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“This has been the longest school year EVER,” Jennifer sighed, throwing herself against the back of her chair in disgust.

“You can make it through one more week, Jen,” Amanda told her. “And besides, we’ve only been teaching five years, so don’t make it sound like such an historic event.”

“I don’t know how somebody like Susan Adams can do this for…what…thirty-nine years?” Jennifer said. “I’d go insane first.”

“Concentrate on summer and the fun we’ll have,” Amanda suggested. “Have you thought about any good trips we can take?”

“No,” Jennifer admitted, “I’ve been too depressed. Maybe once finals are over and all the year-end paperwork crap is finished I can think about it. I definitely do want to do something and it better be pretty damn exciting after this interminable year.”

The two high school teachers were best friends, having started their careers at the same time. They were each in their late twenties, single, and among the youngest teachers at the large high school. Despite Jennifer’s current state of mind, they were generally considered sociable and approachable by their fellow staff members. The students loved them, especially the boys. Amanda and Jennifer were both fairly attractive, but opposites in that Jennifer was a tall blonde and Amanda a shorter brunette. Otherwise, they thought alike and were seldom apart for very long.

“OK, be thinking about it,” Amanda said, “Unless Jason makes a better offer, of course.”

Jennifer winced and said, “I’m done with him. Two dates was enough. How about you? Anybody new this week?”

“Very funny. Don’t forget I went with Tommy for almost a month this winter,” Amanda told her. “You can’t say the same for any guys you’ve met.”

“All my guys have been too old,” Jennifer said. “I’m in the mood for a young dude. A little less mature.”

“You just want a good fuck.”

“Well, that too. I need a night or two of just pure sex. No strings attached.”

Amanda laughed. “Am I invited?”

“Sure. We can share.”

Neither of them knew how prophetic those words would be.

Amanda and Jennifer did, in fact, survive the end of the school year and were finally free from the daily grind. Amanda’s condo complex had a swimming pool and the two teachers could often be seen sunbathing and swimming as the temperatures rose. They would then spend any additional time together on the porch outside the walk-out basement. Their discussions were varied and seldom boring.

“So, who was your favorite student this year?” Amanda asked Jennifer one day on the porch.

She thought for a moment and finally replied, “I think it would have to be David Albright. Not the brightest kid, but God that body.”

“He’s the one that got the wrestling scholarship to the D3 school?”

“Yeah,” Jennifer confirmed. “I’d like him to put me in a headlock just one time. Pin me to the mat and do a figure-four leg catch, or whatever it’s called.”

Amanda laughed and said, “I’d pay to see that. I’m thinking you imagine all this happening while you’re naked.”

“Damn right.”

“Yeah, he’s pretty cute,” Amanda said. “Plus, he’s eighteen and no longer a student. That opens up all kinds of opportunities.”

Jennifer nodded. “We’ve had this discussion before about graduating seniors. You still wouldn’t hesitate to date one if you had the chance?”

“Hell no, I wouldn’t hesitate. I’m not necessarily looking to rob the cradle like YOU, but ten years age difference wouldn’t stop me if he looked like David.”

One of the reasons the women remained friends was their mutual desire to not marry until they were thirty and were settled into their careers. Both had aspirations of moving up the education ladder, but not yet. The daunting tasks of succeeding in a marriage, perhaps raising kids, and advancing their careers were to be put off another couple of years. In the meantime, they would enjoy their youth.

It was less than a week later that they were sitting on the porch, in their modest two-piece bathing suits, enjoying an early afternoon drink. The back of Amanda’s condo looked out over a small stretch of grass, with woods beyond that. She only had to maintain whatever annual flowers she wanted to plant next to the porch. All other bushes and the grass were maintained for the residents by a lawn care company paid for by condo association fees. This happened to be the day when the grass was being cut.

The women talked over the noise of nearby mowers until Jennifer stopped mid-sentence and gasped.

“Is that…?”

Jennifer stared and Amanda followed her line of sight.

“Amanda, I think that’s David on that mower.”

Amanda squinted and lowered her sunglasses, saying, “Yeah. I think it is, Jen. He’s coming this way, too.”

A few seconds later, there was no doubt in either woman’s mind. The bare-chested man on the mower was David Albright. His tan skin glistened from perspiration. The muscles in his arms and legs shook as the mower rolled over the bumpy terrain.

