Slummin It – Nan

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As Kelly ran out the door with her friend Mary, she yelled over her shoulder, “After the festival, we’re spending the night at Mary’s house, Mom. OK?”

“OK Honey. Have fun and be careful.”

I smiled at the two retreating 18-year-olds and walked to the kitchen table. Sitting down, I recalled the summer after my own graduation from high school 25 years ago. I looked a lot like my daughter does now; 5’3″ tall, 115 pounds, long brunette hair, green eyes and a solid 36-26-38. Both of us are considered pretty, even though she’s just 18 and I’m 44. I just hoped that her trip to our town’s Freedom Festival didn’t end the same way that mine did.

The Freedom Festival is held every year on the third weekend in August. It was two weeks before I was supposed to begin college and I was gong to spend the night with my best friend Cathy after the festival. We spent the afternoon riding the rides, eating cotton candy and hot dogs and hanging out with our friends. Warren Vance had been trying to ask Cathy out for most of the summer, and when he finally tracked us down, Cathy asked if I’d mind if they hung out for a while.

So, I spent the next couple hours wandering around and talking with old and new friends. Many of the boys flirted with me and complimented my very short denim skirt and tight tee shirt. I’m sure most of them wanted one last shot at fucking me before heading off to college. I certainly wasn’t a virgin, but I had only fucked three guys during the last year. I had only given one blow job and had jacked off a couple more guys that I had no intention of fucking.

As I was standing at the back of the entertainment area, I felt a hand grab and squeeze my ass. I knew it would be Tony Argentine who was one of the boys I had fucked a few months ago when we were going together. I quickly turned intending to give him a piece of my mind when I looked into the face of a huge black man. He had a scar running across his forehead and another on his right cheek. He appeared to be in his thirties or forties. He was more than a foot taller than me and wore dirty jeans and a leather vest gapped open in the front. His arms and the part of his chest and stomach that I could see were covered with tattoos.

As he squeezed my ass, I was filled with fear. I had butterflies in my stomach, my eyes were like saucers and I was speechless. I didn’t realize that my mouth was hanging open until he reached up and pushed up on my jaw. He had been glaring at me, but then his eyes traveled down to my breasts and my hard nipples.

When he looked back up into my eyes, I felt like he could see into my soul. I felt that he knew all there was to know about me. With one last squeeze of my ass, he grabbed my hand and turned saying, “Come on.” He was so big and strong that I had no choice but to try to keep up with him.

As we walked towards the parking area, I was eventually able to keep up with him. When I got beside him, he put an arm across my shoulders and rested his big paw on my breasts. With all the people around, I reached up and tried to remove his hand, but that just made him squeeze my breast. “Ahhhh!” I whimpered. I dropped my hand and he stopped squeezing.

Everyone escort izmir we passed stared at the small young white girl being manhandled by the big black thug. We ran in to Cathy and Warren on their way back from the parking area where I’m assuming they just finished fucking. “Wh-where are y-y-you going, Nan?” Cathy asked as she looked at the big hand on my breast.

“I-I-I d-don’t… ” I started.

“Fuck off!” my captor growled at them. “She’ll be back tomorrow.” He squeezed my breast and pulled me towards a big Harley. “Git on, bitch!”

I was scared to death, but I was also excited about not knowing what was going to happen. I was pretty sure that the big man was going to fuck me, but I didn’t think he would hurt me. As I straddled the big bike, my skirt was around my waist. He started the engine and said, “Hold on, bitch.” I put my arms around him and looked at the back of his vest. There was a logo with the word ‘Satan.’ We flew out of the parking lot. It only took 8 minutes to get to one of our local campgrounds where I noticed an area with 15 or 20 motorcycles. As we pulled up, I noticed several tents and campfires surrounded by about 30 people of all ages, sexes, colors and sizes. They were all wearing Satan vests that looked the same.

We both climbed off the bike and I said, “Wh-what are…?”

“Shut up, cunt,” he said as he put his arm across my shoulders and his hand back on my breast. As we walked towards the others, he began twisting my hard nipple. As we got closer, I saw that there were about nine or ten women and about 20 men. Half the men were black and remaining men were about half white and half Latino. All of the men were huge, and so were most of the women. They all looked like a bunch of thugs.

One of the men asked, “Looks like The Hunter’s been huntin. What chu got there, Hunter? Even more important, you gonna share with us?”

“Maybe,” he said as he continued moving me towards one of the tents. He pushed me inside the tent, and when I turned towards him, he demanded, “Strip!”

I was trembling so badly that I was having trouble standing. I knew that I had made a mistake in letting this big thug take me away from the festival. Nobody knew where I was. These people could use me and then dispose of my body and no one would ever know. I eventually removed my clothes and put one hand over my pussy and another across my chest.

“Hands down,” he commanded, and I complied. He stood and looked up and down my naked body. He reached down and pulled the zipper of his dirty jeans down. When he nodded his head towards the floor, I got on my knees. I was about six feet from him. He nodded his head again and I began crawling towards him as he pulled a huge cock from his pants. As I got close, I could smell it and see that it was uncut. “Suck it, bitch,” he demanded.

I reached out and put my hand around his big cock and slowly began moving my hand up and down its length. The closer I got to it, the more I thought I would puke from its smell. I kissed the tip and then touched it with my tongue. I kissed its full length, and as I started to kiss its length again, he slapped my head. “I said, suck it, bitch.”

