Spur of the Moment

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Davie stands beside the bed, I sit and take his cock in my mouth just the way I know he likes it. He puts his hand on the back of my head, pushes it forward. “I bet you wish it was Brad’s dick you’re sucking on, don’t you?”

It’s a game he likes to play. He teases me, pretends it’s one of his friends that’s fucking me. It turns him on, thinking I’m getting screwed by somebody he knows. It turns me on too, not that I don’t love my husband, but I miss the way different guys screwed me silly. Davie knows I’ve been around the block, he had me in bed less than two hours after he met me one night at a club.

“Oh, Brad’s cock would be so good,” I say, and sure enough the real dick that’s in my mouth gets harder.

He’s already eaten me, I’m wetter than shit. He pushes me back on the bed, I put a couple pillows under my ass, he points it right at my twat. “Just think of it, what if it was Cody that’s going to screw you right now?” he baits.

“How about all three of them?” I laugh. “What if Cody, Brad and Noah were over here, and I stripped for them and they took turns with me?” Davie’s fucking me hard now, he’s thinking of watching me with all his friends and his own cock slides in and out and I let the thunder roll. And when I’m having my orgasm I’m thinking of Cody, I guess.

I roll on my knees and Davie’s behind me, he’s told me how he likes to watch my butt hole as he screws me that way. And since I already had my O I can torment him. “Think about it, think what could happen. Cody’s in my pussy, Brad’s in my asshole, and I’m sucking on Noah. How would you like to see that?” It’s too much for Davie, I hear him grunt, I can feel him loading me up with his spunk.

A few minutes later we’re lying on the bed, catching our breaths. I grab his wet cock and tease, “I’ll bet Noah would get hard again if he was here in bed with me.” Davie hasn’t screwed me twice in one night since our honeymoon a couple years back.

“I guess so,” he says indifferently. It’s always like that, he plays the game to get himself going then after he comes he’s not interested anymore. I know in five minutes he’ll be asleep but I’ll still be up.

I wonder if Davie cares that I’m still excited by the thoughts of one of his friends in bed with me. I grab my vibrator and head into the living room to wank myself off some more and think about the boys.

Friday night we’re shopping at Target and I wheel the cart into the bra section. Davie whispers in my ear, “I bet Cody would love to see you in that.”

I whisper back, “I’ll bet he’s going to cream himself when I strip for him!” We stop playing the game, it’s too public, but when we get in the car we’re free to tease each other.

I grab Davie’s hand, put it on my lap, cramp my legs around it. “So, let’s suppose Noah’s coming over tonight. What do you want to see me do to him?”

“Oh, I want you to wear something sexy. A thin blouse maybe. Then when he gets hard thinking about your tits, you can sit on his lap.”

“What do I do then?”

“You strip your shirt off, let him suck on your tits.”

We play the game, how Davie’s buddy would make love to me until we get back to the apartment and put the groceries away. Davie gets a beer, heads for the television. I go in the bedroom and change. I put on a blouse that’s nothing but holes, it’s meant to have a illegal bahis shirt underneath but all I’m wearing is a thin bra. And I put on this denim skirt that’s indecently short and some heels. I walk into the living room, sit on a chair where Davie can see me from the couch.

“So, what if I wear this the next time Noah comes over? You think he’d like to see me in this?” Actually, Noah’s seen me in even less than this, one time I walked into the kitchen in just panties when I didn’t know he was there. I guess I could have run back into the bedroom, instead I just went to the fridge, got a bottle of water and slowly walked back to the bedroom. Davie fucked me really good that night!

“Yeah, Noah would love to see that. He’s hot for you. All the guys are.”

I laugh, then I spread my legs. I know Davie can see the white g-string, the bulge in his jeans is growing. “So, should I do this to Noah?”

“Hell, yeah.”

“You gonna ask him if he wants to fuck me?” This has happened too, when we’re having a drunk or a smoke and it got loose all three guys have been asked if they’d like to have me. But Davie never took it any further than that.


“And what would happen if he said yes?” I ask.

“Well then I guess he’d fuck you.”

“Really? If I let him fuck me it’d be okay with you?”

