Summer Work with Benefits Part 5

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Part 5 Summer Work with Benefits
John was now fucking two very hot women and also trying to keep up his lawn maintenance business. Tuesday he took care of Jill and Thursday he did Mary and DID is not the full description of the job.

Things had gone a couple of weeks doing both women on their respective day when things took a big change.

Mary and Jill have been having their own sex parties on Wednesdays and things had gotten very hot and even a little kinky.

It was Wednesday and Jill showed up at Mary’s place as usual.

Walking in the back door Jill just went right through, “hey Mary you sexy slut you, I am feeling horny again. John really fucked me good but I want more and well you seem to have a kinky way about it.” Jill’s pussy was getting wet just thinking about all the things John had done yesterday and what Mary might have planned for today.”

Mary was in the back room that she used as their play room. “Come back here you naughty little whore I have something special planned for today.” Mary was looking over some of the toys and other kinky things she was going to try. As Jill walked in Mary picked up a big basting syringe with a tube attached.

Jill was in her little sun dress; because she was so well endowed she always wore a bra, and panties, which had a wet spot on them. “Oh so what is that for.”

“Well I want to use another hole today and I thought I should clean you out good. So get naked and follow me.” Mary when to the bathroom and Jill stripped and followed.

“Well I think you need to learn about anal sex, but before you do you need an enema. I have already done myself.” With a sly smile and little giggle Mary thought: many times many times.

“Hey wait a minute, anal sex? I have never done that ever and I am not sure.”

“Hey every man thinks about it and so you better be ready if you get asked or someone demands it. Besides I find it sexy and a big turn on. I even had a man in my pussy and one in my ass once. I came so hard I thought I would pass out but just took more. So come here bend over and spread your cheeks for me. “

Jill bent over and then pulled her nice round tight cheeks apart. She felt Mary’s finger tease her anus and then probe it. Mary had applied some jelly and so her finger slid into Jill’s ass with ease. Mary pushed her finger in as deep as possible and then wiggled it.

“OHHHHH that feels so kinky and mmm so good, wiggle it some more, I like that.” Jill wiggled her butt side to side and flexed her ass muscles clinching Mary’s finger.

“MMM I thought you might like it, now relax, relax good. “ Mary then pushed two fingers into Jill’s lubed anus and twisted them around and then pushed in a third. Thinking that Jill really could relax her ass and she could take a big cock in it with no trouble. MMM we are going to have some real fun one of these days.

“Oh god Mary that is so hot ahhh yes yes ohhh fuck my ass.”

Mary then pulled her fingers out and pushed the tube into Jill. Pushing it in a good eight inches she then gave a big squeeze to the baster shooting a lot of water into Jill.

“AHHHHHHHHH oh oh Mary that is so kinky. Yes, I have done an enema on myself before but I never felt so sexy as when you do it to me. Oh yes fill my ass.” The pressure of the water stretching her insides was a kinky sexy feeling.

Mary pumped in more and then pulled it out and Jill flushed out her bowels. It was repeated a couple of times and then Mary produced a butt plug. “Okay, you’re all cleaned out now let’s see you wear this.” She pushed a fair sized butt plug into the now clean and lubed anus. Mary looked at the still tight little pucker hole and wanted to do more but that would come another time.

“Ah oh your fingers are so sexy and kinky and oh damn what the hell is that?”

“It is a butt plug and I want you to keep it in, help stretch your tight anus so we can play easier in the future. I think you will find it a pleasurable experience, don’t you like it?”

“MMM well it is different and ahh kinky and MMMM I do like kinky and yes not so bad and play in FUTURE, and just what sakarya escort does that mean?”

“Well I have some surprises coming and we don’t want to spoil them do we?” Mary reached around and cupped both of Jill’s big tits and pinched her nipples causing her to moan. She then took her, with the butt plug deep into her ass, by the hand and lead her back to the room and set her on the bed.

Mary was wearing a simple T shirt and very tight shorts. As Mary was small breasted she did not wear a bra and so her tits and very big hard nipple were exposed as soon as she pulled off the top. She stood in front of Jill. “Oh suck my nipples you hot little bitch suck them good.” She reached out and grabbed Jill’s head and pulled it to her tit. “Suck that nipple.”

Mary then unbuttoned her shorts. “Pull down my short you little slut. Yes like that.” She then stepped out them and Jill never let go of the nipple. “Now finger my pussy.”

Jill was turned on, what with the enema, butt plug and tit attention, Mary’s wet pussy and sweet tits were all she could think about. Slipping 2 fingers into Mary’s pussy while she sucked her nipple made Jill moan as it also did Mary.

Soon both were on the bed naked kissing and touching each other with no reservations. Mary then started to eat Jill’s pussy sucking her lips, biting them and then tongue whipping her clit. Jill responded with the same to Mary.

