Sue: High School Swordsman

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[This is a work of fiction. The story is an unadulterated and unabashed attempt to tickle male fantasies and perhaps some female fantasies as well. It is a fantasy and as such, the story may or may not conform entirely with reality. With historical exceptions, all other locations, events, and characters are entirely fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.]

NOTE: No, I didn’t drop off the earth, well, almost. On August 27, I went in for a “routine” right hip replacement. It was anything but “routine.” I spent twenty-seven days flat on my back in the hospital with two more surgeries on the hip. Then I spent forty-three days inpatient in a nursing home for rehab. I’m still left with a dead/unresponsive right leg and bound to a wheel chair. I came home November 4. Sooooo, getting back to my writing has been a bit slow. HOWEVER, I will continue to Los Angeles with my Route 66 story and other tales. Be patient. Thanks, caprine




“Those words came from the mouth of Doris, one of the senior cheerleaders. The words were not uttered in horror, but in surprise and, yes, with a lust. A lot of lust.”


“You see, my dear sister, I was taking a piss in what I thought was an isolated and dark little corner outside the ag shop of the high school building during a Thursday night make-up date football game. I was pissing full stream when the comment was made. The voice continued.”

“Tim, what are you doing?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“Uh, ah, yeah. Damn, but you’re hung like a horse. Actually, I think bigger than a horse. Where the shit have you been hiding?”

My name is Sue and I’m Tim’s big sister, and at twenty-one, three years his senior. Tim was telling me this story one night in the great room of our parents’ house. The past spring, I’d just graduated from State U in three years, with honors and was home for a two week visit. I’d just finished a summer plus long internship for my new job and would leave for Europe at the end of the two weeks.

I’d left my bedroom to go for a late night snack downstairs in the kitchen. Since it was very late, I was dressed in only a nearly sheer, nylon teddy. As I approached the stair landing overlooking the great room below, I heard sounds. There was no mistaking the sounds and squeals of hot sex in progress.

I peeked over the banister, shielded by the darkness of the hallway. There was a redhead with big boobs, facing my direction doing a reverse cowgirl on little brother, Tim. They were both bare ass naked. She was bouncing up and down so hard, I don’t see how they managed to stay on the couch. I continued to watch, mesmerized by what was going on below me.

“God, Tim, punch into me harder, harder.”

Tim did, but an awful lot of cock remained visible. Either the girl was not taking that joy stick all the way inside her pussy or Tim had a lot more cock than she could handle. The girl abruptly shivered into a near collapse as Tim grunted and shoved mightily with a final thrust. Evidently, they came nearly simultaneously.

“Jesus, Shirley, you’re an amazing fuck.”

“Me? hell, I can’t even get all of you inside me, stud. I don’t think there’s a girl anywhere who could.”

“Maybe, but for now, you’d better get dressed. It’s very late and I have to get up early in the morning, but first…”

Tim proceeded to lap up their combined cum from her pussy, producing more sighs of lust from “Shirley”. She finally dressed, ever so slowly, and with a final kiss, went out the front door, ass swinging provocatively.

I’d crept silently down the stairs as Tim and Doris were nearly finished. So after she left, I stepped out of the darkness and confronted a still very naked Tim.

“Tim, my little brother! But then, I guess you’re not so little any more, are you? In more that one department you’re not so little.”

Tim jumped nearly a foot and his faced flushed crimson, but he never flinched when he turned to face me, never tried to cover his swinging, still semi-erect dick, and looked me squarely in the eyes.

“You want some too, Sis?”

I nearly choked. He didn’t know how dead on right he was that I wanted some after watching him and “Shirley” get it on so torridly. To put off the question for the time being, I answered, “Not at the moment. But güvenilir bahis tell me, when did you become the cocksman I just witnessed?”

“You really want to know, Sis?”

“Yes, you’d better believe it I do.”

“Well, it all started at a football game…”

Tim went on about getting caught pissing by the cheerleading captain, Doris. He’d been one of a group of three boys sometimes referred to as, “The geeky nerds”. Well, hey, they really were nerdy, geeky, honor students. And, they were outside the pall as a result. They stuck together with few, if any, other friends, including female ones. They rarely dated through high school. That changed for Tim the night Doris caught him carrying out his call of nature.

“Well, Sis, I was semi-hard, like now, from the pissing. Doris staring at my cock sent it into full erection and she nearly fainted. I guess she’d never seen a really big one before.”

“‘Ohhhh’, was all Doris said for a moment.”

“I flipped off the last drops of piss as my cock grew to full erection. Doris managed to stumble over to me in a near state of shock and laid hold of my cock with both hands. Inches still showed above her twin hand holds.”

“How the hell big are you anyway, Tim?”

“Well, Doris, I believe I believe I best the legendary porn star, John Holmes, just a tad at my thirteen and a half inches.”

“Oh my God, Tim, that’s really huge.”

“I can sure believe that, Tim. You’re erection right now is gigantic. I’m gettin’ wet just lookin’ at it, brother. But go on with your story.”

“Doris just dropped to her knees and stroked my dick, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Part of the time, she’d swallow my purple helmet and lick on it. I couldn’t take much of that and told her so.”

