Stepmom’s Punishment Ch. 1

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To say that David despised his stepmother would be putting it mildly. Ever since Marlene had married his dad six years ago she had made his life miserable. His father was a business exec who took frequent trips. And while away Marlene made things so strict on him that he couldn’t enjoy life at all. David had enjoyed sports, but throughout highschool he had been forbidden to play because Marlene “didn’t have time to waste picking him up after school.” Despite the fact that she didn’t work and just hung around the house or ran around with her friends all day. Even though David was now 18 she she had opposed his dad’s idea of getting him a car and refused to allow him to drive her car at all, insisting that he needed to buy his own. Only when his dad was home did he ever get the opportunity to drive, or even leave the house. What made matters worse was that he knew she was nothing more than a gold-digger. Marlene was only 24 when she married his dad-who was ten years older. David had often overheard her bragging to her friends about how well off she had it. And he knew that she longed for the day when David graduated and left home.

Recently David had gotten into trouble with his stepmother after she caught him masturbating. She apparently had peeped in on him while he lay on his bed pleasuring himself. He was certain that she must have spied on him for most of the act because she threw open the door just as he began ejaculating. As if the humiliation wasn’t enough his stepmom informed anyone who called for him what she had caught him doing.

But David would soon have his revenge. When the phone rang one night he picked up the receiver in the kitchen and listened in to his stepmother’s conversation with another man. To his surprise he overheard Marlene making arrangements to meet this guy at his house that night. David couldn’t believe that his stepmother was cheating on his dad so he decided to get proof. This way he might be able to get her out of his life.

That evening, when Marlene left the house David ran out behind her. He had pilfered the keys to his dad’s car while she wasn’t looking, and with the camcorder in his hand, he began following his stepmother to her destination. When she had arrived he parked down the street and sneaked into the yard. When the light when on in the bedroom David noticed that the blinds were still open. He had the perfect opportunity to film his stepmother having sex with another guy. While watching he couldn’t help but become aroused. He could see why his dad liked her. Marlene was pretty, and she had a great body. Big firm breast and a tight ass. As soon as they were finished he rushed to the car and drove home. Contemplating his revenge.

The next morning David decided to skip school. He hid downstairs until he heard the shower go on. David quickly grabbed the tape from the night before and ran upstairs to his parent’s bedroom. He stuck the tape in the bedroom VCR and waited. When Marlene came out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel she was shocked to see what was on her TV. “Great show, huh.” David said as he stepped into view.

Marlene jumped, covering herself with the towel. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” She demanded.

“You fucked up this time,” David told her. “When dad sees that tape you’re out of here.”

Marlene gasped at the reality of his words. She stammered but was unable to say anything.”

“What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?” David asked sarcastically.

“Please, David. Don’t show that tape to your dad…” She started.

“Fuck you, bitch!” David shouted. “You’ve made my life miserable now you’re gonna pay.”

Marlene was losing control. “Look David. I’ll do anything you ask. You can have the car whenever you want. Hell, I’ll get your dad to buy you your own car.”

“A car would be nice. I’ll take that. But first I want to watch you play with your pussy.”

“What?!” Marlene cried out, unable to believe what she had just heard.

“That’s right, you watched me jack off now I get to watch you.”

Marlene shook her head. She wouldn’t degrade herself by masturbating before her stepson.

“Dad sure won’t like that tape.” David said with a grin.

Marlene gave in. She dropped her right hand under the towel and began rubbing her pussy for him.

“Not like that,” He said. “Lay on the bed totally naked and do it until I say you’re finished.”

Marlene hesitated a moment, then dropped the towel and lay on the bed. She spread her güvenilir bahis legs and began fingering her pussy.

“Play with your tits with your other hand.” David ordered.

Marlene raised her left hand and began massaging her boobs and stroking her nipples while rubbing her pussy. She wondered how long he was going to make her do this before being satisfied. She was shocked when he dropped his pants and started stroking his erect penis while watching. “Good” she thought to her self, “as soon as he cums he’ll probably let me stop.” Marlene now regretted barging in on him while he was playing with himself. She had suspected it when she peeped in. And true to David’s intuition, she had watched him for a couple minutes until he came. She particularly enjoyed ruining his moment of orgasm by throwing the door open and yelling at him. She had enjoyed it, but not been sexually stimulated by it. Now she was being forced to masturbate for him while he was sexually aroused.

“Rub your clit.” David ordered.

“Marlene had hoped he wouldn’t notice that she was avoiding her love button. But now she had to work it as well. The moment she started she could feel the arousal inside her. When she saw David stop stroking she knew that he was going to wait until she had an orgasm before finishing himself. She hated doing it, but decided that the best thing would be to work herself into a climax as quickly as possible. So doing her best to ignore him standing there she rubbed and fingered herself until she got off in front of him. After forcing herself to an orgasm she stopped and lay there.

“Did I tell you to stop?” David asked.

