Summer Cottage

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Hello and welcome to my readers. Thanks for the votes, PC’s and e-mails on my previous stories. Thanks also to those of you who’ve added me to their Favorites lists. This is my entry in the Summer Lovin’ Story Contest. Your votes and comments are, as always, much appreciated. I encourage you to read the other entries as well. There are some fine authors represented here.


Jane Dugan sighed contentedly as the breeze from the ocean caressed her body. The sun was barely over the horizon and she could feel its warmth. She had arisen early, put on her bikini and lay on a deck chaise. The girls were still asleep, which was not surprising considering how they’d carried on into the early morning hours. She was glad for the company of her daughter and her friends; their exuberance was a welcome change from her solitary existence and gloomy thoughts.

Things had changed drastically since she and Michael had divorced. Granted, she’d been well compensated for her 14 years of devotion to him; this cottage was part of the divorce agreement as well as the Land Cruiser in the garage. Now he had free rein to screw those sluts he was seeing behind her back. Their friends as a couple had drifted away and she suspected that her former girlfriends didn’t trust their husbands around her. At the ripe old age of 43, she still had the same figure as when she was a cheerleader in high school.

“Here you are, Mom. We’re going down to the Pink Seahorse for breakfast, wanna come with?”

Heather bounded onto the deck with Robin, Mary Anne and Rosalyn, their nubile, tanned bodies clad in a few strategically placed scraps of colorful cloth held by thin cords. Similar in height and build, Heather’s mane of whitish-blonde hair contrasted with Robin’s jet-black tresses, Mary Anne’s brunette locks and Rosalyn’s flaming red curls.

“Thank you for asking, but I think I’ll stay here. You don’t want your old mother hanging around,” Jane said with a grin.

“Muth-urr,” Heather said disapprovingly, “You’re not old and we like you hanging with us. C’mon, it’ll be fun. We won’t be gone long.”

“Yes, please come with Ms. Dugan,” Robin said eagerly.

Climbing into Heather’s convertible, Jane sat between Robin and Mary Anne in the back seat as they sped down the coast road. The girls chattered about the extramarital antics of a popular singer, while Jane enjoyed the wind in her blonde hair and the sun on her face. Robin rested her head on Jane’s shoulder and snuggled against her, the touch of her body sending a sudden thrill through the woman.

They parked near the popular restaurant and walked in. The Pink Seahorse was open to the salt air and nearly everyone inside wore bathing suits. The girls headed for a table facing the ocean and once seated began looking at the menus.

Jane was embarrassingly aware of the men in the room looking at them, the girls seemed oblivious. Shy by nature, she was at first uncomfortable wearing such a skimpy suit on her own deck, now she was in full view of everyone. Again, the girls were happily conversing, not caring if their bodies were on display. She shrugged, thought when in Rome and studied the menu.

The server placed steaming cups of coffee before them and took their order.

“Wait, we didn’t order coffee…” Jane began.

“Table fifteen sent it over,” the server said with a grin, cocking her head towards a group of young men across the room.

The girls waved and blew kisses at the boys, who began talking animatedly among themselves. Jane blushed and managed a feeble wave. This was all new to her.

The food arrived quickly; Jane’s appetite had been virtually nil for weeks, yet she devoured her breakfast. For the first time in months, she felt alive, alive and desirable to other men…correction…boys. The girls began flirting outrageously, tossing their hair and being generally provocative. It worked.


“Omigawd, that tall dude felt me up and made me wet,” Rosalyn laughed as they drove away. Jane was aroused as well and was no longer embarrassed about it. College-aged boys had surrounded their table, never missing an opportunity to steal a kiss or cop a feel as they tried none the too subtle pick-up lines.

The girls, and Jane in spite of her initial reluctance, preened and enticed them to a fever pitch. Someone had paid for their meals and ordered more coffee so they remained for some time, leaving only when the management had politely asked them all to leave. Promising to meet the boys at the Jiving Crab that evening for dancing, they made good their escape.

“You had two hunks after you,” Mary Anne said appreciatively, snuggling up to Jane. “They thought you were hot.”

“They were cute, a little young for me, but cute,” Jane said, giggling. “Tell me, what’s a MILF?”

The girls looked at one another, and then Heather said, “Um…well…that’s a term meaning Mom’s I’d Like to Fuck.” They erupted into gales of laughter as Jane blushed. “That’s a compliment, Ms. Dugan,” Robin said, catching her breath. “They bostancı escort bayan wanted you bad.”

Jane put her arms around Mary Anne and Robin and pulled them close. “I am so glad I went with you girls today. I had so much fun.”

