Strip Poker

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My sister and I sat at the house watching television, there really wasn’t anything on but reruns and our parents had decided to go out on the town so there was no family games that night. My sister Sherry was getting really restless and moving around so much that her nightgown had hiked up enough for me to she her white cotton panties, I could not keep from looking, but I also did not want it to be overly obvious that I was staring at her, so I would steal a glimpse than turn away. My cock was getting harder by the minute and thoughts of my eighteen year old sister was projecting into my head. What she may look like with no clothes on. I did not realize that I had been staring at her for more than a second, and I did not hear my sister saying my name.

“Mark! Mark! What are you staring at?”

I came to just at the moment that my sister noticed that my cock was erected and making a tent in my shorts. My sister laughed and I got up and ran in embarrassment, I ran right into my room while my sister came after me.

“Mark! I’m sorry. Mark please, stop!”

I hadn’t even gotten my door shut when my sister stopped me from shutting it, and came in my room. She led me to my bed and sat down with me.

“Mark, I am so sorry for laughing, it was just so funny that you got a hard on from see my panties.”

“Sherry it was not just seeing your panties that got me hard.”

“What do you mean?”

“I was, forget it!”

“No, tell me Mark.”

“You promise not to laugh or tell anybody?”

“Yes I promise not to laugh or tell anybody won’t you tell me.”

“I was, um, I was thinking about what you would look like with nothing on, and it got me aroused.”

“You mean that just thinking about me got you this hard.” She said as she thought. If my brother gets this hard just thinking about me, how hard would he get if he actually saw me naked? She also admitted to herself that she would like to she her older brother naked, she has also entertained thoughts of having sex with him but put them aside because it would be incest, but now with her brother in this state, the images of her and her brother having sex emerged back in her head, then she got an idea.

“Mark, would you like to see me naked?”

“Sure I would.” I said as I looked at her, I had wanted to see my sisters voluptuous body for some time, I just didn’t want to seem like a pervert in her eyes by telling her that.

“Well, I have an idea.”

“What is it?”

“First you have to promise that whatever happens tonight never leaves this room.”

“I promise! I Promise!”

“OK! This is my idea. Why don’t we play a game of strip poker?”

“Sure!” I exclaimed as I thought, my plan is going just right, I had wanted to play the innocent one and get my sister naked so I could get the chance to fuck her. That was my only intent in this whole game I was playing, she just had to think it was her idea. But I have to play the innocent one just a little bit longer so not to rouse her suspicion.

I got up and got a deck of cards and then began to shuffle them. We played five card draw with the deuces wild. I am really good at stacking the deck in my favor but for the first hand I did not do it so my sister would not think anything about it when she lost all her clothes first. I dealt out the first hand güvenilir bahis and purposely lost. I took off my shorts and only had my underwear on, Sherry had on her nightgown and her panties on, I could tell she did not have a bra on because her nipple’s were jetting out from the fabric of the gown. She dealt the next hand and lost, she stood up and removed her panties from under her gown. Then I dealt the next hand and made sure she lost so she would have to lose the nightgown, I watched intently as she removed it, when she was standing there completely naked in front of me, I thought I was going to die. Sherry had 32 C size tits, they were perky and her nipples were hard, her pussy was shaved bare, the lips of her pussy were puffy and glistened with moisture as if she was aroused about me seeing her naked.

“OH MY GOD SHERRY! YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL, A GODDESS!” I exclaimed as my cock started to throb in my underwear.

“Thank you, but you are over exaggerating.”

“No! No! You really look like a goddess.”

I started to think about how much I would love to touch my sisters tits, to suck them, to eat her pussy and to fuck her. My urges were overwhelming me to the point that I almost reached out to touch her but I caught myself and thought better of it because I truly wanted to fuck her and didn’t want to scare her by being to aggressive.

“All right if you say so. Lets continue to play though.”

“But you don’t have any more clothes to lose, so what are you going to play for?”

“We’ll do it this way, if I lose I owe you a sexual favor, if I win then I get to see you naked as well.”

“Your not serious, are you?”

My sister leaned in towards me and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips, and then put her tongue in my mouth and massaged my tongue with hers, at the same time she started to rub my crouch getting my cock more aroused than it was, I almost came right there and then.

I then realize that my sister wanted to have sex with her twenty one year old brother, just as bad as I wanted to have sex with her.

“Sis lets stop playing these games.”

“What do you mean?”

“It is apparent that you want the same thing I want.”

“And what would that be?”

“Stop being coy, you know as well as I do that you want to have sex with me and I want to fuck you as well, so why don’t I just take off my underwear and lets get it on.

Sherry blushed but didn’t deny what I just said, so I leaned forward and kissed her like she did me earlier and she responded with a passion I have never known. Then I put my hands on her breast and started to caress them, running my fingers around in circles over her nipples, she moaned out, so then I bent forward and started to flick my tongue on her nipple, her nipples got rock hard, I continued to suck and flick my tongue first on one nipple then on the other, circling my tongue on the areola and then back to her nipple.


My sister closed her eyes as her breathing came in rasps, I then started to kiss downward until I got to her belly button, then I swirled my tongue inside it, my sisters reaction to that was even a surprise to me as she started breathing harder.


