Sultry Evening

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You’re at work doing some paperwork when you decide to go home to get ready to go out to dinner. I am working late and going to meet you at the restaurant. You go home and take off your clothes and get in the shower, lathering yourself up all wet and soapy. You dry off and walk into the bedroom and see the package I left on our bed after you left from work with a note that says “happy valentines day, how about these for tonight.”

In the package is some chocolate, and a rose on top of a box. You open the box and there’s some black crotchless panties and a little see through bra. You put them on with your black dress and head off to the restaurant.

You meet me there and we start talking, drinking a bit and you feel my hand slide under the table, caressing you leg and thighs. We’re in a dark restaurant in the corner by ourselves so my hand slides further, to the inside of your thighs, which I can feel you are hot. You breathe a bit heavier and my fingers slide to the crotchless panties and I gently, softly finger bostancı escort bayan you under your dress under the table. A waiter walks by but doesn’t notice anything.

I stop teasing you and we leave the restaurant and head to the bar, we sit down at another table and order a few drinks and you are slightly giddy but definitely hot and I softly rub your thighs and ass while we’re at the table drinking.

I drive us home and we walk into the bedroom. I start kissing you, gently at first, then harder, and you start breathing heavier and running your hands on me. My fingers gently brush your hair off your face and I kiss you deeper, my hands tracing down your chest and sides and over your ass. You moan and I slide your dress off and it drops to the floor. My tongue trails down your neck and kisses it, then onto your bare shoulders. My hands meanwhile are massaging your ass and up to your breasts. You kick off the dress and your shoes and undo my jacket and shirt.

I undo your bra and ümraniye escort take it off, and start softly kissing and licking your nipples as I lay you down on the bed. Your hands run through my hair and on my back as I take one nipple, then the other in my mouth, licking and sucking, gently biting.

I kiss down to your panties and since they are crotchless I start teasing your pussy with my tongue, licking and kissing it, making you moan louder.

You close your eyes as I slide them off and start kissing and licking it, sliding a few fingers in and out of you. You start bucking against my fingers with your hips moaning and saying words you don’t realise.

I pull out a bottle of massage oil and rub it between my hands to warm it up before rubbing it on your chest and stomach, my hands feeling the firey heat coming from your body. You moan out loud and arch your body against my hands as I cover your thighs and pussy with the oil, running my tongue over your hardened nipples and sucking on them, tasting escort kartal the massage oil. My fingers rub your ass and turn you over and massage it, running my tongue around it and licking, my fingers kneading your hot flesh of your ass cheeks and thighs while you push against me, your breathing quite heavy, panting.

I take my pants and boxers off and slide my cock to your lips, you start hungrily licking and sucking the length of it, then swallow it down your throat and suck it hard. My hands are massaging your pussy and thighs as you do this, your body getting covered in sweat and your own juices. I take my cock out of your mouth and slide it into your pussy, gently, and you moan louder. I start sliding it in, harder and harder, and you wrap your legs around me as I pound into you.

Your fingers grab at my back, your nails cutting into my sweaty skin, as I pound into your pussy, your screams and moans louder as I grunt pushing in and out, our mouths wet and finding each other, my hands pinching and kneading your breasts and nipples.

Soon you let out a loud sigh and I cum inside of you, and you relax against me, our mouths softly caressing each other, your hands softly rubbing the marks on me from your nails, you whimper gently and rub up against me, resting…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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