Perhaps Davie’s thinking we’re just playing. Maybe we are, I don’t know. But he says, “Sure.” And as he drags me to the sofa and has his way with me, I think about what I might do the next time something likes that happens.

Sunday afternoon, I’m out with my girlfriend and I get a text.

codys coming over to watch football


bring some beer


An hour later I drop Sharon off at her house, when I stop by the Sheetz I wonder if anything will happen. When I get home the boys are sitting on the couch bitching about a holding call. I kiss Davie and then I kiss Cody on the cheek, not something I do all the time. I tell Cody, “You look good.”

“So do you.” He’s wearing a clean t-shirt, tight jeans.

I give the boys a beer then tell them, “I’m gonna take a shower.” Both of them give me a look.

Davie says, “Okay, you want us to join you?”

“Fine with me,” I say.

“Maybe after the game’s over.”

I go into the bedroom, don’t close the door. I know from his angle Cody can see me in the dresser mirror. I take my clothes off like it’s no big deal, I’m pretty sure he can see my maracas. I walk into the bathroom stark naked, I’m sure both of them can see my ass. I’m pretty excited wondering if either of the guys will join me, of course neither of them do.

When I walk out I can hear those stupid interviews they always do when the game’s over. I’m wrapped in a towel, Cody catches my eye, I smile back. In the bedroom I put on a skirt and a thong that creeps up my ass. Then I pull a lace up blouse on, no bra, my girls have plenty of room to move around. I take a couple of minutes to brush my hair then I join the guys.

I sit between them and scoot down. Cody’s trying to look down my blouse, he can see most of my breast, maybe even the nipple. I put my naked feet on the coffee table.

“You look good,” Davie says, “doesn’t she Cody?”

“You’ve got the hottest wife around.”

Davie hikes my skirt up a little bit, puts his hand on my illegal bahis siteleri leg. “Feel how smooth it is,” he tells his friend.

Cody looks at me, he’s unsure. “Go ahead,” I say. He puts his hand down near the knee, strokes the skin lightly. I look at Davie, he’s got this goofy face, I can’t tell if it’s approving or doubtful. I grab both their hands, pull them further up the thigh, almost to the panty line. My skirt hikes up, I know they can see the the pinkness covering my pussy, I wonder if there’s a dark, wet spot.

I decide to bite the bullet. “You want to see more?” I ask Cody.

“Sure,” he says, “whenever you’re ready to show it to me.”

I swallow hard, pussyfoot a second before I say, “I’m ready now.” I look back at Davie, he doesn’t say shit, I think I’ll call his bluff. I stand, put my hands on the hem of my blouse, begin to pull it up. I see Cody’s chest pounding, from the corner of my eye I see Davie leaning forward.

As I pull the blouse over my head I wonder just how far I’ll go, if Davie will stop us before I go as far as I want to.

Cody’s eyes are on my tits, my nipples are hurting they’re so hard. On his side of the couch Davie hasn’t moved, I haven’t heard a peep out of him. I unzip my skirt, let it slide down my legs, kick it off. Now all I’m wearing is my panties.

“More?” I ask, start to pull the thong off, look Davie right in the eye.

“Sure. Go ahead.” Davie’s saying it like a dare.

I watch Cody’s face as I push the panties over my hips, bend to pull them off my legs. Cody’s eyes are sweeping up and down my body, taking it all in. He’s focusing on my bush so I spread my legs a couple of inches, he tries to pick out my snatch.

Again I ask Cody, “Like what you see?”

“Oooh, yeah.” His voice is husky.

“You want to kiss me?”

Cody’s head bobs up and down. Davie doesn’t say anything, it doesn’t look likes he’s gonna stop me. I face Cody, sit on his lap with my legs on both sides of his hips. Our faces meet and his kisses are quick and hard. I can tell he’s not sure what he should do with his hands, I tell him, “Go ahead and touch me.”

His hands are on my waist, I let my hands roam his face, his chest. The kisses are a little softer now, our tongues meet. I want to feel him, I pull his shirt off. Now my boobs are against his chest, hairy enough to tickle me a little bit, rough enough to chafe my nipples. I get more confident, his hands roam my ass, he grabs a tit. I feel the dick inside his pants, it’s hard. He pushes me back a little bit, he kisses and licks my nips. I unzip his jeans, rise a bit so I can get his clothes off his hips, we scoot and strain and he kicks until he’s as naked as I am.

