Sometimes You Have a Feeling

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Sometimes you just have a feeling…

It was the second time they had met. She sat across the small 2-top from him at the restaurant thinking about that feeling. She was having it again. It felt nice. She was learning to trust it. The feeling was a combination of confidence and excitement mixed with a little vulnerability. The vulnerability was like the wasabi in the soy. It heated her spirit, mind, and especially in her body. When she felt she could be vulnerable with someone her body responded. It wasn’t rational, but she was learning that it was not wrong.

He had that vibe that made her know she could let him take control — he would absolutely TAKE control of her, all of her, in the way that made her feel complete. Her body was responding already and she was willing to bet he could tell. She knew her nipples were getting hard and her stomach was tightening. She could tell her pussy was wet and her clit was swelling with desire.

Could he?

Could he tell all this by looking at her? She imagined he could. His eyes noticed things. His eyes saw her in ways few men ever had. They had met online. He had emailed her, very politely and professionally, asking her to connect him with a friend of hers that he needed to talk to about a project. She had been willing to help. The project went well and he said he owed her one. That one had been a quick drink in the bar at his hotel. She lived about an hour away from the hotel, but had happened to be in town on a day he was there, so she’d agreed to meet. It was a public place, limited time, and he didn’t give the creep vibe. She knew all about creeps.

She’d had a bit of the feeling during their first minutes together. He had been friendly and was somehow able to get her to open up a bit more about herself than she had intended. He seemed interested in her life and experiences. Most men she met were only interested in her body. She had done some modeling and was naturally proportioned. He looked in her eyes. He gave her a nice small piece of art as a thank-you gift. They talked for about a half hour (because she’d been delayed in traffic), and then they both had to go. Her to a modeling gig for some artists and he out for dinner with clients. When he touched her it was in no way inappropriate, but it was intentional. Her vulnerability was touched at the instant their skin connected. She knew what he could do with her if she let him. At that moment, her imagination was sparked. She had the feeling. It had been growing stronger.

It had taken a while, 2 or 3 months, before their schedules allowed this second meeting. Dinner this time. Not so public. Not so controlled by time. Not so safe. Now her pussy was wanting attention. She wanted to touch her clit, but she knew he would notice that for sure. She could tell he was attracted to her. All straight men were attracted to her, but he was wasn’t hitting on her. Damn, he had some control. She wanted him to take control of her at the same time he let go of that control on himself. Her nipples were hard. He was asking her about her business ideas and giving her some great advice. He had experience in all these different things, she wondered if he had experience with a submissive woman. She was submissive. She was confident in herself and what she was doing in her life, but in the bedroom she wanted to surrender to the energy of being, being…his. She didn’t want to be owned, used, hurt, or humiliated. She just wanted to be, his. She felt like he might understand.

“Sometimes people just need to be made love to.”

There, she said it. She had sent a signal. She had dropped the words masterfully into the end of a piece of conversation. Subtle. Easy to miss. Easy to ignore if she was wrong. Easy to recast if she was really wrong.

She was right. He was paying attention. He didn’t miss much of a beat, but his eyes changed. His body shifted. He understood. She had that feeling.

Sometimes you just have a feeling…

He had thought there was something especially attractive about this woman at the moment saw her picture online. There was something in her eyes that made him think she was looking at HIM. That was silly of course. At the instant some photographer half a country away from him had snapped the image, she had not known he existed.

But he had that feeling and he always paid attention to that feeling.

That feeling didn’t just come when looking at a beautiful woman. Sometimes it came when meeting a person for business and knowing an opportunity was headed his way. But, when it was with women, the feeling told him she could be his, would open herself to him if the circumstances were right, would let him taste her soul. Yes, he could be a wolf, hunting, dominant, but not the kind that hurt people.

