Surprise Honey Ch. 08

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Jan worked hard to get a great meal ready for us. She wanted to impress the ranger I think, and I was pretty sure that would happen. May checked the boat over and then asked me to go fetch our guest for dinner.

Carl helped me get the zodiac in the water and I took off for shore. I could see the ranger waiting as I pulled in. She was wearing blue jeans and a nice shirt. Her chest was defined, as that shirt was snug on her.

I tied off to the dock and stepped up onto the wooden walkway. I held out my hand and introduced myself.

“I’m Bill. Retired man of leisure, and you are…?”

“Sandra. Pleased to meet you Bill. I have never done this before. I wanted you to know that. Usually people don’t stick around here after getting their permit.”

“Well, Sandra, not all the beauty is in the mountains or on the water. My Captain thought you would like some company tonight. Are you out here alone for a long period of time?”

“Yes and no. Usually there are two other rangers out here. They had to go into Juneau on business and I was volunteered to come out and relieve them. I am here for only this month and part of next while they present studies to the Chief Forester.”

“Are you ready for dinner Sandra? I will take you out to the boat now.”

“Boat? Don’t you mean yacht? That is not a boat by any stretch of the imagination. Too big, too… well… fancy. I’ll bet it is nicer than my apartment in Juneau.”

“It is rather nice. It is my home now. Where I live.”

We stepped into the zodiac and headed out to the boat. May was waiting for us at the landing near the rear of the yacht. She had put on a uniform and looked quite sharp. I pulled in next to the boat and tied off. We stepped onto the deck and May welcomed Sandra aboard.

May then took Sandra off on a short tour while I went inside the dining area to check on dinner. Carl was busy setting the table and Anne and Julie were doing some last minute errands for Jan. Jan had outdone herself on the meal. We had King crab, halibut, shrimp and rib-eye steaks. Her skill as a chef showed in every plate and dish on the table.

Just as everyone finished up getting the last minute details done May and Sandra walked in. Sandra was suitably impressed with my little boat. I was proud of it. I had time and money invested in it and even some hard sweat equity too.

We sat and ate. After a little bit Sandra proved to be an intelligent and outgoing young lady. Her glances towards Carl were amusing me though I tried to not show it. Since he was sitting next to me at the table I could see his ‘interest’ in Sandra was mutual.

Julie sat on my left and Anne across from me next to May and Sandra. Jan sat on Carl’s right and kept slipping her hand into his lap from time to time. I was enjoying my meal and conversation when suddenly I felt a hand on my upper thigh.

Julie had let her hand slide over onto my lap and was beginning to massage my thigh, right next to my crotch. Carl gave me a glance with a twinkle in his eyes. It appeared that he wasn’t the only one with a rising problem.

Sandra could tell something was happening, just not exactly what. May turned the conversation to the afternoon’s events.

“So, do you often drop your pants and masturbate while watching other people have sex Sandra?”

Embarrassed Sandra looked around the table with a ‘deer in the headlights’ look.

“Um… what?”

Blushing beet red she looked ready to bolt from the room. May put out a hand, taking Sandra’s hand in hers.

“It’s all right Sandra. We were watching you as you watched us. Couldn’t you tell?”

“I… that is to say… um… “

“Don’t be embarrassed Sandra, we are all adults here. I for one, understand your needs, out here alone, no man to… help you with those certain feelings that need a man’s touch.”

“Oh God! I am so embarrassed. I never meant for… that is… I never meant to… you were… oh… I got caught up in watching… it was so hot… “

“There, see? A natural and human reaction. You saw us enjoying ourselves and got caught up in what we were doing. Naturally you needed a release from the tensions we caused you. It’s all right, we all understand.”

“You… you’re not mad at me are you? I mean, if my supervisor found out her would probably fire me. I couldn’t help myself. You all looked so… well… sexy. I just had to… um… rub myself.”

May’s hand was lightly caressing Sandra’s. I could see something pass between them in their eyes. Acceptance perhaps. May was letting her know that we were ok with her actions today. Sandra looked around at all of us, taking a little look at each in turn.

She looked at Carl and I for the longest time. Actually, Carl was the beneficiary of her longest look. A look of shy longing and sexual tension. Jan had unzipped Carl’s pants and was working his cock out. Sandra couldn’t see this, and had no idea what was going on over on our side of the table.

