Summertime Seduction Ch. 01

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The following is NOT a true story. Also it is my first story so keep that in mind as you read it. Hope you enjoy.


I woke up the day after graduation and decided to start implementing my plan. I got the idea to seduce every female member of my family. I got the idea from reading the stories at Two weeks ago after finishing my finals I was bored and surfing the internet. I came across the website and found the incest stories the best. After reading them I looked at the female members of my family differently than I had for the last 18 years of my life. Now that I had graduated I had the free time to start my seduction.

I went down stairs and walked into my kitchen. I saw my mother bent over the sink wearing loose fitting pajamas. She was washing dishes from the night before and walked up behind her. Placing my hands on her breasts and embracing her in a hug, I pressed my morning hard-on in between her ass cheeks.

My mother gasped as I said “Good morning Mother. How did you sleep last night?”

“Uh… I… slept… just… fine…” she said pausing between words each time I thrust against her, pressing my cock deeper and deeper between her ass cheeks.

“Great.” I said grabbing her large breasts and giving her one last thrust. I grabbed a breakfast bar and went back upstairs.

Around noon, my mom called me back downstairs.


I jogged downstairs and outside to our pool where I spotted her lying on her back tanning. We had gotten a new underground pool that spring and since then my mother had taken up swimming and tanning. This kept her fit and gave her a healthy tan.

“Tyler could you rub some of this lotion on my back and shoulders.” she said.

Let me describe my mom for you. güvenilir bahis She was wearing a new tiny bathing suit that had a g-string bottom. She has blond hair and blue eyes. She actually looks a lot like Charlize Theron, except the fact that she’s had two kids, so she had more weight but in all the right places (like her 34D breasts).

I approached her as she laid face down on the lounge chair. I untied the bikini top and she actually threw it to the side. Taking the lotion in my hand I straddled the lounge chair on my knees and began rubbing the lotion into her lower back. My penis began to quickly harden as I began massaging her. When I got to her shoulders my dick came into contact with her g-string clad ass.

Pausing for a second I ground my cock in between her cheeks. Instead of gasping or telling me to stop she began to moan. Quietly at first, but grew louder as I began grinding harder. Eventually I stopped rubbing the lotion and focused completely on grinding my cock between her ass cheeks. She instinctively spread her legs and raised herself up on her knees. I then started rubbing against her the now prevalent camel toe. Her moaning became screaming as she orgasmed on the lounge chair. She twitched and wiggled and probably would have rolled off the chair had I not been holding her down. I slowed my rubbing down and then stopped as she came down from her orgasm. Flipping over she pulled me in for a kiss and thrust her tongue into my mouth. As we made out I massaged her full boobs that we surprisingly perky for her age. She broke the kiss and made me stop massaging her breasts.

“Let’s take this upstairs before the neighbors notice.” she said looking into my eyes with a mischievous smile.

She jumped up and I quickly followed her inside. As she ran upstairs, I locked all of the doors and türkçe bahis pulled down the shades so my sister and neighbors wouldn’t disturb us. I ran upstairs and burst my way into my parent’s master bedroom. My mother was lying on her back and waving her finger at me.

“Come her BIG boy.” she said seductively.

As I shed my t-shirt and gym shorts, I noticed that she had shed her g-string bottoms and her shaved pussy was in full view. Then I shed my boxers and my mother gasped.

“Wow. That’s the biggest cock that I’ve ever seen.” she said awestruck.

Knowing that I was bigger than my asshole dad really got me going.

I climbed onto the bed and between her legs and was about to go down on her when she said “No, I’m wet enough from outside. Just feed me your giant cock.”

I nodded and moved my 10 inch cock into position. I placed the head of my cock against her opening and slowly eased the head of my cock into her vagina.


I slowed down as her legs wrapped around my back and I let her guide me in afraid that if I lead I would hurt her. After 20 agonizing minutes she had taken 8 inches of my cock and I was pressed up against her cervix. Her mascara and lipstick was smeared across her face. I then grabbed my mother’s shoulders and thrust hard against her cervix, breaking through into her uterus. She screeched and her long red nails clawed at my back almost drawing blood.

“AAIIIEEEE!!!! FUCK!!!! FUCK!!!! OH GOD TYLER!!! YOU ARE SOOO MUCH BIGGER THAN YOUR FATHER!!!! NEVER! EVER! STOP! FUUUCKING ME!” she screamed as she orgasmed so hard that she went limp and passed out.

I pulled out of her to make sure that she was okay. She woke up after a couple of seconds, and had a large smile on her face.

“That is the güvenilir bahis siteleri hardest that I have ever orgasmed.” she said, still out of breath. “I want you to do me doggie style and don’t stop even if I tell you to. Do you promise?”

“Yeah sure mom.” I said. My penis was still rock hard and standing at the ready. She turned over and positioned herself on all fours. Taking my place behind her, I kneeled on the bed and lined myself up. In one fluid motion I thrust about half of my penis into her, knocking the breath out of her.


I pulled all but the head out and all the way up to her cervix. She wailed so loud that I thought she would force the neighbors to call the police so I covered her mouth with my hand. I then decided to force my cock into her cervix. Grabbing her arms, I pulled her up so that her back arched. Pulling all the way out except for the tip of my penis I thrust in one furious motion all the way in. Breaking through her cervix, my penis was now touching the back of the place from where I had come from. Her animalistic screams were now a mixture of pleasure and pain alternating with dirty talk. I let loose and picked up the pace fucking her harder and harder.


The friction was getting to me as I thrust in and out of her cervix. I knew that I couldn’t hold out much longer and told her so.

“Mom I’m going to cum any second!”


She started cumming right before I let loose the biggest load of my life right into the womb of where I was once conceived 18 years prior. I never thought that I would stop cumming but after what seemed like an hour I came back to reality. I noticed that my mother had passed out and probably wouldn’t wake up until morning. I pulled out and a flood of my cum gushed out. I decided to just postpone what had happened, not knowing what tomorrow would bring.

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