Spying on My Virgin Niece

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I honestly didn’t know that there was a hole there.

My name is David and I have done something that I never thought I would be capable of. This morning I fucked my 19 year-old niece. I’m getting ahead of myself so let me start at the beginning.

A couple of weeks ago my niece Amy came to stay with me for a month. Her mum, my sister Joanne, and her husband Don decided that they wanted to go on a long vacation that they had been promising themselves for ages. They have always taken adventurous holidays but this year they decided that they must visit Machu Picchu in Peru and follow the Aztec trail in Mexico. Rather than rush their trip they decided to take a month off work to fulfill this particular travel ambition.

Being a 19 year-old girl about town Amy didn’t fancy this and decided that she would rather stay home. As we live in the same neighbourhood it was agreed that Amy could stay with me. That way she could still go to college and hang out with her friends.

Amy is a sweet girl. She’s quite studious and keen to forge a career in something but she doesn’t know what yet. I’m not tall but she only comes up to my shoulders, 5’5″ I guess. She’s slim with slender legs, she doesn’t really have much in the breast department, I’m not even sure that she wears a bra.

She has shoulder length black hair that frames an elfin face, green eyes, pretty snub nose and cute mouth. We’ve always got on well since she was little, many is the time I’ve taken her out to the pictures or to a concert. So her mum telling her that she should stay with me for a month was met with delight rather than a teen tantrum.

The house I own was a little run down when I bought it last year so I have been spending my time gradually renovating it. It’s not a wreck but the decoration is a bit grim and there’s certainly a bit of heavyweight DIY that needs to be done.

Thursday I had taken a few days off work to complete some of those DIY projects and was in the middle of boarding out the loft space when Amy arrived back from college.

“Hi Uncle Dave, I’m home,” Amy called, the front door slamming behind her.

“I’m up in the loft Amy,” I shouted.

I heard her climb the stairs and then the ladder up to the roof space, her head and shoulders popped through the hatch. I lay down my drill.

“How was college?” I enquired, “Learn anything new?”

“Oh it was okay, the Business Studies course I’m taking is really interesting,” she replied with a slight furrow on her brow, “But today it was all about accounts and I’ve never been too good at maths.”

“I’m sure you’ll be fine love,” I replied encouragingly.

“Anyway I need a shower badly as I just played tennis with Melissa and I honk a bit. When I’m done I’ll make dinner. Anything you fancy?” She asked.

“I really love your Macaroni Cheese if that’s not too much trouble. I’ve probably got another half hour or so do up here so once I’ve finished and taken a shower that should give you plenty of time,” I said.

It was the music that first attracted my attention. It was coming from over by the water tank. I walked carefully across the roof space on the rafters that I had not yet covered with boards and saw a chink of light by the water pipes that went down to the bathroom.

I knew I shouldn’t but I knelt down and looked through the small hole. I gasped as I saw Amy pulling off her white polo shirt that she had been wearing for tennis. She was wearing a bra but it must have been more for modesty rather than support because I couldn’t see much in the way of tit flesh. She folded the shirt and placed it on the clothes hamper.

Amy was humming along to a tune playing on the transistor radio that she had taken into the bathroom. She stretched her arms and arched her back then reached behind her to unsnap her bra. She let it slip down her arms and put it on top of her shirt. I was right; her breasts were tiny, just shallow mounds on her chest however her brown nipples were thimble-like surrounded by deep brown areola. I felt guilty as my cock stiffened in my shorts. I really should not be spying on my niece but I couldn’t tear my eyes away.

Reaching over to the taps Amy turned on the shower, running her fingers under the spray she adjusted the temperature to her liking. She then unfastened her tennis skirt; it dropped to the floor puddling around her feet. Picking it up she folded it and put it with her other clothes.

Hooking her thumbs into her tennis knickers she drew them down her slender legs. From the awkward angle from which I was spying on her I could just get a glimpse of a dusting of dark pubic hair on her pussy. My cock was now uncomfortably rigid in my shorts. I pulled down my zip and pulled out my stiff member and started to masturbate.

Still humming away to the music from the radio, Amy stepped into the shower quickly getting totally wet in the process. Picking up her shampoo she washed, rinsed and repeated. Grabbing a bar of soap she started to lather her petite body paying particular attention to her nipples, they instantly became erect at her touch. I continued to slowly rub my güvenilir bahis tingling cock, pulling the foreskin back and forth over my sensitive cockhead.

