Sock Hop

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Big Dick

I’m not sure whose idea it was to do a 50’s day at school, but the class went for it and my mom helped me get an outfit together for the day. We went to the charity thrift shop and found a nice shirtwaist dress with a really full skirt for me to wear. She had to go online to find a petticoat to wear underneath, but in the mean time, she found other things like a “bullet” bra and saddle oxfords like the girls wore back then.

I thought the bra was weird. It wasn’t a natural shape for a girl’s boobs, but it was kinda like a cone. It wasn’t as comfortable as my usual bras but it wasn’t really bad. It really looked different, making my boobs really stand out. When the day came, mom helped me get dressed. I wore ankle socks with my shoes, rather than any stockings. I told her that the girdles girls wore back then looked uncomfortable. She laughed and agreed.

“Dear, the only weird thing is that going to the bathroom wearing really full petticoats can be difficult. Lots of times the girls went to the bathroom with another girl to help her take her slip off and then put it back on after she did her business. I know it sounds strange, but most girls got used to helping each other with their things.”

“Ewwww, mom. I’m not sure I can do that. Reaching under another girl’s skirt? How gay is that?”

She chuckled. “Back then, it probably wasn’t gay at all. I know there were lesbians back then. They’ve always been around, but they kept their orientation very secret. They tended to date boys in high school and get married to men and just found other women later in life, I guess. My Aunt Ellie, your great Aunt, is gay. She’s been living with another woman for years, but she married a man and had children before they divorced.”

“I didn’t know Aunt Ellie was gay. She’s so nice.”

“Yes, dear. She’s truly a lovely woman and nice to everybody. Being gay doesn’t prevent people from being good citizens and nice people.”

I thought about that. I know a gay girl at school who’s really way out of the closet and she’s in your face about it, but she helped me with a school assignment and I thought she was really nice when she didn’t have her feathers all up. “Yeah, mom, that makes sense. Anyway, I don’t need a gay girl to help me with my clothes. Maybe I can just not have to go to the girls’ room that day.”

She smiled at me as she smoothed the dress around the full petticoats I was wearing. “Whatever. Just find a friend or maybe you can just take off your petticoat in the girls room and hang it up before you go or something. What’s Julie wearing?”

Julie’s my BFF. We do everything together. “Her mom found her a dress like mine, just hers is in pink and mine’s blue.”

Mom chuckled. “Well, the Bobbsie Twins ride again. I’m sure both of you will be amazingly cute.”

She sat me down and made me up like a 50’s girl, down to really bright red lipstick. I usually wear my hair in a long pony tail and that was in style back then, so nothing new there.

I met Julie at our lockers. Her dress was just like mine. It has a fitted bodice and it buttons up the front from the waist. The short sleeves have cuffs and there are breast pockets. The skirt parts are very full and they fall to just below our knees. I looked at the reflection of us in the trophy case in the hall. “You look very girly, Jules.”

She grinned. “So do you, Babe. These are really fun dresses. When I twirl, my skirt flies way out. You should try it.”

There were a bunch of kids in the hall, going to their first period classes, but I found a gap in the traffic and gave it a twirl. A couple of the boys whistled and I grinned. One of our girl friends said, “You two look very cute! Are you going to the sock hop?”

“Oh, yeah. Ya gotta dance in a dress like this.”

Julie looked at me in consternation. “Do you know those dances, Babe?”

“Oh, for sure. I’ll teach you. It’s easy.”

On our lunch hour, we found an empty classroom and I played some 50’s era rock on my phone and I taught her how to jitterbug and swing dancing. It was lots of fun and when school was done, we met in the gym where the dance was being held.

We had a fabulous time dancing and talking with our friends. When we danced, we made sure to do a lot of swing moves and twirls to make our petticoats stand out really far. Everybody loved seeing as much up our dresses as they could. I never could see Julie’s panties or anything, but I did see lots of pouty petticoats and I thought that was really cute and sexy. By the end of the day, we agreed that the clothes we wore were really fun.

I had to go to the bathroom after all the punch I drank and everything. “Julie, you gotta help me. Come with me to the girls’ room, okay?”

“Sure, Babe. You got it.”

We went to the girls’ locker room and I turned to her. “Jules, you gotta help me with my petticoats. I have to take them off to pee.”

