Swimming Nude with Boys Can be Fun! Pt. 04

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This is part four of a fictional story based on stories my aunt told me years ago. It is not a story about losing virginity, but of a sexual awakening that led to many other sexual firsts for the main characters. All characters portrayed are over 18.

As far as how true the stories are, I can only attest to the fact that nude swimming by males was required as recommended in many swimming pools in the past. The origin of the rules came in 1926, from the American Public Health Association which adopted guidelines about swimming attire that indicated that because fibers clogged filters, bacteria count escalated. Therefore, all males using pools should bathe before entering and not be permitted to wear anything whatsoever, and that female swimmers should only wear suits that were not dyed or had loose fibers. I stumbled onto it one day trying to confirm what I had been told by my parents and other elders. No one knew exactly why but a simple search (males required to swim nude) confirmed this and gave some validity to the stories I had heard related to it. This national guideline was not dropped until 1962. But in some colleges for various reasons, it did not end until the mid-70s.

Some colleges even required that males swam naked at swim meets, while female team members in suits watched and waited to compete in their events. It also confirmed that, in some schools, adult family members of the competitors were permitted to watch them compete. I assume they kept those rules longer as college students are of adult age (18).

Reading at least part one of this multipart series would frame these following parts much better than reading them on their own. We will cut in where my auntie Chrisy left off. The actual stories she told me are told by her in the first person, but any of my dialog will be in Italics, and enclosed in (Parenthesis.)


(Time for my monthly visit to auntie Chrisy’s place seemed to come around real quick I assume since I was a little ashamed of what I let happen the last visit. Getting naked and a for, and getting a blowjob from an auntie is an event. I did go to see her though, as she was both my favorite aunt, and I look forward to her stories, and yes the thought of another blowjob drew me there. She had promised me a story about how she almost dropped out of school and followed the Dead, but first she brought me up to that point.)

Girls Rebel

Not only did I continue to teach swimming nude with my students. If they had to be nude, why shouldn’t I, or you could look at it as to why couldn’t I? I also continued to practice and compete with the swim team nude with the other girls protesting in solidarity. The pool was closed that summer to reconfigure it and the pool area in an attempt to make it more of a natatorium. The building was extended on one side and two new shower locker rooms were installed. A dedicated dive pool was added as well. You came in that side of the building, and there was an entrance to the pool and a door to the locker rooms on each side.

This construction could not have come at a better time, I had already considered going home for the summer. Things had hit a rough patch with me and the coach. I cared for him, I loved fucking him, and he was the most experienced lover I had my whole time in college. I have to take some of the blame as I was in control of when and how much. I think the taboo part of him being, older, a coach of my college, and married gave our sex a bigger thrill for both of us.

Looking back instead of adding the freshman 10 pounds by eating to deal with the stress, I chose sex. My willingness and enthusiasm showed when we did have sex caused him to miss read his feelings. Then again, maybe he was in love with me, who knows? I just started to get that vibe from him. He even started to hint to me that he was considering leaving his wife and kids.

Did the coach want me to express feelings I did not share with him? To this day I have never had a better fuck buddy than him, but I was never in love with him. I guess that is why my marriage failed, I expected too much out of it, someone you can cohabitate with is not always someone that can rock your world. The coach rocked it alright, both with his athletic build and big cock that felt so good inside me and with the understanding and support he gave me. I often wonder where he is now, did he stay married? Did he find another student like me to take my place?

Well back to the nude swimming part of the story. Because of the high ceilings that the pool area had already, they were extended over the addition, room for some spectator seating over top of the locker rooms accessed by a stairway. It worked as there is not much seating needed for swim meets. Few parents came for them, especially before the remodel when you stood or sat on removable benches that regularly subjected you to being splashed. The school could not host events because of this, bursa yabancı escort even for a regional meet not much more than a hundred seats were needed. They were certainly not attended by many students.

The powers at be decided to leave the nude swimming for guys rule in place. The board consist of mostly male alumni that wanted to keep the status quo. They did not address any specific rules for COED swim meets. The girls’ coach for the swim team did not care much about anything but the swimming, so most decisions were made democratically by us. We held strong to our position to be able to swim au natural during lessons and practice. I also decided to include meets regardless of what rules the opposing school had for their girls. We did however have more battles to fight, we even teamed up with our male counterparts for some of them.

It was the 70s and if our school was going to adhere to the nude swimming rules, now more a tradition than anything, we were going to make them more even. We were one of the few COED schools left with them, it was mostly male schools that held on.

Things came to a head when we had our first meet with a fellow COED school. Ironically it happened to be a school that held on to the males’ naked rule, one of the reasons they scheduled us. The problem was that their females were told they must wear their suits. Quite bizarre-looking suits, very modest, and a little bulky for competitive swimming. We had our matching team Speedos, some of us naked showing it all like the boys. Then there were the males, with their not matching penises and their tight bare asses showing. We did all have to wear team swimming caps with school mascot and numbers on them for competitor identification purposes.