May had moved her hand up Sandra’s arm to her shoulder and was lightly kneading Sandra’s neck. güvenilir bahis Julie had begun to undo my pants now. Her moves were a bit more frantic and I could see that Sandra had figured out something nasty was going on over on our side.

“I should probably leave now. You have things you want to do and I will be in the way.”

Sandra looked quite nervous. Carl smiled over at her.

“Don’t leave yet. The night has just begun. I would really like to get to know you far better Sandra. All of us would.”

“Oh, I couldn’t do that. I’m not that… “

“Didn’t you get kind of hot watching us earlier today?”

May was still rubbing Sandra’s neck and now had both hands busy. Her question was one of almost authoritarian in manner. I felt a chill run through my spine as Sandra flinched just a bit.

“I have never… I mean that I’ve never been with… “

May was on top of her reactions. It was as if she had done this kind of thing before. I wondered at that for a moment, and then decided that the past didn’t really matter to me anyway.

“Sandra, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. We just want to show you pleasure and fun. If you relax and let us lead, you will have an eye opening and blissful experience tonight.”

“Oh… I don’t know… I mean you are all nice people and all, I just don’t know if I can do what I saw you do this afternoon.”

“Carl… why don’t you show Sandra around a bit. We have some cleaning up to do here first. We will join you in a bit downstairs.”

May had Sandra’s hand and Carl stood to take her around. Jan had quickly buttoned up his pants; his erection was still tightly outlined though. Sandra had her eyes on Carl and his bulge as he walked around to take her hand and pull her to her feet.

May winked at me and began to put her dishes together. Everyone got busy as Carl and Sandra began their walk. I was impressed at the speed of which this had all happened. I could see that May had intentionally kept Sandra off balance as she worked her into accepting the situation.

I don’t think that Sandra was against the attentions that were about to be paid her either. She protested, but not forcefully nor long. As I watched, Carl had an arm around her shoulders just before they got out the door. I could see she was going with the flow.

We got the dining room cleaned up in record time and headed below. There we found Carl sitting with Sandra’s top gone. Her ample breasts were displayed and he was rolling her nipples between his fingers as they kissed. Julie and Anne went over to sit close to them and soon Sandra had hands on her from three people. Her moans were noticeably growing in volume as those hands did their magic.

I was still standing near the door when I felt my zipper being undone. Jan was on her knees, naked. Her mouth searching out my hardening cock, hands on my balls. May was undoing my shirt and soon I was like Sandra, topless. My pants fell to the floor and I stepped out of them, Jan never losing contact with me.

I had one hand on Jan’s head tangled in her hair, and the other hand on May’s breasts. May undid her blouse and pulled it off. My fingers were working on her nipples through her bra. I heard May whimper a bit then her bra fell off. Her nipples were hot and hard, as my fingers rubbed over them.

As I watched, Sandra’s jeans were pulled off and naked she was in Carl’s arms. He had gotten his pants and shirt off while I was busy. Anne and Julie were both working on getting naked.

Carl took one of Sandra’s breasts into his mouth and began to suck on it. His hands had moved down to her pussy and were both busy exploring her there. Her hands were on his long hard cock. She was stroking him softly. I saw her look over at May, Jan and I then down at Carl’s cock. She licked her lips unconsciously as she looked him over.

Sandra’s head moved down and soon her lips were over Carl’s cock as she began to give him some very good head. His mouth was forced away from her breast as she licked and sucked on his member. Anne moved in beside Sandra and began to pinch and caress those nipples that were standing out so sharply.

Julie had her head between Anne’s legs and was licking on a very wet, and I was sure, hot pussy. My head was swimming from all of the action-taking place over there and next to me. I moved to sit on the floor and May and Jan followed me. Jan kept licking and sucking on my cock as May began to lick on Jan’s pussy. I moved around a bit and soon I was rewarded with May’s steamy sweet pussy on my tongue.

All I can remember of that first hour or so is the touch and feel of heated skin on mine while watching the action across the room. As I watched, Carl moved around a bit and Sandra slipped into his lap. She had his hard cock in hand as it entered her tight pussy. I heard them both moan loudly as he ground to her depths, in one long slow crush.

Julie and Anne were in a classic sixty-nine, eating each other into oblivion. I could see Anne’s bottom cheeks, with Julie’s hands on each one, türkçe bahis spreading them wide open. I could see Julie’s tongue as she licked and poked it in and around Anne’s pussy and ass.