She laughed. “Okay, Babe. Just lift up your dress for me.”

I did and she fiddled around with the ties for a second and then Bahçeşehir Escort I felt the petticoat drop from my waist and I stepped out of it. I got into a stall and gathered my dress around and dropped my panties so I could pee. The funny thing was that Julie stepped into the stall with me and watched as I let go. It was an amazing relief. I didn’t realize how badly I needed to go.

I could feel her skirts brushing against my legs as she pulled a wad of TP from the roll. I reached for it, but she shook her head. “Hold your skirt up, Babe. I’ll do it for you.”

I managed to hold all of the material up and out of the way and Julie leaned over and thoroughly wiped my pussy dry. She seemed to take her time and I felt her finger between my labia, brushing against my clit and it felt amazing. “Jules?”

She dropped the paper in the toilet and kissed me. “I love you, Babe. I really love you, you know.”

She gave me a hand to get up and I reached down to pull my panties up, dropping my dress again. She gathered my petticoats and I steadied myself on her shoulders as she held them for me, smiling. Her smile made me feel warm and funny and all of a sudden, I felt my panties begin to moisten.

She disappeared under my dress to fasten the ties of my petticoats snugly around my waist and then gave me a quick hug around my hips. I felt her kiss me over my mound as she did just before she got out from underneath, letting my dress fall in place again.

I didn’t know what to say or do, but Julie had things in hand. She took me in her arms and hugged me. I hugged her back and she really turned me on with a kiss on the back of my neck. I’m so sensitive there, it’s a guaranteed turnon for me.

I was confused. I’ve always considered myself straight. I’ve only dated boys and had fun with them, but Julie made me feel so good. “Jules? Have you always felt this way?”

I don’t know how to describe the feeling of our skirts crushed together, our titties tight through our bullet bras and everything, but I felt very girly and quite loved at that moment.

“Yes, Babe. I’ve always loved you. You’re my best friend ever and I want to be with you always. If that’s not what you want, I’ll try to understand, but I think I need you. It’s like nobody could ever be what you are to me.”

I held onto her tightly. “Jules, I don’t know what to say, but I love you, too. Is this like you want us to be girlfriends or something?”

I could feel wetness on her cheek against mine. I was crying, too, then. I spread my legs and tried to pull her even closer. She took the hint and her thigh pushed between mine. I don’t know why it felt that way, but the massive volume of material in our dresses and underwear seemed to make it even sexier if that makes sense.

“Babe, would you come home with me tonight? Mom’s okay with you sleeping over and we could call your mom and see if that’s okay with her.”

I realized what she really wanted and I considered it for a moment. This was a major change in our relationship, but I thought I wanted her, too.

“Yeah, Jules. Besides, I think I need your help in getting out of this dress. After that, you can do what you want with me.”

“You have to get me out of my dress, too, Babe.”

“I think that’s going to be fun. I want to stop by my house to get a few things, okay?”

“I drove mom’s car here, so it’s no problem. Ready to go?”

We got our jackets from our lockers and walked out to her car. As we walked, she took my hand in hers and it felt wonderful to have her warmth feeding me. Getting in the car, wearing a really full dress is a challenge all its own. I gathered my skirt as closely around me as I could and Julie checked to see we weren’t trapping any of it in the car door. It took two tries and I think she caught her dress in her door, but it wasn’t a long drive to my home, so she shrugged and drove there. We got out and I opened the door so we could troop inside.

Mom met us in the kitchen. “You girls look so cute, let me take your pictures. I’m putting you up on my Facebook page.”

She retrieved her phone from her purse and had us pose in the living room together. We played it up, doing some swing dance moves and she spun me around, making my skirt fly way out. I liked that. She apparently did, too. She told me how much she liked my legs and how I should begin wearing stockings. I agreed with that, feeling that anything that made me more attractive to Julie would be good.

After about a hundred photos or so, I took Julie by the hand up to my bedroom to change. As soon as the door closed, we were in each other’s arms, kissing. The feel of her mouth clamped to mine was exciting. I again began to feel new moisture seeping into my panties.

Holding each other closely, our titties rubbing together again, Julie put her hands on my ass through my dress and pulled my pelvis toward hers. She kind of humped me and it felt marvelous to me. I began to hump her in return, in synch with her. We both began to breathe faster Beylikdüzü Escort and I wanted more.