Some school officials objected to a few of us females choosing to go nude with the boys, but that was as usual for us. As you could expect, the males on the other team did not object, and I think their male coach’s argument was the only one valid. He did not want his guys to be distracted by us naked females, especially when we were diving, but even when sitting on the bench waiting for our events.

The first problem surfaced, during warm-ups, when we joined the boys in the pool naked for some laps. At first, the gathering parents and opposing coaches went silent as they processed what what they were seeing, it caught them off guard. That was until we surfaced, and our bare breasts breached the surface along with us. A mild case of Ooos and Ahhs broke out. We expected a reaction and it was kind of funny looking up at the coaches and parents and seeing their shocked faces. We did not back down, we continued to swim our laps naked with the boys. Those of us doing a practice dive got more attention, seeing us up in the air as we prepared made our breasts and vaginas fully exposed. But why was that any worse than a guy’s dick and ball’s hanging down? When the whistle blew to signal warm-ups were over, (a rather quick whistle I might add.) We did not hurry as we exited to dry off and sit on the bench with our towels over our shoulders. Yes, it took courage, but we were dedicated to the cause of being treated equally.

Well, a meeting of the coaches, officials, and our athletic director ensued and we gave in some and agreed to wrap a towel around us between our events. Not required by the males who sat on the benches with their penises exposed to all. Keep in mind that this was the first year for both schools to compete in the women’s events. So even though our guys were used to being naked during meets, they were not accustomed to seeing girls that way. They were going to have to adjust just like we had to, many had towels on their laps hiding their growing penises, some towels tenting more than others.

Word was out that the girls’ team for the opposing school was upset. That turned out to be the biggest surprise because it was an issue with their school’s rules that bothered some of them. I guess it proved that attitudes were changing nationwide with us women. They had several girls that agreed with the equal agenda we were showing and wanted to honor the rules in place at the host school. They had brought a little larger team and had 6, two more students that we had that were going to be naked with us, in protest, solidarity, who knows. It forced their coach to give in and go with our rules.

Once this issue was settled we ended up with us 4, and 6 girls on their team totaling 10 naked for the meet. I felt that this was the beginning of the end of all the nude rules, the freedom to choose was probably not going to fly in the long run.

Their nude girls were more hardcore and refused to cover themselves so neither did we. You would think there would be no more surprises right?

There was one more, well I guess you can call it two of the most unanticipated surprises after the first race, and their suited girls finished behind both our nude and suited ones. bursa sınırsız escort They blamed the losses on their bigger team suits, of heavy material and bulkier than ours. It was not valid, as I won that race nude, with my big tits that would have slowed me down from not being held down by a suit.

The solution for them was the biggest surprise, their team met with their coach and then voluntarily stripped off their suits, every one of them. Yes, girls are just as competitive as guys, as our remaining suited team members stripped off their suits then, and so did our female coach in solidarity. They had a male coach, he was reluctant, I guess it would be a tougher decision for him. But since our coach did, he did and had not just a fit body, he was hung better than most of our swimmers. He probably struggled with excitement problems like his swimmers, but was more mature and able to deal with it. He seemed to stay focused and only was showing a firm penis protruding in an arc. It was probably a bigger risk for him, as a random hardon that he could not get under control might just have cost him his job.

As far as the competitive part of the meet went, once a few events for each team were run, our competitors just went on like we normally would have. The small crowd in the stands shifted down toward the diving pool though. It was hard to tell if the cheering was for the dive or the body of the person performing it. For a lot of them, like the freshman and some of their parents, this was their first meet seeing anyone nude at a meet.

I think it did affect some performances, standing naked on a diving board for the first time in front of a mixed crowd of spectators was tough for me. My mom and dad were in the stands for this one. I warned them, but by the looks, on their faces, I don’t think they believed me. They stuck it out, but I could tell my dad was trying not to look at me. Every time I looked his way he would turn his head in a different direction, especially when I was diving. I think me being naked in front of my father as a grown develop daughter gave us both some mixed feelings. I took some pride in showing him that I was a woman now, and I was proud to show him my breast had developed as well as they did. I confess, some of the feelings I had were strangely erotic. I guess in honesty, I wanted to look and feel desirable to all men, maybe even especially him. Dad was a breast man, growing up my mom was always yelling at him for looking at women’s breasts. Not sure if anyone noticed, but my nipples were hard almost the whole meet, it is out of your control.

For some guys, it was a different story, like us, especially for the diving part. I watched this cute guy that I noticed had what appeared to be a small penis as he walked from the bench to the board. By the time he had climbed the board and was getting ready to dive, he was pretty hard. A guy with a hardon standing on the end of a high dive stands out. I think he realized that and maybe dove before he was ready, he made a pretty big splash, not good by judgment guidelines. Once he hit the water and was swimming to the side, he was relaxed.

It was not until the awards ceremony that things got a little, well for lack of another description, strangely enjoyable for all.