“I want you to do something different today” and Mary reached into the drawer of the nightstand pulling out a double ended dildo. “We are going to fuck each other with this.” She rubbed one end on Jill’s wet pussy lips and then pushed it in.

“AHHHHHHHHH oh yes mmm feels just like John’s cock in there, nice push it deeper now.”

“MMM first I get my end” and Mary pushed the other end into her pussy. “Now we pump it , yes yes like that you little slut.”

Jill humped into Mary as soon as the dildo was in and she felt the end in her go deep, really deep as she pushed her hips to Mary’s pussy. “OH yes fuck yes yes ahhhhhhhhhh oh god mmm.”

Mary felt the end hit her cervix,” Oh you little slut you don’t need any instruction on use, ahhhhhhhh yes oh fuck me fuck me good.”

They were now locked into a passionate embrace with tits rubbing and lips locked tongues dancing and hip bucking into each other as they mutually fucked each other. They both bounced, up and down, with loud throbbing orgasms.

They both lay naked in each other arms just caressing the bare flesh that yielded such pleasurable feelings. Mary looked into Jill’s eyes and smiled. “MMMM you seem to like my toys.”

“Oh I do and you have such a great selection.” Wiggling her ass she felt the butt plug and thought about the newest toy. “I even like the butt plug and mmm I think I want to keep it but maybe a little smaller on. I think I might be kinky to wear it to the store.”

“Well I do have a nice little one you can have.” Reaching into the drawer she pulled out a narrow plug with a jeweled end. “I wear on like this sometimes when I want to cruse the bars or when I just want to be sexy and naughty. I think it makes me walk in sexier manner and well, being kinky has special benefits. Now roll over and I will put it in.” Mary slipped in the little butt plug and Jill let out a little sigh and wiggled her butt.
“OH that is so kinky and sexy I am going to wear it home. First a shower, mmm, together okay.”

“hehehe, as always you sweet thing.” Mary headed to the big shower for more CLEAN playing.

Thursday was the usual for John first the lawn then Mary, only this time Mary had a little surprise for John. She had a little vibrator and she was going to give him a real thrill, or so she hoped.

The sex was going like always, very hot heavy and physical. Mary’s legs were up high and John’s cock was in balls deep. Mary then reached under a pillow and pulled out the little silver vibrator and turned it on. Then she reached around and rubbed it against John’s tight anus and pushed against the little pucker hole.

“AH what ah oh you kinky bitch, oh ah” was all he could say as he drove hard and deep into the warm sakarya escort bayan wet pussy of this sexy slut. Her legs were up against his chest and he was squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples as he fucked her with unbridled passion.

“OH yes fuck me you nasty horny bastard fuck me harder.” Then as John drove into her she pushed the vibrator into his ass. She pushed it in as deep as she could and she felt John buck into her even harder.

“AHHHH gees woman what the hell oh shit that is so hot ahhhhhh oh shit I am going to cum.” The vibrator had hit the spot in many men that will cause a quick massive ejaculation. “OH AH oh shit ahhhhhhhhhh.” A load of cum shot with massive force into Mary’s eager pussy.

John felt the vibrator deep in his ass and then the cum streaming down his cock and Mary’s pussy squeezing his cock.

His body shook with thrills he had not yet experienced and since he started to fuck Mary he had experienced a lot of new thrills.

Mary orgasmed when John was about finished and she bucked up and down. The massive climax of John had sent such a thrill through her body she was sure the other surprises were going to go really good.

John went home and spent the weekend wonder about the new thrill he had experienced at Mary’s hands. Then he wondered what she meant when she said Tuesday would be a new thrill as well.

Mary had called and talked Jill into the two of them having John on Tuesday. They were going to have a threeway.

Tuesday came and John drove into the drive and he notice Mary’s car there as well. At first he thought, “hell no sex today seems the two of them are going to have a little get together of their own”. He then mowed the yard and cleaned up then went into the pool area where he found both of them. “Hello ladies. Jill I am done so I will leave you two.”

“Oh no John come over here.” Jill patted the lounge next to her. Both women were wearing very little bikinis and John was already wishing he had one of them alone. As he approached Jill stood up and reached out and grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up. “Your all sweaty and you need to cool off.”

John was okay with Jill undressing him and he just put his arms up and let the shirt slide up and over his head.

Mary was quick, “but you need to take a dunk in the pool and you don’t need these.” She had unbelted him and was pulling down his jeans. Next thing he was sitting on the lounge without shirt and pants around ankle as both women took off his shoes and finished pulling off his pants.

“Now into the pool.” Jill pulled him up and pushed him over and into the pool. Both women then followed him in.

