Stormy Night Ch. 02

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With my head still spinning from the experienced of eating out my sister-in-law, I went to check on the kids. They were sound asleep. I went and checked the back yard through the garage door exit and notice a huge limb had fallen from an old oak tree in the back yard. The limb had taken out the power line going to the house. Nothing I could do about that. So I went back inside and lit some candles. My brother-in-law was not much of a handy man around the house so there wasn’t a generator or even kerosene lambs anywhere. I happened to think about it and had brought two kerosene lambs with me. I went to the truck and grabbed them and brought them in. It was getting wicked outside and I knew that I would not be going back out there much more until the storm passed.

I lit the lambs and placed one in the family room and I walked the other back to master bedroom where I had left my sister-in-law a few minutes earlier. I walked in and she was lying on the bed. She stirred and looked at me. I told her I was going to leave the lamp there for her to use if she needed to get out güvenilir bahis up for anything. I warned her that she would probably be better off in the central part of the house than in the bedroom facing the west because the storm was coming from that direction. She said she would move in a few minutes. I said fine.

I went back to the family room and I figured there was nothing more to do right then than to ride out the storm. I had brought a battery operated radio so I got it out and tuned into the weather station and listen for the advisories. I had picked up a sheet from the hall closet and placed on the couch. Not that I would need it for long because it was going to get hot without air conditioning. In fact, it was already getting warm. So I peeled my work boats off and my jeans and laid back on the couch with my boxers on with a sheet covering just my mid-section. It didn’t take long. I was fast asleep. Something about the sound of rain and wind and my tired bones that made me drowsy.

I don’t remember how much time had passed since I didn’t even know what time türkçe bahis it was. But I was awakened by a soft hand rubbing my elected cock through my boxer shorts. I looked up and my sister-in-law had her hand down my shorts massaging my cock to full stiffness. I could barely see her face through the glimmer of light from the kerosene lamp. She put her finger to her lips to keep me from saying anything. She just smiled and whispered, “Just returning the favor.”

With that said, she pulled back on the band of the boxer shorts to expose my full 7″ of hot meat. Her small soft hand held it tight and firm and she began to slowly pump it. It was so hot and arousing to see her hands on me that I knew I would not last long. I guess she sensed that because she stopped the movement for a few minutes and just stared at my cock. She must have sensed my disappointment because she then blew me away, literally. She reached out with her tongue and licked from the back of my cock to the tip sending shivers up my spine. Almost immediately the pre-cum could be seen glistening in the lamb light. güvenilir bahis siteleri She smiled and took my whole head in her mouth flicking the tip with her tongue. I groaned in sheer pleasure. My wife on occasion blows me, but once the fluid starts appearing she doesn’t like the taste and finishes me with her hand. Not Susan! She kept sucking and then started to alternate with her hand and mouth pumping me. It felt like she was going to suck me right into an orgasm.

God, she was good at this. I knew it would not be long and I told her I was going to cum. She looked up at me and smile with my cock still in her mouth. Damn that was hot and it pushed me over the edge. I began to gush hot semen into her mouth in a steady stream. She just kept pumping me and sucking me until she got every drop that my balls could produce. I saw her swallow and then take her tongue lick the underside of my cock making sure she got every last drop. She gently put my cock back in my shorts, smiled at me and slid up and kissed me on the lips. That was the first time I had ever tasted my own cum. She kissed me first just pecks but then she French kissed me with her semen-coated tongue. It was awesome! With that she got up and went to the utility hallway where the kids were sleeping and laid down next to them for the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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