Summer Surprise Pt. 19

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Anal Creampie

This chapter concludes Summer Surprise, including Matt’s and Dianne’s wedding. This chapter contains oral, anal, lesbian, public and group sex. It has Dominance and submission, including punishments. You’ve been forewarned. There is no COVID or STD’s in my fantasy world. My thanks to JohnnyGalt for editing assistance.

Summer Surprise, Ch 19 – Coda

Chloe’s play was a smash success. It got extended for two weeks. Bill and Evelyn Thornhill stopped by to see it on their way to California about halfway through the run. They were joined by Ethel, Georgina, Elaine and Beth, so they all saw it together.

Bill took everyone out to dinner at The Riverfront after the performance. About half of the crowd stood up and cheered when Chloe and Rosilyn entered the room, already having seen the play based upon the promotions done at this restaurant.

“Smile, wave, and curtsy to your fans, Rosilyn,” Chloe said, doing the same. “If you really want to self-promote, make a tour of the room later and stop at individual tables and thank them for their patronage. Who knows, they might see it a second time.”

That’s something they both did after ordering while waiting for their food. Rosilyn was surprised that several people actually asked for her autograph, as if she was famous for more than having climaxes in the restaurant after getting permission to have one.

Bill and Evelyn were both enthusiastic over the performances. “I have no doubt you’ll be wildly successful in Hollywood or Broadway, Chloe. You’re so talented,” Bill said

“Thank you. I plan on it, but you never know.”


Another person to see the play was Melissa Forrest, Dianne’s mother. She called and asked if she could come for a visit. When Dianne asked Chloe, she said Melissa was always welcome to see her daughter, though it would be as a naked slave. Dianne shivered, thinking of her mother seeing her like that. Melissa came up on a Friday, stayed the weekend and left on Monday, seeing the Sunday matinee.

Dianne picked her up at the airport by herself, using her own car, missing the last hour of her Friday class. When they reached Sophia’s, Dianne took off all her clothes, and her mother saw Dianne’s piercings and tattoo for the first time. Chloe and Rosilyn hadn’t left for the theater yet, so both of them were there, Rosilyn naked as well. Sophia and Chloe remained clothed, for appearances sake, until they saw which way the wind blew.

Dianne introduced them. “Mother, this is my Mistress and lover, Chloe Hamilton, and my surrogate Mistress, Sophia. Chloe will be leaving now that she’s graduated but will remain my Mistress. Sophia will assist Chloe in managing me while she’s gone. Matt is working at the moment, but will be home for supper. Mistress, Miss Sophia, this is my mother, Melissa Forrest.”

Chloe shook Melissa’s hand warmly. “Thank you for accepting our relationship. I know it’s helpful when some of your family can accept you for who and what you are. Have you visited Francine and her Mistress yet?”

Melissa took Chloe’s hand and pulled her into a warm embrace. “Thank you for loving my daughter. I know she was really upset when she lost her first husband. It’s nice to be able to find love a second time, even if it is an unusual relationship. I haven’t been to see them yet. I was planning on spending time with her in Atlanta when my return flight landed there. Francine will be picking me up at the airport.

“What about you two. I know you were roommates. When did you start having sex together? How did she find out she was submissive? Was it right away after you started having sex? “

“Actually, no,” Chloe said, pulling back and looking closely at Melissa. “It’s a more recent development. I was engaged and my fiancée was killed. Matt and Dianne felt sorry for me and welcomed me into their bed. It became a polyamorous relationship because I’d previously dated Matt before discovering I was more into girls. I didn’t hate sex with him, just didn’t feel the proper emotional connection. Dianne is the one who links us together more. We both love her. The submission came after. After meeting friends who were into it, Dianne wanted to try it. I’m the more Dominant personality of the two of us, so Dianne chose to submit to me. I’m surprised. I thought you’d be more opposed to the idea of her submission, and from your husband’s attitude, her sex with women.”

Melissa paused, considering what she wanted to say. “May we sit down a moment?”

“Of course,” Sophia said. “Have a seat in the living room. Dianne, please get your mother something to drink.”

“Yes, Miss Sophia. What would you like, Mother?”

“A glass of wine, white if you have it?”

Dianne got her mother a glass of white wine. When she handed the glass to her, Melissa put her hand between Dianne’s legs and fingered the jewelry dangling down, reading the inscriptions. Dianne felt a flood of fluid to her pussy.

Melissa released them and leaned back. “When I was in college, I was in a submissive relationship to another girl, a sorority sister.”

“Mother!” tuzla escort Dianne exclaimed. “Why didn’t you ever say something to us?”

