Snowed In with My Warm Mom Ch. 04

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I haven’t been able to see my mother in a few days. People have been calling off at work so I keep getting called in. I ended up working a double shift the day after she dropped me off at my car. The last few days have just been a cycle of work and school with nothing in between. My meals have been fast food I shove in my mouth on breaks or the few minutes I can squeeze in.

I have been keeping steady contact with my mother though. I guess you could say that we are “dating” but it feels different. I don’t feel the need to impress her or display some kind of better version of myself. It’s my mother so even if I did she would see right through it. She is also fully herself around me. Usually, on dates, women seem like they are holding parts of themselves back. Even a simple text conversation can feel like everyone is putting meticulous thought into every letter. Worried about how they will come across. But with my mother, all of that is gone.

The store got a late-night truck so I’m doing an overnight shift. Just me and a few other guys unloading the truck until 5 AM. I enjoy these kinds of shifts because there is no manager or customers. There’s no real supervision so I ask the guys if it’s okay if I make a quick phone call while on the clock. They all seemed okay with it.

“Hey, mom!” I say quickly walking to the break room so no one can overhear me. “I’ve missed you like crazy.”

“I’ve missed you, baby,” my mother says filled with desire. “I’ve dreamed of your lips. I hope all this overtime isn’t interfering with your studies, hun.”

I’ll never get over the way I love that she can switch from a woman who wants to fuck me to a normal caring mother. It’s so seamless and not offputting. You’d think in those moments I’d get some rush of disgust. But it only makes me want to have her even more. When I put my tongue in her ass it drove me wild because that was my mother’s ass. I came harder than ever because it was in the pussy I was born from.

“We’ll kiss again soon, mom,” I say quietly and look around.

“You’ll fuck me again soon too, right?” My mother asks sounding out of breath.

“That too, mom.

“Just leave work have me, Steven.”

“You’re right across the street. You could come here.”

“I know you’re joking but I think I’m going to come there.”

Suddenly she hangs up and my heart starts racing. Is my mother really going to come to visit me at work? My coworkers are all aware that she is my mother. She shops here frequently and gets discounts just because she’s my mom. What could her plans be? I hope she is dressed decently. If my mother comes with bedroom eyes and a revealing outfit. That will be very suspicious. Or maybe I’m just being paranoid. Nobody in their right mind would jump to the thought of “he’s fucking his mom.”

I get back to unloading the truck but soon after hear the door buzz. There is a button by the door that employees press to be let in when the store isn’t open. I know it must be my mom and my heart is racing. My heart feels full and I smile.

“I’m going to go take my official break now, guys,” I say to the team.

“Oh, come on,” my coworker Greg replies angrily. “We’ve got to get this truck finished.”

“Hey, I covered two of your call-offs this week. You have no room to talk.”

“Fine, see you in half an hour.”

I walk away at a normal pace but when I know I am out of view of my coworkers I start sprinting to the door excitedly. I run past the frozen and the produce section and finally make it to the glass doors. I see my mother standing outside in a puffy winter jacket. Her hand is pressed against the glass and she is grinning. It’s not just a grin filled with sexual desire. I know she feels the same way I feel. She feels the butterflies as well. I can see it in her eyes and read it from her smile.

“Mom!” I say excitedly and open the door.

“Steven!” She replies putting her arms around me, giving me a tight hug.

We just stay like this for a few moments, looking into each other’s eyes. We can’t kiss right now because tuzla escort there are cameras in the store. But I’m sure anyone watching this would assume that these are two lovers embracing. She takes my hand and I walk her to the back of the store where the cleaning crew operates from. She takes off her winter jacket and hangs it on a wall hook. We squeeze into the supply closet and right as the door closes I press her up against a wall and kiss her hard.

“I’ve missed this so much, baby,” my mother says gasping and gripping my dick through my work pants. “I’ve missed THIS especially.”

She shoves her tongue in my mouth as far as it goes and continues rubbing my hard cock. She slides her hand down the front of my hangs and wraps her fingers around my cock. She takes her tongue out of my mouth and licks my neck as she strokes my dick through my pants. It’s so cramped in here and we’re surrounded by mops and cleaning chemicals. Every time her hand goes back as she’s jacking me off it bumps into something. She almost knocks over a broom but I grab it before it falls. She giggles and takes her hand out of my hands.

“I don’t have much time, mom,” I say unfastening my belt. “This will have to be quick.”

“I’ll take whatever time I can get from you, my love,” she replies softly.

I pull my pants and boxers down to my ankles. My mother pulls her sweatpants and panties down to her ankles as well. Without hesitation, I angle my dick and shove it all the way inside her pussy. She lets out a loud moan but I put my hand over her mouth because I don’t want my coworkers hearing this. She contains her moans and just starts breathing in and out heavily as I thrust into her.

