Starts at the Movies

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Your wearing your favourite t-shirt with my hoodie, and a pair of black tight jeans, the embossing pattern on the bra is visible through the tight t-shirt, your hair is up, I’m walking you back from the cinema at 10:30 at night, its dark outside and we just saw a sad film, your upset a bit by the ending, and I comfort you, and you seem to actually return my affection for once, holding on to my arm as we walk towards your buss stop, as we round the corner you ask me to come sleep at your house tonight cus your mums away and you don’t wanna be alone, and of course I agree, on the buss back to your house you sit next to me and cuddle up to me, resting your head on my shoulder and burying your face into my neck, you don’t seem upset anymore but I’m not about to complain.

As we walk to your house we have a laugh at how your ex who still obsesses over you would go mental if he knew I was sleeping round yours tonight, and just as we get to your door I cant control myself anymore and I spin you round from facing the door so you’re facing me, and I pull you into a passionate kiss, and for whatever reason you pull me closer, almost like your trying to merge your body with mine, to become one. We stand there holding each other close until eventually we notice someone staring from the bottom of the drive, he’s meant to be walking his dog but he looks about 13 and is shocked by what he’s seeing, standing there open mouthed, so I whisper in your ear that maybe we should head inside and see what happens…

You take güvenilir bahis my hand and lead me up to your room where you shove me onto the bed and tell me to stay there, and you take a step back and start stripping off your clothes, throwing each item in my direction as they come off, until your standing there in your bra and pink thong, and you look at my crotch and see my evident enjoyment of your display, and tell me its my turn, and come sit by my side. So I stand up and walk over to where you were, and begin to remove my t-shirt, not believing this is actually happening, as my t-shirt comes off you stare at my chest and whistle, I blush a little, not used to being like this in front of a single person, and I begin to take off my boots, then slip off my jeans, so I’m standing there in a tight pair of boxers, my obvious erection tenting my boxers, and you stand up and walk up to me and slip your arms around me and pull yourself close to me and rest your head on my chest and whisper that I look great, I don’t believe you but I smile and take the compliment, returning the favour and saying just how beautiful those long legs are, and how great your breasts look.

You tell me you want me, that you want me inside you, and you want it now, so I pick you up, and throw you onto the bed. Climbing on top of you and undoing your bra and slowly peeling it off you, the moment I see your bare breasts I almost drop dead, their perfect, better than I could have ever dreamed, bigger than you give them credit for, then I türkçe bahis plant kisses down you, from your lips, to your neck, over each breast, down your tummy, and when I reach your thong, I look up and wink at you, and revel in the look of longing in your eyes, and use my teeth to pull down your shorts, as my nose passes over your private area, I feel it slide down and rub against a small patch of hair, and breathe in deeply, and as my eyes pass over I almost feint again, and I hear your sharp intake of breathe as you realise that I am looking right at your private area. Then I keep pulling them down, until their over your feet, then I start to give you a foot massage, and start planting kisses from your toes up your shins, past your knees, up the insides of your thighs, I can tell your excited by the heat coming from you, and I put my lips by you, and breathe in again, taking in the smell of the girl I love more than anything in the world, and you tell me not to do that, don’t give you oral, and wrap your fingers into my hair and pull me back up so I’m level with you and give me another deep kiss, and wrap your legs around me and rub your hands up and down my back.

I feel your hands enter my boxers and grab my arse, and I physically jump, and you stop, thinking something’s wrong. I tell you its like I’m being electrocuted by your touch, and you give me an evil grin and slide your hands round the front of my boxers, whispering in my ear that you wonder what this will do to me as you take me in your hands, güvenilir bahis siteleri and I nearly orgasm just from the contact, but I hold it, thinking of what might be coming in the near future. You flip us over so your on top of me, and lean over, dangling your breasts into my face as you reach into your drawer and pull out a condom and rip the packet open with your teeth, and take it out and smile at me, and I can do nothing but stare at you and ask myself if this is happening, and you begin to slide down me till your between my legs, and you start pulling my boxers down.

You stare at my member, and I sit there and watch you, and think that this is the most erotic sight in the world, and you lick your lips tentatively, and start rolling the condom down my length.

You stand up and get off the bed, then you climb back on so that your straddling my hips, directly over my erection, and you stare into my eyes as you slowly lower yourself on to me, impaling yourself slowly, and I watch your eyes widen as you feel me enter you, as I’m sure you see mine widen as I feel you around me, when I’m all the way inside you slowly start moving up and down, and I watch your breasts bounce up and down, and hear your breathing get heavier as you get closer to your orgasm, and when you reach it, you scream so loud I’m sure the whole street will think I’m murdering you, and the sound of your orgasm sets me off, and soon I’m joining you, and we come together, and you when your done you collapse on top of me, and we just lie there, calming down and thinking about what we just did, and I whisper sweet nothings in your ear, and you eventually fall asleep, and I lie there and wonder just how this happened, and how much I wish it will happen again in the morning…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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