“Shit” she thought. “The little bastard wants me to keep it up.” Marlene knew that after one orgasm the next would be quicker and stronger. Her pussy was sensitive as hell after this but now she had to continue. She rubbed her pussy again. Soon she brought herself to a second orgasm, but David didn’t let her stop until she had completed a third. After that she lay still waiting for him to degrade her by making her watch him jack off. But David had other things in mind.

David leaped onto the bed, climbing over his stepmother. “What the fuck are you doing?” She yelled.

“Fucking you, what else.” David said laughing.

“Oh no you’re not!” Marlene shouted as she tried to fight him off of her. But David was stronger and already had her pinned down. Marlene kicked and fought but David forced her legs apart with his own while holding her arms. Then fell down between her legs shoving his hard dick into her already soaked pussy. “Ohhhhhh nooooooo!” Marlene cried.

David began fucking his stepmother’s pussy. It didn’t take long before he was unloading his cum into her belly. That was way too fast he thought to himself after his orgasm. Marlene just lay beneath him in shock. She couldn’t believe that she had just been raped by her stepson.

David climbed up over her chest sticking his still hard cock in her face. “Suck it.” He ordered.

Marlene stared at his dick in disbelief. She wasn’t prepared when his hand struck her across the cheek. “I said suck my dick!” He ordered.

Marlene didn’t know what to do. But she didn’t want him to beat her. So she opened her mouth and took his dick between her lips. She could feel the taste of his cum and her own juices as he began sliding in and out of her mouth. When he shoved it in too far Marlene gagged. To avoid choking she began sucking his cock on her own. She sucked as he leaned over her enjoying the sight of his bitcy-stepmother pleasuring him with her mouth. This was the first time David ever enjoyed the sight of her face and he told her so. Marlene continued sucking for several minutes. Soon David resumed pumping her mouth slowly. Whenever she closed her eyes David would order her to open up and watch. He wanted her to see him when he shot his load into her mouth. That was the first moment that she realized that she was going to have to take him in her mouth. Marlene had always loved sucking cock, but she rarely ever let a guy come in her mouth. She always preferred him to pull out first. She had just assumed that David was making her suck him for a little while since he had already cum. David’s father always stopped after one orgasm. But Marlene realized that David was more than twenty years younger. And she remembered that teen-age boys were much more able to go all night. Or she feared in this case, all day.

Marlene had no choice but to continue sucking. She could türkçe bahis feel his dick swelling and knew that he was about ready to cum again. She tried to ready herself for the act but was still caught offguard when he bucked and shot the first wad into her mouth. “Swallow it!” David yelled as he continued pumping his cum into her mouth. Marlene swallowed in disgust. But it was either that or choke on it. For a second orgasm David had let loose a large amount of cum into her mouth and throat. He continued forcing his dick in and out of her mouth long after he had finished with his orgasm.

When David got up Marlene saw that he was still erect. She decided to make a run for it in order to get away from him. But when she jumped off the bed David grabbed her and threw her back to the side of the bed face first. Her knees fell to the floor as her upper torso landed on the mattress. “Stay there, bitch!” David ordered. “I’m not through with you yet.”

Marlene whimpered when David got down behind her. She felt him moving into position to take her from behind. Marlene had reluctantly accepted what was about to happen when she realized with horror that she had misinterpreted his plan once again. She felt David’s cockhead rub between her asscheeks up against her asshole. “Oh god no.” She begged. “Not there David. Please not there!”

David had thought that doing his stepmother in the ass would be enjoyable. But wasn’t sure if he really wanted to do it. This was something that he had never tried with either of his first two girlfriends. But when he heard Marlene begging him not to do it he knew that this was one opportunity that he couldn’t pass on. “I’m gonna fuck your tight little asshole, mommy-dearest.” David said with a chuckle.

“Please, David.” Marlene continued to plead. “I can’t take it there! You can do my pussy or mouth again if you want, but please not there!”

“Beg me to fuck your pussy.” David said.

Marlene gave it her all. “Please fuck my pussy, David. Please.”

David pressed his dick farther against her ass.

“Oh, David. Please fuck my pussy. I need it so bad, please fuck my pussy.”

“OK.” David said, pulling back just a little.

“Oh thank you.” Marlene cried with relief.

