Submission to Lesbian and Gay Pt. 02

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“Now go home take a shower and spend some time relaxing. Nothing will happen to harm you. By the way I like you shaved, stay that way. I am certain Rod will find it erotic and you may have more sex because of it. Now go.”

Still sobbing Mary turned to leave.

“Mary, you forgot to say something didn’t you?”

Through her sobs she said, “Yes Mistress”

With Mary now in her web and control, Jan next planned to put me in a similar state of control. Unfortunately, she knew about a secret that I had not shared with anyone. One night while having a few drinks we started to expose secrets from out past. Confirming our love and relationship, she shared in order to pay her last semester college tuition, she worked for a week as a topless dancer. While she had a job in a pizza parlor, it didn’t cover her needs. Reading an ad in the local newspaper for a dancer at a local bar. She applied and got the job and was hired. Dancing under the name of Amber Rose and wearing blond-haired pieces each night, she earned enough in a week to pay the tuition. While she was offered money for sex, she never participated I any sexual activities Jan claimed once the tuition bill was paid, she quit and never danced again.

While I never expect Jan to be Snow White when I married her, this revelation did surprise me. I accepted that sometimes you do whatever is necessary to earn money. She said I was the only person she trusted to share this secret from her past.

Jan wanted to know about my darkest secret. I hesitated before taking another shot of Jack Daniels. She pressed me, “You heard my dark secret, I want to know yours. If you love me, you will not be afraid to tell it to me.”

After a few minutes of silence, I started to share it with her. “You must not judge me or think the worst of me. This happened while I also was in school. I am ashamed of what happened and you will be the only person I have ever talked about a weekend I want to forget.”

Jan pressed, “Honey, it certainly can’t be that bad and unless you killed someone, no one will ever know about it.”

I said, “I didn’t kill anyone and nothing illegal happened. It started when I went to an adult movie theater. Before the internet, if you wanted to watch porn you only had two choices, go to an adult bookstore or an adult theater. I had never been to one of those X-rated movie houses. Being horny and wanting to she what type of movies were shown there. Embarrassed that someone I knew might see me, I worn a black jacket and hat. Sitting in the back row to avoid anyone seeing me, I watched the movie. It was pretty tame by today’s standards but it did arouse me.”

After a pause to gain some courage I continued, “A man’s voice whispered, ‘enjoying the movie?’. A rush of guilt over came me and I didn’t answer.”

The man asked a second time if I was enjoying the movie. I simply said, “Yes”

He then said, “By the bugle in your pants, you are getting aroused. What do you do when you get aroused? Do you masturbate or do you ask someone to help you?”

Before I could respond, “You look like this is the first time you have been in this theater and are experiencing sexual desires that some might think are improper. I can assure you that your feelings are normal. Right now, your clothes are feeling too tight. You want to pull your cock out and stroke it to relieve the pressure you are experiencing. Because this is a public place, if you do that it may result in your arrest for indecent exposure. That could ruin your life.”

“Jan, I was aroused and the pain of my stiff cock grew with each istanbul travesti minute.”

The man continued, “My name is William and I help men relieve the pressures of their lives. I can do that for you. I am very discreet, and men find me to be both comforting and release tensions and guilt feelings in a way that improves their lives. Would that appeal to you?”

I didn’t want to say anything but I did shake my head yes.

Brushing my shoulder with his hand William continued, “All you have to do is trust me and let me take you to a good place. You will find a new way to enjoy life and release all your tensions”

His hand moved to the bugle in my pants. Rubbing it slowly I became aroused and willing to have him do anything to relieve the stiff pain. His soothing voice and calm manner only increased my desire to let him do whatever he wanted. As he unzipped my pants a sense of surrender overtook my will to resist. His warm hand pulled the restraining underwear away and my cock poked through the opening. It felt good to be released.

William then told me, “You need to come with me. I am going to release all your resentments and guilts. You will be safe and it will liberate you.”

“Jan, like a very compliant schoolboy I obeyed. We walked out of that theater, into his car and within 10 minutes were at his house.