“Damn, he looks good,” Jennifer declared. “I’m going bostancı escort bayan to talk to him.”

Amanda smiled as her friend quickly rose from her chair and stepped into the lawn. Jennifer only had to wait a second or two before she had David’s attention. He drove up to within a few feet of her and turned off the motor.

“Hi, David,” Jennifer said. “I didn’t know you worked here.”

“Started as soon as school was out.”

He was leaning on the steering wheel of the large mower, his arms crossed on top of it and his chin resting on one arm.

“You look hot. Can you take a break?”

Jennifer meant he looked warm, but in her mind she was thinking about how fucking ‘hot’ he truly looked up close.

“Sure. I haven’t had my lunch break, yet,” he answered. He looked over his shoulder and added, “I don’t hear the other guys. They must have stopped already.”

“Good. C’mon into the condo with us.”

David was surprised to see Amanda on the porch, also in a swim suit. After a year of seeing the teachers in their conservative work outfits, the sight of them in bathing suits was unexpected…and appreciated.

“Hi, Miss Scott,” he said, stepping onto the porch.

“Call me Amanda, David. We’re not in school anymore.”

“Sit down, David,” Jennifer told him. “Want something to drink?”

He saw their colorful mixed drinks, but replied, “A Coke or Pepsi is fine. Thanks.”

Amanda saw him watch Jennifer as she walked away. Then he looked at Amanda with an expression that signaled having been caught. All the same, Amanda had been equally guilty of inspecting him as he came onto the porch.

Jennifer returned with his drink and sat so that David was between the two teachers. They asked him what his plans were at college and he eventually became more comfortable in the setting. All three of them were much more interested in what their eyes were seeing than what their ears were hearing.

Jennifer suspected that their time together was limited, so she made the first bold move.

“How long do you have before you have to work again?” she asked David.

“Maybe half an hour.”

She glanced at Amanda, then at David, and said, “Good. I think that’s enough time. C’mon inside the condo, David.”

Amanda had somewhat of an idea what was on her friend’s mind, but was surprised she attempted it so soon. The parade of Jennifer, David, and Amanda made its way inside. Jennifer closed the drapes as soon as they were all in. Then she walked over to David.

The room they were in was a den in the finished basement. It had an L-shaped couch, a recliner, a table to eat on, and chairs around that. David and Amanda were just behind the couch.

“I think we can fill half an hour if you’re interested,” she said, sliding her fingers across the front of his shorts. “Would you like that?”

“I would…and I think we have time,” he replied timidly.

Jennifer’s hand returned to his crotch and she let it linger over his cock. A squeeze or two confirmed to her that he was quite interested.

“Take off your shorts, David,” Jennifer said.

The teachers watched as he opened and pushed down the shorts, kicking them aside once they were off. His briefs were small and tight, permitting a near-perfect view of the outline of his budding erection. Jennifer ran her fingers along the cock and pressed on it with her palm. Without pausing, she grabbed the waistband of the underwear and pulled it down. Amanda stared at the large cock while Jennifer removed the briefs.

Amanda stepped back and took a seat at the table, never taking her eyes off David’s gorgeous body. She watched Jennifer run her hands up the inside of David’s thighs until reaching his balls. By the time her fingers slid up his cock, it was nearly fully erect. Jennifer was kneeling, her face just inches away from the cock. When she kissed the very tip, the cock couldn’t have been any harder.

“Lean against the couch, David,” Jennifer said softly.

Once he was in place, Jennifer lightly stroked his cock with one hand wrapped around it. David put both of his hands on the top of the couch to further steady himself. Then he watched as Jennifer’s tongue slowly rose from his balls to the bulging head of his shaft.

Amanda briefly wondered just how far Jennifer would go; but then just as quickly answered herself with ‘Until he cums.’ Satisfied with that answer, Amanda got comfortable and prepared to watch the show.

Jennifer was licking the cock from top to bottom and on all sides. It rose like a pole and needed no support, although Jennifer sometimes held it and felt the warmth of the blood rushing through the veins. Finally, she opened her mouth and took in nearly the entire thing. Very slowly she drew her head back and repeated the process. After that, she began to bob her head up and down on the cock while David timed his short thrusts to match. From David’s point of view, the sight of his teacher’s tits rising and falling, barely held in by her top, was almost enough to make him cum immediately. ümraniye escort However, the feeling was too good to let it be over so soon.

