Skin in the Game Pt. 02

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Warning: The sacred bonds of marriage continue to be violated in this piece. If that is an off-putting story element, please read no further.

Characters have unreal beauty and unlikely stamina. It’s a fantasy after all. That’s how I roll.

Vote. Comment. Be honest, but please be kind at the same time.

Skin in the Game, Part 2

Roy Halliday was careful not to disturb his wife, Leanne, as he climbed out of bed. If you were to ask him why, he would say he wanted her to get enough sleep so she could feel good. That would be less than half the truth.

He went into the attached bathroom, closed the door and started brushing his teeth. He enjoyed the tranquility of being alone in the quiet bathroom, though he would hesitate to admit it. As Roy started shaving, he heard Leanne stirring. He tried to suppress his feelings of annoyance. So much for peace and quiet.

She was giggling in the attached bedroom. Irritation gave way to curiosity. He peeked into the bedroom.

“Jay?” he gaped at the sight before him. “What are you doing in your mother’s and my bed?

Leanne was beaming and giggling. Was their son was tickling her under the sheets? Both were under the comforter, except for Jason’s head nuzzling into the auburn locks at the back of Leanne’s.

Jason blew her hair out of his face, and looked up at his half-shaven father. “I had a nightmare. Mom was cancelling our trip to the cabin. I needed to cuddle up and make sure she wouldn’t make that bad dream come true.”

The red-headed mommy squealed and wriggled beneath the sheets. “Okay! I promise, Jason! The trip is on! Hee hee.” Whatever their son was doing beneath the sheets stopped as Leanne closed her eyes and smiled. She hummed, soothed.

Roy stared at them for a moment. He opened his mouth to ask what the hell was wrong with them, but then he held back. Leanne always did enjoy cuddling. Roy had to admit he’d lost his taste for it. Whatever. Different strokes for different folks, right? At least they were being quiet. He might still have a chance at a quiet and calm morning. If I leave them alone, they might leave me alone. He didn’t want to face such thoughts. He rationalized that at least they were getting along again — better than ever as far as he could tell. They seemed to be having some kind of friction the last week or two. He wasn’t sure, though. He’d had other things to think about.

“Mmmm. Don’t worry, Roy,” Leanne assured him without opening her eyes. We’ll keep it quiet while you get ready for work. We know how much you enjoy a calm morning to start your day.”

Roy figured he couldn’t ask for more than that, so he ducked back into the bathroom to shave the other half of his face.

He heard them shifting in his bed in the other room. There was an occasional whisper. Leanne made a half-stifled chuckle, but then immediately spoke in a normal voice. “We must stay quiet as long as your father is here and getting ready for work, Jay. Snuggle with me and keep quiet now, so he can get ready in peace.”

Roy smiled at his reflection. Leanne was getting weirder by the day. But at least she was keeping the family calm and quiet as he liked. She’s always made the family a priority. But what the hell was Jay doing climbing into their bed at his age? He wasn’t a little kid anymore!

“Whatever,” Roy said to the clean shaved man in the mirror. He clamped his mouth shut and left the bedroom to head downstairs. If I’m honest with myself, I don’t care. I’m sure Leanne will straighten him out. Let her worry about it. I want to get to the office, and make sure Simmons has nailed down those contracts. With that, Roy Halliday’s mind was out the door; followed closely by his feet.


Jay lay spooning against his mother’s sculpted back. He was still and quiet as she had asked. He hadn’t gotten a glimpse of what she was wearing, but his hands had already told him that it was a lacy two piece.

They heard the front door close.

Jay forced himself to remain still. After about ten seconds, his mother’s firm ass pushed back against his erection.

“Hmm. Is there something you wanted, Mom?”

“I was checking that you hadn’t fallen back to sleep.”

He ran his wide palm up her flat stomach. Once he had a good grip on his mother’s chest, he pulled her tight against his own. At the same time, he jutted his morning wood against her buns of steel. She made a happy hum and swiveled her ass back against him.

Her head turned in his direction. In her profile, her cheeks were high and round, which meant that she was smiling. “Oh, my big boy is up, all right,” she cooed. She felt her son’s grip on her tits tighten. “Hmmm, you haven’t changed your mind since last night.”

“No. Everything we did last night left me more convinced than ever. Seems you still see things my way.”

“Yes. You were very persuasive. In fact, I did what you asked.”

“What’s that?”

“I put on something pretty sexmex porno for you.”

“I can feel it.” He started running his hands all over her hard body, always keeping them out of the thin underwear.