I then headed straight to the jewel of my desire, my sisters pussy was already türkçe bahis wet when I ran my tongue over her clit; I stayed there for maybe five minutes. My sisters hips start to gyrate and she clasped her hand to my head and pushed my face into her.


I kept sliding my tongue over her labia and then I slid my tongue into her pussy and start to tongue fuck her at the same time I rubbed her clit. Sherry’s hips start to pump forward, fucking my face and driving my tongue deeper inside her pussy, her body started to quiver and shake, then I moved back up to her clit and began to lap at it as I plunged a couple of fingers into her cunt, her hips rotated on my fingers as I furiously pumped my fingers as deep as I could into her wanton pussy, Sherry was getting near to orgasmic bliss, I then went back down and still with my fingers inside of her cunt I slide my tongue back in and started darting it in and out, for just a brief moment she froze in place as my tongue kept darting in and out of her pussy. Then she jerks forward again as she yells out:


I suck on her pussy swallowing all her juices that I could get, the sweet taste of my sister’s cunt filled my mouth and was almost as if I just ate a spoonful of honey. Sherry’s orgasm seemed to last forever, but it finally subsided after a while, she was breathing real hard.

“Wow, that was the most intense orgasm I have ever had.” Then she kissed me with more passion then I had ever felt from any women.

My sister then started to kiss down my neck, then to my chest, she swirled her tongue around my right nipple and I could not believe the sensation that I was feeling as her tongue expertly flicked and aroused my nipple. I never knew that a mans nipple could get as hard as mine did. Then my sister worked her mouth to my monstrous cock, she removed my underwear, my cock was unbelievably hard, as my sister engulfed it, and I almost went into shock at what seemed to be lightning a bolt of electricity shoot through my body. Sherry took my eight and a half inch cock as far into her mouth as she could, I was in heaven as she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock as she sucked on it.


Sherry took my cock deep into her mouth trying to take it all down but could not, as her lips slide up and down my cock the sensation was unbelievably. She went up and down on my shaft swirling her tongue at the same time, she was really talented at cock sucking and with in the next few minutes I could feel my nut sac filling up with cum as I was about to shoot my hot load into her mouth.


Sherry just sucked even faster and harder on my Cock, as my orgasm started getting nearer and nearer, it was not long and I shoot long strings of jism into my sweet sisters mouth. I came so much that I didn’t think that my sister was going to be able to take it all without spilling some out of her mouth but to my amazement she swallowed all of it down her throat. I was breathing hard when my sister took my cock out of her mouth and then kissed and licked the head. My cock was still hard and ready for some more action, and so was güvenilir bahis siteleri I, I wanted to bury my manhood deep inside my sister, I wanted this night to never end.

“Mark, I want you to put that big beautiful cock in me.” Said Sherry.

With no hesitation I climbed between my sisters legs, she held my cock and guided it into her cunt. As I watched my cock going in, her pussy lips spread to accommodate my massive meat, I pushed in slowly until I felt the resistance of the membrane that made her a virgin, as I pressed forward, I gave a hard thrust and broke through the hymen, then I pushed the rest in slowly until I was deep inside her. Sherry gasp not so much in pain, but in pleasure.


I was pumping in and out of her, the shaft of my cock being squeezed tightly by her pussy as I did.


Sherry was moaning as I jack hammered her cunt, I was slamming in so hard that I could feel her cervix with ever thrust. My sisters pussy lips fluttered and sent waves of pleasure to her as she was meeting my every thrust in an effort to get my cock deeper into her dripping wet cunt. Then I said something that I thought would bring and end to all of this as I yelled out:



I pounded my sisters cunt, driving my cock more and more into her, gyrating my hips to hit every one of her passion buttons that I could. My sister was bucking like a wild horse that was being broken, her thrusting hips meeting my thrusts in unison. I could feel the fire and the electricity of her love for me with every grinding motion of her hips to mine. I could also feel the build up of cum once again in my nut sac as I slammed harder and faster into my sisters wanton cunt. As my cock grew in size I knew I would not be able to hold out , I was going to cum inside my sister lovely pussy and I could not stop until I did.



Not long after she said that I shoot the biggest load of my life into her, pumping furiously, into her womb until I was spent. We laid there in each others arms breathing rapidly, not saying anything at that moment, but delighting in what had just happened. Then we got up and took a shower together. Sherry went down and gave me another one of her fantastic blowjobs and I ate her pussy once more, then we got out and dressed. As we were walking down the stairs to the living room our parents drove up, we rushed to the couch and sat down, arms around each other and smiled, Sherry stole one quick kiss and said she loved me and I told her that I loved her just before our parents walked in the door.

The next morning my sister was up cooking breakfast for the family, I went up behind her and wrapped my arms around her and kissed her on the cheek, she kissed me back, and I asked her if she had any regrets about what we did last night. She said no and asked me if I did and I said no. Then I asked her if she wanted to continue to do this and she smiled and said:

“Mark, you are the only man for me.”

“Well then we need to discuss getting our own place so we don’t have to worry about mom or dad coming in on us while we are making love to each other.”

Sherry said we would talk about that later after mom and dad was gone for the night since they had a fundraiser to go to.

To Be Continued…

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