Snapper Times Two

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This is a true story of something amazing and confusing that happened to me a long time ago between, myself, my girlfriend and her “church mouse” girlfriend/roommate. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. All of us were over 18 at the time.


I met my girlfriend Sharon when I was racing off road in District 37 in the southern California desert. She was the sister of one of the guys in the club. She was 19 and shy but incredibly sexy and as I came to find out, a virgin. We met on the Saturday night before the Sunday Hare and Hound race.

We hit it off right from the start. We spent most of the night talking, flirting, and really getting to knowing each other. I forced myself to be a gentleman and not get too forward with her because she seemed shy.

It was hard to believe such a beautiful girl could be that shy. She had the most amazing body of any woman I have ever seen. She was not tall and she was not short. She stood at about 5’6″ and not an ounce of fat on her. Her figure was to-die-for. She taught aerobics but she was not emaciated like some of the exercise freaks at the gym. She had big tits that were so firm I thought they might be fake at first. She also had a small waist with a tummy that was hard as a rock. Her hips were in perfect proportion to the rest of her package with the tightest ass I have ever had the pleasure of stuffing my face in…

When she wore tight shorts, her puffy pussy lips made a mouthwatering camel toe. However, I am getting ahead of myself. After the race on Sunday, her brother invited a couple of us back to his house for a BBQ.

Sharon and I were inseparable. It was as if we were glued together. As things wound down, I asked her brother Jack if I could crash on a couch since I had had a few beers. He set me up in a loft in the attic. Sharon grabbed some sheets and blankets and said she would make the bed.

As we were making the bed, she hinted that she wanted to stay with me. I was surprised but enthusiastic. After a lot of petting, the inevitable happened. That is when I found out that she was a virgin. It was a challenge to get my dick in her the first time. We ended up seeing each other for about 6 months until the story you are about to read happened.

Snapper Times Two

It had been a week since I had seen Sharon and I missed her company. She had a way to make even the most sour personalities smile. The phone rang and when I answered it, her breathy voice said,

“Why don’t you come over tonight and eat me for dinner.”

It was not like her to be so graphic. The way she said it made butterflies in my stomach. Then she added,

“I want to smother you with my pussy.”

I thought she might have had a couple of drinks but I did not ask for fear of ruining the mood. I took a quick shower, jumped in the truck, and headed her way. I spent the entire drive puzzling about what had gotten in to her. I fantasized about all kinds of things, which kept my cock hard for most of the hour’s drive to her house.

Sharon lived in a one-bedroom apartment with her girlfriend Lucy. Sharon and Lucy had been best friends since elementary school. Lucy was a gorgeous blonde with an athlete’s body. Not much in the tit department, but an ass that any man would love to eat.

Lucy was a conservative, intelligent girl with a winsome personality. She was devoutly religious, going to two bible studies a week and church on Sundays. I figured she was the rare type of beautiful girl who wanted to wait until she was married. Little did I know how wrong I was.

Both girls slept in the bedroom in separate twin beds. On the nights I stayed over Sharon just put a sock on the doorknob. That way when Lucy came home, she would sack out on the couch. When Sharon güvenilir bahis answered the door dressed in a thong and black 4″ heels, I figured Lucy was away that weekend.

With my cock being hard all the way to her house, I wanted to bend her over and fuck her until she begged for mercy. However, she would have none of that. She said,

“No touching until after we eat dinner.”

The only thing I wanted to eat was her pussy. She had a romantic candle light dinner set up with a delicious selection of Sushi. She sat me down and poured me a glass of wine, leaning over to let just the hard nipple of her right tit brush my arm. When I started to react, she pulled away and sat down.

We ate a light dinner and had a couple of glasses of the wine. It was hard to not stare at her gorgeous body and maintain any sort of intelligent conversation. She acted as if it was normal for us to have dinner with her naked and I fully clothed.

I suddenly was not hungry for food anymore. All I wanted to eat was pussy. She stretched our dinner to the point that I was ready to cum in my pants without being touched. She did all the sexy licking of her luscious lips, sucking on strawberries, Etc. until I would not take it anymore.

