Stripper Mom Unretires Pt. 03

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This may be getting a bit boring for some of you. It does kind of get a bit repetitive after a while, but I have three other stories that are significantly different that I am simultaneously working on. Every so often, I just need a break and put together something that is fun and lazy to write. There are three chapters to this story. Unlike all my other multi part stories, I held off on submitting any of them until all three were complete. As I said, I currently have three other stories in the works, as well as an idea about a fourth.

Standard crap: I self-edit, so don’t bother commenting about using an editor. This is fiction, so don’t bother commenting about it being unrealistic and would never happen. This may come as a surprise to some of you, but there is ‘incest’ in this story. That is probably why I submitted it into the Incest category. Yes, I have had comments because a few people were offended about a story containing incest WHEN IT WAS PUBLISHED IN THE INCEST CATEGORY! I swear, the quantity of stupidity in the universe is rising. All characters are over the age of 18.

There is also a very small part that discusses rape in the first chapter, and it is mentioned a bit throughout the entire story. I rewrote the intro do this three times based on how the story went. This was supposed to be a simple single part story that was open to additional episodes. Instead, I plowed through a second part and rewrote the into to include that. Then, Chapter three took off. I thought that I could finish with that and included that in the intro. Chapter three is done, and I started Chapter four. I really have no fucking idea where this is now going. Buckle up, this going to be a wild ride.

Incest, Group Sex, Non-graphic discussion of rape, 6+M/F, 10+F/F, BDSM, Pierced nipples, Pierced Clit, Mental Illness, Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), Reluctance?, Mature, Mother/son, Mother/daughter, Aunt/Niece….Fuck it — There’s pretty much everything in here except explicit interracial, Gay Male and Transgender, although who know at this point.

FYI, The mental illness and Multiple Personalities don’t start until the third part.

PT 1 — 6+M/F, Mom/Son

Pt 2 — Lesbian F+/F, M/D, BDSM

Pt 3 — Mental Illness, MPD

Pt 4 — I have no fucking idea what is going to happen here. I guess we will all be surprised.

End of Chapter 2:

I woke up in my bed to the sun shining through my window. I was so sore that I could barely move. As I sat up in my bed, I noticed two bottles of water and four ibuprofen tablets sitting on my nightstand. The pills were popped in my mouth, and both bottles of water were guzzled. Since I was naked, I didn’t have to bother with taking off anything as I staggered into my bathroom and started the shower. I simply stood under the almost scalding hot water for 10-minutes to soothe my aching muscles. Then, I began to wash from top to bottom. Hair shampooed and conditioned. Face scrub, then body wash for the rest. I got out and toweled off. After donning a short silk robe, I brushed my hair just to remove any tangles and decided to just let it air dry. I NEEDED COFFEE!

When I got to the kitchen, I found coffee already made and a couple of girls were cooking breakfast. Megan asked how I took my coffee and told me to sit down while she brought it to me. When she asked me how I take my coffee I remembered a scene from that old movie ‘Airplane’. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a spoof on those 1970’s ‘Airport’ disaster movies. Leslie Nielson is in it, and it is hilarious. In one scene, a very prim and proper 10-year old boy and 8-year old girl, both dressed in Sunday Best, are sitting together. The very proper young boy serves the very well-mannered little girl a cup of coffee. The little boy asks if she would like cream or sugar. Her reply, delivered very properly, was, “No thank you. I like my coffee like my men, strong and black.” The look on the little boy’s face was hilarious! That never fails to crack me up.

Chapter 3. Cindi Sweet is released:

I have to say, breakfast was great. Those two girls are really good cooks. As a bonus, I didn’t have to cook or clean up. The girls insisted on doing it while I relaxed. We sat around for a while chatting about different things. I got to know the girls a little better, and they got to know a bit more about me. Me, as in Amy Adams. It was a very pleasant couple of hours. By noon, most of the girls had left. Only Liz, Julie and Megan were still here. The conversation turned to what happened last night.

“Holy Shit, mom. What the fuck was that last night? You seemed to just go crazy and become a whole different person. I mean, I never suspected that you were into bondage and S&M. You literally became a sex maniac.”