I then returned my attentions to the two beautiful and engrossed women with me. Jan had now taken my whole cock into her mouth and down her throat. I was amazed at her skill and intent. I could feel her tongue slip out from time to time to caress my balls as her fingers played with my asshole.

May was flooding my mouth with her juices and grinding on my face in hard short motions. I could tell she was quite close to cumming and I began to really stroke my tongue in and out of her pussy with little strokes over her clit at differing times.

I had two fingers buried in May’s asshole as she began to cum hard. I felt my cum boiling through my shaft and that familiar tingle of orgasm washing over me. Jan kept her head fully on my cock, only backing off enough so that I wouldn’t choke her with my thick load.

As I filled Jan’s mouth, May collapsed away from me. Jan was writhing on the floor, needing release. I was able to move over a bit, just enough to get Jan’s pussy and my tongue to meet. I felt her belly ripple as my tongue slipped into her folds. I place a finger inside her pussy and then put two into her asshole as she began to ride my face just as hard as May had a short bit ago.

Jan’s sweetness flooded my mouth and I drank of her juices longingly. My fingers stroked in and out of her holes smoothly as my tongue briskly pushed her over the edge. I felt her shiver and then her legs closed tightly around my head. I had a time breathing for a moment, but was able to continue my work until she too collapsed on top of me.

May moved into my arms and we lay in a pile for a bit. I heard moans and groans coming from the other side of the room, but was unable to see anything since Jan was still on me. Pretty soon silence reined on the boat. We all rested a bit, getting ready for stage two.

After a short rest I heard Julie and Anne stirring around. I managed to lift my head high enough to be treated to the sight of Julie holding Sandra’s legs wide open as Anne kissed her way to Sandra’s trimmed and inviting pussy.

Carl was still out, as I wormed my way out of the tangled mass of flesh around me. May glanced sleepy eyed at me for a moment then smiled and went back to sleep.

I knelt down near Anne as she licked Sandra and sucked on her red engorged pussy lips. Julie was licking Sandra’s nipples and breasts as she held those long legs up and spread wide. I found myself stirring below, the sight of this sexual feast having it’s effect on me too.

Anne was on her knees, bent into a doggy position as she lavished Sandra with her tongue. I put a hand on Anne’s butt and began to massage her lower back and ass cheeks.

Anne moaned into Sandra’s pussy as I put my other hand to work on Anne’s exposed asshole. Her legs spread out more allowing me full access to her charms. Julie was watching me as I lowered my head and began to lick and kiss Anne’s back, working my way slowly down behind to those needy little holes.

Sandra was moaning loudly and her hands went around Anne’s head, attempting to pull her tightly into her throbbing pussy. Anne really began to work Sandra over with more force the closer she came to orgasm.

The tension in the air had gotten to Julie now. She dropped onto the floor next to me and took my hard cock into her mouth. Her lips tightly encasing my shaft as she expertly began to bob her head up and down on me.

Anne’s hips were rolling and snapping as my fingers and tongue located and explored each of her holes. My tongue slipped into her tight ass for a moment and I thought that she was going to orgasm then and there.

My fingers were in her warm and wet pussy getting sucked in by her muscle motions. I could tell she was getting close to cumming. I backed off and took my hands away leaving just my tongue licking her cheeks and crack.

I heard Anne’s moan of frustration as I reduced and slowed the pace. She in turn backed away from Sandra, who moaned even louder in protest. Anne turned and holding Sandra’s pussy lips wide open, beckoned me to come in closer.

Julie pulled off of my cock and taking it in her hands, guided me up between Sandra’s legs. In close to her very wet pussy, Sandra looked into my eyes and begged me to fuck her.

“Bill… please… give it to me. Fuck me. I want your hard cock in my cunnie. Please!”

I decided to tease her just a bit… the devil in me stirring an unknown passion after hearing her beg for my cock.

“What do you want Sandra?”

“Take me… please”

“Take you where Sandra? What do you want?”

“You! Your cock in my p-pussy. Fuck me”

“Oh, you want me to fuck you with my cock?”

“Yes! Please… fuck me… now!”

“Will you be my little slut then? If I give you my cock in your tight little pussy, will you be my slut?”

“Wha… yes… Yes… YES. Please… I’ll do anything… anything… güvenilir bahis siteleri just give my your hard cock.”

Giving up myself, I took my cock and pushed into her pretty hard and fast. I bottomed out, feeling a hardness deep inside her. Her cervix? I could feel her moving around, trying to take even more of me.