“And tell you what? Perhaps Nathan finds out and divorces me. I didn’t know what to say. I thought you girls were relatively normal and would hate me if you found out. Instead, you call me and tell me you’re both doing the same thing I did. I thought about my own experiences as you told me, and I was so aroused remembering it, I had to use a vibrator as soon as Nathan left the house.”

“Melissa, strip. Slaves aren’t allowed clothes in this house,” Chloe said. Sophia, Rosilyn and Dianne both looked at Chloe in shock.

Melissa froze, unable to move.

“You’ll be punished with a stiff spanking if your clothes aren’t off in twenty seconds. All of them. Dianne, run and get me The Enforcer. One, two….”

Dianne rushed to get the wicked paddle for her Mistress, leaving her startled mother hastily unbuttoning her blouse. By the time she returned, her mother was naked and Chloe had Melissa standing in the display position, her legs spread, hands clasped behind her neck.

Chloe was walking around Melissa, feeling her breasts, her hairy pussy, her ass. Melissa shivered each time Chloe’s hand touched her, moaning when Chloe slipped her fingers into her wet cunt. She pulled them out and fed them to Melissa, who licked herself off Chloe’s fingers, whimpering.

“It took you longer than twenty seconds. You’ll be given ten swats for that.” Melissa groaned. “I can see where your daughters got their incredible beauty. How long has it been since you licked a cunt, slave?”

“Thirty years.”

Chloe smacked her bottom using her hand, hard, causing her ass cheeks to jiggle enticingly. “Thirty years what, slave?”

“Thirty years, Mistress,” Melissa mewled.

“Let’s see if you still know your way around one,” Chloe said. “I want you to pleasure me. Undress me first.”

Chloe stood waiting until Melissa started helping her with her clothes. When Chloe was naked, she sat down and spread her legs. Melissa went between them, first inhaling the scent of the young woman, then beginning to lap at her folds. Chloe rested her hand on the head of Dianne’s mother, encouraging her.

“Good girl. I can tell you’re rusty, but also that you used to do this a lot,” Chloe said.

Melissa licked Chloe until she moaned through an orgasm, thrusting her hips against Melissa’s questing tongue.

“Not bad. You’ll get a lot more practice before you go home.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“How seriously do you take your marital vows to your husband?” Chloe asked.

“Why do you ask, Mistress?”

“I might have guessed you took them seriously until you licked my cunt, but perhaps you couldn’t resist the temptation of licking another pussy for the first time in thirty years. If you wish, in addition to licking a lot more pussy, we can have Dianne’s boyfriend fuck you.”

Melissa looked at her daughter. “I won’t do it if Dianne objects, Mistress.”

Not protesting she wouldn’t have extra-marital sex, but only that she wouldn’t fuck Matt if her daughter objected.

“Dianne, your mother would like to fuck Matt. Do you have an objection to her doing so, or is the thought of her fucking Matt got your pretty pussy in a dither?”

“Both, Mistress. I have no objections and I’m quite aroused to think he would fuck her,” Dianne replied.

It did arouse her. Dianne had never been particularly close to her father. He was an unemotional man, rarely expressing affection towards his children. His rejection of her lifestyle choice hadn’t made her feel any closer to him than she had before. Dianne was much closer to her mother, and to think Matt might fuck her, cuckolding her own father, was making her pussy juice. First her mother touching and inspecting her vaginal jewelry, and now this. She felt a trickle of fluid running down her leg. Chloe probably knew it too. Mistress was always attuned to her slave and her sexual buttons.

“I guess that means Matt will be making your father a cuckold, doesn’t it, Dianne?” Chloe asked.

“Yes, Mistress. It appears he will.”

“Dianne, take your mother to the master bath and make sure she shaves off all of her pubic hair. Inspect her pussy closely to ensure she gets all of it without touching her. When she’s bald, bring her back and she can tell us how she became a submissive slut in college. Then she can practice licking a lot more pussy. All but yours.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

When mother and daughter left, Sophia asked, “You’re not going to collar Dianne’s mother, are you?”

“Temporarily, while she’s here. Rosilyn, get me your old collar.” Rosilyn left, getting the collar removed when she became Brianna’s possession. “Otherwise, no time, nor the inclination, given she lives in Georgia. Vivica might take an interest in her though, don’t you think; wife and daughter of Nathan Bedford Forrest’s modern day namesake? Plus, she lives in Georgia, a couple hours away from Atlanta.”

“Do you think Vivica would make Francine and Melissa pleasure pendik escort each other?”

