So Here I Am

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3D Porn

So here I am, silk red boxers. My clean body dried by a semi-clean towel. It was clean a week ago when I last visited my parents. The boxers have small hearts through out and they actually feel good on my balls. Now that I think about it, the feel is more like polyester and not silk. It looks like polyester and I have worn polyester, though not as underwear. I should probably stop looking as if I am looking at my penis. I might appear too anxious if she should walk in. She. Wow, I can’t believe she is here in my semi clean bedroom. To be fair, I did clear the floor by pushing most of the clutter into the closet. I know it is an old trick but it still seems to work. I happened to clean my chinchilla’s cage within the last few days so the room smelled mostly of pine and not feces. There is a smell in the room. I look nervously around the room. I smell my pits. Nope. I blow onto my hand and sniff. Nope. Kind of smells like clothes. Dirty clothes. I hear the bathroom fan turn off. She is on her way. I open the closet door and yank on a Warner Bros. sweatshirt sending the hanger violently into the shelf above. I toss the sweatshirt and it flies like an Italian flatbread revolving ever so slightly. The door cracks.


The sweatshirt lands quietly and efficiently covering the dirty clothes and hopefully the smell.

“Yes, sweetie?” I couldn’t see her through the partially ajar door.

“Close your eyes.” Not a question but a request. Many men have fallen prey to this same phrase. They close their eyes, hope for some reward. A sip from the nectar. Permission for that which is forbidden. Only to open there eyes and find their money gone with the bitch that took it. Or even worse, she ties you up, purring how bad she wants you. Coaxing you with what she wants to do to you. When she finally says to open your eyes, you find the room filled with her friends. All of them laughing at you and your penis which is painted white like a bad mine job.

I must choose. Is she the one who would tie me up and graffiti my fragile member or is she one who would actually steal what few dollars I had in my money clip and put it all on black.

I close my eyes.

I hear the door open all of the way. I move my hands from the protective soccer crotch grab to an attempt at a casual blind akimbo. The door closes and I my pulse quickens. I am certain she is pulling out the ropes for my wrist and opening the can of titanium white paint for my…

“Open you eyes.”

One breath. My eyes creep open and I see her. They close very fast. I look down to where her feet should be and I open my eyes again. I needed to take her in slowly and completely like the initial smell of your first cup of coffee.

Her legs are shaved. A ritual abandoned during the cooler months proved a wonderful gift during this mid-winter event. Her exposed knees are to my eyes a complex of curves, always soft and always inviting when she has enough confidence to bare them. Otherwise, they are merely a quick feel beneath a long skirt or nice rub while changing gears.

Those thighs. güvenilir bahis Fuck! Those fucking thighs always turn me on and now they speed up my already fast beating heart. I love to touch and caress them until my muscles ache or she tells me to stop. The latter is always true.

The bottom part of her lingerie is by far the best part of her sexy ensemble. It is a sheer skirt that is no longer than my hand is wide. It rides low on her hips, yet another part of her body I love to grip. The skirt. The skirt is flowing without a breeze and it’s black. Did I mention it is sheer? The skirt barely hides a small patch of fabric some called a bikini also black also sheer. Fuck! That is fucking hot!

Her top is a mini tank cami. It is black and sheer. Can you see the theme? The straps are small and thin. Her beast can easily be seen under the fan/light combo of my room. Delicious. I am sure the room is warm enough however, her nipples are definitely hard. I know I am.

Her hair is blonde and down. The gentle curls suggest they have been waiting to be released. That much preparation has been made for this unveiling. I know that she has recently had her hair done. I still don’t know what that means but the way the light was hitting it and how it fell like a golden waterfall from her head. I do know it was done right.

I ask her to spin by drawing a circle with my finger in the air.

As she rotates, I can see that the skirt not only doesn’t hide the front of her bikini but it doesn’t hide any of her butt. Her ass is protected first by the flowing sheer skirt and second by a string delicately hiding between her cheeks. I ask her to stop while her back is to me. I need to further inspect this view she has giving me. Each cheek is the perfect size of my hand. In fact, if I listen very carefully, I can hear her ass calling out to my hand, “grab me, smack me, squeeze me, please!”

“Come here,” I need to feel her body with my hands. I need to know if she is really as soft as she looks. She turns and walks toward me. I cannot stop looking her up and down. I have seen her naked before. But it seems that when she is partially clothed my sex drive is moving ten times faster.

She is close and I have to look into her eyes. Her blue eyes. I can see the fire that I always see. This time, this time the fire is burning with lust. I can see how turned on she is. At that moment, she bits her lip. I need her now. I put my arms around her waist and pull her to me. My first kiss is soft lip to lip kiss. She then takes my lower lip into her mouth and sucks on it. I smooth my hands down her back and grab that ass. She lets off a little moan. It is then I drive my tongue into her mouth. Never gentle fencing, our tongues engage in battle to the death. They dart in and out of each other’s mouth, mixing spit.

I move my right hand from its pleasant resting place on her ass cheek and slid it down her thigh. Her skin is tight and feels good on my rough palm. I come back up her leg on the inside as she shifts her weight so she can open her legs a little wider. I rub türkçe bahis the outside of her bikini and she jerks and almost bites my tongue off.

