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I wanted to rub myself all over him. Blue eyes and black curls kissed his handsome face. And I envied who he was. The subway car rattled as it shipped the two of us in the direction of home or some place resembling it. He sat across from me, reading something by Ann Rice. If only he knew his eyes scoured the words of my favorite author. Finally he put the book down and stuffed it back into his black carryall. Out came the menthols and a spark that caught my eye.

“No smoking,” I said, half-heartedly.

I pointed to the sign above the doors. His glance stirred my heart and I had to touch my chest to make sure it wouldn’t burst. He put his lighter back into the pocket of his dark denim jacket and smoothly removed the cigarette from his mouth. He licked his full bottom lip and stared at me through the cloud of smoke between us as if he were about to say something. But he remained silent and beautiful.

I crossed my legs and felt my pussy moistening beneath my skirt. It was one of those days where, for some strange reason, I decided against wearing panties. The warmth between my legs concentrated at every cloud he blew. My eyes remained on him and his were locked on mine. For laughs, I slowly uncrossed my legs and spread them just enough so he could see the lush pink beckoning him to come forth.

He took another puff and smiled with challenge in his eyes. At that, I began unbuttoning my black, silk blouse, never bostancı escort bayan taking my eyes off of his. I let the blouse fall off my shoulders and started massaging my luscious breasts. Either it was getting warmer in the subway car or the vulnerability of my exposed skin was turning me on.

I felt my thighs and pulled my skirt up around my waist with my hands. Everything was exposed to him. My nipples started tingling and I could feel them harden as a draft caressed them for a second. I moved my hand down to my moist pussy and felt around as I spread my legs even wider. The wetness seemed to flow like honey as I rubbed my clit. My pussy quivered when I imagined how it would feel if his cock slid into it. I could just feel my flaps desperately sucking in at the thought of it. He saw this and smiled. I knew his cock was beginning to rub against his jeans.

So I slid my middle finger in and felt my pussy take hold of it. I went further and then withdrew. Then I smiled directly at him and placed two fingers inside and withdrew. My pussy was so wet, I could’ve taken the whole fist, but I didn’t want to scare him. So after I withdrew the third finger, I arched my back and slid forward so he could get a closer look at the glistening slit that begged to be fucked. I stuck my tongue out slightly and began to rub my clit again. I could hear my pussy kissing itself and I watched him stare at it from ümraniye escort five feet away.

By then he finished his cigarette and came over to me. He knelt down and buried his mouth in my warm pussy. It felt so good I wanted to scream, but I kept the code of silence. Only occasional groans of pleasure were let out. He licked the outside of my wet pussy and filled in the hole with his warm tongue, moving it around and sucking it back out. I placed my legs about his shoulders and brought him in closer to where he could slide his hands up and down my ass and grasp my tits. While he rubbed his mouth all over my pussy I watched him bring his eyes up to meet mine. The exchange sent fire through my veins and I knew right there that I wanted him to fuck me.

I brought my legs down and unfastened his belt. He stood up and threw his denim jacket to the floor of the car. I unzipped his pants and brought out his thick, hard cock. I rubbed the tip and placed the small amount of pre-cum on the tip of my tongue. He closed his eyes for the first time and bit his blushing lips while I surveyed the rest of his hardened dick with my tongue. Finally, without warning, I plunged his dick into my mouth and let the tip touch the uvula at the back of my mouth. I could feel his warmth throbbing within. I released it from my mouth and looked up at him, his eyes now looking down at me.

“Can I put it in?” he breathed, his eyes pleading.

My escort kartal pussy was so wet and we both knew we were about to come, so I held his cock in my hand and teased the tip by blowing on it. He grunted with pleasure and then put his hands to my waist to turn me around. He wanted me from behind. This made me even wetter and my heart beat so rapidly that it almost hurt.

I held onto the back of the subway seat and stared at our reflection through the window. Sparks from the rail lit up the graffiti-laced tunnel we were being propelled through. He took advantage of my distraction and pushed his cock into me. I groaned with delight and felt him feeding his dick far back into the depths of me. He then began to pump his cock back and forth. His speed became so fast and intense that I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. His cock rubbed against every thing I could feel inside me and my clit quivered as his balls slammed up against it. He began to grunt at each thrust and I felt him about to release his load inside of me. I watched him through the glass as he winced his deep blue eyes and held onto me so close it was hard to breath. His cock so deep inside of me, I gasped when I felt him shoot his hot cum through me. I gave in and came also in a sweet release of ecstasy.

He slid out of me after a pause and sighed. We both smiled, challenge in our eyes, as we watched each other get dressed. For the remainder of the ride, we sat across from each other, staring. He lit another cigarette and offered it to me. Taking it between my lips, I enjoyed the taste of my pussy that was now in his memory. The car came to a stop. I stood up and exited alone through the sliding doors.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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