“Perhaps. I think her Mother would be resistant, but given what Vivica expressed between the two sisters, she might ask. It’s no concern of mine. What they do together will be up to them and not me. I’m only responsible for my own slave. You might as well get naked, Sophia. She’ll be licking you shortly.”

Sophia did as Chloe suggested, and they were all lounging comfortably naked when Dianna and Melissa reappeared, Melissa sporting a newly bald cunt. Chloe made Melissa kneel and put the collar on her neck.

“You’ll wear this collar until you leave, signifying you’re my slave slut until you do.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Chloe set up a kitchen chair in the living room, one with a vinyl covering which could be wiped after leaky slaves sat in it. She directed Melissa to sit in it.

“You’re going to start masturbating for us, slave. You may not orgasm without permission. Cumming without permission is a punishable offense, as is failing to ask for permission. As you masturbate, you’ll tell us how you became the slave slut for your sorority sister; how, when and how long. What caused your submission to stop and do you still see your former Mistress; although I don’t think that’s likely given how long it’s been since you licked a cunt.”

While shamefully masturbating for them all, including her own daughter, Melissa explained how as a freshman at the University of Georgia, she pledged to the Alpha Chi Omega Sorority. While pledging, a Junior sorority sister, Amanda, had tormented her during her initiation, making Melissa remain naked in her room and lick her pussy. She found she enjoyed the submission she endured while pledging, and became Amanda’s submissive slut for the next three years, including one year where Amanda was in graduate school. Melissa otherwise dated, but needed to pleasure Amanda every day. When Amanda left Georgia, she abandoned Melissa who eventually met Nathan while she was a senior, marrying him after she graduated.

Several times, Melissa asked for permission to cum and Chloe denied her permission. She’d had to stop masturbating with her fingers remaining inserted in her overflowing pussy as she continued. Melissa knew her fingers were dripping.

“How often did Amanda lick you?” Chloe asked.

“No more than once a month. It was more my responsibility to lick her,” Melissa responded.

“Did you lick any other pussy but Amanda’s?” Chloe asked.

“No, Mistress. Lesbianism was considered a shameful sin among our contemporaries. Those who were avowed lesbians were often mocked and criticized. Amanda and I even did it ourselves a few times, so no one might suspect we were having lesbian sex. We didn’t advertise what we were doing and it was the reason we continued to date men while in college.”

“Is that the reason you aren’t more offended by what Francine and I are doing?” Dianne asked.

“Yes, I understand it. I enjoyed it myself when I did it.”

“I think you should get an additional twenty swats to your ass for being critical of the lesbians on your campus while you yourself were a pussy pleaser,” Chloe said.

“I probably do deserve it. I’ve wished a hundred times I wasn’t as cruel to others as I acted because of my own fears.”

“If you weren’t afraid any longer, would you divorce Nathan and have a relationship with a woman?” Sophia asked.

“I doubt I would leave Nathan. I do care somewhat for him and he would be devastated if I left him. I couldn’t do that to him. He’s given me three children I love.”

“But you will fuck Matt and lick all the cunt I want you to lick?” Chloe confirmed.

“As long as Nathan never finds out about it, I would obey, Mistress.”

“I want you to offer yourself to Francine’s Mistress, Vivica, when you get to Atlanta. Offer to wear her collar every time you visit Atlanta.”

“Yes, Mistress. I’ll do as you ask. May I cum now?”

“You may cum, but I’ll be adding another ten swats to your punishment. Show us what a nasty slut you are.”

Melissa stroked her fingers in and out of her cunt until she orgasmed, a puddle of her fluids already on her chair.

“Over my lap now,” Chloe said. “You will count each stroke and thank me for each one. If your hands or feet come off the floor, we go back to the very beginning. I warn you, it’s going go to sting like a bitch.”

Chloe smacked Melissa a good one and she yelped and yanked her hand off the ground to protect her ass.

“That one doesn’t count. I told you it would sting like a bitch. Your daughter does much better than you do.”

Perhaps it was competing against Dianne which caused Melissa to withstand forty wicked strokes to her bottom, counting and thanking Chloe for each one. Around twenty-eight, Melissa started wriggling in a most familiar way.

“Are you going to cum, Melissa? I’m giving you a fucking spanking, and you’re going to orgasm?”

“I think so, Mistress.”

“You’d better ask for permission, or you’ll add an additional ten swats to your total.”

“May I cum, aydınlı escort Mistress.”

“No, you may not. You haven’t earned any orgasms yet. You’ll need to lick a lot more cunt before you earn one.”

“Please, Mistress. I’m not sure I can hold out.”


Melissa groaned.