She breaks our kiss, “Sorry, you startled me.”

“It is ok.” I put my hand back between her legs and brush the crease where her leg joins the torso. She shivers and her eyes roll back. When her eyes snap back, she dives tongue first into my mouth exploring every filling I might have ever had.

My finger finds its way under her bikini and touches the lips of her vagina. My left hand squeezes her ass as my right hand opens her up and my finger slides in.

“You are so wet.” She blushes with pride and partial embarrassment.

She pushes me backward and I fall rather gracefully on the bed. I scoot up and center myself on the mattress. My eyes are locked in on her body. Up and down they scan her skin, her lingerie, her hair… She crosses her arms and grabs the bottom of her cami.

“No.” I don’t mean to startle her, “I want you to leave it on.”

She smiles and nods slowly as she releases her top. She touches my shins and I give my involuntary shiver. Her hands gently slide up my legs, past my knees and to the bottom of my boxers. She takes the boxers into her hands and pulls them down towards my feet. I have to lift my ass to help. There I am, erect. Waiting for her. She crawls up on to the bed and like the cat that she is, walks on all fours. Her head dips down to purr next to my knee. I close my eyes enjoying the sensation and my penis pulses. When my eyes open, they are locked into hers. Her face is hovering over my balls. I can feel her breath, slow and with purpose. She sticks her tongue out and with it touches the base of my shaft. Her tongue is soft and warm as she licks the length of my penis. She kisses the tip and continues up my body. Her head is close enough to make my chest hair move with each passing breath. I can feel her thighs against my thighs. I can feel how soft they are when she sits on my crotch, pressing my dick into me. She is sitting with her back straight looking down at me. She lifts her self off of me and I think that I have done something wrong. I look down at my poor penis to apologies but see that she is adjusting her bikini to the side. Her other hand takes my cock and put the tip to her pussy. With her other hand she opens herself up and I slid right in.

I have never slid so easily into a pussy before in my life. I have never felt this kind of wet before. She is not super wet were you can’t feel anything. And not wet enough were it feels like grip tape is on your dick. It is perfect. I realize my eyes are closed as she starts her gentle rocking. I am reminded of how fucking hot she looks in the lingerie when I open my eyes. The skirt/bottoms sit high on her thighs and lightly move with her swaying.

She lies down on my chest and puts her head on my shoulder with her mouth next to my ear, “Do you mind if I squeeze a little?”

“No, I am really close.” I know, I know, I should be able to last all night. The truth is that she is so fucking hot right now güvenilir bahis siteleri and there was such a good build up, I am going to explode and I am going to do it soon. So, if she can get her fix in quick, we will both get off.

She drives my dick as far into her as it will go and stops moving. Very subtly at first, I can feel the light squeeze of her vaginal walls. Her breath is steady with the contractions. The light squeeze gradually becomes a kung-fu grip. The intervals also increase.

My hand meanwhile has been exploring how soft her body really is. I can feel the smooth line of her back as it dips before it blooms into the wonderfulness of her ass. While one hand explores the other squeeze her ass, an answer the earlier call.

“Can you play a little?” she asks between the constrictions of her pussy. I stop grabbing her ass and slid my hand to where she fully engulfed my penis. I use my fingers like sponges and absorb some of her wetness. I slip back up her crack to her little pucker, waiting for some action. With my wet fingers, I rub her anus like a record spinning right round right round. This is where she must store her nitrous because she starts riding me. Sometimes I dip my finger into her tight anus and then continue the circular rubbing.

“Are you ready?” she says, I must have paying too much attention to her body that I forgot about me.

“I need you on top.” She jumps off of me before I have a chance to answer. I sit up and leap off the bed covering my penis. I don’t want to lose any of her juices. By the time I turn around she is already on her back with legs spread, waiting. I get into position and slide in gently, still wet, still perfect.

“I need you to fuck me hard.”

“Yes, ma’mm.” I normally start slow and work my way up to a good railing but it sounds like she wants to skip all the other stuff. That means that she is just as turned on as I am. I start giving it too her. With the first thrust I though I knocked the wind out of her. With a quick glance, I saw her eyes were in the back of her head. She is better than ok. I keep up the pace trying to give her the full length of my shaft. I can feel my balls slapping against her asshole which is more sensitive thanks to my rub around.

Shit. I can feel my dick throbbing. The point of no return. I lay down on her and start to give her my last few drives. She moans in sync with my hips and as she gets higher in pitch I know that she is close. Knowing that she is close pushes me over the edge. I don’t care how loud I am. I groan as I cum. I cum hard. I can feel her walls shivering as she lets out a wavering moan.

I slowly give her a few more half hearted thrust to ease her down. I finally collapse on her. Both of us are breath very heavy now. I pull myself up so I don’t crush her and give her a light kiss on the lips.

“Thank you, honey.” The fire in her eyes has not died out.

“Thank you.” I realize that I am still inside her. I feel safe and warm, “Ready?”

She nods. I slowly pull out and cringe at the how cool the air has become.

“Do you want to take a shower?”

She nods and gets up. I see her step is light and her ass looks awesome. I can feel my dick twitch as her butt bounces to the bathroom.

But that is a different story for a different time.

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