharply. Putting her hands on his tanned shoulders, she lowered her closed mouth onto his,then slowly opened her lips and let her tongue slip a little inside. His eyes widened, he let her tongue have his mouth, and his arms raised to touch her elbows, as the others watched in amusement. Moving her breasts across his chest, she lifted his hands to cup them, then while he felt their soft unfamiliarity, she undid his shorts and let them drop. A glance down confirmed his maturity for what she had in mind, hard he was though barely haired.

Taking his hand she led him back to the bed, while Daddy settled into the easy chair to watch his girls. Anya beckoned the boy over, eyes on his swinging cock, wanting to be the first, but this was Bryns show. Returning to the doorway, Bryn picked up the basket of fruit he had brought, eyes gleaming at the range of possibilities with the various edible liseli porno shapes. Picking out a banana, she lay down on her back, knees up and apart, and watching his face, slowly peeled the banana skin off, held it up, turned it around, then slowly slid it into her cunt. The boy blushed deeply as he watched it disappear leaving a small white end nestled in the pink opening.

“Now Marc, I want you to eat my banana” she said, “without using your hands.” They all watched his emotions playing over his face, shy, eager, his cock rising at what he was being asked to do. Hesitantly, he knelt on the edge of the bed, crawled over and between Bryn’s legs, bent his head down and began angling his mouth and teeth into her cunt. She giggled at the touch of his lips on her lips, while Anya reached out a hand and stroked the boys ass, following the curve down to his scrotum. Distracted he stopped, but the urging of the others made him bend to the task again, cheeks flaming. When he was just managing to nibble on the visible banana, Bryn clenched her vagina and it disappeared within. The boy renewed his quest for the fruit, licking, sucking on her labia and folds, seeking but not finding, Bryn sighing with pleasure, until she pushed with her muscles and it emerged again, slick with her juices. Learning this time, he carefully bit and chewed as she presented more until he succeeded in devouring it all to cheers from the onlookers. But he was unable to move, transfixed by the sensations Anya was producing with her hand on his balls, rolling and fondling between her fingers. He started panting and groaning, and fearful he would cum right then, Anya moved back, leaving Bryn to continue.

Reaching into the basket once more Bryn removed large, grape-sized jaboticabas, purple skinned scented tropical fruit. Using her teeth and fingers to peel off the thin skin, hands dripping with the clear juice, she exposed the glistening transluscent flesh. Inserting each within, she counted them until 8 disappeared. Knowing he couldn’t retrieve them with his mouth, he looked quizzicly at her. Smiling, taking his hand, she guided it to her cunt saying, “Take your time, Marc. You need to know what the inside of a girl feels like, explore me with your fingers.” Again opening her legs wide, using her fingers, she spread her labia for him to explore. And again he moved, stretching out his hand, curious and eager, no longer aware of the others. Forefinger curved to her shape, he slid it within her, over her swollen hood, across the clit, then smoothly into the moist warm walls. Bryn lay back and let him in, relaxing, as he encountered her uterus, moving it gently aside and his fingertips recognising the globes of the fruit. Withdrawing one he inserted it in his mouth, crushing the combined juices. One followed the next, counting with each find,the eighth deep within, and at that Bryn pulsed with the pleasure, almost trapping his fingers, he surprised at her inner power, knowing his cock could also experience such grip and entrapment. He swelled at the thought, hoping, until – Bryn ordered……..

“Now fuck me, Marc”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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