Surprised! Ch. 04

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I followed Mom as she stormed out of the kitchen and headed upstairs. We went into her bedroom and she closed the door behind us.

“Bobby Wayne Lucas what is wrong with you? I didn’t want Kate to know about Carol and I whoring, and even then she didn’t need to know those details and how the hell do you know so damn much? Oh god Carol told you! Shit of course! Damn what am I going to do?” She was pacing and ranting.

And I was getting ideas and getting hard. Watching her pace in that short robe, open all the way down the front, her tits flashing…

“So what? Our love for you hasn’t diminished, if anything, we’re closer now than ever before.”

“That’s not the point! It’s… It’s… getting out of control! I suddenly feel out of control! Oh god, Bobby! What do I do?”

“Let go.”


“Let go. Just for a little while, let someone else be in control of your life. Turn loose of your worries, fears and decisions.”



“You? You think you can control all of this? Control my life, or what’s left of it?”

“No. I just want to control you. For a little while.”

“You? Control me?”


‘Can you…”

I slipped my hands up to cradle her face and drew her to me. I kissed her sweetly and tenderly. I slipped my hands beneath her robe and pushed it off of her shoulders and down. As it dropped I caught it and pulled the belt free, then wrapped her in my arms.

“Will you surrender?” I asked.

“Surrender what?”

“Everything, just for a while.”

“Bobby, I-I’m scared to.”

“Maybe being a little scared is okay.”

I turned her around to face her bed and gently pulled her arms back. Quickly I passed a loop of the belt around her wrists, snugged it tight, and tied a knot.

“Bobby! What are you doing?”

“Taking charge of your world for a little while.”

Satisfied with the knot, I turned her back to face me and sat her on the end of the bed. I stepped over to her closet and selected a handful of scarves. I knelt and tied her ankles together with one. I gagged her with another before she could resist, and tied another over her eyes. I lifted her up and placed her on her bed. I knelt and suckled on her long nipples briefly, caressing her firm, flat abs. I retrieved the other scarves and soon had her tied to the bed with her legs spread. I went into her bathroom and selected a few items. I started with lotion and massaged her from the shoulders down. Spending plenty of time on her breasts and even more time on güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her pussy. Mom didn’t struggle and soon relaxed somewhat.

I sat the lotion aside and looked around. Mom’s nightstand was open shelves, no drawers, so where… I dropped and glanced under the bed and sure enough there was a tote bag. I pulled it out and looked inside. Jackpot! I toyed with Mom’s tits a little the surprised her by attaching her nipple stimulators. She gasped as I placed the lavender cups over her nipples and applied suction with the squeeze bulb. Lastly I turned on the attached mini vibrators. She laughed and wiggled. Checking the bag I also found several small, discrete personal vibrators, one dildo, some flavored lubes, condoms, and a curious item I didn’t recognize at first. It was hot pink and hourglass shaped and covered in silicone. When I picked it up I saw the long tail and recognized it as a bluetooth controlled vibrator. I quickly texted Aunt Carol.

[Where is the controller for the bluetooth toy?]

A moment later she texted back.

[OMG! It is on my phone. Sliding it under door. Have fun!]

And very quickly it did come sliding under the door. I knelt and applied some cinnamon lube to her pussy and spent a while eating her out. Mom was relaxing and moaning. Soon she was producing a great deal of her own moisture. I mounted her and slow fucked her for ten minutes or so. Then I untied her ankles and wrists long enough to roll her over onto her hands and knees. I tied her down again and rubbed lotion over her back and ass. I teased her asshole with one finger and she squirmed. I slipped one slick finger inside and she whined behind the gag but didn’t try to pull away. I slid my cock into her pussy from behind and as we fucked I continued to tease her ass. I pulled out again and coated the bluetooth toy with a lube that was supposed to tingle and excite. When I slid it into her pussy Mom jerked with recognition. I pushed it in and picked up the phone. I already had the app open and selected a moderate level program. I caressed Mom’s hips and labia as it began to vibrate inside of her. I could barely hear it but when I laid my cheek on her hip, I could feel it. It went through some sort of pattern of vibrations and pulsed in different intensities and different durations. Mom was now getting into it and moaning a lot. Soon her hips began to tremble. I stroked my cock as I watched fluid drip from her pussy. Long streamers hung from her labia. I put a condom on and lubed it generously. I positioned güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri myself behind her and untied her gag, slipping it around her neck I tugged lightly on it like reins.

“Oh god Bobby, oh that’s so good. So fucking good.”