This is the second time I’ve been inside my mom. Also the second time I’ve been inside any woman. I’m glad it was her. I wouldn’t want it to be anyone else. Her pussy is so tight and warm. It’s like the deeper I go the more I feel her squeezing down around my hard cock. She wraps her arms around me and puts her head over my shoulder. I put my arms under her and lift her up. I press her all the way against the wall and shove my dick in and out of her as hard as I can. When I thrust forward it produces a loud wet slapping sound. My mother puts her mouth against my shoulder, trying her best to muffle the moans.

“Baby, wait,” my mother says, which causes me to worry. “Hold on a second, Steven.”

“Is everything okay?” I ask and stop pumping but keep my dick inside her. “We can stop if you’d like. We can pretend this never happened.”

“No, honey, it’s not that. It’ll never be that. I want this, God, I want this. You have to get back to work soon and I want to know when I can see you again.”

“It’s strange to ask this while my dick is inside you.”

“You’re so busy all the time and I have to know.”

I’m holding my mother in the air with my hard cock deep inside her wet pussy. Little drops of water drip out of her pussy and onto the floor beneath periodically. The janitors will just assume it’s from one of the mops. Her pants are at her ankles. Otherwise, I’m sure she’d wrap those gorgeous legs around me.

“How about I take you to the movies tomorrow night?” I suggest. “Is that okay?”

“That’d be wonderful, darling,” she replies putting both her hands on the side of my face. “We can see that new Spider-man.”

She leans forward and kisses me. This time it’s not so primal and erotic. It’s a gentle and loving kiss. Her lips softly press into mine. As we’re kissing I start bucking my hips again. This causes her to go from gentle to primal. Her tongue forcefully pushes past my lips and goes into my mouth. Her pussy tightens again, causing me to almost drop her. My mother’s pussy feels so good. It’s an indescribable bliss. Every thrust feels so divine. I know most religions frown on this and would consider us abominations. But this is the closest to heaven I’ve ever been. Who needs heaven when my mother’s pussy is here and all for me?

My mom starts moaning into my mouth as we kiss and I feel her pussy tighten and leak even more fluids than before. She must be cumming pendik escort and it’s causing me to cum as well. My hot cum shoots out of my dick and fills her up deep inside. Her body was so cold from being outside before this but now she’s so warm to touch.

I would savor this moment and attempt to get her to cum again but my break is almost over. I quickly pull my still hard dick out of her which causes her to squeal. We both quickly bend over to pull out pants back up but we bump our heads. This closet is so cramped. We both laugh at it and like a gentleman I let her pull her pants up first. I get a good look at her pussy before they are all the way up. It’s still so crazy to believe that I just came inside my mother’s pussy.

I pull mine up and we exit the closet. She gives me a quick innocent motherly peck on the cheek and heads towards the doors while holding her jacket. I walk back to the loading area to resume my shift.

Since I worked an overnight shift I wake up at night and have to quickly get showered and dressed. I’m excited to take my mom to the movies. I’ve taken many girls to the movies before but this is the only one that counts to me. It’s just a movie date so I guess I don’t need to wear anything too fancy. A movie date. I’m going on a movie date with my own mother. I’m getting butterflies in my stomach because of the woman who raised me. We’re so fucked up. But at least we’ve decided to be fucked up together. Nobody is taking advantage of anyone or leeching off anyone. We’re both getting what we want and we aren’t hurting anyone.

The ride to the theater is short. Just a little under 10 minutes from my mom’s condo. It’s hard to keep my eyes on the road when this beautiful woman is right next to me. Even though she is just sitting there quietly. Wearing simple jeans and a blue sweater. I can feel her desire. I wonder if she can feel mine?

“Eye’s on the road, son,” my mother instructs when I stare at her for a little too long.

“How can I keep my eyes on the road when you’re here?” I say back.

“You really think I’m pretty, huh?”


“Can I ask you something, hun?”


“I know what we have is real. I mean, I can feel it. I’ve never felt like this in my whole life. This is the love I’ve dreamed of having. Do you really find me attractive? Or does it just turn you on to fuck your mom and be in a rela- whatever this is with your mom?”

“If you weren’t my mother I’d still want you. I’d ask you out.”

“You would? I’d ask you out too, hun. You’d be my cute younger boyfriend. I think you’re really handsome. Son or not.”

My mother tried to pay for the tickets but I quickly pulled out my wallet and laid down cash. I want to treat my mother like a lady. Even if I am a broke college student. I want to treat her the way she should’ve been being treated all while I was growing up. I may not be able to afford luxury suites like my father but whatever I can do, I will do.

