Susie Ch. 01

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Chapter 01: Five Girls


There were five of us girls who spent most of our time together. Judy, April, Brittany, my best friend Kaitlyn, and me. My name is Susie O’Connell and I was an 18 year old senior in high school at the time. The five of us had first met our freshman year and had been almost inseparable since. We spent almost every day after school at Judy’s house. Judy had no brother or sister and her parents worked until late each night and so the house was ours to use. We talked about boys and shopping, and college and being grown up and we watched TV and did homework.

I had met Kaitlyn long before. Her parents had just been divorced when she moved into the area and we met and hit it off the first day of middle school. We met at each other’s homes after school and did almost everything together. During the summer I went with her mom and brother, Corey, to the beach two or three times a week. Her mom had enough money from the divorce so she didn’t need to work. Corey was two years older than Kaitlyn and me. He was overweight. He was really nice but I never felt attracted to him. He was also kind of nerdy and one of the best students in school.


One afternoon after we got to Judy’s house Judy showed us some DVD’s she had found in her father’s den. She played a couple of them and we were all fascinated.

The first one started out with a guy sitting in an apartment. The doorbell rang and two girls came in. They talked a little and then the girls started removing their clothes. There wasn’t much talk after that. When the girls were naked they started kissing the guy and each other. One of them took the guy’s pants off and pulled out his dick. All us girls said, “eeeeuuuugh!” Kaitlyn said it was a big dick but April said they were all that size. We asked them both how they would know.

The girls in the DVD started kissing and sucking on the guy’s dick and then the guy started sucking at one of the girls twats. The doorbell rang, another guy came in and quickly undressed. There was a bunch of kissing and sucking and then the guys stuck their dicks into the girls twats and started pumping away. the girls got on top and bounced up and down. The guys were back on top with the girls kneeling. It was wild and we had never seen anything like it. The whole thing ended with the guys pumping on their dicks with their hands and a bunch of white goo squirted out all over the girls faces.

That DVD had several scenes like that with different girls and guys. In one the guy came to the girl’s room and in another they were working in an office. Most had only one guy and one girl but one had two girls and no guy.

I liked the second DVD better. It had a girl sitting on a bed talking to a guy who wasn’t shown. The guy asked her all kinds of questions like where she was from and what she was doing there. We were surprised when she answered that with, “I want to fuck.” Kaitlyn and Brittany asked, “What did she say?” The rest of us repeated her answer and we collapsed into giggles. Then we went back to confirm that she actually said it and collapsed into giggles again. The guy also asked her when her first time was and she said, “14.” We all gasped. I don’t think any of us had any thoughts of “doing it” when we were that young. So far as I knew we were all still virgins and I think any of us would have told the others if they had actually “done it”.

The guy in the DVD asked the girl to take off her clothes and show her “tits” and “pussy.” She did what he asked and pulled the sides of her twat apart so you could see inside. He then reached in front of the camera and started touching her. I could feel my nipples starting to swell and my twat felt tingly and wet. Then she touched herself and took a vibratorfrom the guy. She pushed in around and into her twat and started moaning. After she made a couple of real loud yells a naked guy came in and started kissing her breasts and then her twat. Then just like the other DVD she sucked on his dick and he started fucking her. There were three other girls who did pretty much the same thing on that DVD.

When the DVD’s were over my mouth was dry because it had been open most of the time. I think all the girls except Judy, who must have seen them before, were stunned. We had a long conversation about the DVD’s and fucking and what it must feel like and how we felt while watching them. One thing we did learn from the tape was that not all dicks were the same size and that the first one we saw was about medium sized.


The next day at school, Judy told us she had a “surprise.” When we got to her house, the “surprise” turned out to be a vibrstor like the girls in the DVD’s had used on their twats. She had found it in her mother’s dresser. It used batteries and buzzed when it was turned on. She said she wanted to try it and asked if the rest of us wanted to join her. We agreed and she said we all needed to get undressed.

After undressing and before trying it we spent some time comparing our breasts and dikmen escort twats. We had been doing this off and on since we first started having breasts that showed. April had been the first and still had the largest breasts. We each took turns feeling them. They were soft and her nipples were hard and pushed out. The dark area around the nipples was also harder. She said they didn’t always do that. Usually they were soft like the rest of the breast.

