Sweet Sister Ch. 15d

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Chapter 15-4 The Party part 4

We found our way back to the main centre of activity to be greeted by something of a bizarre sight. With some notable exceptions everyone had calmed down into casual conversation. There were couples and groups sitting around or standing many with cups of refreshing tea. It very much resembled afternoon tea at the vicarage except, in the main people were naked.

Aunty June was balancing a cup and saucer on her knee while talking to an older couple chomping on Rich Tea biscuits. Aunt Polly was chatting with a small group near the door. Just plain weird.

As I said there were exceptions, mainly the younger crowd. The two young lads Bobby and Martin were engaged fucking and being sucked respectively by a high school student over in one corner. I just caught Martin delivering a mouthful of hot cum to his sucker.

Miss Pike was sucking on Great Uncle Joe’s cock while her girlfriend ate heartily at her pussy on one of the sofas and a young sibling set were screwing enthusiastically next to them.

My observations were interrupted by the door bell. Aunt Polly looked up and frowned as no one was expected at this hour and headed toward the door. I followed my interest aroused by Aunt Polly’s expression and Daddy and Uncle Jim fell in beside me. We all slipped robes on as we issued into the hall way and Aunt Polly answered the door as the bell rang for a second time.

A look of surprise fell across Aunt Polly’s face as she took in the sight of two young police officers standing at the door. One was a fresh faced PC in his early twenties and the other a WPC I’d guess a few years younger.

“Excuse me Mrs Jones, is it?” The PC asked.

“Yes, officer. How can I help?”

“We had a report of some irregular behaviour at this address. May we come in?” Stated the young officer. “I hope we didn’t catch you at a bad time.” He offered taking in our assembled group’s attire and in particular drinking in Aunt Polly’s shapely figure and heaving breasts urgently attempting to free themselves from her loose gown.

Not waiting for any sort of positive response the policeman let himself into the hall followed demurely by the WPC. He was now in a position where he could clearly see into the living room, a fact established by the saucer like appearance of his eyes and the growing bulge in his uniform trousers.

“Wha .. what’s going on ‘ere then?” he managed.

“Well officer,first I think you forgot the ‘ello, ‘ello, ‘ello bit.” She said but wished she hadn’t. She continued unabashed. “I think you’ll find that’s my Uncle Joe having his penis sucked by the school gym mistress. If I’m not mistaken I think you’ll also find he’s about to ejaculate in her mouth. The gym mistress, Adelle Pike, is also about to orgasm into the mouth of her student.”

The police officer gasped a little. What we hadn’t particularly noticed is that when Aunt Polly was stating the obvious she was also scratching her nails lightly along the constable’s erect penis through his trousers. He was now looking at me, mainly perhaps, because I had let my robe gape open at the top showing off one breast and a rather erect nipple.

Aunty Polly was now openly stroking his cock through his trousers as she rubbed herself against his leg. The WPC wasn’t taking much notice either. Uncle Jim and Daddy were either side and just behind her, their hands lightly wandering over her tight little buttocks and a hand each slipping ever so tenderly through the arm holes of her protection jacket towards her concealed breasts.

Aunt Polly was now whispering in the constable’s ear, not quite sweet nothings. “Do you like the young girl, officer? Her name’s Sam. Lovely breasts aren’t they? ataşehir escort bayan I’m sure you’d love to touch them, wouldn’t you. If you ask nicely I’m sure she’d let that robe slip off completely.”

I caught the general gist and ever so slowly let my robe fall open and slipped it down my shoulders and into a puddle on the floor. Aunt Polly had, undetected, unzipped the officer’s fly and was in the process of extracting his manhood into the open air gently stroking it as she went.

I dropped to my knees in front of him as Aunt Polly offered his cock to me. I looked directly into his unbelieving eyes as Aunt Polly gently rested the head of his prick onto my extended tongue. Again very lightly I used the tip of my tongue to caress just below the head and undulated it allowing the main part of my tongue to rasp against the sensitive cock head. Then, still looking into his eyes, I rotated my tongue around the head so that the top of his penis stroked against the underside of my tongue then back until it was resting on the top of my tongue again. This left a sparkly sheen of saliva all around the head as I repeated the motion several times.

During this sensual tongue massage Aunt Polly slowly stroked his foreskin up and down the main shaft letting it gently meet my tongue in its travels. He and Aunt Polly kissed deeply and she applied some pressure during the upstroke causing a bead of clear pre-cum to form at the slit. I moved my tongue toward the head then, with the very lightest of touches, used the tip of my tongue to smear the sticky fluid over the helmet. Forming an “O” with my mouth I very slowly rolled my lips over the head while continuing to roll my tongue over it.

