Stranger on the Train

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I boarded the evening train and quickly found my seat. On a business trip in Europe, I was currently moving from my company’s offices in Italy to those in France. The journey was going to take just over five hours. I could have flown but with airport security and everything involved with flying it would have taken just as much time so I opted for the slower, more relaxed journey offered by train.

After a few minutes, I saw a guy in his late twenties or early thirties enter the car and make his way to the seats across from me. I could not take my eyes off him. He was very tall, pushing six and a half feet, with a lean, sinewy body. He had green eyes set in an angular face that possessed a neatly trimmed blonde beard and moustache. Behind him trailed blonde dreadlocks that hung to his ankles. They were not neat ropes but irregular and various sizes of matted of hair that intrigued me. He had a black bandana wrapped around his head to keep them pulled away from his face that I saw also helped to keep them raised off the ground. He wore a plain black t-shirt, loose fitting pants covered with a green camouflage pattern, and a pair of black leather work boots. As he neared, a cloud of not unpleasant yet strong body odor accompanied him. He draped his hair over a shoulder and placed his backpack on the seat next to him as he settled into the window seat across the aisle from me. While he got situated, I saw that his nails were on the long side and varied in length, the longest being about half an inch. Like the rest of him, they appeared irregularly groomed, having a line of dirt under them and more than a few were jagged from breaks. I wondered about his story but realized he had to be a decent guy upon seeing the relatively shiny wedding band on his finger.

Seeing me staring, he smiled and said something to me in a language I didn’t understand, guessing it to be German. I tried replying in Italian, then French, ending with Spanish and English but it was obvious he did not understand me. We shrugged and sadly smiled at each other indicating our difficulty communicating then turned away to our own thoughts.

I opened a book that I had brought to read and soon we were moving. With a few hours to kill, I settled in and tuned out the world.

Nearly an hour later, I was brought out of my book by us passing through a long tunnel. The pressure caused by our high rate of travel messed with my ears much the same way ascent and descent did in planes. As I worked to equalize the pressure, I glanced around the car from my seat near the rear. It was slightly more than half full with most people facing the forward direction of travel and only a few of their companions facing backward. When I glanced over to dreadlocks guy, I did a double take.

He was sitting there slowly, almost absentmindedly, masturbating. It wasn’t the exposure that surprised me but the size of his erection. Easily in the double digits, it was thicker than I would have expected to find on his narrow body. As he slowly stroked the uncircumcised length, the foreskin easily flowed up over the blunt tip before retracting again. He had obviously been at it for a while because, even from my seat, I could see there was a good amount of wetness seeping from the end and covering the top of the shaft and his fist.

I realized I had been staring too long and looked up to find that I had been caught. His mouth spread in a slow smile that I had to admit I found sexy and I heard him speak again unintelligibly as he continued to stroke himself. He turned slightly toward me giving me a better view that I found myself watching for longer than I should have been doing to a married man, and myself with a serious boyfriend back home. Eventually, I gave him a smile of my own then returned to my book. Almost immediately I heard shifting come from him and looked back to find him making his way toward me.

With no concern for the people in the seats around us, he crossed the aisle with his dick out framed by the fly of his pants. He faced the window and rested one bent leg on the empty seat next to me while the other remained on the floor. He grabbed his cock again and resumed slowly stroking it in front of me as he spoke softly. After a few moments, he shook it at me and said something a bit firmer.

Part of me was terrified by what I assumed was his intent but the rest of me was excited. Though I couldn’t understand the words, I understood the meaning. Often traveling alone, I often worried about being assaulted. At 5′ 5″ and 120 pounds, I was not a large woman. Not self-deprecatingly, I was of average attractiveness with a heart shaped face and deep brown eyes that were framed by chestnut colored hair. He had not acted threateningly, per se, but there was no question what he wanted to happen. I wasn’t against random, anonymous sex, but I was not the type to cheat or cause someone to cheat. In any other situation, I would have said no forcefully. However there was something about being on the train, traveling ataşehir escort bayan between two countries with a stranger who I couldn’t understand that made the experience something that I knew I had to take advantage of.

