Summer of Sex

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It was late Saturday night and Bambi lay in her bed, exhausted and happy. She had spent the entire day moving into her apartment. For the first time in her life she wasn’t living with her parents. She finally had a place to call her own.

Actually the apartment wasn’t her place alone. Her parents had only agreed to the idea of her living in an apartment as long as she shared it with another female, someone they knew and trusted. That obviously meant Cassi. Bambi and Cassi had been best friends since first grade. Now as 22 year old women, each with a job, they shared a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment.

While Bambi and Cassi were both cute and sexy, they were different in several ways.

Bambi had blonde hair, blue eyes, large breasts, curvy hips, and a fabulous smile. She was well aware that she fit the stereotype of a dumb blonde. She wasn’t as smart as Cassi. However, Bambi was very skilled in the art of flirting and getting what she wanted. She knew what assets she had, and she used those to her advantage.

Bambi worked as a front desk clerk for a large convention hotel in the heart of the city. She had been hired to be eye candy for the primary clientele – businessmen who attended the conventions and business meetings held at the hotel. Between her looks, her flirtatious skills, and her attention to the work details, she was a real asset to the hotel.

Needless to say, Bambi could get a date with almost any man she wanted. And she could also get almost any man she wanted into bed. Now that she had her own bed, in her own room, in her own apartment, Bambi looked forward to adding to the list of lovers she had experienced.

Cassi was the type of woman that a young man would take home to meet his parents. She was beautiful with wavy long brunette hair and dark eyes. While her breasts and hips were not as pronounced as Bambi’s, she had a sexy, attractive figure. She was smart and ambitious. Currently she worked as a waitress in a downtown restaurant, near the hotel where Bambi worked. The flexible hours and great tips enabled her to attend the local community college where she was working on a degree in nursing.

As to men, Cassi was looking for a ‘Mister Right’ whom she could marry. She was selective with whom she dated, and often had longer term relationships than Bambi’s. That wasn’t difficult as some of Bambi’s relationships were the one-night type.

Their apartment was in a young-adults complex. It was convenient to shops and restaurants, and was on the bus route that took both of them downtown to their work and school locations. Some of the apartment complex residents were married or couples living together. The others were singles, some attached to a significant other, and some playing the field.

Cassi had a boyfriend, Mike, whom she had dated for a few months, but she wasn’t ready to move in with him. Bambi was one to play the field and avoid commitments. She thought having a fuck-buddy or two was the greatest concept of modern society. Her current fuck-buddy of choice was Ryan, someone who would come and please her when she needed a good fuck, but who otherwise left her alone without any commitments, allowing her to date and have sex with others.

As Bambi lay in bed, the silence was broken by a soft noise, a humming sound, or more like a buzzing sound. Then she heard moans of pleasure from the other side of the bedroom wall. Bambi then knew that the buzz was from a vibrator, and the moans were from Cassi. The moans rose slowly to a crescendo and then crashed, once, twice, three times over the next twenty minutes. By the time Cassi had her second orgasm, Bambi was fingering her own pussy, enjoying the simple pleasure while listening to her friend. Bambi wondered how much Cassi’s enjoyed her orgasms.

Then Cassi’s room went silent. Soon thereafter Bambi fell asleep.

– – – – –

The next morning, Bambi got up and went into the kitchen, totally naked, the way she always slept. Cassi was there, dressed only in a t-shirt and panties, looking in the refrigerator at the few food items they had brought as they moved in the previous day.

When Cassi heard Bambi enter, she turned to see her roommate. She was surprised, not only that Bambi was naked, but that Bambi was so casual about being naked. Cassi also noticed that Bambi was completely bare around her pussy and thought to herself that maybe she should also shave down there, as she often had to trim the hairs of her full bush that showed when she wore a bathing suit.

“If you walk around like that , I may just jump your bones.” Cassi remarked.

Cassi and Bambi were always verbally playing with each other. But Cassi also had a secret crush on Bambi, feelings and desires she had never shared with her best friend.

“If you were going to do that, you would have done so already.” Bambi replied with a laugh.

Cassi decided to take that challenge and she made a move. She stepped forward in front of Bambi, wrapped her arms around her friend, and gave her roommate escort bostancı an open mouthed, full tongue kiss. In addition to the kiss, each could feel Cassi’s 34C tits pressed against Bambi’s 36D tits, separated only by Cassi’s t-shirt. All these feelings made Cassi’s body tingle.