Once inside William said, “You are in my home because you want to be. I am now going to be come your guide so do what I tell you to do. Now I want you to surrender your clothes and inhibitions to me. You will be safe.”

“I obeyed and soon stood in front of him naked. He smiled and rubbed my shoulders and I didn’t resist over that weekend he did many things to me which I had never experienced. Without resistance I submitted to whatever he wanted. Then on Sunday afternoon, my clothes were returned to me and he drove me to my car in the store parking lot next to that theater.”

Jan asked, “What did he do to you?”

I replied, “That really isn’t important.”

She said, “Yes, it is. Did he masturbate you?”

After several minutes and her insistence, “Yes, he released my tension by stroking me.”

She continued, “Did he suck your cock?”


Still not satisfied, “Did he fuck you in the ass?”

I did not answer.

Jan said, “I know that he did. You became his gay play toy.”

I protested, “No, I was not. I have never done anything like that since nor do I want to because I love you.”

After a few more minutes of chatting Jan said, ‘Honey, I believe you had a weird experience long ago and that you are my straight lover.”

After that we kissed and made lover with great passion. I felt like my story aroused her unlike anything I had done in the past. The next morning it was like the event never happened. I hoped that Jan had accepted my denial of any future desires regarding gay sex. I was wrong.

After meeting Rod and their rekindling, the old high school romance, Jan would use my dark secret to entrap me. She said shared my secret with Rod. They put a plan together to extort me into their control.

Aware that I had a three-day business meeting in Atlanta, Rod shared a plan that would advance their plans and make me the second spouse to be controlled. Knowing many people from various backgrounds Rod placed a call to an “acquaintance” in Chicago. A convicted conman, this friend owed Rod a favor by making a significant “contribution” to a political campaign of Illinois judge. He also provided an alibi that caused the charges against this “friend” to be dismissed. istanbul travestileri What could have been ten years in jail became “all charges dismissed”. This friend was also openly gay.

Calling in the favor, Rod asked him to fly to Atlanta and engage Mary’s husband in a sexual affair. After sharing Mary’s account of her husband’s secret, the friend said that it would be a simple thing to accomplish. How many pictures do you want?

Jan provided Rod all of the information regarding my Atlanta meeting including the hotel, times of the meetings and dinners, and the clothes I packed. That plus a picture of me made me a sitting duck for the setup.

The first day’s meeting started at noon with a lunch, followed by presentations until 5:00. Cocktails at 6:00 dinner at 7:00 completed the official schedule. Most of the people attending this companywide get together decided to see Atlanta. I was tired and stayed at the hotel. Before going to my room, I stopped by the bar for a drink and to relax. Nothing like spending a day listening to technical explanations of new software and government regulations to seek relief at the bar.

While sitting at the bar a tall, good-looking man sat down two stools from me. After making eye contact, we started to talk. He introduced himself as Alex from Chicago. Over the next hour or so the conversation ranged from sports, news, and why we both were in Atlanta. His friendly manner and soothing tones not only made talking easy, but it also started to have a strange affect on me. My cock started to become aroused. This didn’t make sense.

Alex then said, “Jim, you are a good-looking guy, I bet you get hit on all the time. Both men and women ask you to get to bed with them.”

I didn’t know what to say. At that moment my mind said, “Get out of here” but my body wanted to stay. Like that night in the movie many years ago, a strange attraction took over.

I replied, “No, I am not a sexy guy and besides I love women and I am married.”

Alex said, “I am sure you do. Perhaps a little time away and some different excitement might even improve your feelings towards your wife and women in general. Perhaps a very private evening with someone who knows how release a man’s fantasies and passions would do wonders. Have you ever had a fantasy of being totally liberated, not involved with any decisions just let someone release you? That time of guilt free pleasure and total release?”

The memories of that weekend with William flood back. The total release as he used me for both our pleasure. I knew this meeting was becoming dangerous. I needed to leave before surrendering to my dark past and passions. At that moment Alex moved his hand from my thigh to my throbbing cock.

