Strangers On A Train

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A neat ginger bob framed her cute face. A pink cotton T-shirt stuck to the swell of her bra-less breasts in the August heat. That was the first I’d seen of Karen as she eyed me from across the railway carriage.

A brief moment’s eye contact was followed by a barely perceptible invitation to the toilet cubicle at the end of the aisle.

And now she was knelt before me – that same cute face looking up, smiling. She pulled my jeans roughly down around my ankles, and stroked the front of my straining briefs. She hooked her fingers under the elastic, and with a sharp tug my engorged cock sprang free. As it snapped to attention it snatched up my balls up from their resting place, presenting them like fruit for her delectation.

She clasped my erect stalk with both hands, running her finger tips down its length and into my black bush. She took the glans between her soft lips and let her tongue play over it. Then she locked her jaw wide, and slid her head back and forth over the swollen bulb. Her mouth was warm and slick. Each time she pressed her head forward into my groin she exhaled, sending a cool wave of air rushing over my sweat sheened skin. And each time she drew her head back my cock glistened with her saliva.

She had already shed her T-shirt, and now I reached down and cupped my hands around the soft flesh of her large breasts. As I took their weight, the firm nipples pressed into my palms.

I bent forward and moved my hands down to her slim midriff. I briefly savoured the sweet curve of her waist before slipping my fingers beneath her white tennis shorts. To my delight, she wasn’t wearing any panties; the skin beneath was bare. I squeezed the soft flesh of her buttocks and she let out a little moan. Then I slid her shorts off. They slipped effortlessly over her smooth skin. Her tanned globes jutted enticingly from the small of her back as her head bob effortlessly at my groin.

I reached across ataşehir escort bayan to the cleft of her buttocks, running my finger between them. As it glided over the tight ring of her sphincter, she moaned softly again. I brought my finger back for another pass, eliciting another moan – this one louder, forcing her to open her mouth and draw breath, releasing my cock which then slapped noisily against my stomach.

I wetted my finger and then eased it gently into her anus. Her hole was tight but soon submitted, sheathing my finger snugly as I worked it in and out, left and right.

As I did, she licked my shaft from tip to base and then buried her face in my scrotum. I felt her tongue flutter around my balls, as she continued to service my cock with her hand. She took one of my testicles into her mouth and sucked it lightly, rolling it round like a gobstopper, working it back and forth over her tongue through the slippery and membranous walls of my hot sac.

I pleasured her anus harder with my finger and she yelped in response. I leant forward further and slid my other hand down into the hot crack of her pussy. Her lips were dripping wet. I parted them and slid one finger and then another inside. I frigged it, first quickly and then slowly, alternating the rhythm. Karen gasped again and took the other testicle into her mouth, fondling both with her tongue.

I withdrew my fingers and reached down further to find her erect bud and circled it with my slicked fingers. She let out a long low “Mmmm,” and then suddenly lifted her head, letting my balls flop from her mouth, and looked at me.

In a whisper she said: “I think it’s about time-” she put my cock back in her mouth, then pulled her head back so that the throbbing head popped out again with a loud sucking sound, like a lollipop, “-you fucked me.”

She put her head to one side and smiled irresistably, pumping my cock gently with her escort kadıköy hand. Dimples framed the corners of her mouth.

I needed no further encouragement. As I moved behind her she raised her arse high, pressing her face to the floor and presenting her warm slit to me. It took just one smooth movement to plant my cock in her up to the hilt. Her buttocks bowed out pleasingly as my stomach pressed against them.

I held the pose, fully inserted, pressing into her powerfully for a few moments, then I began to fuck this stranger who I had not known for more than 10 minutes.

Her cunt was warm and lush as I slid in and out. I could feel tiny shivers spreading through her body with each thrust of my cock, culminating in a short, sharp gasp each time my rod hit maximum depth. She was crying out now. As I kept fucking her, her cries became longer. Gradually they blended into a constant sound that was punctuated only by her fitful breathing as my hips beat a slow, punishing rhythm against her tender flesh.

As we ground our bodies together I took in the sight of her luscious wet sex-lips enveloping my pumping shaft. I hooked my fingers around the bones of her pelvis to pull her hard against me with each stroke, driving my cock deeper into her.

Then I slid my hands forward, spreading my fingers wide to capture the gentle inward curve of her waist before advancing on her full breasts. The two globes hung from her chest, swaying like large, ripe fruit. I cupped my hands around them, massaging the soft flesh. First I kneaded them roughly. Then I let them hang, keeping just the lightest touch against their soft swell as they quivered and rippled with each slap of my hips against her arse.

Suddenly, the train began to slow; it was approaching a station. As the brakes went on, we both lurched towards the front of the small toilet, the erotic sculpture of our bodies nearly toppling to the floor.

Undeterred, bostancı escort I clutched my hands tightly around Karen’s arse and quickened my pace, bucking my hips furiously. Her gasps and moans intensified. The train continued to slow as I fucked her faster and faster. We were both on the home straight to orgasm and crying out with pleasure as the train pulled into the station.

Between our cries, we could hear the faint murmurings of the passengers in the corridor outside. If we could hear them, they could certainly hear us. I imagined the looks on their faces, as they pictured the sex act taking place just inches from where they stood.

It was only as I felt the dull ache of ejaculation start to rise in the base of my cock that I noticed the silhouettes of the passengers on the platform outside. Through the frosted glass of the toilet window, I could see them getting off the train and glancing nervously back. Their faces appeared only as pale pink blobs. I wondered what our tangled, bucking tableau of flesh might look like to them.

Karen had seen them too. She laughed out loud and arched her back, lifting her arse higher for me. I took what she offered and ploughed my cock into it without mercy. Her body shook. First she threw her head back, wailing uncontrollably. Then she fell forward and my cock sprang free, erupting hot cream over her back. I grabbed the angry stalk and wanked it furiously. Karen rolled over to face me just in time for several more jets of hot semen to splatter her belly and tits. Then my legs finally gave way and I collapsed to the floor.

As the train pulled away from the station, I watched Karen lying there, the mountainous globes of her breasts rising and falling with her panting chest. After a minute or two, she sat up. With an outstretched index finger, she chased a glob of spunk as it slid down her breast and expertly fished the stringy mass into her mouth. A gossamer strand of the liquid clung to her chin. She wiped it away with the back of her hand and smiled at me. I felt my cock start to rise. I knew then that this was going to be a very long train journey – something that on this occasion I wasn’t going to mind one bit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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