Spanish Hairlem Ch. 4

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There stood my father Emilio in his night suit looking at us angrily. “What are you girls doing” With us sucking cocks he must have been an idiot not to know what we were doing and I saw the funny side of the question especially with Miguel’s fat knob in my mouth and my slurping up and down his massive dong with my hands wrapped around his massive member. Surely he did not expect a reply.

I hadn’t seen my mother Conchita at first but she was there in her favorite white sleeveless nightie showing her extremely bushy armpits. “Girls stop this at once” she said as if she had never sucked a cock in her life. I still remembered stumbling upon Mom and Dad when I saw Dad shoving his massive cock or at least I saw it as huge maybe with my not so “then” experienced eyes into my mother’s unshaven underarms. However her eyes too were flashing with anger as I took out Miguel’s massive club from my mouth (at least I could take a break from his stuffing his engorged prick into my gagging mouth) and held his what seemed like a footlong in my hands. I think even Conchita, my mother was taken aback by the size of his enormous member. Juan and Miguel were looking enviously at my mother as she raised her arms to strike poor Isabella who had not even bothered to stop sucking Juan in front of her parents.

When she raised her arms to strike Isabella the verdant forests in her unshaven pits showed. I must say even to me it was unusually bushy. Long strands of jet-black hair spilled out of her buttery armpits. She had the “black forest” under her arms as it flew out in all directions. You could have hidden your life savings under the thick carpet of hair in her bushy underarms. It seemed to envelop her entire arm as it grew more than a foot and stuck out a mile. It was so thick that the masses of hair in her unshaven armpits hid the color of her skin in her underarms and half way up her arms.

Juan held her hand, as it was about izmir escort bayan to hit Isabella and immediately went into her unshaven pits “Aaaahhhhhhhhh Ms. Martinez what bushy armpits you have. Your daughters are not half as sexy as you are Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhmmmmmm my cock is getting harder seeing the masses of jet-black hair in your bushy hair Please let me kiss it”

I could see that it was having an effect on Mother. Obviously a 21 year old stud with a thick huge prick lusting for a woman in her mid forties did no harm and I knew all that praise had softened her though had certainly hardened the two studs. I don’t know about Dad but he was getting a little lost in the surreal atmosphere. Here was his daughters sucking of two massive cocks and he feared his wife about to be seduced by them too.

Miguel realized the effect Juan was having on her and whipped his dick out of my mouth (was I pleased) and holding it in his hand waved it at mother. Conchita’s eyes bulged as she took in the sight of Miguel’s monster cock. Before she knew words slipped out of her mouth “Isn’t he so big. He is even bigger than you Emilio” as she said it she took his huge cock in her hands and sank to her knees. Here we were mother and two daughters on our knees. Juan to had moved towards her his prick in his hands as he felt the heavy pelt of untrimmed hair in her armpit jungle “Conchita aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh I want to lick your bushy armpits” he said as he lowered his head and stuck his tongue into the thick masses of hair in her unshaven armpits.

I looked up and saw poor old daddy. At first I thought he looked forlorn but it was only lust in his eyes as I eyed his cock jutting out of his pajamas. I pulled the strings and it sprung out from a thick forest of pubic hair. His body too was much more hairy than Miguel and he had masses of black hair on his chest down to his groin. He looked like an apeman. I watched as he knelt escort izmir down and he took hold of his dick and rubbed it over Isabella’s cunt. I saw it enter her, as he partly pulled out I licked along his dick, licking her juices off it, then pulling out of her he slid his dick deep into my mouth, fucking it as he fingered her.

What was happening was truly erotic and sensual! We carried on this way for quite a while; it seemed everyone was enjoying it too much to stop though eventually we did. With Emilio lying back on the floor Isabella straddled him, lowering herself down she impaled herself on his massive dick, she leant forwards offering her tits to his mouth for him to suck on as she rode his dick. Father was fucking older daughter and it was a new experience.

Conchita was chewing on Miguel’s monster cock. With her years of experience it slid in easily into her mouth. Now I knew where Isabella got all her cock sucking techniques. Obviously Isabella was a born cocksucker it was in her genes as I watched my mother having her mouth fucked by the monster dick of Miguel. Juan had slowly put his dick into her rough and coarse underarms as he pushed inside her furry armpits. His huge prick soon disappeared amongst the bushy armpit hair.

Conchita then wanted Miguel inside her. He leant across and spitting on a finger he poked her asshole as she bounced up and down. Pulling his dick out of her mouth he positioned himself behind them. Juan took his cock from his armpit forest and entered her cunt.

It was then that I understood she wanted them both to fill her. One in the pussy and one in the asshole. Was that possible? Well what are parents for if they don’t teach you something everyday as I watched my mother teach me how to fuck two cocks at once. I knew that Juan wasn’t happy removing his cock from her underarm forests but he was in a trance as I saw he lower herself down onto Juan’s chest slightly izmir escort raising her ass as she did. Miguely took hold of his dick and I watched him attempt to enter her asshole, I watched him spit on his hand and lubricate the tip of his dick, again he tried and this time I saw it go in. his cock was really big and while she and Isabella easily sucked it seemed to big to fit into her hairy asshole. Even her asshole had more hair than most women have on their pussies. Conchita let out a big moan as Miguel slowly slid his dick into her asshole, both she and Juan and stayed still until Miguel had fully entered her then the two of them began pumping their dicks into her, harder, deeper! She vocally urged them on, I sat and watched, not jealous but very envious of her being able to take both of them.

Even Emilio had stopped fucking Isabella as he stared at his wanton wife being fucked in both her holes. She was waving her arms wildly as Juan put his hands into her armpit forest but she pushed him away. She was beckoning to Emilio. He walked towards her and she grabbed his tool into her hand stroked it and then pulled it into her mouth. It was an erotic sight. Our men had not only been fucking her but she was sucking off our father too.

What a lesson in screwing we were having. The men plunged into her various orifices as she moaned in pleasure as all cocks were lodged deep into her. Somehow despite being stuffed with cocks she was able to scream as e muffled voice filled he room. “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh I am cuuuummmmiiinnnngggg” she screamed as she shuddered into a multiple orgasm. Soon the men too were shaking as they unloaded their cum over her. Juan had taken his cock out of her pussy and he started splattering his hot sticky cum into her armpits as he plastered her copious armpit hair with wads of his jism. Miguel thundered to a climax and shot hot, sticky cum as stream after stream.

I sucked the last drops of cum from father’s dick, and Isabella did the same for Miguel. We were all sweaty and sticky with cum we went up to the bathroom, seconds later we were in the shower soaping and playing with each other. This was truly “Spanish Hairlem”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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