First of all, our male Athletic Director awarded all the medals, and I can tell you with me, that he carefully navigated around my Double D’s to put mine around my neck. Secondly, no one told either team that hugging a fellow student after he/she got their medal was not a good idea. We knew, but can you blame the guys, or us for wanting to hug the opposite sex naked? Our hard nipples did not show up to the crowd, but the boys, well, some ended up with erections as we hugged them. We did not complain, in fact, it just led us to hug the others, and got some more of them hard. No better way to congratulate you after a win than to have a guy’s cock pressed against you, or for him to have your breasts against him as his hard cock went between our legs parting our slits. The few students that were still there enjoyed it, but it was not a hit with some of the parents, and I am sure not some the powers at be.

I have to give credit to our coach, she was still naked, and when the opposing coach offered his hand to her, she showed solidarity with her team and hugged him. Her hug was quite long I might add, but then that might have been her motive, he was an attractive looking male that looked well hung. In fact, we got a pretty good confirmation of the size of his manhood, he did not hang around after that hug. Some of us girls could not help but giggle as we watched him get a hardon, and headed to the locker room.

Once word got out that we had held a naked swim meet, our crowds grew. Word got around if it was a school that they thought would be nude with us. It is amazing how news travels because our next one had a capacity crowd, more students than görükle escort parents. Kind of like when male students would cruise us on our way from our original locker room to the pool. I would have thought the school would have been happy about that school spirit that was present. After that our meets continued to draw more than in past years, but each one was less attended than the last. Some people only stayed part of the meet, swimming is a boring spectator sport even if you are there for the nudity, it is in a different context after you see it a while. Then there is the chlorine back then, it would be in the air, and burn your eyes after a while.

(I could tell the swimming part of the story had run aground for my auntie, so I suggested that we smoked some of the pot I brought at her request. I was not a pot smoker then, but I was willing to try it to get more stories from her. We did and after I filled the bowl and we smoked the second, I could see a change in her. She did not even tell any sexual stories to get horny, but she was, I know her horny, she sucked my cock the last trip after drinking wine and telling fuck stories.)

(I was anxious to hear and asked her to tell the story about traveling with the Dead she promised me. She hesitated to start and I could tell she wanted something from me in return. She was horny and admitted it. Not only that, but she told me that there would be a lot of sex, drugs, and nudity in that part. She had motives and told me it would be better told if she could see me nude, it might help her recall all of it. In truth, my auntie loved my body, and I could not deny wanting to show mine to her. I wanted to see both her double D’s and her pussy at one time, and I agreed under the condition that she joined me naked this time. I told her I had already seen her breasts, and some flashes of her pussy the last visit. I told her that it would help me in understanding the mood when this all happened, she hesitated again, I know she thought I would look at her as old, but she agreed to my terms to get me naked. So then we were both stoned, naked and still working on the wine.)

(“OK,” she said, “This seems to have set the mood for me, I know a lot of people would judge me for feelings of arousal I get while telling these stories to my nephew. Truth is you are so hot, and when naked you and my stories cause an erection, it turns me on to no end. You remind me of some of the guys I fucked that summer when I was your age. But My God, please don’t deny me the chance to at least suck that big cock of yours later, I have pleasured myself to that memory many times.”)

(Then she started to get back to the story, and none to soon I think. I was almost fully erect, and did not try to hide it. My auntie’s complements added to my excitement.)

Joining the Deadheads

It all started when I went to my first concert with some friends from high school, I met them there, as I was still living in the dorm, I had taught some early summer classes. I agreed to teach some kids to swim in return for the free dorm cost and a food allowance, and yes I wore my suit for that as it was appropriate around children. It was as good as any other summer job I could get back then.

We met there and I was faced with the decision, to take or not some peyote someone brought from New Mexico. I knew little about it and had only smoked pot a couple of times. It fucked me up so bad I lost track of my friends and did not care. At Dead concerts you tended to make new ones easily, everybody was fucked up on something.

I woke up naked the next morning in a tent pitched behind an old school bus repurposed by some Deadheads. I was between two guys, also naked of course, and I guess I fucked them both most of the night before. My little pussy was sore and oozing cum that morning. There was another girl there with them, so then there were four. She was sweet, she gave me a tie-died shirt, which was what they sold to pay expenses. I had no ride back to the school, and no desire to anyway.

I had to make a quick decision, I did, and I was on the bus going to Peoria for the next gig. At the next gig, it was acid that I tried, you just went with anything available. There was always Quaalude’s to bring you down afterward. It was Tina, Roy, Lou, and Chrisy. I used my short name with them. Tina and I hit it off, she had this awesome pussy, it was nearly bald and delicious, yep that is when I did my first girl. Nobody belonged to anyone was one of the rules we had. You were welcome to do anyone you wanted, but no running off our hiding to do it. I was glad I had some exhibitionist experience, I needed it to eat a pussy for the first time in front of the two guys with us. I kind of miss the girl-to-girl stuff, especially since I found I like fucking men better than living with them.

(That paragraph caused her to spread her legs and finger herself a little as she continued. I can’t say it did not have an effect on me. I was hard and I decided to play with myself enough to make her not feel alone, and maybe encourage her to masturbation as well. That was a mistake as far as hearing more stories was. We both seemed to like what we were doing better than telling or hearing the story, it could wait.)

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