Susanna’s Saturday

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The sunlight came in through the window onto Susanna’s face, waking her with it’s welcome brightness and warmth. She slowly focused her eyes on the clock. 6:48.

“Oh my!” she breathed aloud to no one, “why am I awake this early!”

She rose from the bed and padded into the bathroom to relieve herself. While she washed her hands she looked into the mirror at her twenty-year-old naked body and smiled.

“Looking good, girl!” she grinned at herself.

Indeed, she did look good. Standing five-seven, with what appeared to be long arms and legs, long slender fingers, a heart-shaped face with cascading auburn hair around it down to her shoulders, green eyes, 34C breasts, narrow waist and womanly (but not pillowy) hips, she knew she was attractive. She was fit, with not an ounce of fat on her, yet she was soft and desirable. Her love life affirmed that, although she hadn’t been intimate with a man for the past three weeks or so.

“You know what?” Susanna spoke to her image, “I’d like to get laid. I believe I’d be willing to fuck the first man who comes in the door today!”

She padded back to her bed and laid down on top of the covers. The sunlight shone on her like a spotlight, turning her tanned body into a golden glow. She arched her back, lifting her hips upward while she put her hand between her thighs and lightly rubbed a finger up and down in her slit and across her clitoris. It felt very good. She rubbed slowly, and after a few minutes, occasionally dipped her finger into her vaginal opening.

The telephone rang. 7:06, the clock read.

“Yup!” Susanna said, pulling the bedside receiver to her ear.

“Hi, Sue, whatcha doin’ today?” It was her best friend, Brit. They’d been to school together ever since third grade, and they enjoyed each other immensely. Brit was another good looking woman who also attracted men like flowers attract bees.

“Actually, what are you doing calling up this time of the morning?” Susanna asked. “If I wasn’t already awake I might have been ticked!”

“Yeah, I thought about that!” Brit giggled. “But it’s nice here, and the sun is shining, and I’m standing by the window of my bedroom and I’m naked and I want to get laid.”

“I was just thinking the same thing,” Susanna said. “Actually, I just told myself, right out loud, that I would be wiling to fuck the first man who comes in the door of my place today.”

“Ooooh, wow!” Brit laughed. “Do you have anybody special in mind?”

“No, anybody will do, I don’t really care as long as he’s got a cock that works,” Susanna laughed.

“So, should I send David over?” Brit giggled. David was her brother, two years older. She knew her friend had sometimes talked about fucking him, but she never had. David didn’t even know that Susanna had the hots for him.

“If he was the one through the door first, I’d be glad to do it,” Susanna laughed. “But he wouldn’t come, I know it.”

“Why not?”

“Because he doesn’t even know I exist, that’s why not!” Susanna was firm. “Why don’t you fuck him yourself?”

“Susanna!” Brit giggled. “He’s my brother! Sisters and brothers aren’t supposed to do that!”

“But I bet you want to, don’t you?” Susanna teased.

“I’m not going to talk about that, Sue! But I think I’ll tell him that you need help with something, if he has the inclination to go see you. You know how helpful he is, don’t you? You wouldn’t mind if he showed up, would you? He’s free, I know that. Mom and Dad are going over to my aunt’s later today for overnight and I need to get David out of the house so I can kartal escort have some peace.”

“No, of course not!” Susanna shot back, laughing disbelievingly. “I don’t turn down hunks like him!”

“Yeah, I know!” Brit giggled. “Oh-oh, Mom’s calling breakfast! Hey, have a great day, Susanna, have a great day, okay? Call me later!”

Susanna returned her hand to her slit, but quickly realized that wasn’t what she wanted and it wasn’t very satisfying even if it felt kind of good. She rose from her bed and padded into the living room, where she opened the door to the hallway of her apartment. Yep, the newspaper was there. She looked around, saw nobody, reached out and quickly retrieved it, feeling excited by the possibility that someone might have seen her. She went into the kitchen and started the coffee maker, then spread out the paper on the table and read the comics. When the coffee signaled that it was done, she pulled a bowl out of the cupboard, tipped cereal into it, covered it with milk and sat down to eat it while she finished the comics and started the crossword.