“So did I, Ms. Dugan,” Robin replied, resting her head against Jane’s shoulder.


The week passed quickly, one day blending into the next as the five sunned and swam, ordering food in or going to restaurants and having a wonderful time. Heather and her friends were returning to college in the fall, so they intended to enjoy themselves as much as they could this summer. On Saturday, the girls decided to go dancing at the Jiving Crab. Jane declined their invitation, deciding to read a book and relax on the deck. She read and sipped her wine until the sun set, then moved inside, climbed the stairs to her bedroom and lay on the bed. The wine made her sleepy so she dozed off.

When she awakened, night had fallen and a cool wind was blowing through the open windows. She attempted to move, but her wrists were tied to the headboard. Who could have done such a thing? Then she realized she was naked. She tried to remain calm. If burglars had done this, she would be quiet and let them take what they wanted, but what if they intended to rape her? Shutting her eyes, she began to panic.

“Oh good, you’re awake.”

Jane opened her eyes to see Robin standing at the foot of the bed carrying a lit candle. Her jet-black hair gleamed in the dim light and she was smiling.

“Robin, thank goodness you’re here. Untie me, please. There may be burglars in the house.”

Robin’s smile widened, “There aren’t any burglars. I tied you up.”

“You did, why? Is this a joke? It’s not funny! Untie me this minute!”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, Ms. Dugan. Not yet anyway.”

Robin placed the candle on the bureau and walked about the room lighting others that Jane knew were not there when she fell asleep.

“Robin! I demand you untie me! What is the meaning of this?”

The girl dropped her robe and stood naked, her eyes glittering in the candle flames. Then she climbed on the bed and knelt next to Jane.

“You’re so beautiful,” she purred, her hand stroking Jane’s rounded stomach. “I’ve wanted you from the moment I saw you. However, I was a girl then and you were with him. You never noticed me except to say hello. Now he’s gone, I’m a woman and now you’re mine.”

Jane struggled to get free to no avail.

“Robin, please, this is wrong. Let me go and we’ll not speak of this again.”

She didn’t answer, only shook her head ‘no’. Leaning forward, her mouth explored Jane’s left breast, sucking and licking the erect nipple while she stroked Jane’s stomach. A wave of heat surged through the woman’s body at the gentle touches. A low moan escaped Jane’s lips as Robin’s fingers brushed her dampening pussy. Robin’s mouth found her other nipple, lashing it with her tongue while she rubbed the first between her slim fingers.

“Robin, please, don’t do this, it’s wrong…Ohhhhh…”

Jane’s hips rose from the bed as Robin’s finger stroked her labia, then slipped inside her wet pussy, twirling about as it sank deep into the pink softness. Finding the spongy G-spot, Robin began to rub it as Jane jerked and moaned. Robin’s warm lips pressed against Jane’s and they shared a burning kiss. Robin slid a second finger in and wiggled it around, her thumb rubbing Jane’s throbbing clit. Jane’s hips bucked against the intruding fingers, wanting more. Their tongues swirled together as Robin’s stiff nipples rubbed against Jane’s, her own juices trickling down her creamy thighs.

Jane tore her mouth from Robin’s, pleading for the girl to fuck her harder, harder. Robin’s fingers were a blur in Jane’s sopping pussy as a spine-wrenching orgasm racked her body and she screamed in pleasure. Robin continued finger-fucking her until Jane had a second violent orgasm and lay panting and moaning on the crumpled sheets.

The dark haired beauty lay on top of her, kissing her repeatedly until she calmed. Jane opened her eyes, eagerly returning her new lover’s kisses.

“Oh God, that was wonderful,” Jane gasped. “I haven’t come that hard in ages.”

“I knew you’d like it,” Robin replied. “I’m sorry I had to tie you up, but I knew you’d never let me make love to you otherwise. You have a beautiful pussy. I want to taste it.”

“Yes, yes, lick me, make me come,” Jane moaned as Robin’s tongue flicked her engorged clit, and then slithered into her lover’s gooey center. Little shrieks burst from Jane’s mouth as Robin licked and sucked the pulsing flesh, purring softly.

“Ohhh…eat me…I’m coming…I’m…Ahhhhh!” Jane wailed as her orgasm exploded, flooding Robin’s mouth with warm juices that she eagerly swallowed. She continued licking until Jane climaxed again, then crawled up and let Jane taste herself on her lover’s lips.

“I never knew it could be like this,” Jane sighed, catching her breath. “I want to please you too.”