“Oooooh mmmmm,” he murmured breaking his kiss to watch me. “This is heaven.”

“Would you like her to take you deep into her mouth officer?” Aunt Polly asked pointlessly.

“Oooh fuck yes, suck my cock Sam, pleeease.” He moaned.

I rolled my lips a little further down the shaft.

“Pleeeease, more Sam, pleeeeeease.”

I slowly went forward, one steady approach until the head of his cock lodged in my throat and my lips were buried in his pubic hair. Using my throat muscles I massaged his cock head and let my tongue wander before pulling off completely leaving his cock pulsing and dibbling strands of my saliva. Then I sat back on the stairs with my legs wide open at looked straight at him.

Aunt Polly started again. “She has a pretty little pussy, doesn’t she? I bet she’d love to have your cock sliding in and out of it. Would you like to stick your stiff cock deep into her pussy, officer? Would you like to fuck this little girl until she cums all over your thrusting prick. I bet you’d love to spurt your hot cum deep inside her, now wouldn’t you?”

She sat down next to me and briefly leant over and stuck her tongue deep into my mouth. Then she looked down at my starving pussy and slipped her hand down to stroke me. “Oooh officer, she’s ever so sweet. But this pussy, ” she drawled dipping two fingers inside me, “is ever so tight you may have trouble getting that big cock of yours inside it. Look I can barely put two fingers up inside her.”

I gasped as Aunt Polly took her time fingering my wet hole. All the time I kept my eyes on the PC’s begging him to fuck me with my little girl lost look. “Pleeese fuck me officer. I’m sure that you can get that fat cock up me. Look how wet Aunt Polly’s fingers are. Spread my pussy lips Aunt Polly, make him put his cock in me.”

Aunt Polly slipped her fingers out and peeled my lips apart. At the same time she drew the policeman’s cock towards its goal.

Thinking only with his small head now the policeman knelt down escort kadıköy and eased the tip of his cock between my wet lips. “Oooooh yessss.” I begged, “Put it inside me. Fuck my tight little pussy and make me cum all over that lovely cock.” I squeezed my cunt muscles to make myself as tight as possible for him. He worked himself into me slowly and by the time his full length was buried in my slot he was sweating a bit.

“Fuck, you are a tight little girl.” He gasped. “Get ready coz I’m going to start fucking you, now.” He warned as his thick shaft started easing back out then rapidly back in again.

For the first time I looked past him over to the WPC. Daddy and Uncle Jim hadn’t been idle. Her protection jacket had come away and her blouse was open. Daddy had pulled her bra down and her breasts obscenely poked over the top. Daddy was suckling on one nipple while massaging the other breast. Uncle Jim had undone her trousers and his hand was stuck down the waistband and, I daresay, inside her panties. She was moaning quietly.

“You can’t get a good look from here.” Daddy spoke releasing her now very wet and shiny nipple. “I’m sure you like to see you colleague’s cock fucking into my little daughter’s cunt.”

They manoeuvred the WPC closer then helped her down on her knees beside me. Her face was flushed and her eyes looked lust filled. I smiled at her and pressed my lips to hers letting my tongue worm its way into her mouth. She reciprocated and we sucked on each other’s tongues both moaning deeply.

Uncle Jim pulled her trousers down over her creamy buttocks taking with them her panties. Her mouth opened wide onto mine allowing my tongue to penetrate deeper as Uncle Jim penetrated her pussy with two thick fingers. Holding them up he forced them between our sucking mouths allowing us both to taste the WPC’s juices.

“I’m so fucking horny,” she muttered breaking the kiss, “someone stick their prick in my cunt, pleeease.”

Uncle Jim fingered her pussy for a few moments longer then eased his rock hard cock deep into her well oiled hole. “Fuck, yessss,” she moaned, “fucking stick me, fuck my cunt full of your cock, ooooh yesss.”

Daddy clambered up the stairs and sat just above us laying my head on the inside of his thigh. I reached up and turned my head around so that I could take his cock into my mouth.

“Oooh shit,” the WPC exclaimed, “you suck your father?”

“Oooh mmm,” I released Daddy’s cock for a second, “Only when uuuh … uuuh ..he’s not ..oooh ..fucking me.” I replied resuming long licks up and down the shaft. “Try some.” I offered.

The WPC looked incredulous then bouncing forward from a rather forceful thrust from Uncle Jim took Daddy’s cock into her mouth. “Oooh fuck girls, that’s great.” Moaned Daddy. “Suck Daddy’s cock make me cum in your mouths.”

