Stacy and Aaron Pt. 01

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This is my first story; I would love to post more as time permits, so please leave your feedback. Enjoy!

All characters are 18+.


Aaron (Son): 21 years old, 6’3, 190 lbs, black hair, hazel eyes, relatively fit.

Stacy (Mom): 45 years old, 5’6, 130 lbs, 36D breasts, brown hair and a very toned body. Traditional MILF.

‘Aaron, what plans for tonight?’ Stacy called out as she walked into the house after her daily workout at the local gym.

‘Nothing much mom, just going to finish up some school work and watch the game.’

‘Oh, that’s boring. Why don’t we do something fun?’

‘Well, what do you want to do?’ asked Aaron as he came down the stairs to see his mom in her typical workout gear- a skimpy sporting top, fitting ¾ yoga pants and bright neon shoes.

Life had become a little predictable since Aaron’s dad had hit gold in his business with a new deal that saw him begin to spend a large amount of time away from home with clients. Stacy didn’t need to work anymore and spent a lot of her time at the gym, with her friends and had a newfound interest in gardening.

‘Lets go for dinner or the casino or the movies, something fun.’

‘Casino it is, can’t wait to show you up on the poker güvenilir bahis table again mom.’ Teased Aaron.

‘We’ll see about that, I’ll go take a shower and we’ll leave in about half an hour.’

‘Sounds good.’

Down came Stacy about a half hour later, extremely well dressed. She had a backless sheer blue top, to go with white fitting jeans that accentuated her curves. Her hair freshly curled and flowing. Aaron could barely speak and managed to force out ‘You look nice mom.’

Back home that night after their visit to the casino, Aaron excused himself and headed for his bedroom. He had always had a crush on his mom, but tonight was just something else. As he settled on his chair and took off his pants, he couldn’t get his thoughts off how sexy his mom looked that night. Her curves, her big breasts…

As he took his 7″ and thick cock in his hand, he recalled when her mom held his hand and walked through the aisles of the casino, making all the single, balding men turn and stare.

He began to stroke his cock thinking about when his mom bent over to pick something up, her ass facing Aaron, with her thong peeking out of the top of her white jeans.

Imagining what his mom would look like naked, Aaron began pumping türkçe bahis his cock even harder. He began imagining her luscious breasts, her toned body, her pretty pussy. Aaron was approaching climax when he heard ‘Need a hand big boy?’

Aaron’s eyes burst open and he snapped back to reality only to see his mom standing in the doorway, wearing just her black bra and white jeans. He scrambled to his feet and tried to stuff his burgeoning erection back into his pants as quickly as he could, his face turning a bright red.

Stacy walked towards Aaron confidently, and whispered, ‘Don’t be shy, its been a while since I’ve seen man meat. Let me play with it.’

And with that, she got down on her knees, pulled down Aaron’s jeans and let his cock spring free, smacking her in the face. She gripped his cock, her hand barely being able to go all the way around, and saw precum glistening on the tip. With a hungry look in her eyes, looking up at Aaron, she put his erect cock in her mouth and began sucking it furiously.

Aaron was in heaven. This was beyond his wildest dreams. His legs felt like they were going to give way. This was his mom. Sucking his cock. He looked down at her, sucking his cock, licking his balls and teasing the head of his cock güvenilir bahis siteleri like a pro. He had been with his fair share of girls, but nothing came close to this.

‘I want you to fuck my face.’ Stacy said as she continued jacking his cock. Aaron held Stacy’s head and began to thrust his cock slowly into Stacy’s mouth. She wrapped his hands around his ass and pushed him into her. She wanted it faster and deeper and she took all of it like a champ. As he continued to thrust, Aaron felt himself reaching climax. He couldn’t take this much longer. He looked down and said, ‘Mom, I’m going to cum.’

Stacy took his cock in her hand and began to jack it off vigorously while licking its tip and playing with his balls with her other hand. Aaron’s cock began to fill up with his load and he held his cock and pointed it towards Stacy’s face. ‘I’M CUMMING. FUCK.’ Aaron yelled. ‘Give it to me baby. I want it all over my face.’ Was the soft alluring response from his mother.

In one glorious moment of release and ecstasy, Aaron’s cum shot out and hit Stacy right from her nose to her right eye. Strings of cum shot from Aaron’s cock onto Stacy’s face and covered her entire face in white hot cum. ‘Wow, mom. That was incredible.’

‘Thanks babe. I hope you had fun.’ And with that, Stacy kissed Aaron’s cock and then gave him a quick peck on the lips as she walked out of the room, leaving Aaron and his now subdued cock to stare at her ass and take in all that had just happened.

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