The izmir escort bayan tip of his cock went quickly into my mouth. I had only given one blow job in my life, but I watched porn videos with Cathy and my other friends so I knew what I was supposed to do. I spent a long time, but was probably just 10 minutes, licking and sucking his smelly black cock. I jacked his cock as I sucked on it. He eventually put his hand on my head and held it on his cock as he blasted his load into my mouth. It came so fast that I had to swallow it. I thought I would wretch, but managed to keep it down. When he released my head, I pulled my head back and saw one drop remaining on his cock. I stuck my tongue into his pee hole and retrieved it as I looked up at him. I saw the corner of his mouth curve up. I guess that was the closest I would get to a smile.

He bent over and lifted me so my feet left the floor. He turned and laid me on a table. He walked to one end of the table and shoved his cock into my mouth. In just a few minutes he was hard again. He walked to the other end of the table and stood between my legs and slapped my pussy with his hard cock. While I was watching him, I noticed the tent flap move and two other men enter the tent. As I was watching them, he slid the head of his cock into my soaked pussy.

“Aarrrrrggggh!” I screamed. As he slid his cock slowly into my pussy, I had an orgasm. Once he was all the way in, he began pumping my wanton pussy as I came over and over. Before I knew it, I felt another cock on my forehead. It smelled as bad as the first, but I knew the drill and opened my mouth and began licking and sucking it. “Mmmmff,” I moaned around the cock in my mouth. The men pumped me from both ends.

“Where’d you find this little slut, Hunter?”

“At the festival. I put my hand on her ass and she didn’t even flinch. The mark of a true slut.”

The men eventually blew their loads into my body, and they were replaced by two more men. One of the men laid on his back and put me on top of him facing him and the other stood at the other end of the table and shoved his cock into my mouth. As we found our rhythm, I felt something touching my ass hole. “N-no. Ple-please d-d-don’t,” I tried to say around the cock in my mouth. The men ignored me and, after lubing my ass, shoved another cock into me.

Once my ass was broached and the pain stopped, all of my holes became fair game. And I have to admit that I was loving all these big smelly thugs using my young white body. After a few more men dumped their cum in me, I was carried outside so everyone could watch the young white whore get used by the gang.

I don’t have any idea how long I was used by the bikers. When the men took a break, the women squatted over me and forced me to lick their asses and pussies. One of them shoved beer bottles into my pussy and ass and fucked me with them until I passed out. They beat me with belts leaving welts on my ass, breasts and back. The men eventually took over and managed to get two cocks into my pussy at the same time. As they began pumping, I passed out again.

When I woke up, it was daylight and I was in the middle of the campsite izmir escortlar laying on the ground and covered with a blanket. My body was stiff and covered with hardened cum. My pussy, ass and jaw hurt from being used by so many men and women. I smelled coffee and looked over to see a couple people around the fire with cups in their hands. As I looked back to Hunters’ tent, he was just emerging. He looked down and said, “Get in here and suck my cock and then I’ll take you back to your car.”

It hurt as I slowly got to my feet and walked behind him into his tent where I dropped to my knees and sucked Hunter’s cock. After he rewarded me with his cum down my throat, he gave me a damp washcloth. I cleaned as much cum from my body as I could and then he took me back to my car. Fortunately, I was able to sneak into the house and shower without running in to someone from my family.

Well, Cathy had a million questions for me and I told her some half-truths. She couldn’t figure out why a pretty white girl like me would let an older black man feel my tits in public and then take me somewhere and fuck me. I told her it was an adventure and an experience that was something I wouldn’t forget. But I didn’t tell her about getting gang banged or eating women’s pussies and ass holes. I didn’t tell her about the bottles shoved in my pussy. I didn’t tell her about having two cocks in my pussy or taking many cocks in my ass. As far as she knows, I just rode off and fucked an older black man and then came home.

I never saw those men and women again, but they had shown me what had been missing from my life. During my time in college, I became a complete whore. I danced in several different strip clubs, and in the end got sacked from all of them for linking up with customers after hours to fuck. I searched out sleazy bars and did a few gang bangs each year and was much in demand to attend a black fraternity’s parties. I think I banged the whole frat.

I met my future husband, Jim, while in college. I made him wait until our fourth date before fucking him, but in the meantime, I was banging several other men around campus. After Jim and I were married, I stopped my extra-curricular sex activities. We had Kelly a few years later. Once Kelly started school and I went back to work, I became bored and had an affair. And then another. And another. I even did a couple of gang bangs, one at a neighboring town’s biker bar, when I was in my thirties. I even did a bachelor party with 19- and 20-year-olds.

Once Kelly started high school, I stopped my outside activities in hopes she wouldn’t realize that her mother was such a slut. And I think I’ve been successful, so far. But once she goes away to college,….

“Honey! Honey! Are you OK, Nan?” My husband shouted as I slowly looked up into his face. “Are you OK, Honey? You were kind of sitting there with a glazed look on your face. Are you OK?”

I smiled at him and said, “I’m fine, Jim. When did you get home? I guess I was just daydreaming. Kelly and Mary went to the festival and are spending the night at Mary’s house, and I just sat down and started reminiscing about when I was her age and I went to the festival with my friend.”

He said, “I’ll bet you wish you could relive that day, don’t you?” I smirked at him as he continued, “I hope Kelly has as much fun and can do the things you did that day, Honey. Nan? Nan, are you listening? Nan?”

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