Kaitlyn and Judy had good sized breasts; however, Brittany had almost no breasts at all. Her chest seemed to be almost as flat as a boy’s. When we touched each others breasts they all hardened like April’s. Brittany said it really felt good! All of the girls said the same.

I am embarrassed about my breasts. They are like little cones instead of fleshy mounds. My nipples are really big and when the other girls felt them almost the entire nipple and the area around it got much bigger and really hard. I thought they got bigger than the rest of my breasts. It felt good when they started touching but quickly they started hurting.

Most of the twats were the same, just slits between our legs surrounded by hair. April had a lot more hair growing around hers and Kaitlyn had some skin showing from inside the slit with small flaps of skin sticking out from the slit between her legs.

We argued about who would try the vinrator first and finally agreed that it would be Judy since she had found it. The rest of us would take turns based on drawing slips of paper from a bowl.

Judy turned it on and touched it around her twat. She said it felt good but not as good as when we touched her breasts. When she said this Brittany started lightly touching Judy’s breasts. Then Judy pushed the thing into her twat. “Owww!” she said and we all jumped back. She pulled it out and blood was coming from her twat. We didn’t know what to do! Thankfully, it didn’t bleed much.

“What was that?” asked April.

Judy replied, “I don’t know but it hurt!”

We couldn’t get all the blood cleaned up and Judy decided to tell her mother that one of the girls’ periods had started unexpectedly. We decided not to do anything more with the vibrator.

We Lose Our Virginity

We talked about what had happened and wondered why the girls in the DVD didn’t have any trouble. Kaitlyn suggested that maybe they had a different kind of vibrator and Brittany said she thought that maybe we just needed to be older before we could use it. Then April pointed out that we should all remember that when a girl first have sex it breaks her hymen. She remineded us that when the hymen breaks it bleeds. So we knew what had caused Judy’s bleeding. After talking about it we decided to use the vibrator again and have a hymen breaking, loss of virginity party. We scheduled that for the next week.

Here’s how it worked. Each girl brought a clean handkerchief. We took turns and one of the girls would carefully push the vibrator into another girl’s twat. When the bleeding started, she would catch a little of the blood in the center of the handkerchief. A drop of the blood would also be placed at the corner of each of the other girls’ handkerchief. The girls would initial the corners with their drop of blood and the date would be placed on the handkerchiefs. That way we would each have a memento of the day we lost our virginity.

Everything went well. None of the other girls had as much pain as Judy had but that might be because we were ready for it and were more careful in inserting the cylinder. Two girls didn’t bleed. Judy, because she had already lost her virginity when she used the vibrator before and Kaitlyn. The book had said that some girls lose their hymen without intercourse so we guessed that was the reason.

In order that Judy and Kaitlyn would also have a memento, April sterilized a needle at Judy’s stove and pricked their twats so we could collect their blood on the handkerchiefs. We were also careful that no blood got on furniture or the carpet. We didn’t think it would be a good idea for Judy to tell her mother another girl had her period unexpectedly.

After that, we would often get undressed and share the vibrator. While doing this every girl, except Brittany, had at least one orgasm. When I had an orgasm my belly and the inside of my twat also went into spasms that caused me to jerk around and cry out. All the girls, except Brittany, had spasms of some kind but we didn’t all cry out.

Our First Boy

It was April who suggested we move beyond the vibrator and get a boy to stick his dick into our twats. We all wanted to do this and spent a lot of time discussing how to do it and what boy we should get.

We decided on Derek, one of the cutest seniors and one who didn’t have any obvious regular girl friend. Since April had the biggest boobs and was probably the cutest of us we decided that she should talk to him and ask him to come over after school for a “special surprise”. We talked a bit about the white stuff that came out elvankent escort of the dick of all the men on the tape. We weren’t sure exactly what it was like but we didn’t want it getting all over the furniture or carpet. I told them that I would bring a vinyl tablecloth that we could use. We also decided that we would capture some of the stuff on handkerchiefs as mementos like the ones we had for our virginity.