Amanda could feel the moisture collecting in her pussy as she watched. She was far too timid to reach inside her bathing suit and rub her clit, but she desperately wanted to. Even more so, she wanted David’s incredible cock down there, filling her pussy and making her cum. For now, she settled for watching her best friend suck on her favorite former student’s massive erection.

David’s face revealed just how much he was enjoying the blowjob. He grimaced as his orgasm got closer and closer, but mostly he had a contented expression from his unexpected good fortune. A moment later he could not suppress a groan. He was close and Jennifer knew it.

Jennifer reached around and put her hands on David’s firm ass, clutching at the flesh as she took his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Amanda was now totally jealous, not to mention extremely horny. Her pussy screamed for attention, but the shy teacher wasn’t ready to cross the line Jennifer leaped over.

Then the women heard David’s loudest moan, followed by his exclamation, “Yes! Ohhhh God!”

Jennifer’s hand frantically worked the bottom of the cock while her mouth awaited the beginning of his orgasm. She pumped faster while her lips clamped down on the thick erection.

“Now! Now!” David cried out.

He threw his hips forward with the first blast of cum. David held Jennifer’s head in place as he began to fuck her face harder, each thrust resulting in a new stream of cum filling her mouth. Jennifer swallowed the best she could, but cum still dripped out the side of her mouth and down her chin. David’s guttural groans seemed to go on forever as he emptied his balls into the teacher’s mouth.

Amanda stared in silence, her heart racing like never before. She watched David’s abs expand and contract each time he came, the muscles quivering with the force of his climax. Jennifer used the cum dripping down his cock to stroke him harder, causing the last few drops of cum to flow out.

Finally, she pulled away and David leaned back against the couch. Jennifer used the back of her hand to wipe away the cum she couldn’t lick from her chin.

“Wow,” Jennifer sighed. “That was awesome.”

“Best lunch break ever,” David confirmed.

“You’ll be working all summer, right?” Jennifer asked him.


“We’re going to give you our cell phone numbers. I want you to text each of us when you know you are going to be working here. Plan on spending lunch with us,” Jennifer said.

She looked at me as if for confirmation and I quickly nodded.

“I should know the day before. It all depends on the weather,” David told them as he began to dress.

The teachers remained in the den after David had driven away on his mower. Amanda gazed at Jennifer and shook her head.

“What?!” Jennifer blurted out.

“I’d say you’re disgusting, but that was one of the greatest things I ever saw,” Amanda said from the opposite end of the couch. “He’s REALLY built…and what a cock.”

“I thought I was going to cum when I grabbed his butt. I love them nice and hard like that.”

“Yeah, he was hard alright,” Amanda said. “So, what’s next?”

Jennifer smiled. “Obviously, we have to fuck that guy.”


“C’mon, Amanda. Don’t be such a wuss. How many chances like this are you going to get? I’ll go first if you want, but I’m predicting if you watch us fuck one time you won’t be able to let him out of this basement without throwing him on the floor and sitting on his cock.”

Amanda frowned and said, “A blowjob is one thing, but I’m not sure David is the type that would fuck his teacher. He seemed a little shy with you at first.”

“God, Amanda,” Jennifer moaned. “You saw how fast he got hard with us in bathing suits. Wait until he sees me naked. Or better yet, both of us naked. We’ll never get him to leave.”

“Maybe,” Amanda replied. “You go first. I have this gut feeling that your wunderkind may be a little young, yet. Don’t be disappointed when he fucks like the teenager he is.”

A week passed with no word from David. Then it finally rained and two days later both teachers got a text telling them David would be at Amanda’s condo the next day. It turned out to be an overcast day and definitely not a pool day, so the women wore t-shirts and shorts. Jennifer was braless, not wanting any unnecessary obstacles between her and David. She smiled when she saw the large trucks of the lawn care service at the entrance to the condo complex as she drove in around eleven in the morning.

She and Amanda went straight to the basement den and chatted while they waited. Amanda had to admit to herself that she was excited about the prospects of another encounter between Jennifer and David, but still had a sense in the back of her mind that disillusionment was also a possibility. What if he didn’t want to fuck Jennifer? What if he…and then she glanced at her blonde friend and escort kartal the ample breasts peeking out from the top of her shirt. Hell, he’d fuck her.