Then David rammed forward. The head of his dick plowed up against her asshole. Ignoring the resistance David plowed ahead with all his strength. Marlene screamed in fear and pain as his cockhead began spreading her anal ring gaining access into her chute. This was something that she had avoided her whole life. Only once had someone tried and she had to make him stop because of the pain. But now she was unable to stop her stepson from invading her asshole. With one final thrust David’s cock broke through and slammed inside her ass. Marlene wailed in agony as he drove his dick to the hilt inside her. David took a moment to situate himself then began pumping his stepmother’s ass with a vengeance. Enjoying her cries of pain and mercy. The more she begged him to stop the harder he fucked her. To David this was a wonderful sensation. He had never felt anything so tight, yet so smooth, around his cock. He pumped harder and harder as Marlene lay before him gripping the bedsheets in her fists. Marlene couldn’t believe the pain she was feeling. David’s dick would pull back and ram into her backside again. Each time he shoved forward she felt that her asshole would split apart. If she thought that the blowjob had taken too long then this was worse. David fucked his stepmother’s asshole for ten minutes and was still going at it. Marlene wished that she could pass out and escape this anal-rape but she found no relief. Her asshole did loosen up, or perhaps it had torn open under the attack, which gave her some relief but not much. To make things ever worse, David’s balls were slapping against her pussy with every thrust. As they struck her clit she could feel her pussy becoming aroused. Her pussy wanted to be filled. But all she wanted was for David too finally cum and leave her alone. After a few more minutes David began thrusting even harder. She heard him moan as he tightened his hold on her hips and began ramming his dick faster, shooting his cum into her bleeding asshole. When he was finished he pulled his cock out with a sickening pop. Marlene felt her bowls trying to expel as he jerked free.

“Clean my cock.” David ordered.

Marlene’s entire body was shaking. She turned her head and saw his cock going limp before her. “Thank god.” She thought güvenilir bahis siteleri to herself. “He’s finished.” She half expected to see shit covering his dick but all she saw was sticky lubrication, a mixture of her anal contents and his cum. She thought it disgusting that he wanted her to clean him now. She reached for a box of hand-i-whipes on the nightstand but heard David say, “Not with that. With your mouth.”

Marlene thought she would vomit. David took her head and guided it to his lap. When she didn’t respond he said, “You want me to do your ass again?”

Not wanting that she opened up and began sucking his dick again. She could smell and taste the insides of her ass on his dick. She forced saliva over his cock doing her best to clean it with her tongue. She became alarmed when his dick became erect in her mouth.

David grabbed her and pulled her up on the bed. She had long ago lost the ability to resist. David rolled onto his back and pulled his exhausted stepmother on top of him. “Now you’re going to fuck me while I lay her and enjoy it.” He said.

Marlene slid her pussy down along his cock. Relieved that he wanted pussy and not her ass. David lay still and made her ride him. He reached up and took her tits into his hands. Then he began sucking on each nipple. Every so often he would bite one of them hard enough to bring Marlene to the verge of tears. But mostly he just lay there enjoying the fact that his stepmother was riding his cock. Marlene rose her hips up and down. Thinking about how long it had taken him to cum in her ass she realized that this might take a while. It was then that she felt the stirring deep within her own pussy. The constant slamming of David’s balls against her clit had already aroused her. Now she felt her pussy longing for another orgasm. She tried to slow her pace to avoid it but David demanded that she continue harder. Marlene fucked her stepson, feeling her pussy come more alive with every thrust. She clenched her teeth and tried to think of anything else but her inner desires were too hard to control. She begged her body to not give her stepson the satisfaction of feeling her climaxing on his cock. But there was nothing she could do to stop it. After several minutes of fucking she felt her pussy about to explode. David sensed his mother’s orgasm and began thrusting his hips to meet her. “You’re gonna cum on my cock, mother.” David said. “Look me in the eyes as you cum.”

Marlene looked down at David’s face. She hated the look of smug satisfaction she saw as her body jerked uncontrollably. Marlene had a powerful orgasm. She bit her lip trying to remain silent but still unleashed a moan of delight as wave after wave of multiple orgasms filled her body. When David smiled up at her she wanted to scream in rage. She hated every moment of this pleasure but could do nothing to prevent her body from enjoying it. And worse, he wasn’t ready to cum yet. Marlene continued fucking him, bringing herself to orgasm after orgasm as she rode his stiff cock. After another fifteen minutes she felt David’s pace quickening. She fucked faster trying to put an end to it, but brought herself to one more climax just before David cried out and shot his load into her waiting pussy.

After cumming in his stepmother David rolled her to the side and got up. Marlene lay on the bed with her eyes closed. They opened when she heard what David had to say. “That should make an interesting second half to the tape.”

“What?” Marlene asked. She looked up and saw David pull the camcorder out of the closet.

“I filmed the whole thing. With a little editing all I’ll have are the parts where you begged me to fuck you and you riding me to orgasm after orgasm. Not to mention you playing with yourself in front of me.”

Marlene’s jaw hung open in disbelief.

“Don’t worry, I won’t show the tapes to dad if you behave.”

Marlene didn’t like the sound of what she was hearing.

“Of course you’ll have to get rid of your boyfriend. If I catch you cheating on dad again I will let him know. But whenever he’s out of town you can share my bed.”

Marlene was shaking. She couldn’t afford to lose her marriage. But that would happen if her husband found out about her affairs. And if David followed through on his threat of editing the tape then it would appear that she had been a willing participant in this rape. And with him being her stepson she feared that she could face criminal charges. Marlene felt trapped. Her own greed and lust had done her in. Now she was to become a sex slave to her stepson.

“Do we have a deal?” David asked.

Marlene nodded her head in agreement.

“Good,” He replied. “Now let’s discuss what kind of car I’m getting.”

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