“Ummpph,” was her answer.

“Seconds later, I erupted with a flow of cock cream that choked her before she could swallow even part of it. The rest leaked out the corners of her mouth and onto her cheer uniform top at tit level. The sweater was red and of course the stains would show until she got it washed.”

“Was the stain large?”

“Three half-dollar sized ones and a couple of smaller ones. She had the rest of the night to go in that sweater.”

“Then what happened?”

“She said she had to get back on the field to cheer, but she definitely wanted more of what she just had. She said she’d talk to me during school the next day. But she delayed long enough to lick and suck my dick clean of cum.”

“Did she talk to you the next day?”

“Yes, but apparently she talked to the rest of the cheerleading squad as well and they must have talked to others. I found that out the next day.”

“Why? What happened? How’d you find out?”

“I got lots and lots of looks from lots and lots of girls. Sexy looks. Lustful looks. But after the next weekend, I clinched the title of class, if not, school cocksman.”

“How’d you do that?”

“Doris called me to come over to her house on Saturday night the week after that game where she blew me. I walked into the great room and was met by the other four members of the cheerleading squad, all bare assed naked, I might add. I spent the rest of the night with the five of them. What a hell of a night.”

“Her parents, I take it, were gone?”

“Yes, and the girls were supposed to be having a slumber party. I can tell you, very little slumbering occurred that night!”

“Please, tell me what happened with that whole squad of girls. Please, Tim.”

“Well, there stood or sat, in very lascivious poses, five gorgeous, naked young girls; every guys’ wet dream. For a moment I just stood rooted in place in a daze. I think I even started to drool from the mouth. I know my cock sure stiffened damned quick and it for certain was drooling–drooling precum.

Doris quietly asked, “Girls, don’t you think someone here is a bit overdressed?”

That was the signal. Those girls converged on me in a flash. Jane, a bombshell brunette, took off my letter jacket. Sue, a petite redhead with tiny tits took of my top shirt. Ilse, a pretty blonde, took off my jeans. Those three girls all had bald pussies. Robin, with raven black hair on top and bottom, took off my undershirt. Doris took down my briefs and held up the prize she found–fully erect.

Dead silence for ten seconds as the other girls stared in wonderment.

Suddenly, the türkçe bahis silence was broken by their voices: “Shit, no way,” and “Damn, that’s one hell of a piece of meat,” or Ilse’s, “I want some of that ASAP.”

I didn’t wait for them to draw straws. I grabbed Doris, dropped her on the couch, dropped my mouth between her legs, and proceeded to eat her pussy out. She screamed as I used my tongue on her slit and lightly munched on her clit. The other girls were all rubbing their tits, pussies, or both as they watched.

Ilse managed to crawl under me and grab a mouthful of my cock as I worked Doris over orally. The other girls moaned as the squishy sounds of their fingers in their cunts released more odors of sex to those already rising from between the legs of Doris.

One of the girls, I don’t know which, latched onto Ise’s pussy and got her to moaning around my cock. I rose, pulling out of Ilse’s mouth and mounted Doris. My cock easily slid up her nearly liquid channel until I hit bottom–her cervix, I presume. Doris moaned, loud and long. A little less than half my cock still remained exposed as I humped in and out of that velvet channel.

I could hear the other girls, one by one, moan or shriek loudly and collapse in orgasmic pleasure. Doris thrashed around, swiveling her head back and forth and grunting hard each time I stroked into the depths of her pussy. I came with volcanic fury as Doris screeched into her orgasm and our combined cum flooded out in rivulets around my embedded cock. I think it was Robin who jumped in to lick up all she could reach.

We were all eighteen except Robin. She’d been held back a year in the lower grades and was nineteen. No matter, that I was in my prime, I only was able to cum two more times that night and then only with at least two hours to recoup. Of course, I was not sleeping for two hours. I still used my mouth, tongue, hands, and a couple of toys in between times. I could stay hard or nearly so most of the time, I just couldn’t cum too often.

Before the night was over, I’d fucked all five girls twice in the pussy and at least once in the mouth. Doris and Sue I fucked more than that. Three of them let me fuck them in the ass. The other two weren’t interested.

“I guess that information got around school, ‘little brother’?”

“Like wildfire. By Monday morning, half the girls in school had heard about it. By Tuesday morning, all the girls and most everybody else knew about it.”

“So, you’re reputation was made?”

“Yes. I became the object of attention of nearly every senior girl in my class and of plenty of juniors as well. Even a few freshman and sophomores wanted to get in on the action.”

“What do you mean, ‘the object of attention’?”

“I got stared at, lustfully and openly in the halls, gym, and cafeteria especially, but also in the classroom. I got the lusty looks and then giggles. A lot of the girls added whispered comments as they passed me in the hall.”

“What kind of comments, Tim?”

“Oh, you know, what kind. ‘How they hanging, stud; oh big boy,’ with the emphasis on big; ‘got enough for me; I’d like some too; can I see it;’ ad infinitum.”

“God, Tim, you became the class swordsman?”