He didn’t take charge to feed his ego…well, most of the time that wasn’t the reason. He took charge because that’s how people acted around him. It had always been that way. He had been the leader in elementary school, the President of his 4-H club, the President of his college fraternity, the top sales guy in several güvenilir bahis companies, asked to serve on Boards, all that stuff. Sometimes he took control. Usually control was willingly, joyfully given to him. It was her willing and complete surrender of control being offered to him when he saw her picture. It was her submission he saw. He didn’t hurt women. Nothing turned him off faster or pissed him off more than women being treated with disrespect of any kind. No, he was attuned to the submission offered behind closed doors between a man and a woman.

That was the feeling he had when they had met the first time.

That was the feeling he had now.

But she had not actually offered herself. Yet.

Maybe he was wrong.

Maybe she thought he was just another horny old man. He wasn’t old, although his kids joked he was, but he was older than she. She was beautiful. At the moment she was beautiful in exactly the way that turned him on most, casual. She wasn’t dressed up. Her hair & make-up were not done. She was just being her natural self. Granted, she didn’t have her glasses on, and he had a thing for girls in glasses. He would have to correct her on that point. Her hair was pulled back simply. She was just out meeting a friend. So, he had to be careful.

He wanted to communicate his interest without being a creep. He wanted her, but he wanted her to offer herself willingly. The surrender was always sweetest when offered voluntarily as the result of only the subtlest of chase. So, he talked about her business ideas, which were actually pretty good. He talked about the nuances of her networking circle. He wanted to touch her. He wanted her to feel the strain his cock was developing in his pants. He wanted to watch her eyes as she wrapped her mouth around his cock for the first time. He wanted to hear her gasp as he stretched her little pussy wide and slid into her. She was such a small thing. Tight. Exquisite. He knew he wasn’t porn star huge, but he knew he was well bigger than average and that after a night together she would be sore. Smiling, but sore. He wondered if he could fit his cock in her little ass…

What was that?

Did she just say what he thought he heard?

Yes, she had said “sometimes people just need to be made love to…” or something very close to that.

He was sure of it.

That was her offer. Finally. He wasn’t wrong.

Mmmmm. He could already taste the change in the energy. He could taste her surrender. No need to pounce. The end of the chase was decided. She was his, or soon would be. Now he just had to let her know she was wanted, that her offer was accepted, and make sure there was no question of her submissiveness. Like in the old Meat Loaf song, “On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?”


“I’d like that.” He said in response to her veiled offer to make love.

She smiled knowingly. She was smart.

He felt like he couldn’t pay the check fast enough, but at the same time didn’t want to rush. His hotel was just down the block. They had all night, and the anticipation had been months, a few more minutes to savor the confirmation of that initial feeling were always a joy. With her the confirmation was about a thousand times more sweet because she was something special. That combination of inner and outer beauty plus the submissive energy were more intoxicating than any fine scotch had ever been. Far more rare & infinitely more valuable.

Walking back to his hotel, he told her she was welcome to come up.

“I’d like that.” She responded with intention mirroring of his earlier casual understatement. She was smart. She was alive and awake and conscious to this moment. Such moments were like permanent snapshots in his mind. He was a very visual person and knew this moment would be in his mind’s eye for the rest of his life. Maybe even the next several lives. He was pretty sure that although visual communication was a big part of her life & profession, that she experienced the world audibly. The sounds of the moment registered in her mind. He would make sure that she had plenty of audio to remember this night.

The doormen smiled as only bellmen smile when they walked into the lobby and directly to the elevators. They were not touching. Discretion in this hotel lobby was important to him because he stayed there whenever he was in town. They knew him. They also knew which company he worked for so they could easily think she was one of his colleagues, although she was way better looking than anyone else from his company, younger than most of them, and they couldn’t remember seeing her before. No matter. It’s a hotel. Sometimes things happen in hotels that are better left unmentioned, especially when it’s a good-tipping, polite, charismatic regular guest like Him.

The suite was nice. Wait, she thought, this isn’t a suite technically – just a damn nice room with a huge king bed. She felt at ease with him. She knew she could open up completely, not just her body, but her guard. He wouldn’t hurt her. She could türkçe bahis let down that fucking guard completely. She didn’t have to hold any of the shields up to keep people from getting to close or seeing even a glimpse of who she really was. Her public persona could disappear. Her professional persona could be set aside. Her effort at being a grown up could be abandoned. She would still be a woman for him, because Woman was part of her innermost self. She also wanted this man to hold and comfort the frightened Little Girl doing her best to face a very big world. She didn’t have incest fantasies, but the idea of having this older, handsome, intense man teach her more about her womanhood and then wrap her in those strong arms made her want to cum and cry at the same time.