Bambi was totally caught off guard by Cassi’s advancements. She froze, then appeared to melt into the kiss. Then, unsure of what they were doing, she suddenly pushed away, her hands on Cassi’s breasts. Hands that lingered a bit longer than necessary.

They locked eyes upon one another, both their minds processing a million thoughts. What just happened? How did they feel? What did the other think? Might this be a major change to their relationship? Each had these and many more thoughts.

Bambi was the first to speak, fumbling for what to say.

“I didn’t know you were such a great kisser. What got into you?”

“Seeing you all naked and sexy like that got my motor running.” Cassi replied.

“Oh, I heard your motor running last night.” Bambi replied with a chuckle.

“Huh?” Cassi was perplexed.

“I heard your vibrator last night.” Bambi explained. “We must have thin walls.”

“You heard that?” Cassi inquired.

“All three orgasms. That last one must have been a whopper.” Bambi answered.

Cassi blushed and tried to recover quickly.

“You know Mike’s out of town. A girl has to do what a girl has to do.” Cassi explained, more than happy to be discussing her self-pleasure activities rather than trying to explain the kiss she had just given Bambi.

“Whatever.” Bambi replied.

Cassi then asked, “Now that we have our own place, should I expect to see Ryan here often?”

“Not much. Maybe once or twice a week. Ryan’s just a fuck buddy. He’s not a keeper. Not a long term thing. I’ll continue to see other guys. ” Bambi answered, and then added, “And what about Mike coming here to see you? How often will that happen?”

“Some.” Cassi replied. “Maybe we need to discuss some rules for having guys in our apartment.”

“And sometime we need to discuss that kiss you just gave me.” Bambi added as she turned and walked back towards her bedroom. “For now, I need a shower.”

– – – – –

After showers and breakfast, the two women walked to the local market to buy groceries for their apartment. They also bought a couple of six-packs of beer. They rationalized their beer purchase as every young woman who intended to entertain a man in their apartment, needed to have a supply of beer. It didn’t hurt that they also enjoyed drinking beer themselves.

After shopping, they both put on their bikinis and headed out to the pool. Bambi wore a very skimpy red string bikini that revealed a lot of flesh. Cassi wore a more modest bikini that made her look sexy, but covered her more. The pool was obviously the center of the apartment complex’s social scene. Some number of young adults were already in and around the pool. Someone had music playing from speakers set in their open apartment windows. There was more than one ice chest of beer. People chatted, flirted, and playfully made contact with members of the opposite sex.

As Bambi and Cassi were obviously newcomers to the complex, many of the others introduced themselves. The guys who were unattached, were hitting on Bambi and Cassi. Bambi was basking in the attention, and enjoying flirting with the guys. Cassi played it cool and told everyone that she had a boyfriend. She spent more time talking with the other females, learning more about who was who, and all the local gossip.

Later in the evening, the sun was setting and the residents filtered back to their apartments. Bambi and Cassi eventually returned to their apartment, took showers, dressed and sat together in the living room. Cassi wore running shorts and a camisole top. Bambi wore only lace trimmed thong panties.

“Really?” asked Cassi. “Is that all you’re wearing? What if someone comes to the door? What will you wear when Mike comes over?”

“I thought you liked looking at my tits?” Bambi asks coyly. She was looking for a reaction, still wondered about the kiss Cassi gave her that morning.

“Maybe I do.” Cassi replied, trying to be vague. She was unsure how Bambi would accept her advances. “But I think that most times, you should be a bit more covered.”

“OK.” Bambi replied. She was disappointed that she wasn’t likely to learn more about Cassi’s feelings. She rose and walked towards her bedroom, swinging her hips as she walked. She sensed that Cassi was watching her cute ass, and wondered if she really wanted to tease her roommate.

“How about we order a pizza?” Cassi called out to Bambi.

“Yeah! Do that.” Bambi replied from her bedroom.

Using an App on her cell phone , Cassi placed the pizza order.

Bambi returned to the living room wearing a short pleated skirt and a tight t-shirt. She obviously was not wearing a bra and her nipples were very visible.

“So miss smarty pants.” Bambi ümraniye escort addressed Cassi. “What other rules do you have in mind for our apartment?”

“I think that when either of us are intimate with a guy, it should be done in the bedroom.” Cassi offered.