After feeling the hard cock in my pants Alex said, “Jim, you need to come with me. Let’s go upstairs.”

As it happened in the theater, I got up and followed Alex to the elevator. I said as we got on the elevator, “My room is on the sixth floor”, and pushed that button.

Alex simply said, “Mine is on the third floor.”

As the door opened Alex said, “Follow me.” Like that time with William, I did.

Once inside the room Alex sat on the sofa and in a soft, commanding voice he said, “Jim, take off your clothes, I want to see you as your actually are not under some pretense of modesty.”

In a nervous voice, I said, “No, I can’t. I need to leave.”

He simply replied, “I know that is what you say, but that is not what you want. Now take off your clothes and put them next to me on the sofa.”

Emotion overtook travesti istanbul my logical self and a strange desire to please my new friend led me to start stripping off my clothes. Within a minute I stood in front of Alex wearing only my short. My cock was erect creating a bulge in front.

“Ok Jim, get them off. It’s time for you to confront your real self.”

As my shorts slide down my legs a sense to embarrassment and shame standing in front of man, I had known for only a few hours, naked with an aroused cock. At that moment Alex came up to me.

“My friend you look wonderful.” With that he gave me a big hug and proceeded to kiss my lips. I wanted to resist and run but his soft lips and tongue not only filled my month but achieve my complete surrender. As his kisses continued, his hand moved to my cock. Rubbing my balls and stroking my cock only increased my desires. His kisses lasted for a long time which only further increased my arousal. Sexual fantasies of being seduced and forced to submit to a strong male filled my mind.

Alex no longer asked or used sooth expressions to tell me what he wanted. In a firm voice he told me to get on the bed with my head down, spread my legs, and ass in the air. I obeyed.

In my position on the bed, I watch through my spread legs, Alex undress.

Again, in a commanding voice, “You are going to become my sex slave. Your cock, balls, mouth, and ass are mine to use. You will do what I want.”

The door from the adjoining room opened and a second man entered. He was already naked. At that point Alex told him to put his hand on my head and keep it down. Spreading my ass cheeks, a cool lube covered my rectum. I knew what to expect.

I pleaded, “Please don’t do what I know you are ready to do. Please let me leave and this whole thing will be forgotten.”

“No Jim, you are going to enjoy being fucked. This is what you want and it be your new reality.”

As I pleaded to stop, and claiming this was rape, Alex lubricated figure penetrated me. My pleas to stop went unanswered. I felt a second finger join the first. My rectum was being systematically stretched. Pressure on my prostate further stimulated me. As the third finger continued to stretch me, I totally surrendered. Pleas were replaced by moans and growing groans passion. Then Alex mounted me as his cock slide deep inside me. Each thrust raised my frantic cries, “Fuck me, please fuck me.” In a few minutes his throbbing manhood filled me with hot sperm. I had been fucked.

That however did not end the night. Alex’s partner told me to stand up. At this point I simply did what I was told. He took my cock into his mouth and sucked me. His tongue stimulated my penis and withing a few minutes I could no longer control it and a fountain of white, hot liquid poured from it.

Collapsing on the bed, I was exhausted. Kissing my neck. Alex simply said, “Tomorrow night I will expect you in my room by 9:00. Don’t be late.

What I did not know at that moment was that both pictures and video of the evening had been taken by hidden camera that Alex’s partner had installed that day. The recordings and pictures were stored on a computer in his room.

While I protested being treated like a sex toy, the next evening I knocked on Alex’s door at 9:00 PM.

Rod received the pictures and video from Alex the next morning. Late that afternoon he and Jan watched the entire video. Jan because aroused. “It makes me horny watching my husband being fucked by another man. He. Looks so compliant and helpless. That’s the way I will keep him.”

She said to Rod, “Now we have both our spouses under our complete control unless they want to disgrace themselves. Without having their pictures spread all over the internet, they will do whatever we want.”

Rod only smiled in agreement.

To be continued. …

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