“I guess you could say that. The game where it all started was three weeks ago. The girl that just left, Shirley, was number fifteen since then, not counting the cheerleaders.”

“Ohhh, Tim.”

I could no longer hold myself in check. As my naked brother, cock pulsing with need and drooling precum watched, my hand went between my legs, beneath my sheer teddy and grabbed my pussy in a tight embrace. I climaxed hard with a resulting wet spot spreading out in my crotch and flooding my hand. The odor of my arousal also spread in the air between us.

“That looked to be a good one, Sis.”

Brother Tim was slowly stroking his monster cock as he watched and commented. Precum was making his cockhead glisten. I pulled away my hand and shoved it under Tim’s nose.

“Want to smell?”

“Like nectar to a bee, Sue.”

“It was good, Tim, but this is better.”

In one, swift motion, I dropped to my knees. engulfed his dickhead with my mouth and sucked hell bent for leather. I was so aroused by his story, not to mention his nakedness and his monster dick fully erect that nothing was going to stop me now–nothing!

The thought of incest never güvenilir bahis siteleri entered my mind.

Tim didn’t let me suck very long before he pulled me off his cock and lifted me to my feet. He took my teddy and literally ripped it in two as he pulled it from my body. My tits are not humongous, but they aren’t tiny, either. Tim sighed as he dropped his mouth and hands to my mounds. My nipples jumped erect almost faster than I could say it.

More fluid flowed from my pussy and ran down both my thighs. My hips undulated in the timeless motion of eros as Tim worked my tits and eased his huge erection up and down my belly, grinding us together.

“Oh God, Sue, I’ve wanted you for so damned long. You are one hot piece of woman flesh. Damn but you really are.”

“All I can say,” I gasped, “is I’ve never had any cock near yours in size either in my hands or anywhere else. God but I love it.”

“I wish you didn’t have to leave so soon, Sue.”

“You aren’t the only one, brother dear.”

Tim returned his physical attention to my body. He nuzzled and nipped my throat and behind my ears. Kissed my face and eyes. My motor was revving up.

Little brother moved downwards to spend a lot of time on my boobs. That got my motor racing on the red line as he licked, sucked and nipped on my mounds and nipples.

I really went out of control when Tim dropped his mouth to my bald pussy.

“Oh, God, YES, Yes, Tim! Lick my pussy lips like that. Don’t stop. Do it. Ohhh, use that tongue in my slit. Faster, faster. Ohh, God, get deeper, Tim, deeper.”

Tim growled and licked harder.

“Your cock, Tim, your cock. Fuck me with your cock before I lose it entirely. Fuck my brains out.”

Tim rose, slid forward, and parted my pussy lips with his cock. He ran it ever so slowly up and down my slit from asshole to clit, nearly driving me out of my mind.

“Jesus, Tim, put it in. FUCK ME.”

I felt him comply. The head of his cock eased gently into my slippery channel.

“Why are you stopping, Tim? Damn it, FUCK ME!”

‘AH, but the anticipation of it, sis. the anticipation of it.”

“Anticipation hell; FUCK ME!”

“As you command, big Sis.”

“Oh shit, Tim, your pole feels like heaven, sinking slowly into me. Give me more, more.”

Tim gave me more. In fact, when he bottomed out in me, he said, “You’ve taken more of my cock than any other female yet. There’s very darn little of it left out in the open. Way to go, Sis.”

I screamed in orgasm for his answer.

He in turn unloaded a wad of cum into me. Tim jerked hard and spit it out in short bursts against my cervix. Pretty good, considering he had dumped a big load into Shirley just a little while ago.

Neither of us got much sleep other than short cap naps for the rest of that night as we played the dark hours away.

Just as the sun peeked over the horizon, Tim said, “Sis, why don’t we go shower together and then go back to bed and sleep this time. Mom and Dad won’t be back until tomorrow.”

“Sounds like a plan to me, Tim.”

We’d both just gotten soaking wet in the shower when Tim said, “Bend over against the wall, Sis.”

“What naught little trick have you got in mind now, Tim, as if I didn’t know.”

But I bent over and felt Tim rub his monster pole, fully erect again, slowly up and down my silt–again from clit to asshole. His cockhead was half buried between my lips as he worked.

“NOW, Tim, NOW.”

His cock went into my pussy from behind like greased lightning. I think I took even more of him into me than I had the first time the night before. I know I still got cum from him when he climaxed. I soaked us both again. But, eventually, we soaped, rinsed, dried, and padded off to bed together for a long slumber.I do know one thing. The very first furlough/vacation with enough time, will see me flying back to Tim, PDQ. Even if it’s only for a long weekend. We’re deninitely not done with each other.

Of course, I had to change the names in this story. “Tim” doesn’t know I’ve written this, but others need to be protected too. Then, of course, there’s the incest as well. But all this really happened, thirty-five years ago.Tim developed prostate cancer quite early. He didn’t realize it until too late so he died quite young. Rhw docs tell me I’ve got breast cancer, but they think they found it in time to arrest it and save my breast as well. Here’s hoping!



(Please? Whether you liked or disliked this story, constructive feedback and votes are appreciated and are strong encouragements for an author to keep producing.)

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