I could feel myself blushing. “You’re actually closer to the truth than you realize.” I replied.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well, you already know about my past. There are some parts that weren’t in any of those records. In fact, it’s something that only three other people ever knew, and I know two of them are bahis firmaları dead. I don’t know about the third one, but I haven’t heard from her in fifteen years. I don’t think that anyone else even knows that we even knew each other.”

“What’s that, mom?”

“OK. As far as becoming a different person is concerned, you are exactly right. Last night, you met Candi Sweet. That was the second time in 20-years that she has ever appeared. The only other time was last month at your brother’s party. When Candi comes out, Amy Adams does not exist. Last night, your mother ceased to exist as soon as Candi put her hoops in her nipples and clit. Amy didn’t actually return until the hoops were removed and replaced with her normal barbells.”

“I don’t understand.” Liz started.

“Classic split personality.” Megan piped up.


“It’s a classic split personality. Remember that I’m a Psych Major? She has a classic case of split personalities. It happens when there is some sort of event, typically very traumatic, where the mind creates a completely new persona as a way to protect the individual from the extreme pain or other harm that would be caused by facing the event. These events can be very damaging to the person, so the mind creates someone else with different characteristics that is better able to deal with the trauma. The individual can go on normally under normal circumstances, but there is usually something that triggers the mind to go into protection mode. That’s when the other persona appears to deal with an abnormal situation. In most cases, the normal persona becomes an observer as the secondary persona takes care of the situation. Kind of like a witness watching from the side and isn’t directly involved. In this case, your mom says that Amy doesn’t even exist when Candi is out. I would assume that might mean that Candi is unaware when Amy is her, but that’s just a bit of speculation on my part. I would have to talk to Candi about that. That does lead to the question of how Amy remembers what happened when Candi was here last night, though.”

“You seem to know quite a bit about this subject. How far along in your degree are you?” I asked.

“I’m actually about a year away from my Ph.D. Coincidently, split personality disorder is the topic of my thesis. In fact, I need to get a little more information, but I may even want to see if you — and Candi — would be willing to participate in my research.”

“What kind of information do you need?” I asked intrigued.

“Well, I would like to go into your background and see if I might be able to get an idea of when this started and how it may have manifested since then. I also need to talk to Candi.”

“Well, I can tell you about my past, but it would need to remain totally confidential. If any of this gets out, it could literally ruin my life. As for Candi, I am aware that she exists, but I have no control over her. She comes out and goes away when she wants to and under very specific circumstances.”

“Oh, one more thing just for clarification. Are there any other personalities that have ever come out that you know of?”

“OK. Let’s start with your background first.”

“It started with my early stripping days. I was so nervous the first few shifts that I performed. When I started, I needed a stage name, and I picked Candi Sweet. It was about the fifth shift where I started to relax and get into the performance. When I was away from the club, I was a rather introverted and studious person. When I entered the club, I became outgoing, confident, and seductive. It became like the door to the club became a doorway between two different personas. At the time, I just thought of it as being an actress and stepping into my role on the stage. I could even occasionally bring out a toned-down version of Candi if I were at a party or if I just wanted to flirt with someone. I don’t think she ever really came out when I occasionally had sex with someone in college. It really wasn’t like she was even a real personality. She was just more of a role I would play.

“Anyway, it was my last night at the strip club. I had quit so I could study for my last finals, then prepare for Law school. I never thought that I would be Candi again. I had just gotten to my car when I was hit on the back of my head and knocked unconscious. I heard that the guy dragged me behind a dumpster and raped me. He was caught just after he finished. I woke up about 5-days later in the hospital. I found out a month later that I was pregnant.

“Everything kind of went back to normal after that. Sure, I had a few issues after the attack, but I went to some pretty serious therapy for that. It was about three years after that before I had sex again. It was a woman that time. Needless to say, I was not very interested in guys for quite a while after that. I think this was the first time that I noticed something different. It wasn’t just that I was having sex with another woman, I had done that a few times before. It was more like it wasn’t really me doing it. It’s more like I have all the memories from someone kaçak iddaa else. It was as if I wasn’t really there, but I had the memories from the person who was there implanted in my mind. It was also a lot sluttier that I had ever been before. In fact, I seemed to be submitting and letting her dominate me.