“Your father didn’t see it, of course.” His mouth was on the side of her neck, so she tilted her head to grant him the best access. “But that’s good, right? I didn’t wear this naughty underwear for him, did I?” Jason’s arms tightened around her, nearly squeezing the breath out of her. That boner felt huge and solid against her backside. “Do you want to see, baby? Do you want to throw off the covers and see what Mommy put on for you?” His legs started kicking at the comforter, trying to reveal his mother’s scantily clad body. She giggled at his wild movements, “It’s a little slutty, but you don’t mind if I get a little slutty for you, do you sweetheart?”

“Looks great from here,” he said over her shoulder. “Let me see the whole package.”

Leanne grinned to herself. She rolled out of her son’s embrace and climbed off the bed to pose for him. Jason’s mother was a celebration of long lean muscle and soft skin. She’d packed herself into a tight frilly bleach-white bikini-style panty and bra. Her long red hair fell loose, accentuating her straight nose and dark brown eyes. She smiled at her boy, and swayed her hips from side to side.

She got an eyeful of Jason too. His bare torso bulged with muscles she remembered well from last night. He wore a tight pair of boxer briefs; a hedge against the possibility that Roy insist he leave the bed. They fit close enough to show Jason’s swelling admiration for Leanne’s narrow hips, flat tummy and womanly chest. But best of all was how his mouth hung open.

“Wow,” his brown eyes flared. “It’s like a woman’s underwear on her wedding night.”

Leanne’s face lit up. “Ha! I thought it looked like bridal lingerie too!”

“It’s fucking sexy as hell, Mom. You look…I mean…”

“Yeah?” She spun on the spot. “You like? I wore something pretty enough for you?”

“You look incredible. You’re going to have to wear slutty bridal wear more often! But come here. I have an idea for a look I’ll like even more than this.”

The clever mommy caught his meaning and crawled across the mattress to her son. “You’re gonna make this even better, eh?” Her exquisite body rested atop his, and they kissed. She relished his tongue in her mouth and his trunk pressing against her hip. But it was the feel of his knuckles along her spine as he unsnapped her bra that sent shivers up and down her lithe form. She straddled her man, and sat up; letting the bra fall away.

Jason stared with love and lust at his mother’s mature breasts. “That’s definitely better.” He reached up to cup her jawline in his left hand, and Leanne sank back down to put her tongue in his mouth. Her lovely orbs pressed against his pectorals. His right hand traced down her spine to her tail bone. Jay felt his mother shivering atop him again. Leanne hummed approval into Jason’s mouth as he hooked his right thumb into the waistband of her panties.

It took only a moment of squirming and giggling. In a flash he got that last stitch of clothes off the most important woman in his life. She ground her now-sopping groin against her son’s brief-clad jock. The material felt rough on her nether lips and clit. It drove her wild. She broke the kiss, and the dirty talk spilled from her wide mouth.

“NNnnggh! I don’t like this rough cotton on my pussy, baby.” Jay immediately reached down and struggled to get his briefs off. “I need your fat juicy cock in my cunt.” His Fruit of the Looms flew away. Her crease rubbed up and down the broad underside of her son’s manhood. “There it is,” she growled. “There’s your big heavy dick. Mmmm. My slit is drooling for it.” His hands gripped her ass tight. “You gonna put it in me, Jason? You gonna stretch your loving mother with this massive penis?”

He pulled and pushed at her hips, trying to get their genitals lined up. The hunger and excitement in her son’s eyes — the desire in his grip — thrilled her. She kept her pelvis tilted in such a way that he never quite made it in. “Don’t you want it, Mom?” a strain of frustration ran through the lust and power in his tone. “You’re not having second thoughts, are you? I mean, I guess if you want to go back to like before. I’m sure I can call…”

Leanne reached between them and took Jason’s member in a white knuckled grip. That shut him up in a hurry. “This,” she said with a possessive huff as she popped the big head of her son’s cock past her labia into her vagina, “is only for me!” The lean mommy groaned as she forced her way down onto Jay’s meaty sex. “Mine!” she declared with fire in her eyes and a playful smile on her lips. Her taut abdomen flexed and her lovely breasts heaved. She looked down on her son with joy and victory. “This is mine! You promised! You’re mine now.”

Jay smacked his mother’s ass and kept holding on. stranded teens porno He said, “You’re goddamned right I am. Now start moving this sweet ass, and tell me your tight little pussy is for me.”

