Skyping with Logan.

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Best Friend

I am 18 years old, i have dark long black hair and gray eyes that turn to blue at times, i have big bright pink lips. Dsl. im really white and it goes with me. I’d say i have a pretty big butt, and i wear a C cup. I have an hour glass figure, i’m 5’3 and weigh around 110. Im pretty pleased with my body and i’d say im quite attractive.

One time i got super horny and my boyfriend wasn’t around so i decided to go on one of these adult chatting sites. I created a profile and i used a picture of me in a tight small black dress as my defult. 10 minutes after i’ve already gotten a friend request from a user called ‘Logan2bomb’ i laughed a little at his username, accepted him and went to his profile to see how he looked like. He was a little short, i’d say maybe 5’1. He had dark blonde hair and blue eyes and nice abs.
He chatted me.
Oh haha
Kool. Im logan btw
Im kristy
So how old r u
18 u?
Oh haha
Is tht bad
No its ok
R u horny
Kind of … Yeah
How can i help
Idunno. Ive never really been on these kinds of sites.
Thats kool. Cn i hav ur #? Maybe we could sext(;
Why not on here?
bcz im on my computer N i wanna lie down instead so my hand can u no
Sure. My number is 1-696-6911
——————He then texted me——–
hey sexy(; itz logan
On my bed now :$ you?
Same. Wat r u doin
Nothing. Just a little horny. U?
Touching myself
U wnt details?
Well. Im strokin my dik up and down. Now im goin harder and faster jerkin off to your pik.
Thats really hot.
Well. Im sliding my hand down my pants now, and im rubbin my pussy.
Giv me details!
Im rubbing my clit and now im sliding one finger in. Now im sliding a second one in and fingering myself really hard.
Omq im gonna cum….. I just came.
Thats hot.

After the first night of sexting logan, we started to sext every other night. He would tell me what he was doing, and i would tell him what i was doing. Eventually we started to exchange pictures. He had a huge cock for a 16 year old! I would send him pictures of my breasts and pussy and he would send me pictures of his dick.

Eventually we started to have phone sex. He had the hottest voice ever. I didn’t mind the age difference at all. And i didn’t feel guilty either, it’s not like my boyfriend had any time for me anyways. We would have phone sex every night. He would tell me what he would do to me, what he was doing, and what he wanted me to do to myself, and i did the same. As time passed by, logan became a part of my life, we would talk every single night. We would sext, have phone sex, and send eachother videos of us masturbating. Then one day he asked to have cam sex with me and i said sure. He then called me on skype.

“Hey beautiful.”
“Hey sexy”
“You look even prettier on cam, you know that?”
“You’re pretty cute yourself too.”
“Where’s your hand? I don’t see it.”
“It’s down your pants isn’t it.”
“Yeah… Are you rubbing your pussy? I want you to rub your pussy for me. Rub it hard. But lower the camera so i can see you touch yourself.”
“How badly do you wanna see me touch myself?”
” i wanna see you touch yourself so badly baby. I wanna see you rub your pussy and finger yourself and spread your pussy lips for me. Lower the camera please sexy.”
And so i did. I was in a tanktop and my panties. I started to rub my pussy over the panties as i looked at the screen and watched the look of satisfaction on his face, which was getting me even more horny. He then started to rub his crotch over his boxer briefs and it wasn’t too long before he whipped his dick out and started to stroke it. I started talking dirty to him telling him what to do as i rubbed myself.

“You like seeing me rub my pussy like that?”
He nodded as i continued.
“I want you to stroke that big hard cock of yours for me. Stroke it, up and down. Stroke your dick for me logan.”
“Rub your pussy for me harder, take your panties off please im so hard.”
I took them off as i began rubbing myself and continued.
“You like seeing me rubbing my bare pussy huh? Squeeze your dick for me, harder logan squeeze harder. Now jerk off for me logan. Faster logan, faster. Harder. Spread that pre cum all over. Good boy. Now keep going. Now don’t you cum yet, i want you tell me what you would do to me as you continue touching yourself.”

“If you were in my room right now, i would bend you over and fuck you so damn hard, let me see your ass baby.”
I got up and turned around giving logan a full view of my ass as i touched it and came closer to the camera seperating my ass cheeks for him enough to see my pussy and squeezing myself.
“You like that you naughty boy?”
“Hell yeah! Turn around baby, turn around and spread your legs for me.”
I did as he ordered.
“Now rub your clit. Keep rubbing. Now your whole pussy for me….. Ahh yeAaaah. Finger yourself baby. Finger yourself for me. You’re soooo sexy.”
I kept on fingering myself, sliding in another finger untill 4 fingers karabağlar escort were in and started to finger myself so hard while watching him jerk off as fast as he could as he watched me. He came as i had a huge orgasm.
“That was great logan.”
“It was. ….. You know, i was thinking, you only live a city away from me, its only a 2 hour drive, why don’t you consider visiting me sometime?”