John was not sure what was happening but he long ago decided to go whit what every they came up with. With both women standing in the pool next to him, “hey if I am skinning dipping then so are you.” With that he reached out and pull Jill’s top off. Then he reached and grabbed Mary’s top and Jill just reached out and grabbed Mary’s bottom.

“Hey let me help.” Jill was pulling Mary’s top as Mary grabbed Jill’s bottom. Soon all three were naked in the pool and hugging each other and trying to dunk John.

John came up gasping for air and then put an arm around each woman and pulled them in close and stood up tall. As both were shorter the had trouble touching the bottom of the pool and so ended up very tight against John’s naked body.

The flesh, breasts, thighs and pussies pressed hard against him gave John a massive hard on. The feel of Jill’s large tit and Mary’s smaller on pressing against his chest was too much. John could not think which to kiss first, which to fuck first, want to do next. He then felt a hand around his cock and moaned.

John kissed Jill hard and deep as Mary stroked his cock. Then he kissed Mary with the same passion as his hands moved down to cup a butt cheek of each. He squeezed the nice round firm butt cheeks till both women moaned and complained of the pain.

Both women now had a hand on his cock, well one on the cock the other on his balls.

“Oh god you got me turned on now so I am going to fuck escort sakarya someone who is it. “ Lifting up and then wiggling his hand he was able to get a finger to touch a pussy here and anus there and the he just pushed hard and he managed to slip a finger into one pussy and one ass.

He stopped letting go of both for the moment and then grabbed Jill by the waist and put her on edge of pool, spreading her legs wide he dove at her pussy and started to lick and suck on it like a starved man. Mary was behind him stroking his cock. Jill just lay back and John devoured her pussy.

“Oh fuck her John stick that big cock into that hungry pussy.” Mary pushed John up and he got out grabbing Jill and taking her to the exercise pad where he quickly laid her on her back and legs up entered her in one thrust.

“Oh fuck me, fuck me hard.” Jill reached up and took John’s hand and put them on her tits so he could squeeze them.
Mary was behind caressing John’s balls and then moved around and squat over Jill’s face so she could lick and suck her pussy. Mary then kissed John with a deep tongue.
Soon Mary wanted some cock and pushed John around and down and then move over and straddled him to ride him hard. She grabbed Jill and directed her to sit on Johns face and then the two women played with each other’s tits.

Then John came and exploded into Mary filling her pussy to overflowing. Jill heard Mary let out a very loud moan as John’s cum shoot into her with force and Jill ground her pussy hard into Johns face and she pinched Mary’s nipple extra hard as she wanted John to fill her pussy with cum.

John was spent and just lay back and let the women do what ever they wanted . Jill had go to the side and Mary was now licking and kissing John’s cock. Jill looked at Mary sucking and licking the beautiful cock and just got even more horney.

“Oh you bitch you got him first and best and it was my day for John.”

John reached out and pulled Jill to him and kissed her, not hard, but with nice passion and feeling. Her tits rubbed his side and then chest and she held his head.

Mary felt the soft cock pulse and start to grow hard. MMMM you wonderful boy you I knew you could do it again and again. Now it’s Jill’s turn.

Mary pushed Jill into a kneeling position and John need no coaxing as he mounted Jill from behind.

“OH god yes yes fuck me John fuck me hard. Yes ram that big cock deep.

John did not need any encouragement to fuck Jill hard and he pumped and thrust against her butt with a renewed energy.

Mary stood up and went to the bag she had brought and pulled out the silver vibrator. She then got behind John and was caressing his chest and belly and he thrust in and out of Jill’s wet pussy. Turning on the vibrator, Mary rubbed it up and down the wetness from the pussy and then spreading John’s cheeks with one hand she pushed the vibrator into his ass.

The sensation of the vibrator drove John crazy and his thrusts took on more vigor and seem to go deeper.

Jill’s eyes opened wide and John drove into her even harder and then she felt his thumb rubbing her anus.

John was not in total control of his thoughts and body as he pounded Jill’s butt and then his thumb was rubbing her anus and without hesitation he pushed his thumb into her ass.

Mary was smiling as she saw John’s thumb enter Jills ass and she wiggled the vibrator around.

The sensation running through John’s body finally climaxed and he drove into Jill with such force he pushed her face to the mat. Then he shot a massive load of cum with such force Jill gasped and moaned.
“OHHH god OHH god ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh oh fuck yes.” Jill collapsed with John’s cock still in her pussy and his thumb in her ass.

John pulled his thumb out and his cock got soft. Mary had pulled the vibrator out and was just on her knees looking with a very satisfied smile at the two of them.
John was exhausted after a day of work and then TWO women and it was not over as both women started to caress and feel his body causing him to get hard again. He got up and ran to the pool and dove in.

Mary watched John in the water and then as Jill dove in and swam to him to play around. She smiled mmm wait till next Tuesday and things will heat up again, but first Jill needs some more anal work.

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