“What! No sex while I’m bent over the back of the sofa?” Bambi said sarcastically while actually meaning it. Bent over the sofa or a chair was one of her favorite ways of being taken.

“You wouldn’t want me, or me and Mike to walk in on you having sex in the living room, would you?” Cassi asked in reply.

“Mmmm. That would be a bit kinky.” Bambi said with a sly grin on her face. And then she added, “OK. If you insist. No sex in the living room.”

“And we need a way to know if there’s a guy in the apartment.” added Cassi. “Some sort of sign.”

“You mean like a sock on the doorknob? I hear guys do that in the college dorms.” Bambi replied. “Or maybe a ‘Sex In Progress’ sign on the door?”

Both laughed at the idea.

“We don’t want to tell the world we’re having sex with someone.” Cassi answered. “We need something we can see as soon as we enter the door.”

“I could drop my panties on the floor just inside the door. They are usually the first item I take off when I’m about to have sex.” Bambi suggested.

Cassi just stared at her roommate in disbelief.

Bambi quickly continued. “Oops. That won’t work. Sometimes I lose my panties before getting home. You wouldn’t believe how many panties I’ve lost in the backseat of a car.”

“You slut!” Cassi said in mock disgust as she playfully slapped Bambi on the leg. She was well aware of Bambi’s sexual escapades.

Cassi continued. “We have this cute flower pot near the door. It is red on one side and green on the other. We could turn the green side to the door meaning ‘Go, all’s clear’ or turn the red side to the door to mean ‘Stop, man in the apartment’.

Bambi nodded in agreement.

At that moment, the doorbell rang.

“Must be the pizza.” said Cassi.

“I got this!” announced Bambi as she jumped up and answered the door.

A young man was holding the pizza, likely a college freshman delivering pizza as a summer job. He handed Bambi the pizza as she gave him the money. Bambi set the pizza down and turned back to the open door. The delivery guy was just standing there, gawking at her chest and her nipples which visibly poked out the thin fabric of her shirt.

Bambi got a naughty idea. She reached down and grabbed the hem of her t-shirt and pulled it up to her neck, fully exposing her large tits to the young man. His eyes got wide and his mouth fell open. Bambi held that a moment, and then pulled down her shirt.

“Shows over! Thanks for the pizza.” she announced as she closed the door.

“Oh. . . . My . . . . God!” exclaimed Cassi slowly. “I can’t believe you did that! What if he was underage?”

“All the delivery drivers have to be at least 18 for commercial liability coverage.” Bambi replied. “It was just a quickie titty flash. No big deal. Besides, he’ll tell all the other delivery drivers about the special tip he got. I bet we’ll have the best delivery service for the rest of the summer.”

“But we’ll have to flash our tits for all of them.” pleaded Cassi.

“I don’t have a problem with that.” replied Bambi. “It should be a lot of fun. Did you see the way he stared?”

Cassi just shook her head in amazement and then took a bite of the pizza.

– – – – –

Later that night, the roommates had gone to bed. Tomorrow would be another day of work and school, and they needed some sleep. It had been a weekend of work on Saturday as they moved into their apartment, and some amount of fun on Sunday out by the pool. They both were happy with their new apartment.

Bambi anticipated that Cassi would be masturbating again with her vibrator. She had her own vibrator ready to join her roommate from the other side of the wall separating their bedrooms. As soon as Bambi heard the buzz of Cassi’s vibrator, she turned on her own vibe and held it to her slit.

“I hear that.” Cassi said as she continued to pleasure herself.

“Maybe I wanted you to.” replied Bambi.

Each had similar thoughts. Neither had ever masturbated with another person. They weren’t in the same room, but they could hear each other. As their arousal increased, each became more vocal, moaning out loud in pleasure. Hearing the other only increased their own arousal.

“Oh god. I’m so horny.” moaned Bambi.

“Me too. Damn this feels good!” replied Cassi.

Over the next several minutes, they kept masturbating. The buzz of vibrators continued as their moans and comments became louder and more frequent.

“OH FUCK! I’M CUMMING!” said Bambi in a loud voice as she climaxed.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” replied Cassi as she had her orgasm just moments later.

The situation was a new, surreal experience for both. Each became more aroused knowing that the other was just a few feet away on kartal escort bayan the other side of the wall, using a vibrator as they were, to produce intense sexual self pleasure.

After a few quiet moments, Cassi heard Bambi’s vibrator buzzing again.