Apparently I was taking too long because he raised one of his large hands to my head and gently, but insistently, pulled it toward his cock while he moved his hips forward.

Without resisting I took him in. Immediately, my mouth and nose were assaulted by the taste and smell of his unwashed cock. It was musky, sweaty, and salty but I didn’t find it unpleasant. Even the strong body odor that surrounded him wasn’t sour and fermented but simply smelled of sweat, like he had been working hard that day. In all, it was very masculine and I found myself responding positively to the flavors and scents.

As he thrust into my mouth, he gripped the backs of the seats on either side of him for balance. I saw the guy in front of us look back at the disturbance but quickly face forward again with a blush upon seeing what we were doing. It was obvious the people in the row behind us would be equally aware. Though I worried about the conductor or other personnel being alerted, I didn’t stop and it was obvious he wasn’t going to either.

Noticing that I was now into the blow job, my unnamed partner slowed his thrusts and allowed me to control the action.

I removed my mouth and licked over his length a few times. His cock was a thick, straight club that had a few raised veins meandering along its length and as my tongue ran over it, I could feel each of the ridges and bumps. My tongue moved to work around the shallow ridge of his crown. I grabbed his shaft and pulled his foreskin over the base of his crown, letting my tongue play inside the covering. I then moved to tease his piss slit, getting a fresh taste of his precum. It was salty and bitter with little of the sweetness I was used to from years of orally servicing my boyfriend. Eventually, I slid his length back inside my mouth and felt him resume gently thrusting into me. Even going as far as he could without entering my throat, I only succeeded in getting about half of him inside my mouth.

During it all, my stranger emitted a constant stream of soft moans and sighs above me that were interspersed with words that were foreign to me in sound but not meaning. After a bit, he issued an obvious command to me and I raised my eyes to look at him while still sucking him not understanding. He repeated it slower, clearly enunciating each word but it didn’t help. With a frustrated sigh, he pulled out of my mouth then reached down to open my jeans. There was more than a little annoyance evident as he pulled on the buttons and zipper holding my jeans closed. When I began to assist with their removal, he smiled and said a few calmer sounding words as he pulled back to watch while he slowly stroked himself.

With my pants and underwear piled on the floor, he wasted no time positioning me for his use. After raising the armrest between the seats, he turned me so my back was against the wall then slid me down on the seat. One of my legs was now on the floor while the other was stretched out across both seats into the aisle. He lowered himself and touched the tip of his cock to my opening.

I gasped as he gently but insistently penetrated me. His girth spreading me was a slightly painful but welcome sensation. It had been years since anything had opened me as wide as he was doing. My current boyfriend, while he satisfied me, was not as thick. I knew I should have requested that he be gentler, but with no way to communicate it effectively, I held my tongue. There was also a conscious acknowledgement that he probably would not have granted my request with his determination to fuck me. It helped that it had been weeks since I had last had sex so I was enjoying his entry more than I otherwise would have.

As he pressed into me, he continued to brace himself on the back of a seat with one hand while the other moved under my shirt. With surprising ease, he pulled my breasts out of my bra to fondle them, his jagged nails digging into my sensitive flesh in a surprisingly pleasant way.

Just as he completely sheathed himself, I had a small orgasm. The sensation of his thick length, the public setting, the language barrier, and his dominant demeanor all combined to take my body over the edge. As much as I could, I bit my lip trying to keep my sound to a minimum, though there was no question what was happening to me. Despite the pleasure coursing through my body, I could feel something larger already building behind it.

As he rested inside me, he raised up slightly to open his waistband and lower his pants. With his pale, round ass now bare, he began to slowly hump against me, shallowly thrusting into me. The movement caused his matted hair to fall over his shoulders, further obscuring my line of sight. Like when I was fellating him, he made continual low sounds of pleasure that escort kadıköy were occasionally broken by his foreign fuck words.