Shortly after noon, the unmistakable sound of David’s mower grew louder and louder until it pulled into view behind the condo. The teachers watched the bare chested young man shut it down and jump off. His baggy shorts flopped against his muscular legs as he walked up to the sliding glass door. Amanda signaled for him to enter and he did.

Jennifer and Amanda were seated at the table and David leaned against the back of the couch while the casual greetings took place.

“Thanks for the heads up that you’d be here,” Jennifer told him.

“No problem. I wasn’t sure the other guys would want me to cut back here again, but it worked out great.”

“And you can stay a while?” Jennifer said.


“How did you enjoy the last time you were here?”

“It was awesome,” David replied. “I didn’t expect it.”

Jennifer said, “Amanda doesn’t think you want to have sex with me. Do you?”

David grinned nervously and answered, “Sure.”

When he didn’t say anything more, Jennifer stood up and walked over to him. She came close enough for their bodies to touch.

“Well, I want to have sex with you and I think it’ll be great,” she said softly.

Jennifer took his hands and pulled them up to her chest. David voluntarily began to massage her tits, causing the opening in her t-shirt to spread farther apart and reveal more of her skin. Jennifer put a hand on his crotch and clutched the already thickening cock while lightly kissing the side of his face. In just seconds, she was clutching an erection that nearly reached the top of his shorts.

She kissed him on the lips and soon their tongues battled for space. David pinched Jennifer’s hard nipples through her shirt and she moaned.

“Take it off,” she said to him between kisses.

David quickly lifted the shirt to reveal her luscious tits. He stared for a moment and then she told him, “Go ahead.”

He leaned down and licked one for a few seconds before putting it into his mouth and sucking on it excitedly. David moved to the other tit and gave it the same treatment. The nipples had doubled in size and were a bright pink. All the while, Jennifer pulled on his cock.

“Take off my shorts, David.”

He unbuttoned the pants and let them fall to the floor, immediately running his hand over the outside of her tiny panties. He felt the warmth from her pussy as Jennifer kicked the shorts away. David slid his hand inside and rubbed her clit at the same time she was untying the front of his shorts. She smiled when they fell to reveal his long, hard cock. David then pulled off her panties and they stood naked together.

Amanda looked on intently, feeling the pressure building up in her own pussy. She uncrossed her legs under the table and leaned back in her chair, staring at almost nothing other than David’s cock.

David and Jennifer kissed some more, their hands exploring every inch of each other in the process. Jennifer then led him around the couch and she laid down on the long extension of the L-shaped sofa. Fortunately for Amanda, Jennifer was in full view, which meant David certainly would be, also.

He wasted no time in climbing on top of her and sucking on her breasts. He pushed them up with his hands and nibbled on the nipples until Jennifer whimpered with delight. David’s cock brushed against her pussy and clit, making Jennifer even more desperate than she already was.

Amanda gave in to her own temptation and, with nobody noticing, slid her hand inside her shorts and began to massage her clit. She put two fingers inside her wet pussy and used the moisture to quicken the pace of her masturbation.

On the couch, Jennifer was positioning David’s cock at the entrance to her pussy. She closed her eyes, bit her lip, and waited for him. David did not delay. He pushed forward and spread open her pussy with the thick head of his cock. She was so wet that he entered her without effort, their bodies coming together in the process.

“Oh my God,” Jennifer sighed. “That feels SO good.”

Any thoughts of his inexperience were alleviated by the size of his cock. Then David completely removed any doubt by putting his hands under Jennifer’s ass, lifting her off the couch, and ramming his cock into her with skillful precision. This continued for another minute or two before David placed the teacher back on the couch and leaned down to take a tit into his mouth. He sucked on it and bit lightly on the nipple, initiating a shriek out of Jennifer.

Amanda squirmed silently as she rubbed her clit. She spread her legs as much as her shorts and panties would let her. She could just barely see David’s cock as it slid in and out of her friend, but she could easily hear Jennifer’s moans of delight and words of encouragement to her former student.

Jennifer wrapped her legs around David’s waist, feeling her orgasm approaching much quicker than she anticipated. She did everything she could to delay the climax, wanting to thoroughly enjoy the sensation of David’s thick cock filling her pussy. She wrapped her hands around his massive upper arms while he braced himself on the couch. Through it all, his cock kept pounding her like a piston.

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