Leanne grinned and shifted her hips. “My tight little pussy is for you, sweet Jason,” she echoed in a shaky voice. “Mommy will only dress like a slutty bride for your huge cunt-stuffer. I’ll only spread my legs for my hot hard son!” She was moving faster up and down her son’s cock. Their eyes locked, and she started bouncing with force. Her breasts bounced along in hypnotic rhythm.

Jason jutted his hips up to meet Leanne’s movement. Each time their hips met, both Hallidays grunted in a higher and higher pitch. “Make mommy cum! Make mommy cum!” his gorgeous mother cried. He moved a hand around to her rising and falling abdomen. His thumb found the maternal clit. He rubbed in small circles, setting her off in orgasmic fireworks. “Yes, Jason! YES!!”

Both were sweating. Neither slowed. Jay looked up at his mother in awe. She rode him like a wild predator sprinting for its meal. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets, and her perfect body glistened in the morning light. She was calling out his name and declaring her love and pleasure. “I love you too mom! Unh! Fuck! You’re amazing! I love you so much! He drove up into her with everything he had. She rewarded his efforts with a louder shriek than before. Her cream coated his balls and stomach.

Leanne fell forward and immediately kissed Jason with excitement and gratitude. His arms wrapped around her heaving torso and held her close. The kiss broke, and Leanne put her sweaty forehead against Jay’s. His cock was still solid and ready in her depths. She looked at him; gasping for breath. “That was incredible, honey. You made mommy cum so hard. You’re such a good son.”

One of his large hands moved up her spine, and into the hair at the back of her head. The graceful tracing of her luscious body sent shivers through her a third time, not the last. “I would do anything for you.”

She kissed him again with lots of lip, but no tongue this time. “Put me on my back, and fuck me into submission.”

“You are already mine, Mom.”

She smiled a wicked smile. “I am. But I want you to fuck me steady and hard. Nothing fancy. Pound that heavy prick into my slit until I have to surrender to your manliness. Make me cum all over this mattress. Do it with the sheer force of your fantastic body. Take me, Jay. Stretch me wide and keep me filled with your hardness until I can’t deny your mastery of your mother’s cunt.”

“I swear, the way you talk.”

“The dirtier the talk, the better the time.”

“That’s what you always said with –”

“The only woman’s name you say in my bed is mine, Jason. While your cock is inside my body, there are no others.” He blinked at her flash of jealousy over their neighbor Betty, but he wasn’t bothered by it. “Besides, our expression was a little different. We always said, ‘The dirtier the talk, the better the story.’ But I am done sharing stories with her.” She sat up and looked down as one of her hands traced her pelvic bone. “I’m sharing this with you instead.”

Well, Jay thought to himself, I guess I can scratch the idea of a make-up threesome with Betty. He pushed himself upright, and shifted his hips back. This drew Leanne’s hips forward. He kissed his mother’s mouth like a lover, and put a hand on the valley between her breasts. Then he pushed her, so she fell onto her back with a squeal. His rigid member slid free of her depths.

With some shifting he was on her again. Both their heads were near the foot of the bed, and Leanne’s legs spread wide. Her feet pointed at the ceiling. Jason reached down to hook both his mom’s legs in his elbows. He rolled her up so her knees were near her shoulders, and her shaven mound pointed up.

Her eyes and mouth, opened wide as well. She smiled up at her young man. “Yeah,” she half-whispered.

The bulbous head pressed against her pussy. Her eyes glowed with anticipation. “Steady and hard, you said,” Jay reminded. The fat head popped past the labia and both gasped at their reunion.

Leanne nodded with child-like eagerness. “Yeah. Give it to me.” Then her eyes rolled back in her head as she felt her son’s penis wedging its way into her cunt. “Uhhhhnnnhh,” she groaned as her insides accommodated Jason’s steely meat. Her voice trembled when his pelvis met hers and continued down. The hard young stud pressed her deeper into the mattress.

He withdrew and shoved back into her over and over. It was exquisite. He jabbed his mother into the bed at a quarter-note tempo. The rhythm was so perfect, you could set a metronome by Leanne’s cries of pleasure.

“Steady. Enough. For you. now?” Jay asked with each slap of their hard bodies meeting.

“Yes! Yes!” she squealed back in the same beat.

“This. What you want? Your son? Fucking you? Like this? street blowjobs porno Hard. And. Steady?”

“EEee. EEee. Eh! Eh! Sss Sss!” her pitch climbed with each lusty plunge.

“Dirty. Mommy! Slutty! Mommy! My! Mommy!”