Amy reached out of the shower and picked up her razor and applied soap to her legs. Scraping the blade along those coltish legs she removed the stubble. She lathered up again and I almost choked when she soaped her pussy and began shaving away her pubic hair. The speed of my wanking increased as she finished depilating her cunt. Turning around to face the stream of water from the shower she rinsed the soap and shorn pubes from her groin.

Slipping her middle finger between her lips she sawed it back and forth. She was obviously stimulating her clit as she moaned softly. I matched the movements of her masturbation by rubbing my cock faster until I couldn’t hold back. I spouted gouts of creamy semen onto the rafters.

My guilt overtook me and I moved silently away from my newly found spy hole. Zipping away my now satisfied cock I sat down and pondered what I had just done.

That night lying in bed I couldn’t get over what a beautiful body Amy had. Stroking my hard cock slowly I thought about her breasts. She might not have much in the way of tits but the nipples were amazing. I could suck on them for hours. Then I’d lick her beautiful now hairless cunt then shove my stiff cock right into her wet, juicy, slick hole. I even wondered whether she had experienced anal sex.

As I thought more about what I would like to do to my niece I increased the speed of my wanking, the thought of slipping my knob into that cute mouth had me spurting my jism over my stomach. What the hell was coming over me (apart from my spunk)? That was my 19 year-old niece! I vowed not to do anything about it and turned over and fell asleep.

Friday This morning I awoke with a painful hard on.

“Good morning,” I said as Amy came into the kitchen.

“Good morning Uncle Dave,” Amy kissed me on the cheek and my cock lurched.

“So what time will you be home tonight?” I asked as I prepared cereal and juice for her.

“I’m meeting up with some of the girls to go bowling so don’t worry about dinner for me, I’ll get something out.” She replied, “I’ll be home around 9ish I guess.”

After Amy had left for college I busied myself with finishing off laying the flooring panels in the loft. It only took a couple of hours so I deliberated what should be the next job that I should tackle.

My thoughts went back to yesterday and the mind-blowing wank I had had spying on Amy. My bedroom, the master bedroom, still required some wardrobes to be installed so I unwrapped the self-assembly packs and started to construct them. It’s a bit difficult when there’s only one of you but it’s amazing what you can do with two arms and one leg (I’m balancing on the other leg by the way)!

Whilst affixing them to the wall a nasty idea came to mind. My bedroom was next to the room that Amy was sleeping in. An hour later I had returned from the computer accessory shop with a miniature spy camera with a built in microphone and some cabling.

Going into Amy’s room I located an appropriate site, an air vent, which I unscrewed and then positioned the camera. It was only 1.00pm so I had plenty of time so I pulled up a couple of floor boards and chased some of the cables through into my bedroom where my computer was set up.

Turning on my computer I loaded the spy camera software and checked for positioning and picture. After some adjustments I had the best view I was likely to achieve. It was a pretty good view although a cupboard chopped off some of the room. I didn’t want to start rearranging furniture so I left the cupboard alone.

It was 9.30pm when Amy got home.

“Hi love, how was the bowling?” I asked, “Did you win?”

“No Uncle Dave, I came third out of four of us but it was a good laugh all the same,” Said Amy, “Anyway I’m bushed so I’m going to have a shower and turn in.”

“I probably won’t be far behind you,” I said my heart racing “I’ll finish of this programme and then go to bed myself. All this DIY is tiring.”

“You’re doing a wonderful job Uncle Dave, the house looks so much better since you bought it,” Amy complimented as she left the room.

I left it for about 15 minutes before I went up to my bedroom. A quick shake of the mouse and the screen sparked into life. Amy’s room was in darkness but that’s because she was still in the bathroom. I heard the bathroom light switch click and then saw the some light as the door to her room opened. Amy entered the room wrapped in a towel, another towel wrapped around her head, carrying her clothes. Turning on the light she went over to the window and drew the curtains.

Placing her clothes on the blue wicker chair in the corner by the window, she pulled the towel from her head and began to vigorously rub her hair dry. Sitting on the edge of her bed in front of the dressing table mirror Amy picked up her comb and drew it through her hair dragging out the knots. Once she was happy with her hair she stood up and released the towel from under her arms revealing her toned petite türkçe bahis body. Naked, open to my lust. My cock hardened as I spied on her on my computer screen.

Picking up a bottle of moisturiser, Amy lifted one foot onto the bed and proceeded to rub in some creamy lotion. After repeating the exercise with the other leg she rubbed more lotion into her arms and then onto her body. Dribbling some lotion over her non-existent breasts she shrank back at the coldness then began to rub in the lotion, her nipples extended like pencil erasers.