She had been with older men before. She was drawn to them. She wanted to feel like a woman and a little girl all at the same time. Men her age, or even men in their thirties just didn’t get it. They couldn’t. They had not lived enough of life to experience power and vulnerability. Yet older men had disappointed her. Sometimes she had gone to their rooms because she liked them as people and knew they needed to feel a little love. She enjoyed giving pleasure to these men. She truly liked and respected them. They were gentle with her. Usually they were almost funny in their giddiness about being able to fuck a younger and beautiful woman. But, however nice they were, there was still an element of pity-fuck in it. She knew they didn’t get enough at home. She liked them, but she pitied them too. She liked people’s spirits and so even if they were not the best looking, or even all that great in bed, she enjoyed being with them, even when it left her feeling a little empty. At least older guys usually knew how to make a woman cum, even if some of them needed some coaching. They had vasectomies too. Bonus.

This time it felt different. She prayed it would be different. She prayed He understood. He was not a pity fuck. He wouldn’t accept a pity fuck. He would be insulted by that and she expected that he was the kind of man that got hit on by women at business conferences regularly and said “no.” He was different.

He put out the Do Not Disturb hanger, closed, and locked the door.

She sat her bag down on the desk next to his two laptops, one PC, one Mac.

She heard him slip off his shoes and move slowly up behind her. The sound made her heart race and goosebumps covered her forearms. Heat and wetness flooded her pussy and her breath caught in her chest.

Yes, he was different. He knew.

He wrapped his arms around her & just held her for a few seconds. He breathed in the scent of her hair. He brushed his lips gently across her neck just behind her ear. He felt that kiss send a shiver through her entire being. It was the first time his lips had touched her and it was a gift, a promise of things to come. It told her that she was safe here. He didn’t say a word as he let go of her and moved to the room’s refrigerator and pulled out two bottles of water. He handed one to her with a smile.

“Hydration is important.” He said with the inference that she would be needing to replenish the liquids that he would have dripping out of her as they enjoyed the rest of their evening.

He took a drink and excused himself to the bathroom where she could hear him taking a pee and then brushing his teeth. She liked that he was not in a hurry, that he could control the pace of his desire. When he came out, she handed him her water bottle and took her turn in the bathroom. Yes, she had to pee too and wanted to be fresh for what was to come. She took a minute to brush her teeth too. She knew their mouths and breath would quickly be the same, commingled with the tastes of their bodies. That thought made her wet. She loved the taste of her own pussy on a man’s mouth and cock. She loved the taste of cum (usually) and especially the taste of sweet earthy semen mixed with her own salty sweet pussy after a man filled her and she was bringing his cock back to life in her mouth. She loved the rawness of licking and sucking all that pure sex off a man. It never failed to get her lover hard again and between his cum and new wetness sucking that messy cock always gave her, the second fuck was usually more intense than the first. But this was the first time for them together and though she knew it wouldn’t be the last, she wanted to enjoy this experience.

As she came out of the bathroom, she was happy to see that he had connected some music to the room’s bluetooth speaker. She hadn’t expected him to turn on the fucking TV or anything, but she was glad he liked music when making love. Music would also cover some of the noise she expected they would be making soon. He had turned off most of the lights, but not all. So, he wanted to see. That made her feel beautiful. It wasn’t obnoxious light, but it would be enough. She wanted to see him too. She wanted to hear him respond to the things she hoped would catch him by surprise, the erotic parts of her that most people didn’t think she possessed. güvenilir bahis siteleri She wanted to see him too. She wanted to see the line of his back. She wanted to see his arms flex. She wanted to see his eyes, blue and intense. She wanted to see his legs. She’d only seen him in corporate clothes. She wanted to see if what she thought was under there was under there.