We argued about who would go first. We didn’t want to let April go first because she had the idea, nor did we want Judy to go first just because it was her house. We decided to draw numbers and the order was: Brittany, Kaitlyn, me, April and Judy. Judy was a little upset because it was her house but we managed to calm her down and get her to agree.

Everything went as planned. When the day arrived, we all undressed, except for April and sat on the couch. We had cushions covered by the tablecloth on the floor. April stripped down to her panties and bra.

When Derek arrived, April went to the door, welcomed him and brought him into the room where we were waiting. He was wide-eyed as we all stood up and came over to him. April turned around and asked him to help unfasten her bra. We could see him shaking as he honored her request. It took a while but the bra came loose and April threw it across the room. Then she pulled down her panties, waved them in his face and threw them after the bra. Derek stood there, silent and staring.

Each of us, in the selected order then gave Derek a kiss, took one of his hands and drew it across our breasts. Then we took the hand and put it between our legs. When April did this, she squeezed him hard. It was clear he had no idea what was happening or what to do. He just stood there letting us use him.

The Judy unbuttoned his shirt. April went behind him and pulled the shirt off. Brittany got on the floor, untied his shoes and took them off. I unzipped his pants and pulled them down. We could see his dick pushing out inside his underwear. Kaitlyn tried to pull down his underpants but they stuck on his dick. I reached inside and grabbed it. It was real hard but warm with a soft, slightly sticky covering. With me holding his dick back, Kaitlyn managed to pull the underwear off.

We each spent time examining his dick and balls. “Look!” Kaitlyn shouted, “his balls are moving.” We all looked and they were, indeed, rolling around inside the covering of skin. None of us had seen a real dick before and I was fascinated. It was harder than I expected and smaller than the ones we had seen in the DVD’s. The end was softer than the rest, kind of spongy.

I could feel his hard balls inside the skin covering and liked playing with them. Judy noticed that they could be pushed up inside his body and we all tried doing that and watching them fall back out. Derek just stood there with a grin on his face.

Then we all sat down on the couch with our legs spread wide. April told him that he was to kiss and lick all our twats. he seemed confused and she showed him what to do on Judy. Once he saw what was wanted he had no trouble doing it. When he did Brittany she moaned real load. April grabbed his head and pushed it hard into her twat.

Then we had him lie down on the cushions and took turns sucking his dick. Brittany was first and she said, “look!” She showed us a small drop of liquid coming out of the hole at the end of his dick. She touched it and it pulled away leaving a string behind. “It’s slippery,” she said, “and it tastes good,” sticking her finger in her mouth.

After sucking, it was time for the fucking. We kept him lying on his back with his dick sticking up into the air. Brittany straddled him to be the first. I was on his right arm and put his hand between my legs. Judy was on the other side with his left hand between her legs. April positioned herself over his head with the idea that he could lick her twat while Brittany went down on his dick. Kaitlyn was between his legs to be sure his dick went into Brittany. Brittany sat down and Derek’s dick disappeared inside her.

Brittany moaned and went wild. She kept saying, “Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! …” as she bounced up and down on his dick. None of us expected this reaction. Derek went stiff and started moving his hips side to side, up and down. He had no interest in fingering my twat or Judy’s twat or in sucking on April.

Then Brittany’s “Wow’s” turned into screams, “WOW!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!” culminating in a scream of pure unbearable delight. Meanwhile Derek started moaning and then puffing. As Brittany made her final scream we could see her abdomen spasming in orgasm. Derek too was jerking and yelling. From between his legs Kaitlyn yelled, “Goo is coming out!” All of us except Brittany jumped over to look. Sure enough, a white goo was coming out of Brittany’s twat from around Derek’s dick. We all felt it. It was both sticky and slimy as well as warm. I thought it smelled awful.

“How do those girls on the DVD swallow this stuff,” I said as I tried emek escort tasting it. None of the others could answer me. Brittany collapsed onto Derek’s chest and gave him a huge kiss on his lips.