I said sure and we made plans to meet and fuck. Untill then we continued to have cam sex every other night. I loved watching him touching himself, i got addicted to the thought of it.

Two weeks later i drove over to the next city to meet him. He gave me his address and i waited for him in the parking lot. His parents were out of town for a couple of days so we made plans to sleep over his house. I waited for logan to show up and he finally did. Gosh he was even hotter in person. He wore red basket ball shorts with a plain white t-shirt. I was wearing a baby blue tanktop that showed off my breasts with tiny black leather booty shorts and high heals and red lipstick that really showed off my huge lips. He then approached me and got in the car.

“Hi logan.” I smiled at him.
He didn’t say anything so we stayed in silence for a minute without taking our eyes off eachother. I could tell he was nervous. But I was getting so horny just looking at him and i looked down and saw that i had a bluge so i acted on impule and jumped up on to his lap grabbing him by the neck and kissing him passionatly on the lips as we started to make out. He then grabbed my ass and started squeezing me pulling me so hard towards him pressing my pussy against his dick as i started to dry hump him and i took his hands off my ass and pressed them against my breasts squeezing them as he took over and we continued to make out and hump eachother.
I then moved my crotch a little lower to his thighs and grabbed his with my hand and started squeezing as he let out a moan. I slipped my hand into his shorts and his boxer briefs and grabbed his dick and pulled it out and started to jerk him off as he made his way to my pussy with his hands and squeezed me.

He then unzipped my shorts as i helped to remove them including my thong and i sat right on his dick as he pulled me in untill every inch of his huge cock was inside me. He was rocking his hips up in the air and i was riding him. We were going so fast to a point where my head started to bang against the cieling of the car so i leaned forward to the side facing the back seat while he continued to fuck me. We were moaning and breathing hard and sweating already.

“Oh my god. Im gonna cum!! Im gonna cummm!!”
“Cum in my pussy logan! Cum in my pussy!!!” I started to orgasm as he started to cum inside me.
“Im cumming!!!!”
It felt great.
He then pulled out as i stayed on his lap, he kissed me then placed my head on his shoulders as we were both trying to catch our breaths.
I then got up and got dressed and he pulled his shorts back up and we got out of the car and went into his house.

We started talking normally and ordered pizza and watched some t.v.
Later that night we were cuddeling on his bed and we both started getting horny. He undressed me then undressed himself, kissed me then started to kiss down my body and made his way to my pussy. He slid his tounge down my slit and started to tounge fuck me. The warmth and wetness of his tounge felt so good inside me. I started to cum as he licked it all up. As he continued he grabbed his cock and started to jerk off. Ah it was huge.

He then pulled me up and turned me around. He teased my ass with his dick by sliding it up and down between my ass cheeks to the ending of my pussy. He continued to do that then he started to rub around my asshole as he slowly and gently started to push in. It felt so good. The head of his dick was inside me as he started to push the rest of his dick in me. He started slowly at first. In . Out . In. Out. And then he started to go faster and harder fucking my asshole.

Logan was grabbing my breasts as he was pumping me. He was going at such a fast pace as my ass cheeks would jiggle on him everytime they touched his body. He then pulled out as he started to jerk off. I got up and roughly pushed him down on the bed and sat on his dick as he pulled me in. He started rocking his hips up in the air, slamming my body against his as i rode him. It wasn’t too long before i started to cum. After i came i got up, jerked him off for a few seconds as i laid down, told him to get on top of me and pulled his body close to my face, i grabbed his dick and started to tease with my tounge then i put it inside my mouth. I started to suck on his cock as he was sitting up so close to my face, with one hand against the wall to grip on so he doesn’t lose balance, and another hand pulling on my hair. He was pushing in on me, mouth fucking me, i even gagged a couple times. Then he started to cum in my mouth, and i swallowed it. All of it.

After that we cuddeled to sleep, made out a little, and started developing feelings for eachother, the next day i broke up with my boyfriend.

I would go visit Logan every weekend and sleep over because his parents were out of town on weekends and we ended up in a relationship.
The end.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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