I stood up, grabbed her by the hair, and led her to the middle of the living room where she had a mattress pad and silk sheets laid out. She got down on her knees and proceeded to pull my pants off.

I do not wear underwear and when she got my pants down past the end of my cock, it sprang up with such force that it hit her chin with an audible smack. It was as hard as it had ever been with the big veins bulging out and the head purple and angry. It was pulsing with my heartbeat and looked like it wanted to rip somebody apart.

I laid her back and proceeded to eat her gorgeous pussy. I went as slowly as my aching balls would permit. I started by licking down her gorgeous flat tummy to the top of her pussy just far enough to feel the swell of her mound. I repeated this until she was squirming. I moved lower so that I could access her whole twat. I started by licking her outer lips so that my tongue just barely made contact.

Occasionally I would let my tongue glide over her engorged and exposed clit. She was dripping wet, literally. When I figured I had gone almost to the breaking point, I put my mouth around her magnificent clit and sucked hard. She came immediately squirting all over my face. She was a bit of a squirter if she was horny, but this time she almost drowned me.

I lapped up as much as I could while jamming my finger in her and massaging her G-spot. She let loose again with a stream that I was able to catch in my mouth. God she tasted good. My cock was so hard it hurt. It felt like I could cut glass with it.

Just as her orgasm seemed to be subsiding, I raised her legs above her head and pressed the head of my cock at her entrance. Normally I have to be careful on the first penetration because I have a very big cockhead with a pronounced corona and her puss is very tight. It usually makes a popping feeling when passing through her lips.

I sensed that she was looking to be fucked hard, so as soon as my cockhead was wet from rubbing her lips, I arched my back and jammed my dick all the way to her cervix. Her eyes widened and she let inhaled so loudly it sounded like she was coming up for air after being held under water.

She looked at me as if she was wishing she had the dick and was jamming it in me. Then her expression changed to that of someone in a contest of life or death and she started fucking me back as I have never experienced in my life either before or since.

She writhed and wiggled on my cock with her vagina beginning to squeeze and retract in a rhythm türkçe bahis with her thrusting, banging her cervix into my cockhead until it almost started to hurt. I could tell she was almost ready to cum because the contractions were getting faster and faster. This sent me over the edge and I said, “Get ready to drown in sperm.” With her pussy squeezed my cock like a vice, cum squirted out with such force that it felt like my cock would rupture.

I pushed in her as far as her little pussy would let me forming a seal between her cervix and the end of my cock. Cum was forced against her cervix with such pressure that I am sure it went through the tiny opening in her cervix and splattered her womb.

Her vagina never let go squeezing with such pressure that I swear it felt like a very powerful hand wrapped around my dick. I must have squirted at least 12 or 13 hefty shots.

Looking into her eyes, she looked like a wild creature trying to bring down an animal much bigger than her until the orgasm faded and she passed out. Her pussy loosened up and was contracting and releasing, gently milking the last drops from me. Never have I been fucked like that either before or since.

I just laid there feeling her pussy pulsate on my softening cock until it subsided. As I pulled out of her, she opened her eyes, smiled, and said


We both laid there for a while cuddling. I was massaging her beautiful tits noticing that her nipples never went down. She wiggled her but against my semi-hard cock asking me without words if I was ready yet. To which my cock answered by getting rock hard and pressing into the crack of her firm ass.

What happened next was something that I will never forget as long as I live. She rolled me on my back and smiled a wicked smile lifting her body up high enough to place my cockhead inside her. With one swift motion she impaled herself on me cock until the head hit her cervix so hard I thought it would break my dick. Her eyes became glassed over and she proceeded to fuck me by lifting up until just the head was at her opening then sliding down in a smooth controlled decent all the way to the bottom of her pussy.

Just as her puss started to contract, the front door opened and her girlfriend walked in and turned on the light. Sharon’s back was to the door. She was frozen at the top of her stroke with my rock hard dick glistening with her juices exposed to Lucy’s gaze. Sharon looked at me not knowing what to do. I jokingly said,

“Well you might as well get naked and join the party.”

What surprised both of us was that she said

“hell yeah.

