Son Wants Mom Ch. 08

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“Note to Readers this is another chapter of an ongoing story if you haven’t already read the first chapters I suggest you do before continuing with this and the following editions.”

Thank you GrrrreatImagination for editing my story

All characters in this story are over 18.


Brendan and Heather arrived home around 5pm to find Tammy cooking on the grill, her hair was a little messy and her clothes were wrinkled they noticed.

“Hi Mom, how was your day?” Brendan asked as he walked onto the porch.

“It was very good, are you kids hungry?” Tammy replied.

“Not for food, we had a big lunch,” Heather kidded.

“You’re bad,” Tammy laughed as she smacked Heather’s ass.

“I know but your pussy tastes good,” she replied as she also smacked Tammy’s ass.

“Ouch!” Tammy yelped.

“Oh come on Aunt Tammy it wasn’t that hard it couldn’t have hurt,” Heather stated.

“I know it wasn’t too hard but I think my ass is bruised from earlier today,” Tammy replied.

“Oh do tell us what happened,” Heather begged.

Tammy told the kids about Steve stopping by earlier and how he fucked her silly.

“Wow Mom, it looks like you got fucked pretty well today,” Brendan replied.

“Hell, I have been fucked pretty well for the past week, when Rick left, I thought the only fucking I would be getting is from my dildo,” Tammy responded.

“Yes but I am far better than your toy aren’t I?” Brendan asked.

“Yes dear, I love your cock inside my pussy you fill me so well,” Tammy said kissing him passionately on the lips.

As he was kissing her he thought, “And she is going to get fucked again later tonight by the way she is kissing me.

Heather interrupting said, “Hey let’s put this food in the kitchen for later and all of us go for a swim. Tammy and Brendan ended their kiss, helping Heather take all of the food into the house.

They all undressed as they reached the pool with Tammy diving into the pool first. Heather was next to dive in and when she came up from under the water she was behind Tammy grabbing her tits while pressing her own into her aunt’s back.

Brendan came up in front of his Mom pressing his cock against her pussy as he cupped Heather’s ass in his hands. “Heather it looks like we have a Mom sandwich here,” Brendan kidded.

“Yes reality kings porno we sure do, and since that is the case I guess I am going to have to eat her huh?” Heather laughed.

Brendan’s hard cock was pressing against Tammy’s pussy as he pulled the girls to the shallow end of the pool.

“Feels like someone is glad to see me,” Tammy teased.

“You know that I am always glad to see you Mom, but since what has happened since last week, he definitely is!” Brendan stated.

“Is that right? I am not sure who is happier you or him,” Tammy giggled as she reached under the water to grab and squeeze Brendan’s cock.

Brendan really didn’t want to stop the excitement but thought it would benefit him even more later, so he released Heather’s ass from his grip, grabbed his Mother by the waist and lifted her up out of the water, setting her on the edge of the pool.

“Thanks Brendan, now I get a chance to eat,” Heather stated as she moved her face in between Tammy’s spread legs burying her face into Tammy’s pussy.

Heather attacked the pussy licking, sucking, and driving her tongue into Tammy’s folds.

Her nose was buried deep inside her aunt when Heather suddenly had to grab the sides of the pool because her legs were pulled outward and upward from her.

Brendan spread her legs far apart as he moved between them sliding his cock inside his cousin’s cunt. His powerful thrusts caused Heather’s face to drive deep into Tammy’s pussy.

Tammy groaned as Heather’s licking and face thrusting pushed her closer to orgasm. “Oh my God, lick my pussy baby,” she screamed as she flooded her nieces face with her juices.

Brendan continued to pound Heather’s pussy underwater, when she stated, “Let’s get out of the pool, I want to ride that huge cock of yours.”

Brendan slid his cock out of her cunt, allowing Heather to climb out of the pool. He quickly removed himself from the pool, lying on his back on the deck.

Heather grabbed his cock, holding it upright as she lowered her pussy onto it. She instantly began rising and lowering her hips onto her cousin’s cock.

Tammy straddled Brendan’s face as she lowered her pussy onto his face, facing Heather as she did.

Brendan’s tongue burrowed deep into his Mother’s pussy as Heather quickened the pace sexmex porno of her pussy sliding up and down on his cock.