Robin untied Jane, straddled ümraniye escort her head and gripping the headboard lowered her pussy to her new lover’s mouth. Jane inhaled the heady aroma of woman’s arousal and then tentatively licked at the engorged labial lips. Robin moaned as Jane clutched her ass in soft hands and a wiggling tongue entered her creamy slit. Panting with desire, she ground her pussy on Jane’s mouth, and then squealed in surprise as a long finger joined the wiggling tongue. Moaning loudly, she rode her lover’s face as her pussy was devoured and the finger plunged in and out.

Jane’s lips and teeth worried Robin’s rigid clit, nipping and sucking as her lover’s cries of ecstasy spurred her on. She slid another finger into the drenched slit above her and began to finger fuck even harder while sucking on the swollen nub. Robin’s screams of joy echoed in the room as her orgasm burned along every nerve. Jane pleasured her lover further until she slumped in exhaustion. They snuggled together and sank into a deep sleep.


“Mother! Robin! Omigawd!”

Jane opened her eyes, brushed Robin’s hair away and smiled at Mary Lynn, Rosalyn and her daughter standing at the foot of the bed.

“Good morning dear. Did you girls have fun last night?”

“We sure did,” Mary Anne said. “Looks like you guys did too.”

“Ms. Dugan’s a wonderful lover,” Robin said sleepily. “She wore me out.”

“Please call me Jane, dear. You’re quite the lover yourself.”

Rosalyn barely stifled a laugh and the other girls grinned. They pulled off their sleepwear and leapt on the bed, hugging and kissing Jane and Robin.

“We’ve all been lovers since freshman year,” Heather said, kissing her mother hard on the lips. “Robin said she didn’t feel well last night and we believed her.” She playfully slapped her friend on the ass. “I didn’t think you’d seduce my mother. You’re such a slut.”

“I’m a slut?” Robin countered. “Whose idea was it to play Truth or Dare that night we had the sleepover?”

“Yeah,” Mary Anne said, rubbing herself on Rosalyn’s crotch. “Heather said ‘Tell the truth, did any of you ever want to lick a girl’s pussy’?”

“Robin said she wondered about it,” Rosalyn added, “Then Heather dared her to lick hers and she did.”

“Did she ever,” Heather sighed. “I came right away. It was wonderful.”

Jane leaned against the headboard and listened to the girls’ erotic reminiscences. Her body tingled and she wondered how it would feel making love to the others, even her own daughter.

“Are you alright, Jane?” Robin asked. “You look like you’re sad.”

The girls clustered around her, suddenly concerned.

“I’m not sad, just trying to absorb all that’s happened. First, my divorce, then, having fun with you girls for the first time in months, going out in public nearly naked, flirting with young men half my age, making love with Robin and now I find out my daughter and her best friends are Gay. I’m a bit overwhelmed.”

“Actually we’re bisexual, Ms. Dugan…I mean Jane,” Mary Anne said. “We like boys and we like to fuck, but nothing compares to another woman licking your pussy.”

Jane giggled at Mary Anne’s frank assessment. How the world was changing. Well, she’d just change along with it. Life was too short to be concerned about anyone’s lifestyles. She was ready to live again, however she chose.

“Very well, girls,” she said, sitting up. “I have a question.”

“What is it, mother?” Heather asked.

“Who is going to lick my pussy and who is going to sit on my face? The other two can amuse themselves.”

There was a collective gasp, and then Mary Anne and Rosalyn cried “First”, leaping on Jane as they rolled about, laughing.

“Hmph,” Robin said in mock indignation. “Use me then throw me away will you? Well I never. I’ll just ask my dearest friend Heather here to have a 69 with me.”

“I call bottom,” Heather replied, lying back and spreading her silky thighs. Robin straddled Heathers face and began licking her soaked pussy, moaning as Heather sucked her clit and fingered her.

Jane was in heaven as Mary Anne tongue-fucked her and Rosalyn offered her dripping slit to Jane’s wiggling tongue. Mary Anne’s oral skills exceeded Robin’s and soon Jane was coming in her lovers’ mouth.

“Ohhh…Jane…you eat so good,” Rosalyn cried, bouncing happily on her lovers’ face. She howled in orgasm as long fingers penetrated her juicy slit.

Double-teamed by Jane and Rosalyn, Mary Anne gasped and moaned as tongues worked in both her holes bringing her swiftly to climax. Heather and Robin had come and lay entangled, kissing softly.

All morning the room echoed with slurps, moans and squeals as the women pleasured each other. Jane and Heather’s eyes met questioningly as her daughter knelt between her thighs. Thoughts of incest passed unspoken between them as Heather crawled atop her mother and they embraced.

“I love you, Heather.”

“I love you too, mom.”