She shut the door and whipped of her dress as fast as possible kicking it out of the way so hard that it landed on the dining room table. Sharon smiled at me and proceeded to continue her trips up and down my cock.

Lucy turned off the light, came around, and squatted on my face. She had a gorgeous pussy that tasted like honey. She was gently rubbing her lips against my tongue occasionally sliding far enough to touch her clit to my tongue.

Sharon and Lucy both started to increase the tempo at the same time my cock got that feeling of reaching the point of no return. Lucy leaned over and started French kissing Lucy with ferocity. We all three came at the same time with me being drowned at both ends in female ejaculate.

When we untangled ourselves, nobody said a word. Sharon leaned towards Lucy and they kissed for a long time. I just laid there watching as they proceeded to make love to each other. My cock never went soft.

Lucy was laying on her back propped up on her elbows watching Sharon eating her puss and me stroking my rock hard cock. Lucy broke off and changed places with Sharon. She was on her knees eating Sharon güvenilir bahis siteleri with her gorgeous ass facing me.

I looked at Sharon to try to read her but she was enjoying being eaten too much to care. I crawled up to Lucy’s ass, stuck my face in her twat, and breathed in deeply. She started to squirm on my face and uttered the first words since she walked in the door. Looking up from Sharon’s pussy with her face drenched she said

“I want that big dick of his in me.”

Sharon looked at me and said “go for it.”

I got to my knees and started rubbing my cockhead on her puss to wet it thoroughly. She looked incredibly tight. I lined up and pushed hard but it would not go in.

I tried several times pushing harder each time but her puss would not yield. Lucy said

“just jam it with all you got and don’t worry about hurting me.”

Therefore, that is what I did. As the head passed in with a distinct pop, her lips stretched so thin I thought they might tear. She gasped loudly and said,

“Fuck me hard.”

She was wet so I pushed into her all in one thrust with the head ramming into the bottom of her cuny and still had 2 inches left outside. As soon as I hit bottom, her pussy started snapping on my dick so hard that it did not seem possible.

I felt so blessed to have two genuine red snappers in one night let alone at the same time. Even after cumming twice already I could not hold back. With her pussy clamping and releasing my squirting cock I emptied what felt like a gallon in her.

Sharon came again on Lucy’s tongue and she squirted a stream into her open mouth. Lucy caught most of it and swallowed.

After everyone’s orgasm subsided, we lay there panting, dripping in sweat and ejaculate, and happy. No one said a word. There was no awkwardness. The satisfaction was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

We all dozed off for a while and I woke up with my cock in Lucy’s mouth. The night seemed to go on forever. I must have cum at least eight times and I lost count of how many times the girls reached orgasm.

We finally stopped and fell asleep at around 4:00 AM exhausted. When I woke up the girls had both showered and were quietly cleaning up the apartment and cooking breakfast. I got up and went into the shower feeling like a stud.

I got dressed in the bedroom and went out to the kitchen. Both girls were sitting at the table waiting for me before eating. I felt a real tension between them that made me sad. I tried to break the ice by saying that last night was the most memorable thing that I have ever experienced.

I said that it was something that I could not even imagine in my wildest fantasies. Neither one of them said a word. I said I hoped the situation would not affect their friendship in a negative way. What happened was beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed by. Again, neither of them said a word or even acknowledged me. After we finished breakfast, Lucy went into the bedroom and laid down. Sharon cleaned up and said that I should probably go. I did not know how to respond.

I made one last plea to try not to let it affect her friendship. I said if anything, I would think it would be something you and her could reminisce about when you were old and grey. She just said

“I will talk to you later and closed the door on me.”

I drove home in a mess of emotion. The wonderful experience of the night before had a cloud of sadness hovering over it. I never saw Sharon again. She refused my calls. I sent her flowers with a long letter urging her to let it be and to work out her feelings with Lucy.

I told her that I hopped that she would remain friends with her. I never mentioned our relationship because it was obvious that we were done as far as she was concerned. I have never felt such conflicting emotions in my life. Therefore, the two red snappers have been filed away in my memory banks to be revisited when I am too old to do anything but think about the good old days.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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