I feel his prick, it’s chubbier than Davie’s, I want it inside me.

For the first time Cody puts a hand below my waist, I scoot around until he’s got enough room to feel my box, all of a sudden there’s a finger in there and it feels nice! He moves it around, feeling in my tunnel, playing with the clit, and I’m getting excited.

Davie’s watching from the side of the couch, his tongue licks his lips. I grab Cody’s dick, rise a little bit, it’s just a couple of inches from my hole. I look at Davie, his eyes are concentrating on my pussy, they’re wild. I’m sure he knows what’s going to happen if he doesn’t stop me, canlı bahis siteleri but he doesn’t do anything but give a little whimper.

I make my choice, I lower my hips, grab Cody’s cock. I feel the head at my pussy lips, then just a little bit inside, then I go all the way down, Cody’s buried!

Cody grabs my hips, helps me move, back and forth, up and down. Oh, it’s great. My mind is brimming with the new senses – how Cody’s eyes are searching my body, the way he’s grabbing my tits, different from the way Davie does. He smells different, his hair is coarse. And, obviously, the way this strange prick is filling my cunt, stretching it more than Davie’s, gets me going, I move faster and faster.

“Stop for a minute,” Cody says, “I’m close.”

“Okay,” I agree, “want to shift?”

I climb off, Cody sweeps the coffee table of the remotes and Xbox controllers, he pushes me back until my shoulders are on the table, my head’s hanging off. He shoves my legs apart, kneels on the floor, he’s inside me again. And, somehow, this is better.

I like the way he moves inside me, he puts his thumb right on my clit, pushes it around, all of a sudden I feel the goosebumps all over my skin, it’s so intense it’s almost pain, I yelp in pleasure. Seconds later I hear Cody, “Here I come!”

“Go ahead,” I tell him and I feel his cock throb, his breathing is out of control, he’s shuddering and moaning!

After it’s over he falls on me, we kiss some more. He lets me up and a funny vibe fills the room, did this really happen? I look at Davie, he’s calm, he’s smiling. I get up, go into the bedroom and use a tissue, get a robe on, take a minute to figure out what’s next.

When I head back into the living room, Cody’s already dressed, he’s talking with Davie, shaking hands. “Listen, I’m going to take off,” he tells me, and I kiss him one more time before the door is closed.

I turn to my husband. “Are you okay?”

“Let’s go in the bedroom.” In there, he starts stripping, I drop the robe to the floor.

“Have fun?” he asks.

“Oh, my, yes.”

“What did it feel like?”

I try to explain the sensations, how I felt when I was fucking him. While I’m chattering Davie feels my body, rubs his hands over my legs, belly, arms, and of course my tits. He goes for my twat, I spread my legs so he can feel my freshly fucked pussy. “It’s hot,” he says.

“And it’s got to be wet,” I laugh, “he put a shitload in me.”

“Let me look,” Davie begs, so I spread further and he’s got his eyes on my cunt while I tighten up. I feel a warm rush of spunk run down my ass, Davie sees the creampie I got.

“There’s a lot,” Davie says, “Cody really gave it to you.”

“And I want you to give it to me too!”

Davie climbs aboard, I try to be every bit as good as I was with Cody and in just a couple of minutes he’s cumming. When he’s down I hold him and ask, “What did you think about it?”

“I liked it,” he admits. “Watching you have your fun with him was really neat.”

“Really? You weren’t jealous?”

“Maybe a little bit. Not enough to bother me.” We’re silent for a few moments then he asks, “You want to do it again?”

“You’re cool with it?”


“Well, then, yeah. You know what I’d really like?”

“What?” he responds.

“I think I’d like if all three fucked me.”

“All at the same time?”

“All at the same time. Think how good I’d get fucked.”

“Let’s have them over next weekend.”

I smile, thinking about my first gangbang. This time, it won’t happen by surprise, on the spur of the moment.

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