“I’m glad you are here with me.” He said.

“I’m glad we are here together.” She said as she stepped close to him.

He reached out one hand and laced the fingers through her hair at the nape of her neck firmly, but gently and pulled her close. His hand tilted her head up so their lips could meet. His lips were strong and soft. They parted and his tongue reached to hers. She opened for him. It took only the space of a few pounding heartbeats for the opening of her lips to expand from her lips to her breathing, from her breath to her pulse, from her pulse to her hips, and from her hips to her soul. She didn’t open her arms to put them around him. Maybe she would do that later. Right now, she put one hand on his upper arm and felt the muscle there. He was solid. She put her other hand on the outside of his pants and stroked his cock. It grew hard immediately under her touch. The fabric was amazing, not the course feeling of jeans, but the satin feel of well tailored power. The power of his body wrapped her. The power of his cock responded to her hand and she knew she wanted him in every part of her body and being.

At her touch he let out a sound like a hunting lion from deep in his throat. The hand in her hair tightened its grip just a bit. The other hand moved slowly down the curve of her spine. His kisses became more intense. His lips moved from her lips to her cheeks, then down to her throat. She opened for him again. His tongue touched her pulse. The beating of her heart jumped to another level. His lips took in her earlobe, which tickled a little, then his breath was in her ear. The sound sent another wave of goosebumps from her shoulders to her knees. She moved her hand to his zipper, then past his underwear and worked his cock free from its prison.

He was circumcised, which she liked a little better than not, and the skin itself was buttery smooth and soft as it encased the hardness of his length. He was big. She had been with bigger guys and she had been with smaller guys. At some point it’s true that size doesn’t matter, as long as it’s not too small or too big. He wasn’t too small. He might be a little too big, but that was a problem she was willing to solve. The head was amazing. She moved down and stroked it with both hands, looking at it, watching it respond to her touch. She looked up and saw him watching her. She kept looking him in the eye as she stroked him. She smiled. She liked what she saw in his eyes. Desire. Need. Lust. Powerful lust.

She didn’t tease him. It wasn’t the time. His need required more and so did hers. She wrapped her lips around the tip, flicked it with her tongue to taste and savor the pre-cum that was already starting to run down the head. That sweetness filled her mouth as she took as much of the shaft into her mouth and throat as she could. She started to gag a little and pulled back. He moved her hair back from her face and stroked her head as she worked his cock in and out of her mouth from the tip to as deep as she could get. As her throat relaxed and warmed up she was able to go a little deeper each time. He started to move with her, never taking his eyes off the scene of her mouth moving up and down his shaft. She added her hand to the strokes. She knew she could make him cum this way, maybe even against his will. She kept moving. She could smell his skin. Feel the heat of him in her mouth. Her lips were going numb and he kept moving. Finally, they worked together and he pushed himself gently all the way into her. Her lips were against the base of his cock. Her nose against his pubic bone with the trimmed hairs brushing her skin. He held her there for just long enough for her to know he could hold her there longer, then pulled back. Her nose had started to run, making it a little hard to breath. Her eyes were a little watery. He pulled all the way out of her mouth, stroked her hair gently with those powerful hands and she heard him say her two favorite words in the world.

“Good girl.”

“You look kind of silly with that hard cock sticking out of your pants.” She said with a smile.

“Why don’t you do something about that My Dear?” he responded in a slightly breathless growl.

She reached up and undid the button, then the fastener, then the inside button. These were complicated. He didn’t offer to help by pulling the suspenders off his shoulders for her, so she moved with athletic grace and stood from her kneeling position without using her hands for help. She was strong and he should know it. Yes, he noticed and approved of the exhibition. She removed the suspenders and let his pants fall to his ankles. Next, she pulled down the boxer briefs. She liked them. They were clean, solid color, and obviously comfortable. He knew himself. He knew what he liked and what he liked had style. Not flashy, not bikini, not tighty-whitey. Solid. Yes, his cock was still pretty solid, even though it wasn’t the center of attention at the moment.

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