We remained joined for some time with our hips moving leisurely but insistently against each other. Despite the fact that other travelers occasionally moved past us, stepping over our legs to get to the nearby restroom, we were unconcerned about anything else and no one bothered us. My world was nothing more than him and the seats around us.

His hips eventually began to speed up and because he continued to use shallow strokes, the sound of our flesh slapping together remained soft. The soft words he spoke became more breathy and he began to pinch and pull at my nipples more frequently, occasionally digging in with his nails and smiling upon hearing my soft squeals of pain.

Because his thrusts were so short, his pelvis continually stimulated my clit and as he increased his speed my arousal continued to build. Instinctually, I wrapped my arms and legs around him wanting him closer but he struggled away in order to maintain the leverage and position he wanted.

He let out something that sounded remarkably like a curse as he pressed fully into me and stopped moving. I felt his cock stiffen and pulse within me as his orgasm hit. He surprised me as he reached between us and erratically fingered my clit as he filled me. It was just enough to push me over the edge and I soon followed him with my own climax.

We laid together breathing heavily, each enjoying our personal pleasure. There had been nothing romantic in the act and even now, in this most intimate point, our eyes did not meet. As I gathered my thoughts, I realized that for most of our fuck, we hadn’t even looked at each other. Most of the time his gaze had been out the window while mine was on the ceiling or the thick falls of hair draped over us. Instead of upsetting me, it gave the whole situation an erotic air that made me smile. Only after his cock began to soften did he pull out. He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before raising his pants and returning to his seat without a glance back.

Sated and filled, I replaced my own pants before going to the restroom behind us to tidy myself. As I passed the couples in the rows behind us, I saw a mix of embarrassment, arousal and jealousy on their faces.

Once back in my seat, I glanced at the time and saw that less than half of our journey had passed. With a content, satisfied sigh I took up my book again.

After struggling to follow the mystery that I was reading, I closed my book and looked out the window at twilight on the countryside. I let my thoughts drift, eventually coming to what I had done. I knew I should feel embarrassed, ashamed of doing something so private in public. Back home, I probably would have hidden my face from humiliation, if I had even done the deed in the first place. Away from everyone and everything I knew, I didn’t care as I wouldn’t see these people again after disembarking. As my thoughts weaved around the situation, I saw the reflection of my unnamed partner in his seat staring out his window. Though I had had two satisfying orgasms there was a part of me that wanted more. The whole experience had been something completely out of character for me yet I couldn’t deny how good it had been and felt desire creeping back into me.

I checked my watch and saw that there was just under two hours left. When I stood and moved to the seat next to him, he watched me approach with hesitation. After I was seated next to him, I placed my hand on his crotch and began to massage it while looking in his eyes. I saw him smile as he slouched down slightly, giving me better access. Though I hadn’t doubted that he would respond, I was happy that he didn’t protest. I opened his pants, fished out his fleshy, limp cock and leaned down to take it in my mouth. The smell and taste of our sex immediately assailed me. Leftover wetness even unashamedly lingered in his pubic hair.

While I sucked him to hardness, he had me stretch out and opened my jeans. Without yet removing them, he worked a hand into my underwear and began fingering me. Though there were a few uncomfortable moments as his nails scraped against my sensitive flesh, he eventually found the proper angle to slowly finger fuck me and play with my clit without injuring me.

With decent orgasms already behind us, we were in no hurry. I slowly mouthed his cock, suckling him as if each drop of precum were the substance that would sustain me for the remainder of the journey. Whenever I glanced up at his face, his eyes would be focused either on the darkening landscape or closed peacefully with his head tilted back resting on the seat. I fell into a rhythm and soon zoned out.

The feel of someone brushing against my leg in the aisle brought me back to reality. I was immediately aware of the need for release coursing through my body. Ready to fuck, I pulled off his dick and saw that the swollen tip was a dark pink, indicating bostancı escort his own need. I saw my stranger open his eyes and turn to look at me in confusion until he saw me removing my pants. Facing away from him, I lowered myself onto his hardness. Despite being wet and already having had him inside me, I gasped at the intrusion. Everything between my legs felt overly sensitive and raw from prolonged arousal and stimulation. As I slid further onto him, he wrapped an arm around me to again work my chest while the other moved between my legs. I felt him place a finger on either side of his cock where it entered me to fondle my folds while he rested his palm on my mound, intentionally rubbing it against my swollen nub.