So Brittany finally got her orgasm. We also found out that once a guy had squirted that white stuff (the sex book calls it “semen” and the DVD’s usually called it “come”) his dick wouldn’t get hard again. We were all mad at Brittany since we were supposed to all take turns riding Derek’s dick before he squirted and now we didn’t have the chance.

Brittany apologized, “I couldn’t help myself. I got so excited seeing his dick and touching it and having him touch me. And then when his dick was inside me it felt so exciting I couldn’t stop. Wow! that was great. Is that what you all felt with the vibrator? Wow! that was great.”

Derek just lay there with a big grin, his dick was much smaller, totally soft to the touch and as flexible as a rope. we all spent a little time playing with it and also got drops of his semen on our handkerchiefs.

“Since Brittany used up Derek, what are we going to do for the rest of us?” asked Judy.

April spoke up and asked Derek, “do you think you could get four other boys to come here next week?”

Derek said “Yeah!” enthusiastically and without hesitation.

We cleaned him up before letting him have his clothes and sending him on his way. As he left, April reminded him to come by exactly one week from today with exactly four other boys.

We spend a little time discussing how to work things with one boy for each of us and spent the rest of the afternoon quizzing Brittany about how it felt to have a dick inside her and discussing the afternoon with Derek.

The next day at school, Brittany was clearly upset. That afternoon she broke down.

“I’m pregnant, she cried. “When a boy’s semen goes into you it makes you pregnant!”

We checked the sex ed book and found that it doesn’t happen every time. But she was still very concerned and also insisted that it does happen every time you have an orgasm. We tried calming her to little effect.

Judy said, “if we are going to have five boys over we need to make sure we don’t get pregnant. We all agreed and after reading some more from the book and discussing things over we decided to buy condoms. Kaitlyn volunteered to see if she could get her brother, Corey, to do it for us. “I’ll tell him I just want to see what they look like,” she said.

We then concentrated on helping Brittany and did our homework.

More Boys

This time when the boys came we decided to start start fully clothed rather than naked.

Judy answered the door to find Derek, two other boys from our school, Robert and David, Derek’s big brother Jason, who was three years older than we were, and another boy who Derek said was his cousin, Randy. Randy lived 10 miles away and was a year older.

Jason started right off by saying, “I thought you said the girls would be naked! They aren’t naked!”

Judy told him, “we will be, but you need to wait. Haven’t you ever heard of foreplay?” Judy has definitely been reading too much of that sex ed book.

Jason quieted down but all the boys seemed a little disappointed. I told them, “Just wait. We are going to make sure you have a good time.”

We then told them to pick a girl’s name from a bowl and Jason complained. “Derek told me that I could have April. If I can’t have April then I’m leaving.”

I got worried but April spoke up, “you will do this the way we decide, if not, you can leave and you won’t ever be asked back again. If one of you other boys picks my name you may trade with Jason, but the other boy can also keep me if you wish, accept it or leave, leave NOW!”

Jason grumbled, but stayed. Derek picked Kaitlyn, Randy picked April and told Jason, “I’ll trade with you.” Jason then picked me and gave my name to Jason. I was sure glad. Jason seemed like a bully and I didn’t want him. Robert picked Brittany and Derek said, “You’re lucky, she’s the best!” That meant David got Judy.

We started by each doing a strip tease for all the boys. We sat them on the couch and each of us in turn slowly removed our clothes. When we bared our breasts we said, “Go ahead and feel them” and bent down for them to do so. When we removed our panties we threw them at the boy who picked our name and then went around to the boys and told them they could feel our twat. Jason stuck his fingers up mine. It surprised me but felt good. I could see their dicks starting to push up in their jeans.

As each of us finished we sat on the lap of the boy who had picked us. When we were all done we told the boys to stand up and we started taking off their clothes. As an item of clothes was removed we rotated our positions to a different boy. Once they were down to their underpants we each went to the boy who had picked our name and removed his underpants.

I was surprised, Randy had a really big dick. Almost as big as some of the ones I had seen on the DVD. The other boys had different sizes. Jason’s was slightly larger than the others, except for Randy, and David had the smallest. Robert had a strange dick. It had skin covering practically the whole thing. All the others had a soft tip which was made of a different kind of skin.

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