Summer Nights in My Jacuzzi

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The establishment located at the end of Main Street a few miles from my home was billed as the sex toy store for choosy women and men. I could not help but notice some common traits with any ordinary hobby shop; well lit, clean, and organized. The only difference, of course, was that it carried merchandise designed to stroke the libido, or should I say “lady parts.”

Walking alone by the display wall I perused the selections. The array of strap-on vibrators, dildos, clit massagers, g-spot vibrators and other toys hanging before my eyes definitely had an effect on me.

Life had not been too happy since Ralph left me. I thought we were good together until he confessed to being gay and falling in love with a man named Steve. My facial expression or my eyes often betrayed my emotional pain since the recent divorce.

While considering a pocket vibrator in my hand I looked at a sales clerk standing nearby. The curvy, young’ blond was wearing a dark blue, sleeveless, front-zipper dress with a name tag over her right breast. Colleen took a couple of steps closer.

“Do you see anything you like?”

“I see a lot that’s pretty cool. I’m just not sure what I want.”

“Are you looking for G-spot or clit massage?”

“Either is ok,” I said.

“Perhaps something like this,” she said picking out a double head vibrator.

“That looks cool.”

Questions poker oyna formed in my head as my pussy began to do my thinking.

“Do you have anything waterproof?”

“Perhaps this,” she replied, “It’s good for just soaking in a bubble bath.”

The price tag was a tad high if I had to purchase both toys separately.

“I’m still thinking. There’s lots of stuff to choose from.”

After perusing selections for a few seconds more, I picked up a clitoral vibrator.

“Is this rechargeable?”

“That one is not, but that other one is,” she said pointing to a similar toy.

I hung the toy and moved on a bit further. Masturbating was nothing new to me but doing it with a toy would be a new experience.

A few seconds later another double penetration vibrator caught my eye making the urge to do myself quite strong.

The sales clerk waited patiently.

“I can’t wait to own one but I can’t decide.”

“It IS a tough call.”

I nodded silently. After pondering the subject for a moment I had more questions.

“I’d like to try one of the clit vibrators. Can you tell me anything about them?”

The clerk proceeded to explain some pros and cons.

“The Hello Sunshine is loud and quite intense. Love Candy is much softer.”

“Tell me something about that other one.”

“That one’s a “Wake UP Vibe. It’s made of canlı poker oyna silicone rather than plastic. You can also set it to go on at desire time. That’s my personal favorite. I have one at home.”

“What’s the difference?” I said.

“Silicone is more durable. It also repels most dirt and bacteria.”

“So it’s for girls who will get a lot of use out of it.”

“Right,” Colleen replied.

“The Wake UP sounds good.”

“Have you made a choice?”

“May I try that one?”

“That is the Bcurious. It’s been selling quite well since we started offering it.”

“Is it waterproof?’

“Yes,” she said. “and made of silicone and hard plastic.”

Those attributes sealed the deal. I know just where i can use this.

“I’ll take it,” I said placing my visa credit card on the counter.

A few hours later…

Instead of a swimming pool behind the house, Ralph and I had opted to put an in-ground jacuzzi. Sitting in the hot, bubbling water could be so relaxing and besides, we had always preferred to swim at the lake.

At about 10 30 in the evening I crossed the deck in darkness, and proceeded down the stairs.

The hot water bubbled around my nude body at shoulder depth: its jets tapped against my backside.

I selected the settings and placed the contoured toy with the nub at my clitoris. Before long mounting tension internet casino would cause heavy breathing as the toy vibrated and pulsated against the throbbing gland.

OH god this feels so good, Mmmmm so good.

High branches beyond the tall, cedar fence swayed gently in the breeze. The barely audible noise of the toy was drowned out by ambient sounds: the occasional, distant car; the bubbling water.

This feels so good. I can sit here for hours. Meanwhile the tension continued increasing. The gland had become engorged. The hard breathing, occasional twitch and grimace belied my intense pleasure.

Ralph have your man, or partner or however you refer to him. I’ve got all the pleasure I need right here.

Come had been seeping and coated my soft, pink folds. Suddenly it gushed into the water. The tension relaxed as i withdrew the toy from my sex.

A couple of months later…

I had left work that Friday at the usual hour, 3 o’clock, but this day instead of heading home I drove back to the store that sold me “my little pleasure machine.”

Colleen came by assist though I’m not sure whether or not she remembered me. This time I knew exactly what I wanted to get.

“That one, I said pointing to Silicone Dreams G-spot vibrator. Being rather inexpensive, especially when compared to rechargeable models, sealed the deal.

Like before, I placed my credit card on the counter. Colleen entered the transaction and I headed for home.

Though summer was nearing its end, the nights might still be warm enough to sit inside my jacuzzi with one or both sex toys.

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