“that happened two more times with different women. Each time I seemed to submit even more. The last one even put me in bondage and spanked me as she fucked me with a strap-on. She was also the first one to fuck my ass. It was the same disassociate memories when I was finally able to have sex with a guy. The difference was that I was always in control. I never really dominated them, it’s more that I was able to direct the action. I never let them in my ass, and I never allowed them to put me in any position where I could be trapped. That is, until last month. Still, I didn’t submit to them like I did last night. I still have those dissociative memories, if that makes any sense.”

“Interesting.” Megan said as she was furiously scribbling in a notebook that she had quickly dug out of her backpack. “So, this may be an uncomfortable question for you, but how do you feel about the fact that you committed incest with your son and daughter?”

“Well, as I discussed with Keith the morning after, I can’t even say for sure that I did have sex with him. When I opened my eyes after Todd fingered me to my first orgasm, all I saw was a cock in front of me. I have no idea who it belonged to. After that, I really couldn’t see who was doing what to me. All I felt were cocks inside all of my holes. My view was pretty much limited to the lower torso of whoever’s cock was down my throat. As for Liz, that wasn’t really me. That was Candi, so I don’t consider that incest.”

“Interesting.” She wrote a bit more, then set her notebook aside. “I think that I need to talk to Candi now.”

That made me a bit nervous. I never purposely brought Candi out. It always just kind of happened. Sure, there were times where I either knew or suspected that she would come out, but I had never gone into a situation with the express purpose of bringing her out. I wasn’t even 100% sure that I even could bring her out on purpose. She always just came out when she wanted to under certain conditions. Let’s also not forget that I have zero control over what she does or says. For all I knew, Keith might come home early with a few friends and it would turn into a huge orgy.

“Uuuuhhhhmmm, I’m not really sure that I can bring her out.” I mumbled.

“What do you mean, mom?” Liz questioned.

“Well, I’ve never purposely brought her out before. She just kind of comes out on her own. I can’t even control her.”

Megan thought for a minute, then smiled. “Not a problem. Amy, follow me and we will go get her.”

Confuse, I got up and followed her to my bedroom.

“Toybox and Jewelry.” She ordered.

I pulled my toybox out from under the bed, then pointed to my jewelry chest by the wall. She looked through it briefly, then asked where my other jewelry was. I told her where my nipple and clit jewelry chest was in the closet. She returned a minute later with some things in her hands. Three 1-inch rings, the nipple chain, and the titty leash. She also had a pair of stiletto heeled thigh-high boots.

“Strip.” She ordered.

With that one command, I felt the tingling in my pussy begin. I had changed into shorts and a tee-shirt earlier. I quickly discarded them, then unhooked my bra and practically ripped my panties off. This time it was a bit different. It was probably because I was consciously trying to bring Candi out. I could feel myself beginning to fade as something else began to take over my mind. I was pushed farther away as Megan handed me the jewelry.


I handed Megan the barbels that I had removed from my nipples and clit after replacing them with the hoops. After clipping on the chain between my nipples, I sat on my bed and put on the thigh boots. When I stood up, she attached the titty leash. God, I felt alive.

“Good afternoon, Candi. Welcome back.”

“And a good afternoon to you too. Megan, right?” I asked.

“Yes. I’m Megan. You may call me Mistress Megan.”

“As you wish, Mistress Megan.”

“Did Amy tell you who I am?” She asked.

“Not exactly. It’s complicated, but you already know that.”

“I do. I just don’t know how complicated yet.”

“I think that we are going to get along well, Mistress Megan.” I smiled. “Not well enough to where you never have to punish me, mind you, but I think that’s something that we will both enjoy. Don’t you think — Mistress?”

Mistress Megan laughed, then turned and began to lead me out the door.

“Ladies. Look who I brought back.” Mistress Megan said as we walked out on the patio. Liz and her girlfriend Julie were sitting there. I knew they would be because Amy was there a few minutes ago.

“Hello Candi.” They greeted.

“Good afternoon, ladies.” I replied.

So, here I am in my natural habitat. Naked and surrounded by fully clothed kaçak bahis people. Just the way I like it. Mistress Megan had me sit at the table with them while asking me questions. Of course, Amy had already told me what was going on and what she had told Mistress Megan, so I was prepared. I must say, I was a bit nervous, though. My confidence broke slightly, and I needed some reassurance. I had a few concerns that I needed to address. Before that, I wanted to see which direction this went.