“I want to fuck you as you cum Mom. I want to feel you cum from the inside.”

“Oh god baby yes, do it.”

“I want to.”

“Do it Bobby.”

“I can’t, your pussy is full. However…” I anointed her ass with lube.

She gasped in sudden understanding.

“Oh! Oh fuck! Bobby I’ve never…”

“But you want to… with me. Don’t you? I’m the one you’ve saved it for, right?”

She swallowed and her voice broke. “Y-Yes. Yes, I saved it for you, but.. Oh god Bobby I’m scared.”

“Maybe being scared is okay.”

I put my glans against her ass and pushed. There was resistance at first and then suddenly I popped past her sphincter and slid deep into her ass.

Mom screamed. I don’t mean she yelled, or cried out. I mean she screamed. Loudly. I thought I had hurt her and pulled out causing her to scream again. I heard pounding on the stairs and an argument outside her door followed by Aunt Carol’s voice.

“Amy? Bobby?”

“GO AWAY!” Mom shouted at them.

They left, still arguing and Mom finally started to relax a bit. I kneaded her hips and rubbed her back.

“Untie me.”

I freed her and expected a tongue lashing lecture. Instead, Mom stayed in the same position. Then she pulled a couple of pillows to her and clutched them.

“Okay baby, let’s try it again. SLOWLY! And with more lube.”

I was thrilled and got into position again, applying fresh lube.

“Go ahead.”

“Yes, Mom.”

I pushed and slid in. Mom cried out again, this time into her pillow. I pressed forward gently and slid deep into Mom’s ass. She was groaning and breathing heavily but not crying out. Slowly I started fucking her. Mom’s ass was incredibly tight but it felt wonderful. After ten or fifteen minutes she was stretched enough to accept me comfortably and I was thrusting at a more normal pace. Mom was actually moaning in pleasure and I turned the intensity and rate of the toy up somewhat. I also grabbed the squeeze bulb and added more suction to her nipple trainers. Mom responded quickly, mewling constantly into her pillow. After a while I tried to reach around her hip and touch her pussy, it was dripping wet! And not just the thin milky normal pussy juice but thick, gooey cum. Mom’s legs were starting güvenilir bahis şirketleri to tremble. I turned the toy up higher and started fucking her faster. Mom came within minutes. Her whole body shook and trembled like she was being electrocuted. Her ass clamped down on my cock, and she was shouting into her pillows. I felt wetness on the front of my legs and our bodies were coated in sweat. I was close and pounded her ass a few more hard strokes which caused her to scream louder, then I came. I emptied my load and saw stars. Blinking them away, I slowly pulled out. Mom’s ass stayed gaping for a bit, then slowly shrank. I turned off the toy and removed it and the nipple trainers.

Picking up some tissues I removed the full condom. Then stumbled into the bathroom. I turned the shower on then went back and half carried Mom in. I held her close and covered her with kisses as she cried. Finally she choked back her sobs and spoke.

“Oh Bobby, baby. T-That was incredible… I don’t think it’s ever going to be my favorite, but giving it to you was important. I really wanted you to have it. I didn’t expect to climax, but damn I did, and it was a good one too. I felt it all over… my whole body, from my scalp to my toes… Thank you, baby, thank you.”

When she could stand freely, I bathed her and then she washed me.

“What a lucky woman I am.” she said, “To have such a gifted, understanding, and loving son.”

She turned the water off and we toweled each other down.

Back in her bedroom she eyed the mess on her bed. “Wow. Well, let’s strip it quickly and get it into the machine.”

We did and I helped her clean and put away her toys. I looked in her closet and handed her a babydoll nightie in a shade of baby blue that matched her eyes. The cups were see through lace and it had a plunging back with spaghetti straps. I tossed the matching panties aside. Mom laughed. As we started downstairs with the bundle of dirty bedding we paused on the landing.

On the sofa below us Aunt Carol was sixty-nine beneath Kate. We watched for several minutes as they pleasured each other. Then with an unspoken understanding look, we went down to join them.


Six years have passed since that weekend. I eventually graduated and landed a very good job doing IT for a top company in the telecommunications industry. I’m not a boss, just a grunt, but it pays very well. Kate competed in gymnastics through college but broke her ankle at the start of her senior year. She’s running her own fitness center and coaching the High School girl’s team now. Dad and Uncle Jack are still up in the cabin, fishing and hunting. Mom and Aunt Carol Stopped their “side business” last year when surprisingly enough the legitimate business started making a good profit. And yeah, we still fuck.

Every damn day. Surprised?

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