“Another?” Cassi asked, surprised that Bambi was still horny.

“First one felt so good, fuck yeah I want another one.” Bambi replied as she began to moan.

Cassi joined her and again they masturbated together, each in their own room. They both had several great orgasms before collapsing into sleep.

– – – – –

The next morning Bambi and Cassi prepared for work and school. Initially they didn’t speak about their shared masturbation experience the night before, unsure how the other might react. They took the bus together into downtown, Bambi heading to the hotel where she worked, and Cassi heading to the community college campus for her morning classes. She would later be at the restaurant for her waitress duties.

As they got off the bus, about to walk in different directions, Bambi finally spoke about the previous night.

“Really hot stuff last night.” Bambi said.

“We need to do that again.” Cassi replied.

“See you later back at our place.” Bambi added as she walked away. She knew that she would be home a couple of hours before Cassi finished her dinner shift at the restaurant.

Work was uneventful for Bambi, but she kept thinking about how erotic the masturbation had been the night before. Her pussy tingled all day. She didn’t think she was gay, or had any sexual interest in other women, but she couldn’t stop thinking about what she and Cassi did together, even in separate rooms.

By mid afternoon, Bambi sent a text message to Ryan: “Need you bad. My new place. 9:00.”

Likewise Cassi also thought about the shared masturbation experience all day long. She knew she had some special feelings for her best friend, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted sex with Bambi, or what. That kiss Sunday morning had been very nice. At least she wanted to do that again. And she had watched Bambi’s rear when her roommate walked away from her the previous day. She remembered thinking that Bambi had a really nice ass.

But what were Bambi’s feelings? Cassi didn’t want to cross some line and lose Bambi as a friend and roommate. Cassi knew she wanted to be with Bambi, to see her as soon as she could. She couldn’t wait for her shift to be over and to get home as quickly as possible.

Ryan arrived at Cassi and Bambi’s apartment promptly at nine o’clock. Bambi had stripped down to her bra and panties. Her hand had been inside her panties, fingering herself for several minutes. She was horny, very horny, and needed Ryan to fuck her hard. Once Ryan was inside the door, Bambi pulled him back into her bedroom. In a moment, she had stripped naked.

Ryan removed his clothes quickly, recognizing that Bambi was in a hurry. As he pulled down his pants and underwear, Bambi fell to her knees in front of him and wrapped a hand around the base of his cock, intent on giving Ryan a quick erection. Bambi licked and sucked his cock, all the while fondling his large balls. Ryan was well endowed and she wanted him especially hard. Bambi appreciated that he could fuck her to several orgasms before having his own climax. And that is what she needed right now.

Cassi arrived at the apartment about 9:30. Immediately after opening the front door and entering, she could hear Bambi’s voice from her bedroom.

“Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Fill my cunt with your cock!” Bambi was quite loud with her exhortations.

Bambi’s vocalizations only confirmed to Cassi that Bambi was a slut. Regardless, Cassi still loved her friend.

Cassi quickly became horny while listening to Bambi and Ryan having loud, noisy sex. She went to her own bedroom, stripped naked and lay on her bed. While Ryan was ramming his larger than average cock into Bambi’s cunt, Cassi was in the next room fingering her own pussy.

Bambi screamed, “OH FUCK! I’M CUMMING” as her third orgasm of the evening ripped through her body. Then Ryan could be heard groaning as he had his own orgasm.

Cassi was desperately finger fucking herself trying to have an orgasm as quickly and as quietly as possible. Frustratingly, she just wasn’t quite able to get there. Mentally, she was very conflicted. She was happy that Bambi was having such hot sex. But Cassi also had a feeling that she wanted to be the person having sex with Bambi and sharing an extraordinary experience. Frustrated, she gave up trying to have an orgasm, even though she was very horny. She put on shorts and a tank top and went to the kitchen to find a bite to eat.

“Hey Cassi.” Ryan said as he came out of Bambi’s room and was heading towards the front door.

“Hey Ryan.” Cassi replied. Cassi and Ryan knew each other through Bambi, but didn’t know each other very well. But they were always polite with each other.

“I hope we weren’t too loud.” Ryan said, wishing Cassi hadn’t heard much.

“These walls are thin. I think I heard every orgasm. Sounded like you two had a bang-up time.” Cassi replied as she smiled at Ryan.

Ryan was a bit embarrassed that Cassi had heard so much. “I gotta go.” he said as he hurried out the door.

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