I had taken off my shorts and underpants and was sitting in front of my computer sliding my hand up and down my rock hard cock. My balls were tingling as my spunk bubbled below,

Turning on her bedside lamp, then turning off the main light, Amy slid between the cool sheets. I thought that the show was over but Amy lay back and with her arms on top of the blanket staring into space. Then one of her hands moved to a tiny tit and started to rub the nipple. It became hard. Using her thumbs and forefingers she started to roll both of her hard nipples. The camera’s built in microphone picked up a soft moan

Oh man I thought to myself as I watched Amy play with herself. I began to stroke my hard-on faster. Amy moaned again as she pulled and twisted her nipples, one hand then moved under the covers. I couldn’t see what she was doing but I could guess. She was rubbing her cunt.

Twisting one nipple then the other with one hand, the other furiously rubbing her pussy, Amy twitched with ecstasy. Arching her back she came violently. Frantically rubbing my stiff prick I also came, spouting ropes of sticky spunk onto the carpet.

Saturday I normally have a lie in on Saturday and today was no different. What was different was being awoken before my alarm had gone off by a gentle tap at my bedroom door.

“Are you decent Uncle Dave?” Amy’s lilting voice enquired.

“Mmmm, er yes,” I said rearranging the sheet and quilt over my naked body.

Amy entered the room in her short pink dressing gown carrying a tray and walked towards my bed.

“Wow, so to what do I owe this pleasure?” I asked.

Setting the tray carefully down on my lap Amy said, “I wanted to thank you for looking after me whilst mum and dad are away. I know that you have lots to do and probably don’t need a house guest in the way.”

“Nonsense,” I said, “It’s been a pleasure having a bit of female company around the house for a change, especially my favourite niece.”

“But Uncle Dave I’m the only niece you’ve got.”

“You’re still very special to me,” I said tucking into the toast and orange juice.

“Uncle Daaave?” Amy said with a tone that she was about to ask a slightly awkward question, “Why haven’t you got a girlfriend?”

Bam, that was direct. “Well Amy, it’s like this. I have been spending so much time working on the house I’ve not really been out that much. And as I work in an all male office, well with the exception of Mrs Hargreaves our receptionist, and she’s married and 61 years old, I don’t get the chance to chat with many girls.”

“But don’t you get… erm… lonely, you know, don’t you miss having… sex?” Amy’s cheeks flushed when she said this.

I too was a little flustered, here’s my 19 year-old niece asking me about my sex life. “Erm, I guess that I make do, if you er… know what I mean.”

“What? You mean that you um… er… play with it, your willy?” She asked casting her eyes down, embarrassed at what she had just asked me.

“I’m not sure that this is a conversation that a 34 year-old uncle should be having with his 19 year-old niece,” I said trying to change the subject.

“Oh I play with myself,” Amy said as she shifted her position on the bed. She was now sitting at such an angle that I could see her pretty, bald cunt. It was glistening.

“Amy, I think you should adjust your robe I think you’re showing a little too much er flesh,” My eyes bulged and my cock twitched under the sheet, quilt and breakfast tray as I saw in close up what I had been spying on for the last couple of days.

“Oh this,” she said widening her thighs. She moved her hand down and slipped a finger along her now pouting wet cunt lips, “I woke up this morning feeling very horny and although I have already played with myself I am still not satisfied. I want more. Did you know that I am still a virgin Uncle Dave?” I have always had a crush on you and this morning I have decided that today is the day I want to become a woman,” Amy stared at me as she said this and continued to rub those pretty pink pussy lips of hers.

Lifting the tray off my lap she set it down on the floor and lay down beside me on top of the duvet. Looking into my eyes she leant forward and kissed me softly on the lips. She kissed me again but harder and longer. I brought my arm up around her shoulders and kissed her back passionately, her tongue met with mine and fought a sexy duel.

I pulled away “We shouldn’t be doing this Amy,” I said unconvincingly.

Sliding her hand under the sheet Amy grabbed hold of my stiff prick and started to rub it, “Oh Uncle güvenilir bahis siteleri Dave it’s so hard.”

My determination crumbled as I thought here was probably the only chance I would have of fucking the sexy niece that I had been spying on.

I pulled away again from Amy’s cute mouth and pulled back the quilt and sheet so that she could see my naked body. Amy got off the bed and unfastened her dressing gown and shrugged it off her shoulders so that it fell to the floor revealing that trim body.