As he had used me earlier, I used him. I took my time riding him, enjoying the feel of his thick hardness inside me. Though I enjoyed sex with my boyfriend, the physical act of being with this guy was like nothing I had felt before. His cock filled my pussy fully, delving deep beyond where any other had before and spreading me in a way I didn’t think I’d feel again until giving birth. Part of me felt that this was a fuck I deserved. Each time a person passed us, I met their eyes defiantly. I was unashamed and uncaring that I was fucking and being fucked on this train.

For as good as he felt inside me, I needed more. I stood and turned to face him then slid him back inside me. Driven by a primal need, I began to rise and fall on him quickly. As I did, he pulled my shirt and bra off, exposing my teardrop shaped breasts. They were a little larger than I liked on my petite body but no one, including the guy I was fucking, ever seemed to care. He latched a mouth onto one nipple and began to suck and nibble at it while using his hand on the other before switching sides.

While we took our pleasure, I could see the young couple in the row behind us. She kept her eyes averted and there was a blush on her cheeks. The guy, however, openly watched and occasionally massaged the erection visible through his pants.

Receiving the stimulation I needed, I felt myself quickly moving toward my orgasm. I began to move faster on him, no longer rising and falling but rocking my hips back and forth working my clit against him. With a soft cry that was louder than I anticipated, I reached my climax. My body tensed and fell still on his lap as the wave rushed over me.

With his own need unsatisfied, my partner waited just long enough to move his hands around to grip my ass before lifting me off him slightly in order to have room to begin thrusting up into me. I could feel his nails digging into my soft flesh as his hips moved quickly, faster than they had the first time. The sound of our flesh slapping was audible in the otherwise quiet car yet I didn’t care.

I also became aware of my own stuttered groans but couldn’t stop them as he pounded my overused hole. I knew I needed to be quieter but couldn’t find a way to make it happen. His motion was prolonging my climax, pushing it to a higher pitch. He gave a final hard thrust into me, then let me fall to his lap as he began to fill me a second time. At the same time, I was wracked by another, more intense orgasm that caused me to nearly blackout.

After catching my breath, I carefully removed myself from his softening cock. It wasn’t until I began to put on my clothes that I realized I had been completely naked. Naked, on a train, fucked by a complete stranger, passing through two foreign countries. It was something that I never imagined myself doing and would have called bullshit on if someone told me they had done it.

I made a second trip to the restroom then retook my seat and saw that we had slowed as we neared the end of our trip. My mind raced trying to lock in the memory of this journey, knowing this would never happen again. I wanted to capture everything from his appearance, to his smell, even the looks on the faces of the passengers around me.

Other than sharing a smile, we made no attempt to communicate as we disembarked. I ended up following him a short distance as I made my way to the taxi stand. In the main hall, he was greeted by a well-dressed woman around his age who lifted a young boy of maybe three into his arms. As I approached them, he kissed them both, obviously greeting his family. She spoke something in French to the child then to my unnamed partner in his language. When I passed them, he met my eye momentarily and I gave him a small smile and wink which he acknowledged with a small nod. I knew I should have felt guilty but I didn’t.

The next day, upon returning to my hotel after a meeting, I was surprised to see my boyfriend waiting for me in the lobby. We spent the evening together during which he proposed to me. When we had sex that night, he commented on a few half-moon shaped breaks in the skin on my ass. I knew their cause but feigned surprise and said it must have been a faulty chair I experienced. Our engagement period was short and I ended up giving birth to our first child three months after our wedding.

Now, nearly twenty years later, whenever I look at our oldest son with his newly formed blonde dreadlocks, I see reflected in his face the same visage that sat across from me on the train that evening.

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