Heather grabbed the back of Tammy’s head, pulling her forward kissing her passionately as she came all over Brendan’s cock.

Tammy was grinding her cunt on her son’s tongue, stopping when the tip hit her clit. He began thrusting harder into Heather’s pussy as he sucked his Mother’s clit into his mouth.

“Mmmmm,” he moaned into Tammy’s pussy as she ground it on his tongue. He lifted his ass off the ground thrusting his cock deep into Heather’s pussy as he exploded.

Stream after stream of his cum blasted inside Heather’s pussy, she quivered and shook from the orgasm she had as she held her pussy on his pulsating cock.

Smiling at Tammy she inched herself forward releasing his cock from her pussy as she crawled up toward his face.

She left a trail of cum all the way up his stomach and chest until she straddled his face and lowered her pussy to his mouth.

She ground her clit on his tongue as she pushed his cum from her pussy into his mouth. Brendan had no choice but to swallow it as it filled his mouth.

“Yes Brendan that is it swallow all of your cum, clean my pussy out good,” Heather screamed as another orgasm hit her.

Brendan’s face was covered in their cum as she rolled off him collapsing next to her aunt onto the deck.

“I love you Aunt Tammy, I never had so much fun in my life,” Heather purred.

“I love you too dear, this has been a lot of fun, but wait until Uncle Rick comes home and it will be even better,” Tammy replied.

“Another hard cock to play with does sound like fun, I can’t wait until he comes home,” Heather exclaimed.

“Yes and his cock will fill that tight little pussy of yours very nicely,” Tammy informed her niece.

“Can’t wait to feel that,” Heather said.

The three dressed and headed back into the house to warm up their dinner. They took the food into the living room to watch TV together.

They all just finished their meal when Ken’s voice interrupted them saying, “Hey is anyone home?”

“We’re in the living room,” Brendan yelled.

Ken came in, sitting next to his aunt on the sectional.

Looking her in the eyes Ken stated, “Yesterday was awesome, I never felt anything sindrive porno that wonderful in my life.”

“Well you did take advantage of me, but honestly I enjoyed the feeling of your cock in my pussy too,” Tammy responded.

“I was pretty sure that you enjoyed it too, that is why I wanted to ask you if you would help three of my friends lose their virginity too.” Ken retorted.

“Ken! There is no way in hell that I would do that! Yes you fucked me but I didn’t think it was you until you were inside me. I am not a slut; I can’t believe you would ask me such a question!” Tammy shouted.

Ken was fidgeting with his phone as he replied, “I thought that you may object to that request, but you also don’t want anyone in the family to know about you fucking us either do you?”

Before Tammy could answer, her cell phone chirped letting her know that she just received a text message.

Picking up her phone, she suddenly looked at Ken with piercing eyes, screaming “How in the hell did you get this picture?” turning her phone showing her sitting on Brendan’s face kissing Heather while she rode Brendan’s cock.

“I stopped by earlier today and saw the three of you having fun, so I took the picture in case you wouldn’t help my friends out,” Ken sneered.

“Why Ken, why, how can you do this to your own aunt?” Tammy sobbed.

“Face it Aunt Tammy, it really isn’t that bad, you were awesome when you fucked me, I want to let my friends find out how great your pussy feels. You will enjoy teaching them too, I know that.” Ken responded.

“This just isn’t fair, you fucked me when I thought it was Brendan, it wasn’t as if I allowed you to do it,” Tammy whimpered.

Ken had a huge smile on his face because he knew he had his aunt exactly where he wanted her. He cupped her face looking in her eyes, he made his proposition, “If you do exactly what I tell you to do, I will let you delete the pictures from my phone. If you don’t I will text them to everyone in the family.”

“Ken, you are a son of a bitch, I can’t believe you would blackmail your own aunt! What choice do I have? Ok I will do it,” Tammy snarled.

“Sweet, I figured that you would see things my way, now go upstairs and change into one of your sexy outfits while I text my friends,” Ken instructed.

Shaking her head in disbelief, Tammy stood up and started heading up the stairs to her bedroom thinking, “This whole situation has gotten totally out of hand, but what the fuck if I am going to be a slut I may as well enjoy it.”

Ken just finished texting his third friend as Aunt Tammy opened her lingerie drawer.

To be continued…

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