Aunt Polly was getting worked up watching the sex scene in front of her. She grabbed the baton out of the PC’s utility belt and worked it forcibly into her cunt. With her other hand she reached between our joined bodies and started strumming my clit.

“Fuck Aunt Polly, you’ll uuuh .. uuuh .. make me cum”, I gurgled.

“Yes, Sam,” Aunty Polly groaned, “I want to see you orgasm. I want to see you cum all over that cock that’s in you. Cum for me Sam, cum.”

“Nrrrrrgh ..ooh … oooh .. fuck Aunt Polly,” I yelled, “It’s happening .. aaah … aaaah … aa I’m going …aaaaaah … ahhhh .. to …. Cc uuuh … uuu ..oooh .. mmmmmmmmmm.” My cunt exploded in one long delicious orgasm. My muscles tightened even further around the thrusting prick deep inside me and I came again and again.”

Through the haze I heard Daddy talking and placing his hand on the back of the bostancı escort WPC’s head, “Jim, I reckon you need to come up half an inch.”

Uncle Jim smiled and nodded. Slipping his cock from the young policewoman’s cunt he pressed it against her tight little anus and pressed it home. The WPC screamed around Daddy’s cock but couldn’t move her head away. As Uncle Jim bottomed out in her rectum her screams slowed and turned to deep groans as she began to push back against Uncle’s deep thrusts.

“I guess that worked then,” said Daddy, “At least she hasn’t bitten my cock off.” as the WPC resumed slurping at his stiff rod.

The PC was now pumping my pussy rapidly as he approached boiling point. “Don’t cum in my pussy.” I urged and he looked grief stricken. “I want you in my mouth. I want to taste your cum as you spurt onto my tongue.” I smiled. He brightened.

“Oh shiit, I’m uuuh .. uuuh ..not going to uuuh .. uuh .make it.” He quavered. But with sheer will power he pulled out of my pussy and plunged into my waiting mouth. “Ohhh god, here it is … uuuh .. uuuh .. I’m cumming, I’m going to cum in your mouth … aaaaaaaah.”

The force of his orgasm had me starting at first, but as the creamy juice filled my mouth I ran my tongue through it and licked at his jerking prick. Letting Aunt Polly lick the last few drops from his still stiff cock I turned to the WPC and dribbled a portion of the PC’s cum onto Daddy’s prick and her tongue picked it up on her next lunge forward. She pulled away leaving the tip of his cock in her open mouth and let me join lips with hers as we shared her colleague’s cum and Daddy’s cock all at the same time.

Daddy looked down at the sexy spectacle and moaned. “Here girls, have some .. uuuuuurh … more.”

Daddy’s cock started to jerk between our mouths and stream after stream of juicy cum sprayed into our mouths and over our faces. Our tongues worked in unison drinking and lapping up the cream. I squeezed the last few drops from Daddy’s prick and licked it off the end.

“Ooooh fuck, oooh fuck, yesss , fuck yess.” We all turned to see the source of the screaming. Aunt Polly had removed the baton from her pussy and had replaced it with the PCs still stiff cock and was busy bringing herself off on it. “Godddd, keep pumping … aaah … aahhh …. Meeeeeeeeeee” she yelled as her orgasm kicked in.

“Meee toooooooo.” Screamed the WPC as Uncle Jim’s anal trusts took her over the brink.

“Nrrrrrrrg.” Groaned Uncle Jim as his sprayed the girl’s bowels with his seed.

“Oh great.” Chipped in Grandpa who had appeared at the door, “Never had a copper before, move over son,” he told his son-in-law.

Uncle Jim moved out of the way, his soiled cock still upright, and Grandpa unceremoniously rammed his thick prick deep into the WPC’s hot cunt. Her lips stretched to accommodate the girth and she howled into another orgasm. Grandpa who had been stroking his cock for some time watching us all couldn’t last out with the bucking young WPC on the end of his cock. Uncle Jim’s cum was leaking from her anus and coating his cock as it pounded into her. It was enough.

“Heeeeere it comes copper. Have a cunt full of Grandpa’s best vintage … nrrrrrrrrgh.” He groaned as his cock spurted deep within the lady constable.

A metallic crackle broke through the moaning of the heap of bodies “Control to 169 come in please.”

“Roger control,” came the PC’s out of breath response.

“Roger 169, please state your current position.”

We all looked expectantly at the PC who had just finished shooting his second load of cum into Aunt Polly’s pussy. He grinned broadly and confirmed over the radio that there was nothing to report and that he was on his way.

Aunty Polly showed the officers to the door and bade them goodnight. I casually slipped my fingers into her pussy and absently licked a load of the PC’s cum from my gooey digits. “What very nice police people they were Aunt Polly.” I mused.

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