I also pay for our drinks and popcorn. On the walk to the theater, I can’t stop staring at her perfect ass. She knows I’m looking at it too, she’s putting a little more sway into every step. My head follows each swing. We make it to our seats in the very back and get situated.

“Now that we’re here, I have a confession to make.” My mother says. “I’ve never seen any of these Marvel movies.”

“Mom, what!?” I say in disbelief. “You’re gonna be so lost tonight. Why didn’t you pick a movie you wanted to see?”

“I know you want to see it and you deserve for all that overtime you’ve been putting in. My enjoyment will be from sitting next to the love of my life for two hours.”

“I’m the love of your life?”


The commercials begin but none of the movies look interesting. Everything is a remake, reboot, or based on a book. I’m just having quiet whispery conversations with my mom. I could do an evening of this. We don’t even need to see a movie.

“Do you know about Spider-man at least?” I ask her.

“I saw the one with Tobey years ago.” She answers and takes a sip from her straw.

“Well, aydınlı escort at least you partially will understand the character.”

The movie begins but I can hardly pay attention even though I’ve been waiting to see this. My eyes just keep wandering to my mother’s hair and her lipstick-covered lips. Her soft hands are putting popcorn into her mouth. I’m getting flashbacks to her hands grabbing my manhood and her mouth being filled with my cum. She seems entertained by the movie.

“I can feel you staring, babe,” my mother whispers softly into my ear and kisses my cheek gently.

“I’m sorry,” I say quietly.”

“Don’t be sorry.”

My mother reaches down between my legs and unzips my pants. She pulls my cock out and rubs it until it’s fully erect. She looks me in the eyes with a look of hunger. She quietly gets up and pulls her jeans and pantie down to her thighs and sits on my lap. Her ass and pussy are pressing into my cock. She wiggles her hips around a bit.

“Can we do something I’ve never done?” She whispers to me.

I look around the theater and everyone’s eyes are focused on the screen in front of us. This is risky, even if we weren’t related. A handjob in the theater is one thing but to full fuck e on my lap? That may be taking it too far. I don’t want to get caught at all but the idea of someone looking back and catching a mother fucking their son is exciting. The thought of it almost makes me cum. I don’t even have time to give a response because she stands up a little and grabs my cock.

She angles it and sits down. I feel my dick go inside a soft warm place but it’s not her pussy. My cock is all the way inside my mother’s tight ass. I know she’s going to start moaning any moment now so I put my hand over her mouth. She leans forward and starts panting. She starts swaying her hips back and forth, bringing me great pleasure.

These last few days I’ve been doing so much I’ve never done. Beyond doing the ultimate taboo of fucking my mother. I’ve never had sex or even been given a blowjob. I’ve never had a woman desire me like this. I’ve never felt this in love or this wanted. I’ve never felt the inside of a woman’s ass on my dick before. It feels different but amazing. I’m glad to be my mother’s first for this as well. I guess this is what she meant by “something I’ve never done.” I’m glad to be so young and experience this. I feel bad that my mother is 38 and is only just now experiencing true adoration and love for her body and time.

She isn’t fully fucking me because she doesn’t want to cause too much commotion. She’s just sliding her hips back and forth. She isn’t trying to pace it or make it last this time. She wants to make me cum before people have a chance to realize what we’re doing. I saw a few familiar faces in the theater when we came in. I saw some people I went to high school with and some parents of old friends. It’s exciting me even more that my dick is in my mother’s ass around them. We’re so fucked up but I don’t care.

I slide my hand up her sweater and grab her breast. Her nipple is hard and pointy. She continues fucking me and trying her best to hold back moans. I keep my hand securely over her mouth just in case. But if she lets out a loud moan it won’t matter that my hand is there.

She starts doing the shakes I’ve become familiar with by now. She’s cumming hard. I feel her back shake against my chest as my dick plows her ass. I start cumming as well and ropes of fluid shoot deep inside her. It feels perfect. I enjoy her pussy or mouth more but this is amazing in its own way. It’s not so much that an ass feels more amazing. Just the naughty idea that you’re fucking someone’s ass is thrilling.

As soon as I’m done cumming my mother quickly gets off my lap, pulls her pants back up and sits down next to me. She continues watching the movie as if nothing happened. I’m not even attempting to focus on the movie anymore. I’ll have to watch it again another time. I’m no longer staring at her but my head is filled with thoughts of her. She has a hold on me. It turns me on that she’s just peacefully sitting there and her tight ass is splattered with my cum. I think about it dripping back on her panties. She gently puts her hand on top of my hand on the armrest and leans her head on my shoulder. My god, I love this woman.

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