Stolen Kiss

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When I came back to the campsite after my shower it appeared to be empty. It was mid-morning and I could hear a lot of noise out on the lake but none around our tents. Planning to dump off my stuff in my tent and head out in search of the crew, I was startled to find him sitting on a towel on the log in front of his tent having a cup of coffee. “Hey! Where’d everybody go?” I said.

“They took the kids to the tie-dyeing activity. I just finished cleaning up the dishes.” “Hmmmmmm”, I purred as I straddled the log in front of him. “Does that mean we are all alone? I didn’t think that would ever happen…..” I wasn’t joking about this, there had been rarely a quiet minute – especially alone with him. On top of that, the close quarters, constant innuendos, and the fact that I was not allowed to touch him had created a sexual tension so charged I thought I might electrocute myself if we got too close. But damn, I was willing to take that risk…..

“How was your shower?” he asked as he leaned in to nuzzle my neck. Checking around to make sure we were alone, I ran my palms up his thighs and under his shorts. “It was lonely.” ataşehir escort bayan Laughing with that sexy sparkle in his eyes, he said, “let’s see if we can do something about that”, and then we kissed – not a stolen kiss like 2 nights before – it was deeper and more demanding – a kiss that made my knees weak. Good thing I was already sitting down. Now he slid his hands up my thighs and around to my ass and lifted me up so that I was straddling him as he straddled the log. I could feel his cock through his swim suit and its heat and hardness were in good company with my pussy; on fire and drenched all at the same time.

Moving his lips down to my neck again, he began to nibble and lick along my collarbones and between my breasts. Fearing discovery, we wanted to stay somewhat dressed but it was no mystery that I was excited, my nipples were poking through the fabric of my tank top practically preening with his attention. He caressed my breasts while he was rocking me back and forth on the log. The pressure on my pussy was making me squirm with intense pleasure. I reached down under my ass to gently squeeze escort kadıköy his balls and then behind him to run my hands all over his ass and back. I bit him now, I have to admit, I can’t seem to control myself with him and it had gotten to a critical point….

We stood up and in one quick motion stripped off our shorts and I climbed right back on. Slowly now, I lowered my pussy, dripping in anticipation, so slowly, an inch at a time until I took him all in. I stopped then, wondering how long we could stay still – not too long! He began rocking me again, back and forth, my clit sliding up between us creating these bolts of electricity that radiated out through my body, and rocking again and feeling the length of him inside me pushing my “g” spot. I dropped my feet so they were almost touching the ground and he went even deeper. Starting to lose it now I threw my head back, wanting to scream but having to stay quiet. We were rocking faster and I held him tightly, burying my face in his neck to keep from crying out. At first he laughed at me, he knows how hard it is for me to stay quiet, but then even he was lost in bostancı escort the sensations. I came in a gush and the heat sent jolts of pleasure through both of us. Then he picked me up a nd lowered us both to the rug outside his tent. I thought he was going to finish me off then, missionary with him just drives me wild, but he slowed down. Looking up at him with a question in my eyes, he just smiled and slid his cock in and out, rubbing the whole length, even the tip, over my pussy lips. I had had enough of his controlling the situation though, I wrapped my legs around his back and pulled him into me a tight as I could. I began my own rocking and he was matching me -our pace increased until I was having orgasm after orgasm, I couldn’t tell when one stopped and another began. I felt him tighten then, all his muscles tensed and his arms squeezed me even tighter and he gave one last thrust and came in a shudder. HE wasn’t quiet then though, he moaned and when I heard that it sent me over the edge. I peaked in one final amazing full-body orgasm. After a minute, we came back to reality and laughing got ourselves together. I could hear the noise on the lake again and when I looked around the bend I could see everyone coming back -we had just a few minutes left. He leaned in to me and kissed me ever so gently and I ran the very tip of my tongue over his lips and then our time was up….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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