She jumped when she heard the doorbell signal. Glancing at the clock on the stove she saw that it was now 8:15. She wasn’t expecting anybody, Who could it be? Then she remembered two things simultaneously. She remembered what she’d told herself about fucking the first man who showed up at her place today, even though she really didn’t expect any man to show up, and she remembered that Brit had said she would send her brother over. Could it really be David? Her heart was beating riotously.

She went to the door and carefully pulled it open a couple of inches, standing behind it and sticking her head around the edge to see who was there. Brit had done it! It was David! Susanna felt very nervous. In a split second she asked herself if she was serious about what she’d told herself, and then answered it affirmatively. This was David, after all, and she’d been wanting to fuck him for a couple of years. It was a shock to her that he’d really showed up.

“Oh, hi, David!” Susanna said, making her voice cheery and warm.

“Brit said you needed help with something,” he said, staring down into her face from his six-feet-one height. “Something you couldn’t do alone,” he added inanely.

“Uh, yeah, yeah, sure,” Susanna said, hesitating, then pulled the door open a little further. “Come on in, I could use your help!”

David slipped in around the door as Susanna shrank back toward the hinge a bit, and when he was completely inside she pushed it closed. He turned to look at her. His eyes widened quickly.

“You’re all naked!” he said, his voice squeaking with surprise.

“You noticed!” Susanna said giddily, feeling very naughty and very daring.

“You better go get something on,” the man said. “I don’t know what’s got into you girls today. Brit was naked when she told me you needed help. She doesn’t hang around the house naked, and it was really the first time I ever saw her naked, too. That was a shock. That’s why I came over, to get away from that. It’s too much for a poor guy like me to have such a pretty sister like I have.”

“You mean you think about making it with her?” Susanna said, standing brazenly in front of David so he couldn’t miss her exposed form.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” David said. “Not go get some clothes on before I try to do something you’ll get mad at me for.”

“And what would that be, David?” Susanna asked sweetly, stepping close to him.

“I might just decide that since you let me in maltepe escort bayan this way you might want to be fucked.”

“Oh, David, you guessed! That’s exactly what I need your help for. I want to be fucked today, right now in fact. Would you do that for me?”

‘What?” David was incredulous. He turned beet red. “You want me to . . . to, uh, you know . . . do it with you?”

“Don’t you want to fuck me?” Susanna pursued. “Is there something wrong with me that you don’t want to fuck me?”

“No, no, that’s not it, not at all, no ,” he spluttered. “Look, you’re my sister’s friend, and you’re beautiful and all but I can’t do that, it’s kind of like fucking my sister!”

“Oh no, I think that’s different,” Susanna giggled. “Now kiss me, please?” She put her hand between his legs. “I know you really want to!” she added seductively, feeling the large lump growing there. She was standing now with her nipples brushing his shirt.

“If you make me do that I won’t be responsible for what happens next!” he warned her.

“Stop talking and just kiss me!” Susanna ordered.

As David leaned his head down to touch lips with her Susanna put her arms around him and pressed her chest against his. David flung his arms around her naked body. Susanna felt his lips touch her and it was like a jolt of electric energy. Simultaneously she felt one arm around her waist and his other hand on her ass. She pushed her crotch against his, feeling the hardness of his burgeoning erection press into her lower stomach. His kiss was urgent, his tongue darting between her lips and touching hers. She found herself blindly groping to find his zipper to pull his pants open. Instead he suddenly let go of her, twisted around and picked her up with one arm under her back and the other under her knees.

“Bedroom?” he asked.

“That way,” Susanna nodded her head toward the short hall as she clung to him as best she could. Less than a minute later she was on her back on the bed and he was kneeling on the floor beside her sucking on one of her tits. One hand held the one he was sucking on while his other hand was kneading her other tit with a finger flicking across her nipple. Susanna heard her voice squealing as she felt pleasure. He lifted his head and pushed his lips across her chest to suck on the other tit as his released hand slid slowly down her body and into her crotch. She felt two of his fingers slip into her now very wet cunt. She lifted her hips to enable him to probe more deeply inside her. He was kissing her tits now, and sucking on them, and she felt as if she was going to turn inside out with the ecstasy she was feeling.