“Yes… fuck me… hard cock… deep… Oh… f-u-c-k me.”

I began to thrust in and out of her, her wetness making it an easy feat. I could feel her muscles working to try to keep me imbedded deep in her as my shaft slid smoothly out.

Sandra was almost screaming at this point, so worked up and needing to cum. I stopped on an outstroke, with just the head of my cock in her pussy lips. She opened her eyes with a pained suffering look. I could see her need plainly now.

“No… don’t stop. Please don’t stop… I need more.”

“What do you need more of Sandra?”

“Cock… your cock. Please… fuck me… hard.”

Feeling quite powerful and for some strange reason… a bit devilish, I decided to make her beg a bit more. Not my usual style… but I was finding things were different with me more and more now.

“What are you Sandra?”

Looking at me with a confused look I could see she was thinking hard about what I wanted to hear her say. I waited… cock throbbing just in her pussy lips, as they tried desperately to draw me inside of her.

“S-s-slut. I’m your slut. Your slut needs your cock… please!”

“You are my slut?”

“YES… I am your slut… m-m-aster!”

This I hadn’t expected to hear. She called me master. That word sent a thrill through my body unexpectedly. No woman had ever called me master before. Feeling quite full of myself, I began to slowly, very slowly allow more and more of my hardness into her depths.

“Oh… GOD… Yes… master… fuck your slut. Fuck me-e-e-e!”

I was about a fourth of the way inside her and just rammed fully into her upon hearing her hiss those words. As I bottomed out she exploded into a massive orgasm. Her thrashing and moaning caused me to let loose with a stream of cum deep inside her pussy. My orgasm washed over me and I was shaking hard as I came.

Sandra was holding tightly to my ass cheeks and rolling slightly side-to-side. Her nipples were hard little buttons and I could see a deep red flush on her chest just below her neck.

I leaned down and kissed her, meaning for a light lip kiss. Her hands went to my head and grabbed me hard, her tongue jammed into my mouth and she held me in this embrace until I was worried about catching a breath.

She then let loose of me and I pulled away just a bit. Looking around I saw everyone looking at us… well me actually. They had never seen me act this way and I think they were quite stunned at how things had worked out.

May and Jan were smiling with knowing smiles and Carl had a look of jealousy. Julie and Anne were just looking at me with open mouths, shocked. I felt like quite a stud all of the sudden. Sandra stirred beneath me. Her pussy was milking my cock, still embedded deeply into her. I hadn’t gone soft.

Sandra’s hands went around behind my head and she guided my mouth to hers. Her tongue searching out mine as our lips met, crushing together. I could feel my cock stirring, getting excited yet again. Her pussy began to massage and thrust on me as she worked her hips.

I felt a tongue on my balls, and realized that someone was licking us where we joined. This caused my cock to throb long and hard and I could feel Sandra’s pussy flood with new juices. Her movements became steady and she was saying something into my mouth.

I broke our kiss and looked around to see May with her head down behind me. She had been licking us there. Carl had taken Anne into his arms and was busy licking her breasts as her hands fondled his hardening cock.

“Master… please fuck me again. I want to feel that again.”

Sandra was looking into my eyes now. Her expression was a lust ridden wanton look of passion. I thrust hard into her and bottoming out, I felt her lurch a bit, not having been ready for me to do that.

“Ma-aster… Oh God… that feels so wonderful. Yes… fuck me hard. Fuck your little slut harder master.”

“Do you deserve my cock… slut?”

“Yes… Please fuck me.”

I couldn’t help myself. This whole master/slut thing was turning me on so much. That coupled with May’s tongue on my balls and shaft as I thrust in and out of Sandra was overwhelming.

Even though I knew I wouldn’t be cumming again soon, I wanted to rut with Sandra. I wanted to fuck her hard and fast. I wanted to be her… master. I stopped just inside her pussy lips again and waited. She tried to force me into her but I held off keeping the distance.

She looked into my eyes with a pleading look. I could feel her desperation building. Her need was rising and my stopping like I had was driving her even more upwards.

“Oh… please master. I need your cock. Please fuck me master.”

Her hips were rolling up and trying to take me into her. I waited. Her arms were around me pulling on me. Still I waited. May’s tongue was thrashing my cock, slathering it with her spit. Her hands were caressing my balls and rubbing Sandra’s clit at the same time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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