Despite her wanting to obey, Melissa climaxed on Chloe’s thirty-fourth swat. As soon as it started, Chloe fucked her cunt with the handle of The Enforcer and quickly added three more orgasms to her list. She somehow managed to keep her hands and feet on the floor, saving herself from going back to the beginning, but they were powerful orgasms, among the strongest Melissa could ever remember having. Heavens, how she’d missed this.

Chloe finished the rest of the forty swats and rubbed Melissa’s red ass, feeling the heat. Melissa stayed bent over her lap.

“Didn’t I earn forty more swats, Mistress?” Melissa asked, puzzled she wasn’t getting more.

“You did. But I’m saving them for tomorrow when I plan to whip your breasts and cunt. While we wait for Matt to get home and give you a proper fucking, you can start licking Rosilyn’s cunt. She and I need to leave shortly. When you’re done with her, lick Sophia. As soon as Matt gets home, offer to suck his cock to completion and eat all of his cum. Start earning more orgasms.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

While Melissa started licking Rosilyn, Chloe pulled Sophia aside.

“Put a tail in Melissa’s ass tonight to start stretching her ass for anal sex. I want Matt to fuck Dianne with Melissa watching and I want her to lick Dianne’s cum off his dick. She’s to suck him to another erection and get fucked herself and I want Dianne licking her cum off his cock, but they stay away from each other. Perhaps you can clean them after Matt finishes in both of them. You can take Matt and Melissa to bed tonight and let her practice some more, maybe let her lick your cunt while Matt plants more baby makers in your womb. I’ll keep Dianne in my room tonight. I think I’ll invite Ray over tomorrow to see how Melissa takes to a black cock.”

“You’re absolutely fiendish,” Sophia said, smiling.

“I think it will play into both of their sexual fantasies,” Chloe said. “They should both get some fantastic orgasms out of it.”

When Melissa finished with Rosilyn, Chloe told her. “You’re to obey Sophia tonight as you would me. If you’ve not followed her instructions perfectly, you’ll spend at least three hours on the Slave Trainer tomorrow.”

“What’s a Slave Trainer, Mistress?”

“You don’t want to wear one, Mother,” Dianne said. “Obey Sophia perfectly so you don’t have to find out.”

“I understand, Mistress.”

While Melissa was licking Sophia, Chloe and Rosilyn left for the theater. When Matt arrived a half hour later, he found Dianne’s mother, recognized from a picture, kneeling on the floor offering to suck his cock. Matt glanced at Dianne, wondering what the hell was going on. Dianne nodded her head as a signal to Matt he could accept.

Matt let Melissa withdraw his cock and suck him off. She was a damn good cock sucker, almost as good as Dianne, though not quite able to get all of him down. She didn’t obsess over it, just did the best she could, and eventually, took all of his cum and swallowed it without any issues. When she was finished, Matt went to his room and put his clothes away, returning naked. Matt and Dianne quietly conferred as they helped with supper, Matt wanting to know what was going on. Dianne told him that her mother had been a submissive to an older sorority sister for three years in college, though she’d never done it since. Chloe had put her mother into bondage while she was here.

“You’ll be fucking her later, Matt. You’re going to make my father an unknowing, unsuspecting cuckold.”

Matt looked at Melissa. Nice body for a nearly fifty year old woman.

“How do you feel about that?” Matt asked.

“You know me. It arouses me to think you’ll be fucking my mother. It’s just deviant enough to push my submissive buttons.”

Before supper, Sophia lubed up the foxtail and inserted it in Melissa’s bottom, warning her that she would be taking a cock in the ass before she left.

“I’ve never been ass fucked before. Does Dianne get fucked in the ass, Mistress?”

“All slave sluts get ass fucked on occasion, slave. The rest of us enjoy it on occasion as well, even Matt. You’ll probably enjoy it as much as the rest of us do,” Sophia said. “When you’re a needy slut, you appreciate all the fucking you can get. Whether it’s in the ass or not becomes irrelevant.”

When they sat down for dinner, Dianne sat in Matt’s lap and he fed her. Melissa sat in Sophia’s, and she was caressed during the whole meal, needing to ask for permission to cum three times, receiving it twice.

After the meal and kitchen clean up, they all went to Sophia’s bedroom. “Matt, Chloe wanted you to fuck Dianne first tonight. After you cum in Dianne, her mother is going to clean off your cock. Melissa will continue sucking you until you have another erection, at which time, you will fuck her. Having cum twice already, you should be able to give her a good shafting. Dianne will clean her mother’s cum off your cock. Is this the first time you’ll be having sex with another man since you’ve been married to Nathan, slave?”

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