A minute later she felt David move his head and slide it toward her stomach. She felt him kiss his way down her body toward her pussy. He paused at her slit and his tongue found her clit. She cried out loudly, her hips lifting automatically as her body responded to his stimulation. She felt as if she’d been jolted hard and she didn’t want the sensation to stop. He tenderly sucked briefly on her clit.

“You better fuck me,” she growled in a throaty growl. “Quit teasing me, get your clothes off and fuck me, David before I go crazy!”

He muttered something unintelligible in return as he kissed his way between her legs. She felt his hands leave her body briefly but his lips were now between her legs and he was sucking on her twat. His tongue darted in and out from time to time. Then he pulled his head up and moved his now-naked body on top of hers. She felt his hard cock press against her thigh, escort pendik touch her cunt and then slowly but insistently slide into her. She sensed he was quite large but not too large for her. She loved the feeling of being filled up by his tool. She moaned and sighed and squealed as she felt him filling her up. While he was sliding into her he returned his face to her tits and sucked on them briefly before moving up to her head and locking onto her lips once more. Finally fully inside of her, he lay still for a moment as they kissed. Susanna was feeling very satisfied, if unfulfilled, and ached to feeling him ride her as she knew he would.

Finally he began his thrusting, the natural thrusting of a man whose body takes over in the process of sexual passion. Susanna found herself matching his rhythm perfectly. He lasted longer than she thought he would, which pleased her. Her vocal noises didn’t stop, but rather intensified as she felt his cock probing into her body, seeking to get further and further inside her. She felt the change when his body signaled that the end was near. She felt it before he was fully aware of it, and then he stiffened as he pushed even harder inside her, seeking to find her brain, her lungs with the tip of his dick.

“Now!” he roared into her ear before he locked his lips onto hers and spewed his hot, thick cream deep inside her body. She tried to cry out as she felt him fill her but was hindered by the intensity of his kiss on her mouth. Her hips were pressing upward as hard as his were pressing down. Her climax was the best she’d ever had. She felt his hands grasping her ass and squeezing so hard it hurt, but the hurt was a good hurt, somehow part of the satisfaction she was experiencing. Briefly, he pressed even harder into her. His body seemed to spasm and then he nearly collapsed. He braced his arms at her sides to avoid crushing her.

“Oh god, Susanna, that was fantastic!” he whispered into her ear. “Thank you, thank you, oh god, thank you!”

“You can come do that again any time you want,” Susanna encouraged him, speaking softly. “That was just what I needed this morning!”

They lay together for several minutes before David rolled to one side.

“Want to shower?” Susanna asked after they had snuggled for several more minutes.

“Oh Susanna, I’m sorry, I have to go! I have to be downtown in an hour!”

“That gives you time to shower,” she smiled kindly. “I don’t know where you’re going, but you don’t want to smell like you just had sex, do you?”

Later, after he dressed to go, he fondled one of her boobs as she stood at the door with him.

“David, can I make a suggestion?” she asked.


“When you go home later, make love to your sister. I know Brit wants you to do that.”

“But she’s my sister!” he said, almost wailing.

“I still think she wants you to do it with her. Why don’t you try, see what happens?”

They kissed good bye. David turned and went down the hall to the entrance. Susanna turned back inside and picked up the phone. She dialed Brit’s number. She noticed the time was five to nine.

“Hi!” she said when her friend picked it up. “He just left. Oh, Brit, thanks! Thanks for sending him!”

“Did he help?” Brit asked.

“Oh yeah, he was terrific, Brit,” Susanna said. “I told him he could come back any time he wanted to.”

“Do you think he will?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised. I told him it was the best fuck I’d ever had. He seemed to think that It was pretty good, too, but you’ll have to ask him about that, I think. Maybe you can get him to demonstrate with you, Brit. I know you’d like him that way too.”

“But he’s my brother!” Brit said, sounding regretful.

“His anatomy works fine, though, friend, just like any other guy. Think about it, okay? And let me know!”

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