Her hand was on my breast through the top of my dress and I dropped one of my hands to feel her mound through her clothes. I couldn’t feel much, but she liked the pressure on her lady parts, so I kept it up, rubbing up and down.

She started to unbutton the top of my dress and I kissed her repeatedly as she began to undress me. She got the top undone and took a look at my bullet bra, bending forward to kiss my titties through my bra. I was working on hiking her skirt up, pulling her petticoats up to get my hand on her ass through her panties. All this time, she was cupping my breasts through my vintage bra and it felt amazing to me. Somehow, her touch was so much better and sexier than any of my boyfriends’ had ever been.

I got both of my hands under her clothes and I was holding both globes of her ass, squeezing them and insinuating my pointer fingers into the cleft of her ass, touching her just over her asshole. As I began to stroke her there so gently, she moaned and reached behind me to unhook my bra. She took it off of my shoulders and laid it down, returning her hands to my boobies. Her touch on my breasts, her gentle friction on my areolae, and the erection of my nipples was exciting beyond belief.

I reached into her panties from the waist band and worked my hands to her bottom, stroking her cute ass and then working my hands lower toward her vulva. She shivered and moaned as my finger found its way inside her vagina, teasing just the entrance. Her legs spread apart even more and she then removed her hands from my breasts, unzipping the back of the skirt part of my dress to get it off of me. She tried to pull it down, but she was stymied by the fullness of my petticoats. Instead, she pulled my dress up and off of me as I raised my arms, temporarily interrupting my invasion of her lady parts.

Throwing my dress onto my chair, she moved to my front and worked on untying my petticoat strings. Somehow, she’d tied some kind of a knot and she had to look closely at what she was doing. I had to stop caressing her. I looked at the finger that had been in her vagina. It was moist with her juices. I held it up to my nose and took a sniff. It was a lovely, musky scent that seemed just like Julie’s usual scent. It occurred to me that I’d smelled her arousal before when we’d had sleepovers and just been changing clothes or sleeping together. I tasted her tentatively and then I stuck my finger into my mouth more fully, enjoying her unique taste.

“You taste so good. I love how you taste, Jules.”

She grunted as she got the knot undone in my petticoat and felt it slip over my hips and to the floor. Again, I stepped out of my slip and Julie tossed it onto my chair. She took a moment to give me a kiss through my panties, but I didn’t want to delay getting her out of her dress.

I kissed her deeply again as my hands worked to her front to undo her buttons and then the zipper in the back of her skirt. I tugged her sleeves off of her arms and then I lifted up her dress to get to her petticoats. Hers were held up by a button and zipper, so I didn’t have to undo any knots. I opened her petticoats and slid them down. She stepped out of her slip and I got her out of her dress, too. We made a lovely pile of feminine things and turned to each other again.

Her bra was a lot like mine, white and almost starched with concentric stitching on the cups of her bra. I couldn’t resist holding her breasts as she’d done mine. I slid my hand into her cups, feeling and totally enjoying the warmth of her bosom. I rubbed and pinched her nipples to make them hard before I unclipped her bra, revealing her amazing titties. I’d seen them before, of course, but this time was different. We were becoming lovers.

We were finally down to just our panties. My Julie is the prettiest girl I know. Just seeing her was making me horny. I can’t believe she had chosen me, of all the girls we know, to be intimate with. It made me feel shy, almost intimidated.

I was looking down at the floor when she tipped my head up to kiss me again. “Babe, I can’t believe how beautiful you are. I’m the luckiest girl in the world.”

“Me? Beautiful? You’re the gorgeous one. Everybody knows you’re the prettiest girl in our school.”

She chuckled and pulled me close to her. We just hugged each other and rocked in each other’s arms. I was leaking tears again and she grinned as she wiped them from my eyes and cheeks. “Babe, I’ve known you forever and you’re the best person ever. Yeah, you’re really cute, too, and that’s a bonus, but you’re kind, friendly, helpful, compassionate, oh everything I could ever want in a girlfriend or in a wife, for that matter.”

I was shocked for a moment. “A wife? Are you a lesbian or something?”