“Yeeeaah! Yes! Fuck! Yours! Eee! EEE!” The long limbed beauty was rolled up tight. Leanne struggled with the urge to thrash around as another orgasm tore through her. Through gritted teeth, she cried, “Take it, Jason! Take that cunt! Take me all for yourself! Fill me with your cum. Mark Mommy with your seed. Your sweat. Your scent. Yeeee!”

His mouth fell on hers, and he kept fucking her as they kissed. Yet another orgasm tripped trough Leanne, and she broke the kiss. “Put your cum where it belongs! UH!!” Jay barked into the pillow, and she felt his first warm spurt in her deepest darkest places. “Yes! Fuck, baby! Give me your whole load! That’s right. This is where it belongs. Cum in your mommy. Put your juice in your woman.”

Jay was shaking, and clutching tight to Leanne’s naked body. The semen pulsed from him into her. She stroked his hair, and kissed his ear. He released her legs. She stretched out with his muscled body still stuck between her whipcord thighs. “I love you so much, Mom,” filled her ears in his ragged voice.

“I know you do, baby. I can feel it all over and inside. I love you too.” The weight of her son’s body pressing her down gave her a flush of luminous satisfaction. “You know I do, don’t you, Jay? You know your mom loves you too.”

“Yeah,” he said with a deep sigh of contentment.

“I am going to enjoy getting used to ‘good morning’ wake ups like this.”

Jason’s cock finally deflated enough to leave his mother’s channel. He rolled off her, but maintained as much contact as he could get with her bronze skin. “I don’t think Dad would put up with me showing up like this two or three mornings in a row.”

Leanne laughed at the practicality of Jason’s response. “No, I suppose not.” she smiled up at the ceiling, lost in afterglow.

“But there is a way to put you to bed like this tonight and wake you up the same way tomorrow.”

“Hmmmm.” was Leanne’s dazed response. “How will you work that magic, my darling?”

“Let’s head to the cabin today. The two of us.” Leanne processed this in silence. It wasn’t a bad idea at all. “I’ll put you to bed with a smile on your lips, and you’ll wake up with my mouth on…your lips.”

They both giggled.

“I’ve already scheduled next week off for the trip,” Leanne said more to herself than her son. “I suppose a sick day today wouldn’t be the end of the world. Then tomorrow is the weekend. I could call Mr. Pike and see if the cabin might be available a few days early.”

Jay held still as the gears turned in his mother’s mind. Not only would last night’s nightmare never come true, but this was going to be even better than he’d hoped! He would have Leanne to himself for week and a half!

The red head nodded and mapped things out in her mind. Then she said, “Okay, let’s do it. While I make some calls and run an errand or two, you go through our camping equipment and pack a bag for longer stay. If you find we still need anything for the cabin, you should go out and pick it up.”

“No problem.” Jay tried to keep the trembling out of his voice.

“Great. I’ll call the office, and you get in the shower.”

As she picked up her phone to make the call, she watched Jay head towards the en suite bathroom. She liked what she saw, but — “Wrong bathroom, buster. Use the usual shower, not mine.”

“I thought you might like to join me once you get off the phone.”

“I would like it. I would like it too much. We’ll never get to the cabin if I do, though. So it’s separate showers for now.”

Jay acted out an exaggerated disappointed, “Awww!”

“You’ll get wet and slippery with Mommy later. For now, march, mister.”

“Okay, okay.” Jay went off to shower alone in the main bathroom.

Leanne called her work at the board of Education. Yes, she agreed, it was an ominous start to her vacation time to begin with a summer cold. She promised to take good care of herself, and assured them that her family would keep her in high spirits. Would she still be going up to the cabin, her colleague asked? She figured her son, Jay, could drive and let her lie back during the drive. Some time out in the nature would do her some good, they agreed. With a “Get better soon” and an, “I’ll see you week after next,” it was done.

Next she called Andrew Pike, the man who rented out the cabin. Luckily, the cabin was free today and the weekend before their scheduled arrival. The extra few days wouldn’t cost much more. The key would be in the usual hiding place. Before Leanne could get off the phone, Mr. Pike wanted to tell her that he had done a lot to update the place. They would have WiFi, and a new flat screen T.V. with cable. “I know you don’t come out here to watch television,” he said. “But I know a lot of people want to stay connected through the WiFi. The cable company offered me a sweet package deal.”

“Okay. great,” said Leanne. “We’ve got to get ready now that we know the cabin is free. We’ll hope to be up late this afternoon or in the evening.”

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