“Candi, you already know who I am and what I am doing. Before I begin asking some questions, do you have any questions for me?” Mistress began.

“Are you going to try to kill me?”

There were three shocked faces around the table after I asked that.

“WHAT? Of course not! How could you even think that? You…or Amy…or whatever, are my mother! What on earth makes you think that we would want to kill you?” Liz sputtered.

“Calm down, Liz. I don’t think that she meant it in the physical sense. I think that she was referring to killing her persona. Was that what you were asking?”

“Yes, Mistress. Are you going to kill me when you fix Amy?”

“To be honest with you, I can’t guarantee that, but I don’t believe it will be necessary. Amy seems to function quite well under normal circumstances. Honestly, it has only been today that anyone has ever even noticed what was going on. I’m not even sure what direction I want to take with this. Regardless, this is simply research for my thesis. I will probably do some experimenting between you and Amy to get more information on how the two of you interact, but there won’t be any real therapy. In fact, I plan on bringing you out to play a lot more.”

“OK. Thank you, Mistress. I will help.”

“Uh, Megan? Check the time. Keith will be back pretty soon. Shouldn’t we either get Candi dressed or get Amy back before he gets home?”

“I don’t think so. Unless Candi minds, I think that Keith needs to get used to this. Besides, he doesn’t know any of what we’ve discovered today, and he really does need to hear about it. Best if we throw him in the deep end now. You don’t mind, do you Candi?”

“I don’t mind. Amy will be able to work with it as well. She’ll just blame me for it, but that’s what I am for. I’m sort of her ‘whipping girl’.”

“OK. That’s settled. Before we begin, Candi go get another bottle of wine. We need refills.”

“Yes, Mistress.” I responded. Megan unclipped my titty chain, and I went into the house to retrieve the wine.”


“Megan, did you turn my mother into a sex slave?” Liz asked.

“No. First off, you and Keith will need to accept that Candi and Amy are two different people. Amy is your mother, but Candi isn’t. I’m going to be asking Candi some questions to see if my theory is correct, but so far it seems as though Amy is a strong confident woman that can take charge of her professional life as well as being a warm loving mother. Candi, on the other hand, is purely a sexual being. Candi is a submissive nymphomaniac that gets off on exhibitionism. I think that Candi was originally created to help Amy get over her nervousness of stripping while she was in college, but fully manifested after Amy’s attack. Candi came to life as a way for Amy to deal with having sexual urges. I really need to discuss this with my professor, but my instincts are telling me that Amy hasn’t actually had sex since college. I’m pretty sure that Candi came out every time that Amy got involved in a sexual situation.”

“Holy shit! If that’s true, can you help her?”

“No. I’m not a psychologist or a psychiatrist. In order to help her, she would need real professional help. I can’t do that; I’m just a student. The other thing to think about is if Amy actually wants or needs help. She has been functioning very well like this for twenty years already. Has this actually hurt her?”

“Wow. OK. That’s something to think about.”

Candi returned carrying two bottles and a tumbler.

“Mistress, I hope it is OK, but I figured that Keith may need something a bit stronger when he gets home.”

“No, that’s OK, Candi. Good thought. I will reward you later.”

“Thank you, Mistress Megan.”

As Candi was refilling the wine glasses, we heard a car pull up and two doors open and close. Sounds like Keith was not alone.

“Liz, would you please go inside and bring Keith and whoever is with him back here? You may also want to take a moment and prepare them for what they will see when they come out here.”

I clipped Candi’s leash back to her nipple chain and had her sit down beside me again. This should be interesting.


I was sitting beside Mistress Megan when Keith and Todd walked out the door.

“HOLY SHIT!” Todd exclaimed. Apparently, Liz failed to fully prepare them for what was happening. She did bring a second tumbler out for Todd and poured both of them a double bourbon. They gulped them down and refilled their glasses. After they were seated and calmed a bit, Mistress Megan explained what she had discovered about Amy and me. She told them about her doctoral thesis and how we might become involved. I’m not really sure how much of all that was actually getting through to them, since they were laser focused on my tits the whole time.

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