Suzie and Dave and… Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Author’s Note: This is the first part of a story about a married couple in their late 30s and how they develop a growing circle of sexual partners. We begin the story from Suzie’s point of view.

It was a Wednesday afternoon in June and I had finished my work for the day and was ready to relax. I had been working from home since the pandemic unlike my husband Dave who was still tied to the regular commute. I made myself a coffee and took it out into the garden to sit in the sunshine.

“Hi there,” said my neighbour Linda from across the garden fence. “Hi” I replied, “do you fancy joining me for a coffee and a chat.” “That would be lovely” she said.

So Linda joined me in the garden and we settled down for a chat. Quickly it became a heart to heart involving the fact that Dave and I had fairly recently been told that we could never have children, and at 39 and 38 were in the process of adjusting to this new reality. Linda at 63 had lost her husband nine months ago after a long illness and was herself learning to cope with being alone after 35 years of marriage as both her children lived away.

“I’m sorry to be such a misery” said Linda, “but its been nice to have someone to talk to.”

“I am here for you anytime” I replied, reaching across to give her a hug. “Thank you” she said, falling into my arms and holding me tight. I kissed her gently on the forehead as we embraced and she responded by kissing me softly and briefly on the lips. I returned the kiss more intensely, parting my lips and finding Linda responding by pushing her tongue into my open mouth. We held the kiss, gazing lovingly into each others eyes. I felt the inevitable dampness within my knickers and hoped that Linda was feeling the same way.

Breaking the kiss I whispered “shall we go inside.”

“Yes bahis siteleri please” said Linda, kissing me again and taking me by the hand.

We paused at the foot of the stairs for another passionate kiss, before racing upstairs like a couple of giddy teenagers.

Once in the bedroom, Linda wasted no time kicking off her shoes, throwing off her top and bra and slipping out of her joggers and knickers before pulling me onto the bed on top of her naked body.

We kissed again as I fondled Linda’s tits and tweaked her nipples, breaking off occasionally to allow me to remove my remaining clothes. With both of us naked, I began suckling her right tit gently biting the erect nipple and slid my right hand down between her legs. Linda moaned as I inserted my middle finger into her wet juicy hole before removing it and making a show of sucking her juices from my finger. She smiled and licked her lips, so I took the hint and fingered her again before giving her the chance to suck her own juices off my finger which she did enthusiastically.

We then spent a few moments kissing and caressing each others naked bodies before I started to move down Linda’s body kissing her tits, sucking her nipples, kissing and caressing her belly before moving across her neatly trimmed bush and flicking her clit with my tongue. She spread her legs to give me greater access and I continued licking and sucking her clit while inserting two fingers into her pussy and gently finger fucking her.

Linda’s response was to buck her hips and grind down on my fingers, so I increased the pace and added a third finger to the mix. “Oh God, that feels so good ” she called out. I kept it up for several minutes before Linda announced she was about to come and I felt her muscles go into spasm and her sticky juices flooded canlı bahis siteleri over my fingers. As she came down from her orgasm, I continued to lick her, lapping up her delicious nectar.

I made my way back up her body, presenting my sticky fingers to Linda’s mouth. Greedily, she sucked each one clean before we embraced with a long passionate kiss.

“Thank you for making an old woman very happy” she said, “I thought I’d never get to experience anything like that again.”

“Stop it with the old,” I said, “You’re a hot sexy babe who I’ve lusted after for a while to be honest.” It was true.. Although technically she was old enough to be my mother and carried a few extra pounds, Linda had an undeniably attractive air about her that piqued my interest (and that of my husband Dave) meaning that today’s seduction was something I had long fantasised about.

“Anyway, it’s about time your needs were attended to,” said Linda as she moved her hand between my legs and took the nipple of my left breast into her mouth.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to” I said somewhat half heartedly.

“What about the things I do want to do?” she replied.

“Anything” I said.

Linda took me at my word by simultaneously biting my nipple and thrusting her finger deep into my pussy. Sensing that I was pleasantly surprised by this rough play, she continued to bite alternately on my nipples while vigorously finger fucking me.

After a short while she went down on me, removing her finger and thrusting her tongue into my hole. Linda then proceeded to start licking the full length of my slit working up from my pussy hole to my clitoris over and over again.

As I lay back enjoying the stimulation, I had another surprise as Linda’s finger pressed against my rosebud canlı bahis seeking access to my back door.

“Mmm yes” I moaned, spreading my legs to give her as much access as possible.

I felt a slight stab of pain as her middle finger pushed past my sphincter into my rectum which soon gave way to pleasure as the combination of finger and tongue explored both of my holes.

Linda then pushed her index finger into my arse and gave me a double finger fucking while continuing to lick me. I couldn’t hold on any longer and felt my orgasm build before I gushed into her face. She buried her head in my pussy licking up as much of the juices as possible while gently caressing the inside of my rectum with her fingers as I slowly came down from my orgasmic state.

We kissed and hugged and I tasted my juices on her lips.

“I hope that was OK,” said Linda “it was the first time I’ve actually done that with a woman.”

“I’d never have guessed” I said, “from the way you performed I assumed you had a secret lesbian past.”

“No, some swinging in my younger days and a couple of mmf threesomes and plenty of anal play, so that bit was familiar.”

“Although you don’t need it, you’re welcome to practice your pussy licking technique on me anytime,” I said leaning in to give her another kiss.

“That sounds lovely” said Linda, “but don’t we need to be careful. How would Dave react if he found out about us? I don’t want to cause any trouble.”

“Don’t worry on that score” I laughed. “We have an understanding and I’ll tell him what we’ve been up to while he screws the arse off me. So all you need to worry about is whether to keep me as your fuck buddy or include Dave in the arrangement”.

“Your sexy body ought to be enough for anyone”, said Linda “but I’m such a greedy slut that I couldn’t say no to that hunk of a husband of yours if he’s up for it.”

“That’s settled then. I’ll keep him to myself tonight if you don’t mind, then send him round to yours tomorrow evening.”

To be continued

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