She gave me a sardonic smile. “Or something, I guess. I like guys and I like what they have between their legs. Sex with a boy is fun, but it isn’t what will make a marriage and a life. It’s just something fun to do. Does that make any sense? The person I want to wake up in the morning with is a girl. I want to have sex with her and I want to be her best friend ever and always. I want to be on the same wave length with my spouse, my partner, in everything. I guess that makes me bisexual or something, but you”re the one I want in my life every day.

“I’ve thought about it forever. When we decide to become mommies, either or both of us can get a guy to fuck us and get us pregnant and raise our children ourselves. It will be fun to get pregnant and we’ll have a woman to take care of and to be taken care of. I like the sex with guys, I just want a life with you.”

She continued to hug and cuddle me. I was gobsmacked. My bestie just proposed to me. I’ve always loved being with her, I just never thought of her like that. Until now, that is. I had to sit down. I sat on my bed and Julie sat next to me, her arm around my shoulders.

“Too much?”

I looked at her and kissed her on her mouth. Gently, softly. I was crying again. “Jules, that’s the most beautiful thing I ever heard of. It makes so much sense, I can’t believe it. I don’t want boys to fuck me. I just don’t like it. They’re just so rough and I don’t like rough. I gotta think about this, okay?”

We held each other and alternated kissing and crying. I’ve never been so emotional in my life. I didn’t know what to do, but I didn’t want to let go of Julie. She’s the best friend I’ve ever had. I began to think about life beyond high school and later on, too.

We’d already applied to and been accepted by the state University and we’d planned to room together. Of course, seducing me and my joy in it changed the complexion of things, but it didn’t change my happiness in being with Julie.

“We should live together as girlfriends, lovers, whatever and see how we like that. There’s no rush to get married or anything like that, I don’t think.”

She hugged me tight, again and kissed my cheek, my ear, my mouth. “Yes, Babes. You’re so smart. You’re right, of course. I just love you so much and I’ve wanted to tell you that for ever.”

“Jules, I love you, too. I just need you. I don’t understand it, but I need you more than ever. My dearest love.”

With that, she kissed me and began to make love to my breasts again. Kissing my neck, she worked her way down to my breast and kissed it all over. She ultimately sucked both of my nipples and made them so sensitive. I almost came from that, but she didn’t let me get there.

She got on her knees and tugged my panties down and off. I saw her peek into them and smiled as she took a quick sniff. “You want to take them home with you? You could leave yours for me.”

“Thank you, Babe. I want them lots.”

She positioned herself between my thighs and began to touch me all over. Bending down, she began to kiss my tummy and points south from there, down to my mound. I opened my legs even more. It felt so good, I never wanted her to stop.

She smiled at me and kissed me on my labia. I moaned softly. She began to gently lick my external labia up and down and it made me want more. I reached down to pull my pussy open for her.

She took a deep breath and whispered, “So beautiful.”

I pulled a pillow under my neck so I could watch what she was doing to me and then I reached down to open myself up for her. She lapped up and down my open cunt, causing spasms of pleasure to shoot through me. Licking more and more deeply, I began to breathe more rapidly and I pushed my hips up to get as much as possible.

She found my clit and began to circle it with her tongue. I gasped again, putting my hand on the back of her head to pull her deep. Her licking and sucking rapidly raised me to the threshold of my orgasm. She pushed a finger into my vagina, touching my G spot and that pushed me over the brink. I began to cum in her face. I could feel the wetness leaking out of me as I shook and squeezed her finger inside me.

She pulled up to lie on top of me. I saw her face was dripping with my juice and I took a taste experimentally. Not bad, really.

It was my turn and I wanted her pretty badly. First I just wanted to hold her, though. That’s one way girls are better lovers than boys. After they come, they still want to keep going.

I flipped her onto her back and climbed on top of her. Still feeling the relaxation that a great orgasm brings, I began to kiss her everywhere I could reach. The look on her face was yearning and loving at the same time. I think she was a little anxious, too. I mean she’d just seduced a girl and she didn’t know yet whether it was a good thing or not.

I determined to make it a very good thing. It was my first time making love with another girl and I wasn’t sure what to do for her, so I decided just to do stuff that makes me feel good when I look at porn and masturbate. I caressed her breasts slowly, gradually working my way inward toward her nipples. Running a spiral pattern on her areolae, I moved closer and closer to her nipples. They began to get bigger as I did. I loved seeing this. Mine do the same thing and I suppose most girls’ do, but I think it’s exciting anyway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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