“I know that others would say that this is wrong. Mothers and daughters shouldn’t escort kartal be lovers.”

Heather kissed her and they hugged.

“I know, mom. I don’t care what others think, any more than I care if they disapprove of my companions and I being lovers. It is what it is, nothing more.”

“My little girl is a woman, and a wise one at that,” Jane said happily.

Heather slipped her legs between Jane’s and their shaved pussies met; a thrill passed through them knowing they were breaking another of polite society’s taboos. They looked lovingly at each other as their hips began to move. Jane gripped Heather’s round ass, pulling them more tightly together. Heather moaned and entwined her legs with her mother, neither noticing the others were watching in rapt excitement.

Slowly at first, then faster, mother and daughter rubbed together, moaning and whispering words of love. Jane’s orgasm began cresting as she ground herself against her daughter. Heather responded in kind, the squish of tender flesh increasing rapidly.

“Heather…Oh God…it feels so good…”

“Fuck me, mom, fuck me…”

They erupted as one, crying out in joy and happiness. Locked together, they lay breathing heavily and sharing gentle kisses.

“Wow! Just wow,” Mary Anne breathed.

“That was beautiful,” Robin said softly.

“So sweet, so very sweet,” Rosalyn murmured.

The five hugged and kissed, tears trickling down their cheeks.

They made love to each other throughout the day ending in a daisy chain on the bedroom floor then fell asleep. When they awakened, it was dusk. Being quite hungry, it was decided they would go out to eat, then stop by the Jiving Crab for some dancing. This time, Jane was eager to go.


Passing under a huge neon crustacean, Jane flinched at the roar of techno-rock emitted from multiple speakers hanging from the ceiling. The Jiving Crab, as most other structures on the beach, was half on pilings with the wood-planked dance floor extending into the open air. Wooden staircases led to the beach where numerous aluminum lounges were scattered.

The club teemed with predominantly twenty-something men and women along with ‘older’ couples and a smattering of teenagers avoiding the watchful eye of the manager and the bartenders. The music abruptly changed to a surfing tune as everyone on the dance floor continued to swivel and gyrate in a variety of steps.

Dance music at the Crab varied in style, age and rendition; supplied primarily by a multiple CD player and a megawatt sound system. A bandstand at one end of the building occasionally accommodated groups of local musicians, who’s varying renditions of hits such as ‘Margaritaville’, ‘Free Bird’ and ‘Rockstar’ never failed to please the crowd.

Jane’s newly acquired confidence began to desert her as they found a table and Rosalyn ordered drinks. Everyone there appeared to be her daughter’s age and once again, she felt out of place. A blonde haired young man clad in a muscle shirt, flowered baggies and sandals took their order and returned with five ‘House Specials’.

Jane sipped hers and coughed. She was not used to anything stronger than wine, so the liquors tasted harsh. The girls sipped their drinks as they scanned the room for potential dance partners, and then ordered another round. Jane politely declined, but another was set in front of her. She gulped down the first and started on the second feeling warm all over.

Cries of excited recognition broke out as the girls saw the boys from the restaurant. They came trotting over carrying chairs with them. A tall, youthfully handsome young man sat next to Jane, playfully elbowing another suitor away.

“Hi. We met at the restaurant. I’m Kevin, remember?”

Jane didn’t exactly, she was too nervous that day to remember anything, but politely replied “Kevin. Yes, of course, nice to see you again.”

“You look pretty tonight,” he said shyly.

Jane smiled. The girls had insisted she wear some of their clothes, so she was dressed in a short skirt and a scoop neck crop top displaying her toned legs, flat stomach and full breasts. She was slightly embarrassed, but becoming less so by the minute. She had finished her second drink and accepted a third from Kevin. She felt giddy and free.

A slow song began to play, the female vocalist rendering the lyrics with passion and longing.

“Would you like to dance Ms…?”

“It’s Jane, Kevin. Call me Jane.”

“Would you like to dance, Jane?”

“Yes, I would Kevin.”

They walked onto the dance floor amidst the numerous couples and began moving slowly to the rhythm. Kevin was an excellent dancer. Michael had never liked dancing; however Jane enjoyed it and danced with other men when they went to parties. She and Kevin held each other tightly as she rested her head on his chest, the feel of his muscled body sending a wave of arousal through her as they swayed to the music.

Another slow song began playing; however, neither noticed being absorbed in each other. Kevin nuzzled her neck and kissed her shoulder. She responded by rubbing her hips against him, feeling his stiff cock against her increasingly wet pussy. The tempo of the music sped up as they embraced in the doorway to the dance floor outside, kissing tentatively at first then increasingly passionate.

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