Climbing onto the bed she straddled my waist and began to kiss me again, her hard nipples rubbing across my chest.

“Oh Uncle Dave I want you so much,” she moaned into my mouth as her slick pussy left a snail trail on my stomach. I leant forward and took one of her hard nipples into my mouth; a moan came from deep within side of her. Sucking and gently pulling on her nipples Amy writhed her body with ecstasy.

Moving from one nipple to the other I licked and nipped them. Amy’s moans became louder and more frequent when all of a sudden she shuddered with a mini orgasm. Wow, she’s come just from me sucking her nipples I thought, a wet patch on my stomach being the evidence to prove that fact.

Rolling her onto her back I both spread her legs wide and pushed them so her knees were touching her chest, in the process opening up her wet virgin cunt to my gaze. Her musk was almost overpowering. I leaned forward and licked her crack from bottom to top savouring her spicy juices. I moved my tongue down to her pretty little anus and swirled it around.

“Nnngh,” Amy’s body shuddered again with pleasure.

I continued to lick, suck and tongue her slick pussy, nibbling on her labia and tickling her clitoris. Every so often I would venture south and poke the tip of my tongue into her tight anal ring.

“Ohhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuck, I’m coming,” Amy cried as her second and bigger orgasm washed over her body.

I let her lie there to catch her breath and she looked at me with a dreamy look on her face.

“Please make love to me Uncle Dave, please stick your hard cock in my cunt and make me a woman,” she pleaded.

I moved over her body, my hard cock was throbbing as I presented it to her slick wet virgin pussy. Amy’s cunt juices coated the head of my stiff member.

“Are you sure you want to do this Amy?” I asked, “As you are a virgin this could hurt a little as I break your hymen.”

“Yes, yes, yessss, just do it” Amy screamed in frustration and anticipation.

I slid an inch of my hard cock into her oleaginous cunt. A sigh came form Amy’s lips. I pushed further in and withdrew allowing her to get used to the sensation of fullness. I pushed again and then hit her barrier.

“Are you ready baby,” I asked looking down into her eyes.

“Yes, love me, fuck me I need it so ba…” Her voice trailed off as I pushed my cock through her maidenhead.

“Aaargh, oww, ah ahh ahhhh,” Amy’s pain quickly turned to pleasure in just a few strokes of my cock sliding into her warm wet pussy. Slowly increasing my pace I pumped my prick in and out of Amy’s cunt. Raising her hips to meet my thrusts we fucked like wild animals. I’m able to last quite a long time so by the time I felt my spunk rise I had pummelled Amy’s gash into a wet sticky mess.

Amy was clearly enjoying her maiden fucking as she writhed on the bed in ecstasy, the walls of her pussy gripping and milking my dick. Raising the tempo a bit more I finally thrust in as far as I could… the nerve endings in my cock tingled as my cum exploded into Amy’s well fucked virgin cunt.

“Ohhh fuuuck Amy,” I shouted as I came.

“Ahhhhh shiiit,” Amy screamed as she came.

Collapsing on top of her I gulped air into my lungs as my heart thundered.

“Amy, you were beautiful,” I said as I stared into her eyes and gently kissed her on her cheeks and cute turned up nose.

“That, that was better than I ever thought it could be Uncle Dave, promise me that we can do it again,” Amy said, her eyes bright and dancing.

After lying in each other arms for a little while Amy excused herself and went to the bathroom. I guessed correctly that she wanted to shower away the evidence of her lost virginity. She returned from the bathroom with a warm washcloth and proceeded to clean up our combined juices from my now soft cock.

Getting back into bed with me I wrapped my arms around her and we lay there enjoying the afterglow of certainly one of the best fucks of my 34 years. Amy toyed with my turgid cock and it became hard under her ministrations and she bent over and took it into her mouth. Our recent coupling meant that my cock was still in that ultra sensitive stage so Amy’s blowjob was a delicious mixture of pain and pleasure.

“Oh Babe, take it gently,” I pleaded.

Sliding her pretty mouth up and down my shaft Amy began to suck the essence from my nuts. She gagged, coughed and spluttered a couple of times when she let my cock hit the back of her throat by mistake. It looked like she was a novice cocksucker too. Her movements became more urgent and she sucked and wanked my member until I felt that slightly painful feeling of a second come in quick succession start to bubble in my balls. Finally the spunk in my bollocks shot up through my stiff cock and painted the back of her throat. She swallowed with alacrity.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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